Comments: Seafood Crêpes


I think you can safely call them pancakes instead of crepes if you want to. I believe they were already established as tradition before America was even discovered.

The famous Olney pancake races were apparently started in 1445!

I suppose this is a somewhat culturallly biased post! And not very tactful of me to choose a froggy word to describe them...! ;)

hey - no problem - there is definitely something about an incessant NEED to be culturally biased when you are living life as an ex-pat!

I believe the eggs and dairy ban were originally very practical in nature; chickens and cows didn't produce much in the late winter before more "modern" agriculture arrived. The Eastern Orthodox still fast pretty strictly during Great Lent (and Advent, as well) - no fish, wine, or olive oil on certain days, as well as the bans on meat and dairy.

And it's easier to do a fast if you have a big blowout just before it ;-).

I had American-style pancakes (breakfast for dinner), myself. Even though I'm nowhere near giving up eggs and butter for Lent :-).

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