Comments: Lent and Pizza


I need to give something up for lent. I'm still recovering from Mardi Gras and two deadlines in the middle of all the parties.

What a funny and interesting post! I'm not a Catholic, so I didn't know about the observance of Lent. Here in S'pore, my Catholic friends abstain from eating red meat every Friday throughout the year. I wonder if they stayed up for some meat-eating action on Friday midnights. Probably not, cos none of them are now successful lawyers. :)

Oh, I thought I was reading my own thoughts about lawyering around abstaining from meat, hehehe! Funny thing is, I know a group of priests who do the same thing. :-)

I've been lurking in this blog for quite sometime. Now I can't resist commenting.

Heh. There's always the Sunday loophole, too (Sundays are in Lent, but not of Lent).

A friend of mine is doing "Forty Days of Lentils". I'm trying to "eat poor" (and feed the poor) but no specific bans.

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