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Nice tarte!

This is off the topic of food, but a good friend of mine--and an enormous fan of Randy Newman--had the pleasure of meeting the man himself in New Orleans. Obviously concerned about making a good impression, he was a bit nervous as they were introduced. What's the first thing he says to Randy? "I constantly find myself having to explain why I'm such a huge fan of your music." An awkward moment of silence followed. A gracious response from Randy Newman, an awkward attempt to explain, you get the picture.

Thanks for such a thorough recipe, it looks amazing, and I'll be trying it this weekend.

We saw Randy Newman in concert here in Paris a couple of years ago and he was great - wish I could have met him in person! He is a difficult person to pigeonhole, though. Most people know him either for "Short People" or his Pixar soundtracks, and we devotees love him for all the stuff in between!

Good luck with the tart, KM - let me know how it turns out! (Now I'm nervous that I may have gotten some of the measurements wrong or forgotten an essential piece of advice!!)

Mmmm, tarte Tatin!

In the gizmo department, I would probably use my apple corer - less work.

I also found it quite useful for taking the tops off tomatoes for roasting when I made the roast tomato soup you did last fall.

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