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Boy, that looks delicious. Some butter and scallops never hurt anyone... :) Anyway, I never got a chance to say congrats on the redesign - the site looks awesome!

Barrett, any chance of a pic of your crepe-flipping tool? In the street stands in Paris, they use something that looks like a very long cake frosting tool. Also, I recently bought a crepe pan for my brother and while I was at it purchased two batter "scrapers", one for each of us. These are also used in the stands and look like a short pole with a flat wooden piece attached at the end, which you use to spread the batter as soon as it's been poured. I haven't tested mine yet, but I am sure it will help enormously in getting nice even crepes.

Great recipe - I'm going to have to try out my scraper with it very soon! It doesn't seem like all that much butter to me, if you are spreading it over 6-8 crepes. I take it this recipe feeds two to three people?

Aha! For a picture of the spreading tool (as Le Creuset calls it) you can check out the Amazon page on this crepe pan.

Actually, the tool I have is very different. It looks more like this.

I've seen the one you're referring to in use, however.

Oh, and it does feed 2-3 people with big appetities or 4-6 if you have substantial sides and don't toss out the tomato rice you'd made as a side.

Oh, that looks so amazing. I love scallops. And butter.

Just found your site... Nice!!

Just to make sure you understand: the tool in the Amazon photo is not for flipping the crepes, but for spreading the batter. Your flipping tool looks a bit thick for the job. But I guess it works for you, judging by the main photo!

It does look thick in that photo, but it's only the width of a quarter plus a dime or so, tapering at the edges. I'm always afraid I'm going to break it when I wash the flipper.

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