Comments: Flexing your mussels


What a great photo! I love mussels, especially when someone else is cooking them.

What can you substitute for pineau de charentes? Since my local liquor store wouldn't sell it (I live in the middle of nowhere, NJ), I know they wouldn't have this. They only sell the big name brands of liquor.

I would love to make these, as I love mussels. I just had some Fra Diavolo at my favorite Italian restaurant in Somerville on Saturday. Yummy. They could've been much hotter IMHO. Otherwise they were great.

Any suggestions would be appreciated, Meg.

BTW, I love my Sal de Bolet! I just used some in a Sea Salt Bread today.

Thanks again.


Risa, you could substitute a fairly sweet sherry or a light port or any fortified wine. Pineau is a bit sweet, which I think compliments the curry flavor really well. That said, some of the recipes I consulted just called for white wine alone!

I'm so glad to hear you like the sea salt! I'm still working on the translation you asked for, so you should have an answer later today.

This sounds great. At what point does the creme fraiche get added, or is it a garnish?

Whoops! Can't believe I left out such an essential ingredient! It gets added with the curry powder and I've corrected the recipe accordingly. Thanks much for pointing out the omission!

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