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I think your praise and criticism is spot on, except for one other "bad" item that I would add:

The original Iron Chef gave you a decent background/bio on the chef challenger (birthplace, training, restaurants worked in, career highlights). Iron Chef America only said that Bayless was an Oklahoma City kid who became a world-renowned expert in authentic Mexican cuisine. They showed the awning of Frontera Grill, but no mention of his restaurants or of some of the interesting and groundbreaking things he has done.

Nice review. Being in Paris, I miss the original Iron Chef. It was a good t.v. experience!

EC - great point. I thought they should have played up the Chicago vs. New York thing and given a lot more attention to Frontera/Topolobampo.

Contrast that to an episode of the Japanese show where a chef who had started at the French Laundry was featured (I don't recall his name) and both the FL and his current restuarant were featured along with an interview with SF mayor Willie Brown.

Oh good lord, can you even imagine if they'd had Daley on to praise Bayless? That would have been poetry!

After watching the show, I felt that the whole thing lacked the fun and silliness of the first one. I think I had more fun with the grossness and the bad translations than I did with the cooking.

I don't know if I'm going to watch another one, but I can find out.

I REALLY hate to be negative, but I have to say, as a fan of the original Iron Chef/Japan, I loathe, detest, despise the American version of Iron Chef. I liken it to the Franco Zefferelli's "Romeo and Juliet" to the Leonardo DiCaprio version - the latter bastardized the Bard with the 20th Century visuals/moreys ruined it - IMO

Excellent review. I read it first, then I saw it. It was exactly what you said. I will definitely be watching this again. It isn't perfect, but it's really enjoyable.

Actually, the schtick with the new Chairman is true: his name is Mark Dacascos, he was a championship martial artist in Europe in his teens, and his mother is the sister of Takeshi Kaga, who plays the original Chairman.

Chairman Mark just doesn't have the same ring to it, though.

The show itself really does help us remember how exciting cooking can be. And of course, the promotional videos are hilarious... images/tv/ironchefamerica/videos.html

Can we start a Bobby Flay Sucks thread? He sends out this hater vibe that poisons everything he says/does, like the John McEnroe of Cooking...

Iron Chef America Sucks!!! Can't compare to the Orginal Iron Chef Japan. Bobby Flay is way too arrogant, he sucks!!!

One of the judges, Jeffrey, is an incredible ass when he talks back to a judge that's a woman. Recently, in Flay vs. the Two Hot Tomalis, he belittles Natalie. His rude comments are unnecessary. (If you don't believe me, ask for a copy of the video. I watched it twice and was disgusted by it.) I don't understand why the foodnetwork channel allows this to continue. He seems to be in every show of Iron Chef America, despite his derogatory comments.

I think it's an insult to Kinichi-san, Sakai-san, Morimoto-san, and especially to Michiba-san to allow imposters like Bobby Flay and Mario Batali to use the words "iron chef" in the same sentence as their names. As for Cat Cora, PLEASE, you've gotta be kidding. Kobe-san, he's a few pegs down from the level of the true iron chefs, so maybe he could allow the actors from food tv to more easily compete. Remember, for the most part, the personalities on food tv are actors and actresses who can cook, not master chefs who can act. May Julia rest in peace.

I absolutely HATE Iron Chef America!!!! When are we going to stop copying the Japanese?! Once again, it is rediculously "americanized" and not even 1/10th as entertaining as the orginal. And once again, we tend to take something from another culture and "over-do" it with the usual stereotypes. Even Mashuharu Morimoto looks like a clown. What happened to when he used to look like a "cooking warrior". This show is an embarrassment. I guarantee that the Japanese won't be translating our version and showing it on Fuji TV!!!! We should use it in detainee camps.

I think bobby flay is a cheater. On Iron Chef Battle Breakfast, he's dumbass went to brunch. How did that ignorant moron win?

To be honest Iron Chef America sucks.. That's all. They need to revive Iron Chef in Japan.

and i didn't like the japanese version. so i didn't watch it. so you folks that don't like this version just don't watch it.


great shows

I agree- I didn't think it was very fair that they were both able to bring their own stuff. I think they should have worked with what was in the kitchen. Would have evened out the playing field for sure.

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