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Yeah, what is it with the English and sprouts? I used to eat them (sufficiently doctored with dairy products, of course) until I got served them for Just About Every Freakin' Sunday Lunch. And on a board I'm on that is about 1/3 British, the sprout haters come out in force before Christmas. Makes me proud to be a 'Murrican. (We have to explain to the poor dears that nobody here feels tradition bound to eat turkey at Christmas, as most of us did the Tradition Bird thing at T-Day, and green beans are a much more traditional side.)

That looks tasty. Of course a bacon garnish covers many sins ;-). Walnuts (and walnut oil) are also a good match with sprouts.

I don't understand it either! It's obviously an emotional issue, though, so I don't fight it! As for my attempt to get him to help me finish the sprouts...he ate all the bacon from the soup, consuming a tablespoon or so in the process. Not an unqualified success!

Any way you'll share your turkey stock recipe? Or any other stock recipes, for that matter :)

Happy 2006!

Inna, I just take the bones from a roasted turkey, cover them with water and bring them to a boil. If there are any old vegetables in the refrigerator needing to be used up I throw them in the pot too, but it's not essential. You can also add any water from vegetables you've cooked - carrots or potatoes for example. If you have any leftover gravy, that's also great. Boil for about 45 minutes and then bring down to a simmer and continue for another hour or two. When the stock is nice and dark and smells good, remove from the heat and cool slightly. Use a colandar placed in a large bowl to strain the bones from the stock and put the bowl in the refrigerator to cool. The fat will rise to the top and solidify as it cools, making it easy for you to remove. You can either use the stock in the next week or freeze it for up to three months. If you do freeze it, be sure to mark on the container or bag what it is and when you froze it.

You can also do this with roasted chickens. I have made some wonderful stock from rotisserie chickens I bought at the market or the supermarket.

Good luck and let me know if you have any questions!

Inna, you might also want to check out this post on Tigers & Strawberries about extracting the maximum amount of flavor from your meat:

Hope it helps!

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