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I love chipotle, I love chiles (all kinds - all levels of heat) and I will try this. I have 2 Haas avocados in the kitchen right now. I was going to make guacamole tomorrow anyway.

Thanks for passing this on.

I used to hate the heat of chiles too but after awhile I started to enjoy it. The hotter the better now. I guess when I turned 36, and i had just had my son, my tongue and my tolerance changed. Now I eat all the jalapenos off the nachos. Before that I would just pick them off and leave them on the plate. So, my suggestion for you is to continue to try different chiles with different heat levels. The more you eat them, the more you'll get used to the heat. It won't bother you anymore.

Just my suggestion as a card-carrying Chile-Head!

Risa, I think you misunderstand - I love peppers. I used to eat jalapenos out of the jar and cool off with milk when I couldn't stand it. I used to eat bags of habanero potato chips and drown my fried chicken (back when I ate chicken) in Louisiana hot sauce.

But there's something about the adobo/chipotle combo that transmits tons of both flavor and heat. It's like one of those ungodly sour candies - you're both attracted and repelled all at once.

It may just be that I'm not used to the particular flavors of the adobo sauce/chipotle combo. I'm looking forward to testing that theory and breaking my tastebuds in. :)

I'm jealous of both of you for having access to such a good variety of peppers! I bring them back from the US in a dried form, but invariably forget to note the name of the peppers I have. That's why in my recipes I'm always pretty vague about what kind to use in a recipe: I have two bags, which are labelled in my mind "hot" and "unbelievably, extraordinarily hot". No idea what their names are!

Anyway, next time I'm in Chicago I definitely want to get some chipotle peppers...and then I can try this recipe. I think smoky/avacado sounds like a great combination!

This post makes me hungry, growing up in Austin (Tx), I really appreciate the taste of good chipotle pepper dishes.

But, more importantly, what's the name of the grocery store on Clark/Fullerton carrying good avocados? that Apple store or whatever it is?

You know, I don't know the name of the place. It's on the east side of the street south of Fullerton and north of the Walgreen's. All their generics say Centrella and it has a 1960's/70's feel to the store.

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