Comments: Teaser...


Fried llama with a delicate orange glaze?

Don't be silly. It's not Easter.

(impatiently drumming fingers on desk)

Wow! Check out the new look! It looks wonderful!!

It's so cool and sleek! I lurve it!

It's FAB! So groovy and professional-looking. Congratulations!

WOW! It's gorgeous! Who did this layout?

I love it! Great job you guys!

Excellent design! Love the new look!

Like the new look? I love it! Kudos!

Beautiful, fresh format highlights the food. Even if you never cook a thing, the writing inspires, always telling a story.

Oh wow!! Fabulous!! Your blog looks so good in this! :)

Thanks everyone for the positive feedback. I think we'll keep the new design!

Very nice look! I love it!

Looking good!

Boy, this is SO MUCH BETTER! Congratulations on your new look, you did a great job.