Comments: Almost Moosewood Chickpea Soup


How do you replace saffron? It's kind of distinctive.

Besides, why would you want to replace saffron? I'm just mad about saffron, she's just mad about me... They call me Mello Yello. Quite rightly.

Replace may not be the real word. "Substitute" may be better. At least I'll get my washing done.

Great soup, and a great cookbook. My 7 year old son will actually eat the broccoli when we make the enchanted forest because then he is a giant eating trees.

This is one of my favorite soups. One alteration that I have made to this recipe is to substitute vegetarian "No Chicken" broth for the water. It makes a slighty richer more satisfying soup. Perfect for a winter supper. In fact, I am planning on making this soup tonight.

Rita, I love that "No-Chicken" broth. It's replaced the golden veg broths as my standard.

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