Comments: No Goose for You


Michael Pollan had a fantastic piece a couple years back about our need to luck our dinners in the eye, and that many modern consumers have distanced themselves from the reality. It was partly a commentary on the seminal Animal Liberation, partly a commentary on today's meat politics. It made it into Best American Essays of 2003, and first appeared in the New York Times Magazine in late 2002. A great piece that everyone should read.

I really enjoyed your comments on this, as a vegetarian who is adding a little meat back into her diet. I think it's really important to understand where your food comes from, particularly with meat. Not having to recognize that the lump of flesh on your plate was a living, breathing animal seems to make it easier for people to ignore insane factory farming conditions, because they're distanced from the process.

That Michael Pollan article was one of the things that got me thinking about eating meat again, too. There was something in there about consumer interest making humane farming practices more economically viable. I liked the idea of being able to directly support good practices, rather than not buying meat completely, which is unlikely to have any effect outside my own diet.

Too funny, Barrett! Like you, I'm someone who likes to think she is ready to face the reality of eating formerly live animals...but it's often not the case. I have been known to flinch before killing my own freshly caught fish or agonize over the live crab going into a pot of boiling water. The fluffy big goose would have been too much for me by far too!

Barrett, I was reminded of this story when watching Babe on TV yesterday - do you remember the scene where the duck is musing on Christmas dinner (means death for someone on the farm) and ends up quacking in a panic: "Christmas means CARNAGE! Christmas means CARNAGE!"??

Enjoy your commercially packaged, sanitized turkey my friend! Merry Christmas!

Your are such a woose, you should have bartered the priced down and took the goose home live and butchered it your-self and felt the true feelings of being a 'hunter/gatherer' like your fore fathers.

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