Comments: Pound Cake - Plain


You know this sounds like it might be the perfect base recipe to launch the lemon/poppyseed cake you suggested! I might have to give it a try. Do you think I should alter the recipe in any way if switching to cupcakes instead of a bundt pan?

It would certainly change the baking time, I would think, but I don't think you need to change the ingredients at all.

Maybe try 30 minutes and then check it every five or ten minutes until it looks done?

This cake really brings back fond childhood memories for me. I used to love eating this rich and fluffy cake. Unfortunately, it's hard to find a true pound cake these days. Where I live, many bakers opt to make a lighter version with less butter and/or eggs. Some of the variations I like are almond, amaretto, and orange pound cake. Thanks for bringing back the memories. :)

OK, this is decadent, but once you make the cake and it is completely cooled, slice about a 1" thick slice and slather both sides with soft butter. Grill in a pan as you would a grilled cheese sandwich. Then top it with your favorite ice cream (for this I prefer a high quality vanilla, and some fresh fruit).

When you finish, double up your dose of Lipitor for a day or two!

I printed this! I have been looking for a good pound cake recipe - okay not that hard - and was so thrilled to find this. Thanks.

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