Comments: Mmmm...melted cheese...


Actually, that sounds delicious. I may have to have a crack at that. There's something satisfying about warm cheese and hearty bread.

Great! I've done this since my childhood. But I'd always punch a hole in the browned cheese and dribble a few drops of the W'shire sauce.

It's great! I've never punched holes in the cheese, but it's true that it's delicious when the sauce seeps between the slices of cheese. Thanks for the tip!

Great stuff! I like it with smoked cheddar and a little mango chutney. My wife (who spent the first 6 years of her life in South Africa) likes to first spread a touch of Marmite (the most awful substance on the planet) on the toast.

Try mixing cheese with a beaten egg and finely chopped onion and put over a chutney
delicous a meal in itself

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