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The "serve warm" part is the troublesome issue for the Christmas meal (the oven space is limited and already reserved).

Will it take to a quick re-heat? or microwaves?

I wouldn't try to nuke it as a whole. You could try it piece by piece, or put the whole thing in a low temperature oven and I think it would work out OK.

Honestly, because UI'm lazy, we ate it mostly at room temperature and it was fine. You just get more fragrance (which is wonderful) if its warm.

I don't know whether the texture is similar to a traditional UK Christmas pudding, but if so microwaving is no problem at all. A Christmas pudding is very moist and so microwaving it essentiall "steams" the pudding and you don't get the funny microwaved-pastry texture that you can with bread-like substances. Just my two cents!

It was very moist and soft. Is that traditional? I had expected something more fruitcake-like and was very pleasantly surprised.

I've seen some other steamed pudding recipes that say you should NOT cover the hole in the Bundt pan. Did you cover yours, or leave it open? I'm definitely trying this recipe for the holidays!

i have never tried figgy pudding but im planing on making it...but i dont know how big it will turn out???

what is it like? a cake??

This recipe is very close to the one I have used for more than 30 years and that my mother and grandmother used for more than a century.

It is NOT a fruitcake, it is a PUDDING in the English sense, as in a firm yet relatively soft cake that is steamed for a long time (usually 2 hours or so).

Served hot or warm with the hardsauce recommended it will melt your heart and corrupt your soul!

If you need to heat individual leftovers, etc. , nuke them gentlly. The puding is so moist that you almost can never hurt it.

The hard sauce should always be served chilled or slightly above room temp.

For warm Thanksgiving or Christmas desserts, just put the dessert in the warm oven, turned of or as low as possible, while you eat the meal. The dessert is usually just right by the time you are ready for it. We bake apple pie the day before, but really like it hot, this works great. We started singing "We wish you a merry Christmas, which started a discussion about what that word was. I remembered the Muppets version and I won. So then we had to find a recipe. This is on the list of new thngs to try this Christmas.

I want the song not how to mae it

Hi - I was looking for a recipe for a reader that wrote to me about figgy pudding - what do I know about it? Nothing. I came here and your post just cracked me up. Rare that I genuinely laugh over something I read on the net - but I'm still giggling. Must be I come from the same time and place. And by the way I still don't know what's a pompatus of love! Have a great Christmas and thanks so much for the laugh.

Why use calmyrna figs instead of black mission figs?

I have made this every year for five years now, and everyone LOVES it! Thanks for sharing the recipe! I usually do use the black mission figs, and prefer the appearance and taste - contrasts well with the white hard sauce!

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