Comments: Smoked Salmon Mushroom Quiche


I hate to say it, but the crust looks like cardboard as well.

Well, sure, but that's the overworking of the crust because I was afraid of the water at work. It microwaved well and Paul described it as "bready".

As a general note, taking pictures of food is damn hard. Well, it is for me. Meg's photos always look great. Mine often make me a little queasy. How does she do it? I admit I have a lousy camera.

I'll have to poke around and find a site with tips on food photography.

Just ran across your this post... one piece of advice I've found helpful is to use some clear, unflavored liquor (like vodka) in place of some of the water in your crust. The liquor will make your dough workable and inhibit gluten formation, and will also evaporate in the oven, so you dough end up with a soggy crust.

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