Comments: Sweet Beets and Bitter "Greens" Salad


Beets are the best. When roasted they have an amazing sweetness.

I used to hate them as a kid as well. Can't understand why, not only are they the color of candy but as you noted they dye funny things a funny color.

I was lucky because my grandmother grew beets in her garden, so I was introduced to the fresh product long before the canned ones. I remember how good her kitchen would smell when she was boiling them and her pickled beets were delicious! Sounds great to me!

I never hated beets... I've always loved them, boiled and buttered, with salt and pepper. But we also had them in th garden when I was growing up, so maybe that's why.

I need to try roasting them... bringing out their sweetness may be the key to a better borscht recipe.

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