Comments: Miso Soup with Vegetables


I recently bought a packet of homemade miso from some Japanese-Colombians who run a vegan restaurant here in Bogotá (strange but true). But I needed some inspiration, so I searched TMC for 'miso' then walked over to my vegans to grab a block of fresh queso de soya (when fresh tofu is two blocks away you stop making it yourself). Well, this soup turned out great. Instead of zucc and broc I added carrot and cabbage (it's what I had left over from last weekend's soup). I was a little skeptical about the lime, so I cut up some wedges and added to my bowl (didn't want to ruin the whole pot). But the lime was delicious. Made it almost like a Tom Yam Jae. Thanks.

Why miso soup should not boil?
I have always been careful about it, but tonight I was busy on the phone and it started boiling for 2 minutes, then I removed it quickly.

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