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I was going to ask you what those yummy looking things were to the left of the turkey. Now I know!

They kind of look like biscuit versions of kolachkies (sp?), those jam centered cookies that Maurice Linnel imperfectly recreates.

Actually, mine turned out a little smaller than usual. I think it was because the yeast I used was getting old and they didn't rise very well. Normally, they really are like rolls that happen to have a well with cranberry sauce in the middle. Because these turned out small they were a little dry, and in fact a bit like jam-cookies. But they should be more pillowy around the outside. That said, this way the cranberry to roll ratio is much more satisfactory!!

They look so yummy! I love anything cranberry. I've actually been toying with an idea of some sort of pinwheel rolls made with homemade cranberry sauce. This looks close! =)

Not only does your turkey look tres yummy, the cranberry rolls take me back a few decades as well. This year I made these rolls for our small gathering - me, Jim, and Mom in Arkansas. (We finished the last on the 10-hour drive home Saturday.) Only difference is that instead of vanilla in the dough, I used the grated zest of that same lemon that gave me the juice. And i've never had trouble using Fleishmann's dry yeast.

Made these tonight for tomorrow's feast. They are certainly a labor of love, but already a hit with the whole family! I plan on making them at Christmas too. Thanks for sharing a family recipe

Josie, I'm glad to hear you like them! Happy Thanksgiving!

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