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No photos necessary --- I can almost smell these through the screen! They sound delicious.

Interesting that it uses white sugar then adds molasses. I wonder how that differs from user molasses rich dark brown sugar?

Sounds great to me, though.

Now I'm doubly bitter about the rodent problem in my new kitchen, as I happen to have an excess of both cranberries and oatmeal at the moment, and would love to go bake up a batch of these...

(WRT the molasses + sugar thing: most commercial brown sugar these days is actually just refined white sugar plus molasses, and the ratio for dark brown sugar is 16:1 sugar to molasses, which happens to match the 1c:1tbsp ratio used here. So this is the equivalent of just using 1 c. of dark brown sugar. Speaking of which, Barrett, if your wife ever gets around to checking her voicemail, there should be a message from me about some cookbooks that I'm giving away; one of those is Shirley Corriher's Cookwise, which IIRC is actually the place where I learned the white sugar + molasses trick. Lemme know if you want that or any of those other books, before they get donated to the library.)

Meg, these cookies sound fabulous! What a great combination: I love cranberries and apples. YUM! And great minds DO think alike; I too made oatmeal cookies...just chose to post the apple butter linzers instead! In fact, LOTS of people did their own twist on oatmeal cookies...always room for one more kind!

ooooh - I want to try these. They sound delicious!

I played with this recipe adding 'craisins'(dried cranberries) and walnuts (My Oatmeal-Craisin Cookies). Cranberries are so appropriate to Cape Cod (as in the original recipe title 'Cape Cod Oatmeal Cookies') I love the idea of adding apple!! Must try! Thanks

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