Comments: Vegetarian Chili for Cards Night


Sounds delicious! Who won at cards?

Nobody really. We were laying the groundwork to be able to play bridge. Rebecca hadn't played ever and Paul, Carolyn, and I hadn't played in ages.

We worked through the basic play and the point counting system and opening bids. Most of the hands were played open.

But next time, we play for real (or at least get to responding and take-out doubles and all that jazz).

You forgot the mushrooms!

Also, if I were doing it again, I'd probably do the squash in smaller cubes (1/2"?) and add them later.

Gak! You're right about the mushrooms. How much of that was there? I'll correct it.

I liked the big squash cubes.

I think it was a pound of mushroosm, small ones, and cut in half.


I commend Barrett for trying to give credit where it is due, but for those of you who are looking for the "bulgar wheat trick" in Vegetarian Meals.., you can stop. I wrote my friend Anne Jansen's vegetarian chili recipe into the back cover. It's easier to find that way. It's a good book even without Anne's recipe.

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