Comments: No fruitcake soda for you until you finish your glass of green beans.


The review you cited is well worth a visit - too funny! I'm so glad there is someone out there willing to taste the stuff as I sure wouldn't be.

Barrett, if you want to add this to the list of "I wouldn't taste it" posts, you can still pick up a package on ebay:

The sweet potato soda actually sounds like a good idea to me. I'd buy it.

I'd call it Yam-tastic! and market it to hip young Pilgrims.

The whole set of these sodas were shown on Live w/Regis & Kelly the other day. Kelly's face when she drank some of the Mashed Potato Soda was priceless. She refused to try another one. Regis drank a bit of everyone. A brave man!

I don't think I would be brave enough to try these except maybe the sweet potato one. Since I love pumpkin and sweet potato, I would think it tastes similar to pumpkin.

I think they'll sell a ton of them just on the promotion they got from Regis & Kelly.


There is actually a traditional soda ferment from africa called "Sweet Potato Fly"

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