Comments: Adventures in Slicing


Oh yeah, the hand guard is wicked important. I've added a little Barrett blood to onions more than once trying to be a hotshot.

I usually slap the spikey hand guard down onto the veg. to be sliced and let it hold the object . I do sometimes halve a big object before slicing.

Fennel and onion salad. I don't know if I've posted that yet, but I will if I haven't. It's a mandolin special and delicious.

I used the hand guard! I listened to your advice! It jumped up and bit me anyway!!


Not really, but I'd been waiting to use that on you.

Were your fingers draped over the hand guard? Mine's pretty hard to hurt yourself on if you use it properly.

Or skip the hand guard and get one of those metal butcher gloves.

I have one of these too! Am ashamed to say that I've never tried doing julienne anything. It does come in handy for slicing onions when I do charred onion salsa! I tend to forget about it until _after_ I've lovingly chopped a mountain of vegetables.

Sorry to hear about your fingers, Meg!

Barrett - I had my hand properly on the hand guard (as shown in the picture on the box!) but when the hand guard went sliding off the rails and the potato went spinning my hand slipped the guard.

Oscar - I'll have to take a look at those gloves; they sound very cool and medieval! Maybe thick hawking gloves would also work? ; )

Angela - thanks for the sympathy! I can see myself forgetting to use it too...

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