Comments: Old Kentucky Bourbon Truffles


Barrett, I LOVE the diagram! Incidentally, these sound delicious. You get a special rate on your room the next time you visit Paris if you bring some with you. (Hey wait, the room is ALREADY free...!)

Just tried Bourbon Chocolates this summer on vacation in KY and am soooo jones-ing! Love the recipe..Thanks for the fun info!

Do these bourbon balls set up hard or do they stay soft and gooey?

A friend made these and brought to a party. She put extra bourbon in them and we ended up calling them Booze Balls. They were the most delicious truffles I ever ate!! I had to get this recipe so that I can make my own. Absolutely perfect and wonderful. Soft center with thin firm outer chocolate with the crushed pecans over all.
It's got anything else beat in my opinion and I am a chocoholic.

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