Comments: Roasted Tomato Sauce


Barrett, by a strange coincidence I made a similar sauce earlier this week. Or is it a seasonal thing - all the lovely ripe tomatoes in my kitchen were about to go bad so I had to do something drastic with them! Anyway, I did the same, but minus the onions and plus a few more cloves of garlic. On the skins point, there is a lazy way to deal with them: just roast them with the cross hatches (or with the tops removed as I did) and you'll find the skins pull away easily once they are done. Blanching is entirely superfluous.

I have to say it was the base for the best tomato sauce I have ever made. I'm seriously thinking of buying a few kilos more and storing the sauce in the freezer!

Interesting on the skins. I've never peeled tomatoes without blanching. I'll try it next time.

Forgot to mention - I also sloshed in a bit of red wine that was hanging about from a mostly finished bottle!

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