Comments: Risotto Torte


Forget the savories; this clearly needs to be turned into a dessert dish. I'm picturing something like a rice pudding risotto torte, with some sugar (or Splenda for the diabetic Chefs) and vanilla and almond and cream cheese, and some nice fresh summer berries.

By Jove, Watson, I think you're on to something there. I may just have to try something like that this weekend.

You know I started reading this recipe thinking "why would this be better than just eating the risotto" but by the end you convinced me - it sounds very good. Did you have any problems folding in the egg whites without losing all the fluffiness? I remember that was a bit difficult when we made the pasta soufflé at your place last summer...

The folding was interesting, since the rice was many, many times more dense than the egg whites, but it worked out. I had to be careful not to deflate the whites, too much, but I think it worked out.

You would of course prefer this to plain risotto because it's more portable and therefore, a FOOD of TOMORROW!!!!

Or maybe just because you like golden, brown, and delicious crusts with your risotto...

It also sounds a lot less stodgy than classic risotto, which is a real plus!

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