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How many glasses did you have before you wrote that post? Very funny stuff.

What an awful flash site. Why do European (and those who aspire to be European, like the Chilean) so love flash sites? It's the internet equivalent of Eurotrash fashion.

I'm surprised that Casillero is translated as "cellar." I think the probably mean bin. I've also heard the word used to describe those little mail boxes in college departments. Bodega is the normal word for cellar (at least in Spain).

We drank this MANY times during our honeymoon, because it was cheap and available (we were in Costa Rica). I'm not crazy about the stuff, but it will do in a pinch. Barrett, if you get a chance, you should post the text from the label, which says a little more about the "casillero" business, although it's not going to clear up Todd's concerns, I don't think.

"And what the heck does a bramble taste like? Does that help anyone imagine the taste of this bottle?"

Absolutely. Funny that WS uses that term; it's one I often use and everyone is surprised by it. I don't know where I got it from, but I typically dislike wines that show that character (which means that I'm on the outs with the Cabernet Sauvignon crowd, since that grape exhibits it a lot). It's a certain thorny plantiness to my mind. I've heard some describe the same aroma as green bell pepper, a descriptor I use more often now since it's easier for people to understand, and I can agree with it as a description.

Thanks for participating in WWWBW! Sorry your wine wasn't all it was cracked up to be, but I think we've all had that experience.

As for the 'pro' tasting notes you have there...I've always thought that they were BS a good bit of the time. And I've even written some on a local paper and I just can't let myself write that drivel. I try to stick to terms that people actually know and will recognize.

Bramble schmamble!

I've had good Chileans (we had one at Paul's place once, I remember), but this wasn't one. I really think a year or two in the box might take the edge off and mellow the wine to the point where it'll be really nice.

I will try their Cab Sauv since that seems more suited to their methods.

Oddly, the Ben Gilberti article in the Post that you mention in your Food Section Digestion notes that Chilean wines have gained a reputation for varying greatly from bottle to bottle, and occasionally just tasting nasty. Perhaps that explains the difference between what you tasted and what others have described?

Sweth, I think that's entirely possible. I mentioned it only being $9 because I didn't hate it, I just thought it was too harsh. Maybe I'll give it a second shot next time I go to the world o' wicker.

Have some bottles Cabernet Sauvignon 1999 and 2000 and the wine ages very well.
Casillero translates as bin and Diablo as Devil.

what is chenna??

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