Comments: Spoils of Sunny Spain


We weren't such gourmands then, I don't think. If we'd run into the delicacies during that trip, I don't think we'd have appreciated them nearly as much as now.

That said, I'm completely envious and can't wait to see what recipes you pull out of your sombrero in the next few weeks.

An update: last night after dinner we sampled the Montserrat ratafia, which would appear from the label to be a liqueur made with walnuts. It was...interesting...not something that we will be swilling down every night until it's gone but not so bad that it will sit in the back of the liquor cabinet for the next ten years. Actually, I think it has some interesting possibilities in the kitchen, especially in preparing desserts. This could be the basis of my next entry for the IMBB!

Barrett: you may be right, but even so I think this region really does have better food than the rest of Spain. It has a lot in common with the food of Southern France. In fact the local language (which you hear more than Spanish) is Catalan, which seems to be almost more similar to French than to Spanish! So much for the pocket Spanish/English dictionary I bought...!

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