Comments: Boozy Goodness on September 19th


Barrett: thanks for the shout out... yes, been there too. I will try to resist temptation to imbibe as I read all the entries... don't know if that's possible, though!! Did you ever find your shoe!!!

Looking forward to the event. Cheers.

Good grief, Barrett, how could you possibly know that, among a small group of my friends for a brief period in the late 1980s, "losing one's shoe' was pathetically lame slang for getting regrettably plastered?

Oh, my, I think it's in my yearbook under "dislikes."

I can't say I had any special insight, but if you happen to see an orphaned black Oxford, Men's size 13, let me know, will you?

Whoohoo! This should be a good one. I have some excellent ideas already.

Losing one shoe must be a universal story! I can go it one better, though: a friend of mine from university woke up the next day missing the sole of one shoe. We never figured that one out...or how he made it home alive after being seen on 43rd Street in Chicago eating ice cream at four in the morning...

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