Comments: Rachael Ray has Snapped


You do know that that link for the recipe is not a link to a recipe at all, right?

Methinks someone other than Ray Ray might have gone a little crazy...

Uh, yeah, I knew that. Sure. Ok, maybe not.

Link is fixed above. Sure made for a surreal link, though, didn't it?

If there is one person I hate on Food TV it would have to be that shrill idiot! Tiresome voice, boring recipes - who cares.

Now that the recipe itself is linked to, it should be pointed out that the mini-burgers it describes are not Sliders; White Castle's burgers are steamed on a bed of onions, whereas these are supposed to be grilled. As Matchbox here in DC has shown, it's possible to make a good quality mini-cheeseburger, so I wouldn't condemn the recipe without trying it first.

It's a salad. With cheeseburgers. It's like having a glass of diet coke. With gravy.

It's just an unholy idea, whether or not steamed meat is involved.

oh ick, ick, ick. that must be placed in the bad recipe file. and if i have to hear that woman say "mm, mm, mm, mm, mmmmm" or "shrimp overboard!" one more time....have you noticed that even though she says "E-V-O-O" she usually follows it up with "that's 'extra virgin olive oil' for short" which basically makes the acronym redundant? not that i'm watching or anything.

shes goooooooooood

Rachael Ray Rocks!!! She is the best chef I know!!!

That recipe is just plain bizarre- I'm concerned for her well being. But I wouldn't trade her for the "Everyday Italian" ho, ever! Rachel is entertaining to watch. Shrill.... I'll concedce that. But my 4 year old "squeals with delight" every time Rachel appears on TV. Now THATZ entertainment!

C'mon now folks.... Any of you guys (or girls) who would kick her out of bed for eating crackers is a liar. I wish, however, she would wear something other than black pants on her show... Don't be worryin' 'bout that booty, girl.... if you are, lay of the EVOO for awhile.

Someone keep that cheap ass flake out of our restaurants in New Orleans, pu-leeze!! She is quite possibly the most annoying thing this side of Bobby Flay to reside on Food NetworkTM (heh heh). At least HE has talent. ;)

She obviously is very quick witted, very quick recall, and great memory. BUT.....sure get sick of all of her 'girlly' (Ahnold?) adjectives!!!
ie: 'gorgeous' beans, 'beautiful' gravy, 'scrumptious' brussel sprouts,...C'Mon!!
And the repetitive EVOO.....ugh!!

Rachael is good at what she does and looks darn good doing it

i googled 'rachel ray is a idiot" and found this url. Interestingly enough, if you google 'rachel ray', this site will not show up.. i wonder how many of the rachel ray fans on this post found this any case hwe repetitive dialog is insulting to any adult and only suited to a 4 year old: see andrews post. she was a deli counter case cook before her show and has no pro experience..waht a hack. she is also over weight and only semi-good looking..if i saw her walking down the street, i would give her a solid 3. please tell me, what's the hype around this idiot?

Jack, I think she had experience at a resort in her home town in way upstate New York running the restaurant there which was a real sit-down sort of place. While that's not Tour d'Argent or Charlie Trotters, it is real restaurant experience. They went back there on one of her $40/day shows.

I'm not a big fan of her recent persona, but I think you have to give the woman her due. I don't think she's actually much overweight, either. I have a friend with that same body type who weighs next to nothing.

Hi Rachel,
I love watching you cook.
I almost watch you every day!
you are alot of fun to watch!
I wish I was on a food show!
But watching you makes me so happy!
you are the best cook on food network
it is amazing how your meals are ready in 30 min.
If you have time please write back
I would love to here from you
I will keep watching you!!

So when's your show going to be aired? Or don't you have one? Thought not! A little jealous of the babe are we?

Uh, Marv. If you read the comment thread you'll see I defended her.

How's that "commenting while uninformed" thing workig out for you?

I guess lettuce and pickles on a cheeseburger is UNHEARD of!

There's war in the world, children dying, and the world falling apart, but ingredients in a salad is...well....

Lillith, I couldn't agree more. There's "war in the world, children dying, and the world falling apart," and your'e complaining about an opinion expressed about a bad recipe on a food blog?!

It does seem pretty silly, doesn't it?

Look Rahcel ray is a cool chic!! Who else do you know that can entertain themselves while they are doing something they love. All of us wish that we could be like her, I have met her and she is the most down to earth person I have met in a real long time. For starters she almost missed her plane to stick around and sign autographs for people then also to talk to a high school girl who wrote an essay for her. Come on back off her she is just doing something that she loves and shes happy, just cause your jealous cause you cant cook or act dont hate on Rachel!!

I can't believe there is someone out there who cares enough about this to make a forum, but talk about crazy. My family loved the mini-cheeseburger salad.

Jill, this isn't a Rachael Ray forum. This is a single post among hundreds to which many have seen fit to attach comments.

As for your family loving the slider salad - I'm sure they love Wonder Bread and variety meats, too. Just not my cup of tea.

I don't care what food Rachel Ray coos about in her "Minnie Mouse" pitch, or the repetitive 4th grade vocabulary adjectives she uses;
I just wanna know the restaurant in Nawlins where she sat down to several courses for a reasonable price...she said it was a hint from a local.....

She makes me so sick with her EVOO, and the way she laughs at all of her own jokes, if you can call them that...and its her mother this, her mother that, like her family is the best in the world...and whats up with that ass? She is so hyper and speeded up just to complete her lame ass meal in 30 minutes that she gets my blood pressure up. She should go to the Woods upstate where she lives and stay there and never come back!

Rachel Ray's gab has changed drastically from whence she first she started out on her own cooking show to present. The way she murders the English language with her constant verbage of slang is something to be desired. She is wa a a ay to over the top now. I have definately lost interest in her shows due this and have ceased watching them. Give me Giada DiLaurentis anyday. This is a chef who really knows how to cook with panache.

"R.R.S." uncool lingo for Rachel Ray Sucks...
I agree, I have to change the channel when Rachel Ray and her joker smile comes on the screen. I get so distracted by her annoying presence that I lose interest in her recipe and her show! Her fake laughs, wannabe cool lingo (i.e., e.v.o.o., yummo, the g.b.), and her hand and arms gestures for every syllable that comes out of her mouth is .

She's marketable and that's probably why she's lasted so long. Damn you FOOD TV! :( I don't think she will be cancelled any time soon...unfortantely. Although, she might be nice, it doesn't change the fact that I'd rather listen to nails scratching on a chalkboard.

I'd rather watch Giada from Everyday Italian any day rather than watching Rachel. I've tried a lot of her recipes and it's made me a better least that's what my husband says...then again he use to love microwave burritos, so I guess that doesn't say much lol.

"R.R.S." uncool lingo for Rachel Ray Sucks...
I agree, I have to change the channel when Rachel Ray and her joker smile comes on the screen. I get so distracted by her annoying presence that I lose interest in her recipe and her show! Her fake laughs, wannabe cool lingo (i.e., e.v.o.o., yummo, the g.b.), and her hand and arms gestures for every syllable that comes out of her mouth is .

She's marketable and that's probably why she's lasted so long. Damn you FOOD TV! :( I don't think she will be cancelled any time soon...unfortantely. Although, she might be nice, it doesn't change the fact that I'd rather listen to nails scratching on a chalkboard.

I'd rather watch Giada from Everyday Italian any day rather than watching Rachel. I've tried a lot of her recipes and it's made me a better least that's what my husband says...then again he use to love microwave burritos, so I guess that doesn't say much lol.


You can buy Rachel Ray Must Die shirts

Interesting. So many people with so much time to hate Rachel Ray. I love her recipies. I used to hate to cook but her recipies are quick and easy. Granted, I don't love them ALL, but who does? She is a down to earth person and I don't know who said she moves her hands too much, but obviously you are not italian. We all do that. :) I grew up very similarly to her and I think she is a breath of fresh air on the food network. Olive Oil was always used for every day cooking in my house. :) Love it!

The great thing about Rachel Ray is that she is such a flaming dork. I mean with all the slick, greasy faced cooks (i.e. Emeril, Bobby Flay) who populate the Food Network, it's hilarious to see someone with more then a few rough edges. Love me some nerdy rachel ray laugh-at-her-own-joke moments. I'd take those over a "Kick it up a notch" from Emeril a day. And yeah, ok, her recipes aren't so hot. But every Rachel Ray episode is a chance to practice my Mystery Science Theater 3000 skills...

You people should feel ashamed of yourselves! She's the best chef ever! She makes cooking fun. When I hear people saying they hate it when she smiles and laughs I think "What is wrong with that?" I like it when she does that. I love most of her recipes especially her chicken parmesan. I think it's horrible when people say "Buy Rachel Ray must die shirts". YOU ROCK RACHEL!!!!!!!

I love Rachael Ray! I don't care what anyone says-it's all jealousy-and she is just so fun to watch. The people that turn up their noses at her act as though they eat pansy a** gourmet meals off a silver platter each day. Don't get me wrong. I respect the other chefs, especially Mario Batali and Wolfgang Puck, but putting someone down just because they cook simple meals is just plain lame and stupid. So what if she has a few shortcuts. Gasp! Chicken stock out of the can! It's her way of cooking. I'm not going to feel like screaming the next time she says EVOO. Whoever feels that way has nothing better to do than pick on someone for no apparent reason. And if you can't stand to watch her or listen to her, why are you watching in the first place? Tune into Fine Living. After you visit the vineyard. Have seared Foie Gras demi glace for brunch. Learn how to create a calm and solitary space in your yacht. Garden. And take you evening meal in the veranda served from a silver platter under a crystal chandellier by a stooping old man named Alfred who really wants to stab you in the back for not giving him early retirement because you didn't feel like cooking and there is no such thing as a 30 minute meal so you can't stand Rachael Ray. Give me a break.

Rachel Ray is the BEST! I agree with the last comment. If you hate her so much why are you watching her? Get over yourselves and go to Spago.

I can’t believe people are taking the time to bash Rachel Ray. She is so bubbly and cute and represents everyday people in the kitchen. Not everyone is an Iron Chef and she is so refreshing. Geez, if you people like bashing Rachel why don’t you pick on somebody else.

I can’t believe people are taking the time to bash Rachel Ray. She is so bubbly and cute and represents everyday people in the kitchen. Not everyone is an Iron Chef and she is so refreshing. Geez, if you people like bashing Rachel why don’t you pick on somebody else. Here’s a good place to bash anyone but her

Rachel Rachel Rachel ! I want to marinate her little rump roast and baste her tenderloins! What red blooded American guy would'nt love to throw her on the kitchen counter and ride her till she screams YUMMO!!! ??? I wanna make her giggle till the sun rises the next day and start all over again, she is a my hot little kitchen vixen if you don't like her, fine that means more Rachel for me. Say Yummo baby!!! one more time, you cheese burger salad booty babe,

Anyone who thinks that Rachel Ray "represents everyday people in the kitchen" must not frequent said part of the house. She cooks as if she is reading recipes from the back of Ladie's Home Journal.

I'm sure that she is a good person when the camera is off, but
from what I've seen of her, she is as artificial and ridiculous as a plastic turd in outer space. Its a viceral reaction; she sucks, and she handles food like she's afraid of it.


It seems that most of you have missed the obvious. She has a huge amount of sex appeal. That's the reason she has not one, but 3 TV shows. She would not have a job if she didn't have that going for her. There are thousands of cooks that are better, but few are able to look as cute on camera. She was made for TV and even though her food may be crappy, she makes Mr. Winky happy! Do me baby! Do me!!!!

True Bobby Flay story: We contacted Bobby Flay at the food network for a paid public appearance at a convention in Las Vegas. His demands exceeded most Rock Stars! He wanted $60K to fly in, 2 first class round trip tickets from NYC for him and his "assistant" (read girlfriend) a 4 room suite at the Bellagio, and all he was willing to do was a demo of his choosing that had nothing to do with the dinner being served. We had to provide a restaurant style kitchen set and all production was to meet his standards which would not be sent until he was paid first. He was such an ego maniac that we gave up and hired Rick Bayless for a small fraction of what Flay wanted, and I have no doubt that Bayless is a far better chef.

I found this site of Rachel Ray from FHM magazine, lol she is so annoying and this is ridiculous

I also find her soooooooo damn annoying yet some sickness in me just won't let me change the channel. (Maybe it's because I think its hilarious listening to my 7 and 9 year old walking back and forth saying "Hi there, I'm Rachael Ray and I make 30 minute that means in the time it takes you to watch this show I will have had made a delicious and healthy meal from start to finish". OMG they are so sick of her too. BUT......this is the thing I think is the funniest..... When the idiot says "Every Sunday when Grampy Emanuel would make dinner, the whole neighborhood would come over to eat....there were so many people we had to bring the kitchen table outside!!!" What a @@#$! jerk.....does the table get bigger when it's outside??? lol

I think you are a bunch of miserable snobs that have nothing better to do than sit around bashing other people. Why don't you get your nose out of the air and get a life of your own? Why is it your place to sit around criticizing someone you don't even know for being successful at what they do? Obviously, it's worked for her so far. So if you don't like it, just change the channel.

hello, I actually like rachel, however I wish someone would school her about the acronyn E.V.O.O., if you go through the trouble to say evoo, why follow with saying Extra Virgin Olive oil, waste of time. Would someone please tell her to stop saying that because that is, T.A. truly annoying.

I was just doing a search for Rachel Ray on the web because I want to get my hair cut like hers. Then I read this, which I can't believe I took the time to do, but it's Saturday so what the heck.

If my boyfriend reacts to me like the guy a few posts above for wearing a cute hairdo and being obnoxiously perky in the kitchen.....I'll be seeing you later!

At least she makes me feel like having curves is a "good" thing. Now off to the salon.

TTFN (Ta Ta For Now)

you guys need to get a life

Hey, Lighten Up!!! Ray-Ray is a cutie and the best thing about her is that she is NOT a professional! She is just an everyday, ordinary person -- like most of us. And, if you are going to bash her, just don't watch her....A special note to DELISH...don't be critical and say that "she murders the English Language" -- she can't possibly be "waaaay TO over the top" but she can be "waaaay TOO over the top"....she is adorable and anyone who can get dinner on the table in 30 minutes is my hero!!!

Hey, Lighten Up!!! Ray-Ray is a cutie and the best thing about her is that she is NOT a professional! She is just an everyday, ordinary person -- like most of us. And, if you are going to bash her, just don't watch her....A special note to DELISH...don't be critical and say that "she murders the English Language" -- she can't possibly be "waaaay TO over the top" but she can be "waaaay TOO over the top"....she is adorable and anyone who can get dinner on the table in 30 minutes is my hero!!!

rachel is gorgous and probaly the best looking woman ever to grace the food netwok channel, but i have to agree with andrew,ditch the same ole black jeans, she has a booming body/great butt,,plus she can cook ( regular foods ), with is fine by me, i luv her,, plus she has the prettiest eyes,,

My wife and I both enjoy the shows on Food Netork including Emeril Live, Iron Chef and Rachael Ray's's clean, wholesome entertainment and although we don't watch alot of TV to begin with, I'd much rather watch one of Rachael Ray's shows than the predictable boring/or offensive crap on the major networks...anyone who finds her or any of the Food Network's shows annoying is either a disillusioned loser or is way too sensitive...and if so, why are you watching?

i adored rachel when she first started but omg -- stop with the gestures! it makes me nuts and i can't watch anymore...

ok here is the deal..half of you have cirticized rachael ray ..yet you found the time to access this website and insult her...shes doing her thing...go do something instead of sitting ur sorry ass on the computer and insulting other people. u guys seem to know everything about her yet u like to try to sabatoge her reputation. geez.

I just served my hubby the Open faced spinach calzones with artichokes & spinach- ( from the "Cooking 'round the clock book") and he said "she must not be interested in finding a husband anytime soon!" He said it was a girlie recipe. It did need something to jazz it up a little- we ended up putting hot yellow peppers on it. I think you just have to pick and choose when it comes to any recipe- and then add what you think it needs! She is a cutie and fhin to watch on TV...

R.R.S. is right. She is so bloted and hung over now. I would like to challenge anyone including the Annoying Skank, to "cook" what she does in 30 minutes. How about browning 2 giant racks of lamb in a commercial break. Including the bones which were hanging out of the pan. How about sweating Giant Kool-Aid Ear to Ear smile sized chuncks of onions and peppers in a 1 1/2 minute break. You poor morons acually believe her. They swap out her food while she downs a few and smokes a pack. Her sniffing up and breathing like a chain smoker is really tasty too. Go away you Ho-Jo Ho. NICE, IT SMELLS GOOD ALREADY, NICE, EYEBALL IT, A LITTLE SHY, NICE, LETS SEE IF I CAN MAKE IT IN ONE TRIP, YUMMO, MY GRAMPAAAHH, EVOO AND THEN SAY EXTRA VIRGIN OLIVE OIL, One last thing, you throw salt when you spill it not putting it on something, MORON ! ! ! ! !

Our Section in Iraq are big RR fans. We have her on AFN at 10:00 and our room is full of troops watching her. She is a real woman. Anyone know how we can send her fanmail.

278th RCT
Camp Caldwell, Diyala, Iraq

Rachael Ray is a perfect example of how success has nothing to do with talent, but with who you know. She must be sleeping with every man at Food Network, and then some, because the woman has no talent whatsoever. I wouldn't feed her recipes to my dog. And that raspy voice — she looks and acts like a 13 year old.

People who need to take the time to bash Rachel here are pathetic. I am a fan of hers as well. She strikes me as a genuine person (I don't think her on-air schtick is fake) and, yes, she is an ordinary person in the kitchen.

And, not to mention, she is cute and looks great in jeans (glad she pretty much wears them all the time on all her shows, it adds to her girl next door persona)!

I have a male relative who LOVES Shania Twain, yet finds Rachael just as hot in a different manner. I am female, who is jealous of her love of life, those that knock her, what do you have to bring to the table for the public? She is living her dream, and being adorable works for her. She doesn't have to impress anyone, not even the celebs. She makes cooking seem easy and affordable, so until you try her tricks, find something else to be miserable about....

you're 40's callled a sandwhich ......just don't call it a sammy! TY

You all are being too hard on Rachel Ray. Have you ever heard of diversity? Let Rachel be Rachel. She does a great job and it shouldn't matter if she is beautiful or how much she weighs.

I think Rachel Ray is a star. She is adorable & her show is hilarious. It's like she's on speed all the time talking a mile a minute running around that kitchen. I'm always waiting for her to run out of time, set something on fire, while the food processor is exploding in the background while the pot's boiling over on the stove. I was waiting for the smoke alarm to off on TV, she made pan fried steak and when she pulled it out of the pan it was black.
She always on the brink of disaster in kitchen. I find that very entertaining

Rachel Ray is the best thing that has ever happened to the Food Network. And to come on this site and write up a whole big production (judging HER) on one little dish that she prepared, these people must not have much of a life. So please spare the people that like her and leave your crap off the site. Just a tip from me to you, make like Rachel and get a life. Because she has one, unlike you all obviously.

I think its interesting that my mom and I had a discussion about Rachel Ray the other day & I came to wondering: I think she's great, upbeat, love her girlish charm and that she cooks regualr food, is what most parents aspire to do for their families. On the other hand, my Mom who is a miserable, jealous, bitter old bat hates Rachel--Now that's Food for thought! Go suck on a rotten egg to feel better--you losers. Leave her Rachel alone, she's the perfect woman for us guys. She's nice, pretty, seems like a lot of fun, down to earth and the woman can cook!

Can't STAND her! She is scamming everone with her bogus recipies. I tried them and they DON'T TAKE 30 MINUTES AT HOME.

Very nice blog. It is very helpful.

I also find Rachael Ray annoying. The EVOO, GB, ect are getting real old real fast.

But, I do love her stove. Does anyone know what brand it is and where I could find one? Also her refridgerator?


Those critisizing Rachel Ray are either jealous or snobs or both.
Her cooking style is the way the VAST majority of people actually live and cook. We want quick yet wholesome meals made with ingrediants from the neighborhood market and not over-priced hard-to-find gormet stores. Her personality (and looks) catch the attention of even non-cooks [think ratings] and her show is just plain fun to listen to.
Okay, so I'm part of the great unwashed and don't own property in Martha's Vineyard. But those who look down their noses at Rachel Ray would do the same to me and not wish to even step inside my humble kitchen. However, that suits me just fine. I'm going to keep on watching Ray Ray and feeling normal as well as entertained.

Rachel Ray reminds me of truck driver. Sorry Truck drivers. Everything she cooks looks like a mess. When she was on the the celebriteis she constantly tried to upstage them. Who does she know to get this show?

Chuck & Just, thanks for saving me the time to post a long-winded message. I agree with everything you guys said; especially the snobs and gourmet market part. Rachel is yummo!

damn,people will find any reason to be mean. whats so horrible about Rachael? we should be so lucky she cooks the way she does and shares it. shes perfect for begginers,as there are always those who dont have a clue in the kitchen. and shes sweet..who cares if she laughs all the time or makes goofy little jokes,its a hell of a lot better than being a snob. shes real,and has a very approachable way about her. not to mention shes gorgeous..i think she makes women look good. you could certainly find worse traits in someone.

sorry for posting again,but i also had to throw in how its really something to ponder when all who hate her so much (like the decent people on here have pointed out several times) dont just change the channel? you cant stand the things she says,does,or cooks,and yet you seem to know it all quite well..

I am sick of her saying everything is great and it's under $40 a day. She is overweight and her meals are NOT done in 30 minutes. Besides the time for commercials, when the show starts again she has 5 things chopped or ready to go. Even calling her a good cook is like telling that 15 year old kid at the grocery store who puts frozen dough balls on a sheet tray a baker. Hands up to the food network for trying to give us some visual appeal on the female front, but as for Rachel......stick the bottle of E.V.O.O. up your ass!

I come from a different part of the world that do not eat animals. I dont even consume eggs. I'm a vegetarian the moment I was born. I have not even had a chance to look at non-vegetarian food and I cannot consumer them ever. Inspite of all these things, I love food channel, where every program has some meat content. I started loving it bcos of Rachel Ray! She is fun, the way she handles meat and vegetables makes it a pleasure to watch. Im never going to try her recipe ever, bcos as I said, I dont eat that kind of food (no offense, it cultural). I love Iron Chef (Not American but Japanese version) bcos to the chefs it is a matter of honor rather than a competition.
On the contrary Emeril, or Flay are terribly boring! I love that lady in souther cooking too. Please Rachel Ray is healthy - its not called over weight. Believe me, food n/w has done an analysis of its consumers, no wonder they have retained her for 3 shows! For the few who hate her, its purely a minority and you are entitled to your opinion.

Nameless poster - I doubt very much that the majority of people love Rachael Ray and that a minorty hate her.

The majority of people in this country have no idea who she is and have never heard her name. Enough people do know and like her for Food Network's taste. That's all they care about.

Actually, let me correct myself. They don't even care about that. Enough people like her or hate her enough to watch her so Food Network can charge a decent rate for their advertisments. That's what they really care about.

overweight? oh you must be joking. get over yourself,shes more in shape than most,is it really coming to a point where every girl has to be skin and bones? she looks damn good,and if you think she is overweight,youve got issues,id like to see all those who think shes "fat" idea of in shape,nothing over 90 pounds im sure. get over it.

I am sure all of you that have had bad things to say about Rachel are awsome cooks who look great. You can cook what ever you want and have fun doing it. Rachel seems to be a very happy person, doing something she loves.I am pretty sure I would rather spend time with her in my kitchen than any of you. I have not seem
much of her shows, but she makes me laugh because of all those things you have cut her down for. As for my thought ...KEEP IT UP RACHEL U ARE GREAT

i have to agree with the above poster..shes sweet,cute,funny and passionate about what she does. apparently thats a horrible thing in many people's minds,and she deserves to be trashed. nice to know out of all the problems in the world,a lovely young woman on t.v. that wants others to learn to cook is a big worry for some of you. youre awesome Rachael(o=

Are you all kidding me? The ones bashing her one of two people... Ones that are sitting there at their lunch breaks with a half eaten greasy Big Mac next to their keyboard during their lunch break, or some people that just cleaned up after their hamburger helper dinner. Its all the same. Rachel Ray is just a TV personality. She has done something right in order to have 3 shows on a network, a great selling book. So people have to knock her down. Its just the crud part of human existance that bubbles to the surface of sub par human beings. I know , I know.. you have a right to your opinion.. But I bet you most of your opinions are complaints or put downs.. your generally unhappy and when you see someone like Rachel Ray, it just blows up your bleak world. Rachel Ray is where she is at due to talent. Do you really think that a network would allow someone to have 3 shows if they didnt?

Single Bullet Theory... your a toy.. nothing more nothing less. Have you ever done one of her meals and actually timed it? Or did you sit your rusty dusty on the couch and just watched.. I have done alot of her recipes in 30 minutes.. never exact.. some under some over.. but all in all an average of 30 minutes. They call the show 30 minutes because of the time slot you moron! They are usually quick and simple recipes that are good depending on your tastes. I dont think you can grasp that concept.. YOur the example of sub par human being that I was talking about. As for your name.. I think it speaks for itself..

Don, I'm pretty sure the people supporting Rachael Ray are all stay at home housewives with nothing to do during their spare time or oversexed male college students who want to get in her pantry. (Read that last word carefully, please)

Or am I overgeneralizing and stereotyping? Why yes, I believe I am.

wow, nice barrett..youre making yourself look really admirable putting people down along with your poor stereotypes.

Norah, you're clearly irony impaired.

Read what Don wrote. Read what I wrote. Imagine that I might have been making a different point than the one you think I made.

Make sense?

Barrett- honestly,i dont know what youre trying to get at with some of your started this whole post, correct? unless its another Barrett..but it just appears to me your intentions are to rile others with your comments..ive yet to see you be remotely nice in one of your posts. i respect you for your clever quips,however i dont see you using them in such a positive manner. but maybe thats what youre setting out to do.

What's with Rachel and tipping? You'd figure, off-camera, they'd be shoving her out the door with the pennies she leaves the help....

She usually comes in a few cents less than her heralded "$40 bucks a day." Hey, be a sport -- throw the remaining coppers into the tip jar.

Be magnanimous big gal -- You're getting paid enough!

User who won't leave a name at IP address Read, please.

Read the post. I trashed a recipe, not Rachael Ray per se.
Read the comments: I defend her up the chain of comments
Read Don's post which stereotypes those who dislike Rachael Ray.
Read my response which holds a mirror up to the stereotyping. I thought "Or am I overgeneralizing and stereotyping? Why yes, I believe I am." was a big enough wink for anyone to get the point of that one - which, for the STILL irony impaired is that Don's post stereotyped people and it was just as unfair as the stereotypes I made in my post.

Frankly I'm a little sick of the whole debate. I don't really give a fig for or against RR but the quality of debate in the comments to this post has deteriorated dramatically.

You should see some of the vile crap I've deleted from both sides.

its not that i wont leave a name,i forgot, i apologize. and i really was not even talking about RR necessarily in the last couple of posts. you just come across a bit snooty in some of your comments.. im sure you have deleted a lot of nasty things,and thats good,but you seriously cant tell me you dont expect anyone to get hostile when creating a post such as this. if you can sit there and honestly say you dont feel at all youre talking down quite a bit to others,alright. to each his own. and if youre sick of the debate,dont read the posts,or respond better yet. i cant really go all off on you however,so sorry if i am. others have said a lot worse.

Let me preface this by telling you that my hubby and I are in our 70's and housebound most of the time. What else do we have to do except watch the boobtube? Now you tell me what you think we are going to watch.....Sleazy soap operas, Sleazy shows like Jerry springer or Maury Povitch???? I think not. We watch the food channel because it is entertainment and that is all we use it for. I knew how to cook when we married almost 50 yrs ago. (my hubby says I am a very good cook too). Still you are never too old to learn something. I like Rachael Ray because she is cute, funny and entertains me. Isnt that what the television is for? So if some of you people think so badly of her, I suggest you turn the channel or go rent a movie. Far be it for me to SUFFER through something day after day if I dont have to.

Yes I do think some of Rachaels recipes are kind of out there, but alot of people are out there, and everyone that has something mean to say about her, you really should take another look at yourself, I think you may be jealous of her luck. Let the poor girl cook and be happy for her.

To all of you that do not like Racheal are not right. She is very out going and fun. She does recipes for everyone and has fun doing it. How many others have 3 food shows and injoys it. Look at what you have before you degrade someone that is doing better than you.

When she says JUST ASK THE LOCALS in her show $40 a day, that is what drives me NUTS!! Also, MY APPETITE IS IN OVERDRIVE. When the sow just ate like 2 hours prior. Gimme a break.

anything that makes more people cook I am for. Rachel is great for those of us who don't want to feed our families fast food but yet have a short amount of time not to mention that she never uses foods that most people can get easily. Tired of everyone getting down on her she rocks and has inspired me to get my family to try new foods several times a week.

If you don't like her, don't WATCH her. Simple.

the worst hour on food network.i passed thru labor day she had her hair dyed bright orange draped about her round face.she looked ready for halloween.too many t.v.channels and not enough talent.

You people are a crack-up. I've had dinner at the French Laundry. Sold wine for ten years up in Seattle. The really good stuff from every great winery and region in the world. I live in Sonoma County and enjoy plenty of fine wines and foods.

But this bashing of Rachael Ray is just pathetic. There's a great Chinese place in Sausalito that makes fried rice that'll make me forget all about meals that would cost 20+ times more. There are wines at Costco for under 10 bucks that are great and taste even better when you're not paying for all the attitude.

I can enjoy a great meal and I can appreciate the artistry of a chef making a great meal. But I don't have any need to bash Rachael Ray just because she say's E.V.O.O. and creates, (copies...whatever), cornball recipes.

The new Newsweek has an article that prompted this note. I had no idea that there were people who had enough free time to waste it on trying to tear down someone like Rachael Ray.

Get a life.

rachel is a hottie first of all. second she comes up with simple meals for people to quickly and easily make without all the crap martha or other pretentious people give you. stop this nonsense of picking on this cutie !

Has anyone noticed when she's gathering ingredients for the recipe, she loads the stuff up like she has to take this stuff to another town and its so far of a distance to travel she doesn't want to have to take two trips. Then she turns around with this ridiculous amount of stuff in her arms and walks two feet? It so agravates my wife, its hilarious. Now that's entertainment!

Guys, come on. She tries to make things easy for people in the kitchen. When you have kids, pets, a job, and other crap going on, you don't have a lot of time for dinner. That is the point. She's not trying to be a snooty chef. She's just cooking.

She does get irritating sometimes, but I am pretty certain we all do.

Ray-Ray is just plain annoying. She's like the kid we all knew in grade school who would never shut up but the teacher still liked her. She repeats the same old crap over and over. Her ingredients are mostly cut up for her already and by the way, how many times have you come home from work and had any and all ingredients for a quick meal at your fingertips? It's all so phony. Did you ever notice that at the end of the show she always takes a quick bite and says "mmmmmmmmm" every time but acts as though she is eating sand?. How does it really taste? A little description wouldn't hurt.

I wanna jump Rachels bones, the guy who married her is one lucky guy. Imagine bending her over and giving it to her while she talks about E.V.O.O. Now thats sexy

While I am not a huge fan of Ray Ray I will say that at least she found a way to "put herself out there ." Also , for all of you who are so critical of her I think that your comments reek of jealousy and immaturity. In the event that I find her particularly irritating I simply change the channel. Believe me the option is available! Also , for the chauvinistic , disgusting social reject that made the horribe comment about bending her over... I am disgusted !!

I used to "dislike" RR until I watched her make the Tilapia with Tomatillos and Avocado filled with Maque Choux Episode #TM1C52...hell I even felt like a gourmet cook!!! I don't know how a real person could cook this in 30 mins...but even if it takes 3 hours, who cares...have some wine and enjoy. It was mmmmmmm mmmmmmmmmm, delish!!

Oh man...I thought I was going to come to this site and do a number on our special little RR. But after much toiling, I have come to a divine conclusion...we are all fascinated by how weird she is, in some ways, she makes me feel better about myself (she's somewhat of a train wreck isn't she?). She's a little awkward, she says a lot of repetitive things, she goes through odd hair phases (homely Rachael-slutty Rachael), and yet I invite her into my home each day.
Perhaps, all of us who have actually come to this site need to agree to disagree? This is a really crazy phenomenon if you think about it, that this odd woman has created such a stir among the American viewers. She's the car crash you just can't help but keep your eyes off, rock on big rump lady!

rachel is obnoxious. she's 4 tv shows now! is she sleeping with someone of the network?

does anyone else think $40 a day is preposterous. For instance, ANYONE can survive on $40 a day! -if you take out costs for everything else but food. I know she puts some things on the bill, but w/out a hotel room it seems pretty easy to me. Also, for the cheap meals she gets, she certainly gets more entertainment for her buck than if I went into the same places. With the FNTV cameras she gets to go into the kitchen, behind the scenes where ever she goes. I know if I want a cheap meal the restaurant wants me out of there ASAP, the def. don't bring me in back to meet the chef. I survived on 30 euros a day including transportation, housing for over 2 months. She's not creative enough!

Even worse than the cheeseburger salad...I once saw her take ground beef and cut up hot dogs in it and made hot dog/hamburgers and cooked them on her grill top. She has also made macaroni and cheese with hot dogs. I will admit she is very entertaining and I do watch her show even though some of her recipes can be a little odd. However, I think she has made a drastic change from her earlier shows and now. She dresses a lot more risque' and her voice has become quite raspy, like she's having too many late nights. She also seems to scream instead of talking in a normal voice during her entire show. And what's with the orange eyeshadow? Has anyone else noticed this? I think she's trying too hard.

I think Rachel Ray is awesome. Obviously, the show was entitled 30-min meals just to appeal to the viewers on how plausible it is to make home cooked meals within 30 mins- Rachel's stlye of cooking is truly entertaining especially with her own coined up terms like EVOO, sammy, and etc. I was never a tv fan but I always liked watching her show. I don't see any reason why some people would need to bash Rachel Ray-the only reason I stumbled on this website was because of an article in Newsweek!!! Never would I think that there would be a blog site for Rachel Ray bashers! I think it's hilarious and entertaining at the same time-it just proves to show how infectious Rachel Ray is- positive or negative. Nontheless, I think Rachel Ray has made her way into America's pop culture! And Rachel being overweight? C'mon now...she is truly a hot chick! Ask any guy and I think they would not agree anymore, to top it all off, I think her quirks are what make her-"yummo!" : )

Rachael used to irritate me too, 'til I saw her being consistently cheery/cute and figured that this is how she truly is! Compared and contrasted to that consistent misanthrope Bobby Flay, she is like a Sunflower in the kitchen. She has a wide-open face and smile and some cute junk (her upper body is kinda weird though with fire-hydrant lines and poor thing has no neck to speak of). I expect to see her cooking in flip-flops sometime soon. My only complaint is the way she holds a knife...really high up on the handle, almost clutching the blade...reminds me of my father criticizing me for holding a hammer too high up...

Rachel never claimed to be an expert chef. What she does is represent people who don't have hours to spend in the kitchen..and who really does?? She has an upbeat personality that is very refreshing. And I don't care what anybody says..she is a pretty girl..much cuter than Martha Stewart!! And she isn't a snob either! A unpretentious cute girl who's trying to have some fun in the kitchen...and this is something to hate her for??

Eh. Clearly, the FoodNetwork is aware of the fact that Rachel Ray's culinery talents are limited... I mean, no one else on the channel has plastic serving bowls and label-less cans. She's pretty though, and I guess that's all it takes to make it nowadays. I once saw her make curry with peanut butter. Yuck.

Rachael Ray is beautiful, funny and talented. I truly enjoy watching all her programs and my husband has had a big-time crush on her from the first day he watched her show. She talks TO her audience, not DOWN on them a la Bobby Flay. She's NICE. What's wrong with that?
With the the lousy TV programs out there these days it's pleasant to watch a program that is fun, entertaining and never boring. I don't cook unless I absolutely have to and I don't give a tinker's damn whether or not a recipe on any food program is good. I guess I'm a food voyeur. At any rate, if you don't like the program, turn it off. Rachael sure won't miss you and neither will I.

Say what you will but RR "giggles" all the way to the bank!

She has certainly put on the pounds lately maybe it's all the cheap food on less than $40.00/day.
I don't like her lexicon either, it's obnoxious

That chick just gets under my skin. I'm not a chef and I don't think you have to be one on TV, but what she does is crap. I am a huge Alton fan and I have to tell you, it's sad that I wont even leave the TV on Food Network for one extra minute before Good Eats for fear of having to hear that shrill little harpy say 'EVOO' one more freaking time. It finally hit me the other day that the one cook I hate the most gets a hefty 13 hours a week on that channel. Thirteen hours that can't teach me ANYTHING! She annoys me and everybody else in the house to no end. Will somebody please take her off the air!?

God knows why I'm even on this site... Granted, you all hate Racel Ray... why are you investing so much time into it? Big deal.. she's not a real chef.... she's obviously entertaining enough to make the food network. You might want to consider investing in a better hobbie than this ridiculous web site.... who knows, if you spend more time in the kitchen instead of bitching about Rachel Ray.... you might be the next one on food network. In the grand scheme of things.... get over it.

Rachael Ray is so annoying and phoney. I refuse to watch her show, she is too hyper. Cut back on the caffeine Rachael (and spell your name correctly while your at it). She NOT the only "chef" of Food network who gets on my nerves either (oh where do I begin!). The only chefs I like are Paula Deene and Ina Garten....they cook well and they are entertaining also. But no we must be inundated with the likes of Rachael and others. And why does she have THREE shows? Isn't one enough?

now we are getting after her about how to spell her own name? like the other poster said to the haters,get over it.

To be fair, I don't think Rachael's food is that bad. I haven't tried any of them myself, but I don't think there's anything wrong with what I've seen on "30 Minute Meals," either. Being able to actually pull off a meal in 30 min instead of, say, resorting to cooking up a brick of Ramen or a box of whatever says a lot right there. Personally, I don't mind the "EVOO" at all. (I do mind the "yumm-o," though--that irks me.) I honestly thought EVOO was cute and I don't find that annoying. And I think she's got some good ideas, like the "garbage bowl" idea and being sure to wash all produce as soon as it's brought home from the store so everything ready for you when you want to cook something.

Back in Rachael's earlier days, I liked her. I thought she was energetic and I liked that a lot about her. And I loved her travel tips. And I feel she was more sincere back then--the most important point to me. Now she just seems very fake to me, and that's what I find so annoying about her now. She's overdoing things. That fake giggle of hers at the "jokes" she makes annoys me the most these days. The other annoying thing that comes in second for me are those little close-ups they do of her whenever she takes that first or second bite to get her reaction--and then she has to act accordingly for these money shots. (Just once, I'd like to see them do that as she makes a face and spits out whatever crap on a fork she just ate. It'd be a change from her thinking everything is so awesome or yumm-o, etc.) And now she's not just energetic--now she looks like she's on crack because she's uber-perky.

Here's my thing...I'd think more positively of her again if she just SLOWED DOWN and didn't act like some overacting brat on "Barney and Friends." She should also stop talking with her hands so much. She should realize there are people who don't like her because they find all her pointing and gesturing offensive. (I merely find her excessive gesturing and pointing annoying, but I know others who find her offensive just because of that.) And she should only laugh when she HONESTLY finds something funny, not to smooth over the little awkward moments at the ends of shots. If she did that, I think she'd make a better host for her shows.

To all the people who put Rachael Ray down. Are you jealous cause she's a food network star and your not. The girl has more talent in her picky then what you jerks have in your entire brain. YOU ROCK RACHAEL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. GET A LIFE LOSERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wow. You people crack me up. Everyone is entitled to his or her own opinion and sure, not everyone is going to like RR. The world would be boring if we all liked the same thing. But what's really funny is stuff like this:

>> .it's callled a sandwhich .
Actually sweetheart, it's called a SANDWICH.

And this:
>> verbage of slang
The word you're looking for honey, is VERBIAGE. Perhaps you should find a good grammar book as well and figure out how to properly use those $10 dollar words that you can't spell.

It's one thing to not like someone for a particular reason. You don't like her perkiness or her language (excuse me ... verbiage) or her gesturing or her recipes? That's fine. But some of you need to really get over yourselves. You're showing your own laughable ignorance in your attempts to be display your questionable intellect.

is this for real? you all are thinking about rachel rae? no war, no flood, just evoo? check please...

I don't know - she seems so hyper lately that she makes me nervous watching her.

I think the concept is good (quick meals), but I feel like we're being hoodwinked when they call them 30-minute-meals. No way in heck are they 30 minute meals - well, if you like your food cooked, that is.

Someone mentioned "her" idea for a garbage bowl. Those ideas aren't hers - that's all scripted. You can sure tell someone else cleans the kitchen: She puts everything in the GB.... liquids, containers, veggie remnants, paper - everything! It's not like you can throw the whole works into your garbage can, it would have to be separated first. Not a time saver at all.

I do think she's cute, though - and she does share some good ideas (not like they're really hers).... I just don't like her passing them off as taking only 30 minutes from start to finish.

I just Googled "Rachel Ray" and "annoying" and 11,900 hits surfaced in .27 seconds. What a relief. I'm not alone. She just splashed on the Food Network's "30-Minute Meals" and within a minute or two I wanted to take an iron skillet to my own face.

Who in the wide world does she appeal to? More loud-mouthed market mavens with low self-esteem?

To CRK: Her stove is a Chambers and an vintage stove. I, too, was curious and went around town (Phoenix) looking for one. Found several and they are a bit pricey; $1,500-4,200+. One place even offers a warranty on them as they rebuild them -- I was told they're much indestructible so "rebuilding" usually means replacing missing parts and testing.

This place is not cheap but have a selection to die for:

As for the refrigerator, it's a Northstar and you can get a LOT of info here:

ms. ray is fine as hell, she can cook and has a nice ass!! end of story. yeah she talks a bit too much but what woman doesn't leave the little pretty thing alone!

Geez People, if you don't like Rachel Ray then for Gods sake don't watch her. If all you have to do is gripe about her, then you need to get a life. The remote control is a wonderful thing, learn how to use it.

I think you all really do like her for all the *itching about her on here.

Is it me, or does she seem drunk all of the time?

I am surprised they let her do the spread in FHM, hey she is free to do as she wants personally, but it doesn't exactly go along with the reputation of the Food Network.

All of you who are bashing Rachael need to shut the hell up. Obviously you have no lives and have time in your pathetic existences to spend hours upon hours in the kitchen. Rachael has inspired me to become a better cook and actually want to stay home and eat instead of go out and waste precious money. Judging someone because of the way that they talk and laugh is just plain immature. Get over it. Love you Rachael.

Rachel is adorable and her recipes are very good. Try it before you slam it, or better yet just don't watch her. I don't think anyone is tying you to a chair and forcing you.

I think this is the funniest things I've ever read about a person.!!! I mean I like Ray, she is cute and bubbly, but I never really realized that I too know the Whole Hi I'm Racheal Ray and welcome to 30 minute meals.... I was actually proud of that!!! The EVOO.. and yummo... funny!!! and the person who said "does the table get bigger when you put it outside" hilarious!!! Thanks, you just made one boring day at work FUNNOOOO!!! as for the Racheal thing... Don't sweat the small stuff and it's all small stuff"... table gets bigger outside.. funnnEEEE

I think Racheal has a nice ass.. I could see myself eating that! Yummo!!!!

I especially love the episode when RR wears those tight black pants!! Although I must admit, I can't recall what the show was about...

I love meatballs.. RR cook my balls..

Rachael Ray has turned into a media whore and the Food Network is her pimp. All they care about is money and selling commercials, even though their audience is miniscule.

I read a post from someone who worked for her--apparently in person she's perpetually depressed, so all that grating perkiness is just an act.

When I first got FN I watched her, but now i can't stand to look at her--FN has pimped her into overkill.

i am in love with yours shows forty dollars a day and thirty minute meals.did you get married yet?

Do you have contest to win one of your books autographed by you?Ihope so because I really enjoy you and your show.

Ya know, I betcha those of who so sadly trash Rachel can't even "Boil Water", thats on at a different time, for those of you who need it!! I think she's a riot. She is cute and bubbly and very refreshing. She's obviously got $$$, and she's got plenty of talent. How many shows does she have now!!!!!!! She sports a beautiful engadgement ring, and John isn't hard to look at.(her fiance). If you wanna get on someone, what about Giada? Her big toothy grin is scary and the music that plays in the background reminds me of the music you might hear from a porno flick. If her tops get any lower, shes gonna ens up with her boobs in her par me janno reggi anno. Keep rolling them r's. The episode she had her husband on when they were making cupcakes. He looks about as awake as a corpse.

Any sites pertaining too "Giada Sucks"? Or that new twosome Dan and Steve? Oh my Gawd, what charming fellows, NOT.

thank god. i thought me and my sister were the only ones who noticed Giada's music was a bit too much on the sensual side for a cooking show.

Word on the street is Rachel has signed a deal with Harpo Productions, Oprah's company to star in her very own talk show. Now DIE you anti-RR losers!

I'm sorry, I have to take time to comment on Jake's comment.

"Word on the street?" What street? Are there pimps and drug dealers ratting out the plans of William Morris clients in between selling tricks and crack?

Or is it more likely "Word in Ted Casablanca's column" or "Word on E! Hollywood Extra"?

I hate that cliche. But I'd like to thank Huggy Bear for stopping by to post.

what is wrong with people rachael is so freshing to watch the one that is over rated is booby flay.the other one is sara who does not let people get a word in edge wise.if rachael comes out with her own talk show i will watch ever show even though i might have to tape them when i am working

I checked out Rachel's pics in FHM. I really don't think that is her body. If you look closely at her head, it looks like it's just sitting on some one else's frame!! I am still a fan of hers, and i say this with all due respect to her, but when was she really that thin???? I read that those pics were from 2003. The last few shows that were on this week looks like Rachel has some kind of new image. She had a shirt on that actually showed some cleavage!!! One could see boobage!!! I was surprised at that myself. Not as revealing as Giada, but getting close.I too, hope she conceives a talk show. With her energy and ability to gab, it should be most entertaining. I am trying to black out some of the most disturbing things that I read about Rachel. i.e. how she reduced a waitress to tears, how she is a total bitch when the cameras aren't rolling and how she skipped out on a book signing, leaving several fans with no explanation or even a raincheck. Oh, please say it isn't so!!! So as not to dash my pleasant thoughts of Rachel, i must stay away from the bad stuff. I feel that I could be swayed in the other direction., the direction of the Rachel hater's. OMG, I must be strong, i must think only good thoughts, right? ok, enough drama. I still like her, regardless of the gossip. She will never compare to my all time fav, Paula, but I still like her. By the way, throw Giada in the old GB.

I can't stand rachel ray she's so annoying and her cooking it looks like she just threw everything together that's not cooking that's just slabing everything together.

i have been watching rr for about a week now, i like her. she seems down to earth, and she uses common ingredients not okk the wall stuff you can never find. i also heard that rr is going to have a new talk show.. go girl. your all right in my book.

i think clara need to learn how to write.rachel is giving the working woman some ideas for easy meals for their family that only takes thirty minutes not a meal from the waldorf .watch wolfgang puck for fancy meals .she is even giving people tips on how to save money on forty dollars a day.

Hey Clara, howmany women have time to probably stop at the store, then the sitters, wrestle the kids out of the sitters, then wrestle them into the car, get them home, settle them in,probably make a few phone calls, change cloths, correct the kids, go to the bathroom,then finally decide what to make for supper????? All after a days work.Her second shift has just started. And hubby hasn't even walked through the door yet. Does she have time to make something that Emeril congered up which takes 5 trips to the grocery store because who has all that stuff in their pantry? Or maybe something from Mario's collection, something that she has to go catch from the ocean first. Oh ya, all of us house wives have time to go catch our dinner. And wait, don't forget we have to have our beautiful table scape from sandra. (her stuff stinks)Rachel on the other hand has no fancy gimmicks, no big prelude, just quick and (most times) easy, tasty recipies. I have tried several of her dishes, some came out good, some i wouldn't attempt again. But all in all their pretty good and fun to make.I think R.R. is terrific. I watch her everyday. She makes me laugh with all her little quirky sayings. Thats what makes her who she is. I even have a GB.So if your into fancy schmantzy, watch Emeril or Wolfgang or sometimes Giada and Mario. If you want to get the kitchen cleaned up,kids to bed, and have time for yourself, watch Rachel. Rock on Rachel, I luv ya!!!!!!!!!!!

To all the Rachael-lovers: if the comments here are anything to go by, you outnumber the bashers 56% to 26%. (The other 18% of the comments were either neutral or on a different topic.)

Little did we expect when Barrett wrote the original post that it would lead to a heated discussion of over 130 comments!

The funny thing is that I've never actually seen Rachael - it's only thanks to you lot that I went and found her bio on the Food Network site! : )

rr is a cutie and i think she has good ideas for shorcuts in the kitchen. Obviously most of you are from the X generation and prefer to eat out. When you marry and have children you will realize just how hard it is to work all day and help with homework and then cook awsome meals. Sometimes just throwing together something in the pantry is a must. rr has helped me prepare meals for my family. I think she is a kick to watch

FYI, for anyone who may be interested. I made Rachel's chicken nuggets and they were awesome. That's the recipe where you dround the chicken pices in pancake batter and deep fry rhem. In just about 8 minutes their done. I loved them and so did the family. They really are a tad on the not so healthy side (deep fry), but what the heck, being a little naughty on occasion is not a bad thing. You cab also use the same batter for shrimp, or other fish or even veggies. It tastes a lot better than beer batter. They are also a nice finger food for the kids.

P.S. My apologies, i forgot to spell check:(

EVOO is not a bad thing, and Rachal would look mighty good lubed down with the "EVOO" head to toe! I'd slide into that pink garbage bowl! What is that Rachel? "YUMMO"! "YUMMO"! "YUMMO"! Shut your mouth!! Have another "SAMMY"!!

I think you belong on one of the porn sites.You sound like an infantile ass!!!

You sound like a selfimportant,pompus,snob,born-again, from the far right who needs to RELAX!!

She is sticking her pole in the water today!?

So a few intelligent comments at the end there from some AOL users (ip

I'm never quite sure how to respond to the mentally challenged who would attribute religious and political preferences to me based on disliking a recipe for a slider salad, so I won't.

I love Rachael Ray and her show. I think she's a real cool chef or cook. Does anyone know if she's married and or has children? Rachael has some recipes that go well with almost every ocassion and she should last a long time.

I don't think she got married yet. She and her fiance, John are supposed to tie the knot in Italy, i thought sometime in September. She has no children. You can check out her bio at though. I too, am a RR fan.

There was a young lady on another board who simply adores Rachel Ray. She is only 10 years old. Her post was asking people what they knew about R.R., and that she wanted to be "just like her". She watches the show and cooks whenever she can. I think that is so great that kids are actually doing something beneficial rather than causing trouble. This little girl wants to be a chef when she grows up. How cool is that? I offered some advice and gave her kudos for wanting to follow her dream. She posted back to me and thanked me for giving her inspiration. I also gently warned her that there are some folks on these boards that she needs to ignore. Her reply was that these people who post mean and thoughtless comments are basically entertaining themselves, and that nothing could make her not follow her dream to be like her hero, Rachel. If more children spent more time following their dreams, no matter what they are, we, as parents would know that they are tucked into bed at night and not out creating problems. Good luck to you RachelRaywannabe, you rock!!!

Rachel is married!!! Go to WWW. SARATOGIEN NEWS.COM, the article heads: WHY ALL THE HATE FOR RACHEL RAY? Thats kind of a bad opening line for such a beautiful occasion. The article was dated 10/14/05. They apparently tied the knot 2 weeks ago in Mantalcino Italy.

Me, like everyone who has said it, would agree with me when I say that Racheal Ray is the coolest person on the Food Network; I see a little of myself in her whenever I watch because I am the same way (craxy and fun) when I cook for the people I love. I love her ideas and how simple they are. I was thrilled to learn of her new love, her engagement, and her wedding. Some people need to learn to appreciate other people and not put them down; this world is bad enough as it is without people putting one another down. GRAB A CLUE AND GET OVER YOURSELF PEOPLE!

Have you seen this? This looks like it will be a cool magazine! I'm a fan.

Why all this criticism of Rachel RaY.
Why can't someone who seems like an everyday person cook simple recipes.
She is enthusitac and she abbreviates cooking -like ev00 but so what.
The people who criticize her seem to have alot of time on their hands.
i quess it is better to say bamm all the time and take it up a notch.there seem to be alot of cooking snobs out there. Her shows are fun .

Rachael Ray has the most annoying voice I have ever fucking heard. She accomplishes very little in 30 minutes. Store-bought rotisserie chicken? Store-bought shrimp? Yuck.

I'm wondering about the brands of ingredients (like the chicken broth, etc.) that she uses with her cooking. Are they generic? They look kinda funny. Kinda like from the 50's. Also with her appliances (like her fridge and oven), were they custom-made to appear like coming from that era? There was also one episode in which she was wearing this little tight thin blouse that it outlines her nipples. I thought they have film editors for these shows. Unless of course they wanted the anti-rachael ray community to enjoy such embarrassment. Another annoying thing about her, too, is that she always says that she loves this and she loves that (when putting in ingredients). Like for example, "Oh, I looove asparagus!" or "I looove walnuts! Yum-O!". Gives me the shivers. And she should also stop saying that she makes healthy meals in her show because she doesn't. With all those butter, cream, bacon, and other greasy stuff she loooves, it doesn't do her figure good.

OMG, this is getting old!! Rachel is obviously a super star, and all the misguided,childish slams of her is not going to change her status. Many of us have jobs we hate, but to pay the bills we have to drag ourselves to our crap jobs each day. Then at night, we B(@&^H to our family at the dinner table about something that has put us into a tail spin at work that day. Friday comes, trompping to the bank with a check that will be more than likely gone by the next day,and then starting all over on Monday. Rachel on the other hand is doing something she loves, she's entertaining, she is very cute, and she mmmmm's it all the way to the bank. Book deals, magazines, 3 shows, and now a talk show conceived by none other than the richest talk show host,Oprah Winfrey!!! If i were in her shoes, i wouldn't give a S!@T about any of your miserable comments. I don't think she sits at her dinner table with her family and whines about all the mean things that may have been said about her.She has a full,rich and meaningful life,something that a lot of you don't.

People get to choose their responses on a free forum such as this, and trying to lecture a group of wittless,slack jawed jack asses about their responses to certain posts is an open invitation to more of the same. We are only entertaining each other. Freedom of Speech is a wonderful thing, and unfortunatly that Freedom is quite often abused. But who cares, that entertainment!!!

Where do you buy your shrimp? Oh, i know,you have a shrimp boat, and i betcha you go shrimpin, how lucky you are to be able to troll for your very own fresh shrimp.Hey, maybe you can hook up with Paula Deen(bless her heart) and her husband Michael and you two can troll together. Paula,your awesome.

I'm from Ireland and had never heard of Rachael Ray until 15 minutes ago. (Nobody outside America has.) For all I know she really is a a shrill, annoying, over-exposed twit, but I brought myself up on Elizabeth David and the Larousse Gastronomique and all i can say is, anybody who thinks of trying to incorporate cheeseburgers into a salad is a true punk. That's class. I still don't want to see her TV show though.

punk.....hmmm, now i haven't heard that catchy little diddy for quite some time. That phrase isn't very popular here anymore. Why base your opinion on others mindless dribble? Don't knock it until you've tried it!!!

I am a fan of RR and not because I think she is sexy or overweight, or charming or any of the other crap that is written here. Simply put, it is because I do not have a plethera of spare time and I love that her show is quick and to the point. The recipes are not complicated and most people can make what she is showing us. So instead of putting her down to make yourselves feel better, change the channel and don't watch. She has plenty of real fans.

hey there everyone. stop knocking Rachael. We all wanna be here (or be around her). anyway, anyone know where you can send her fan-email? Ive got this idea for her, well, whatever, if anyone knows where to reach out to her, id appreciate it. Email me at Thanks all. much love

Wow, I can't think of any other response but "wow" after reading alot of the comments. Some of you are truly hateful in your "low - rent" guessing game, of what type of person Rachael is, or what she can accomplish during commercial breaks, or bashing her recipe names when you probably haven't even tried it. What's with all the anger? Are you that unhappy with what you have become? If you don't enjoy watching her, or you don't want to gain from her culinary knowledge. Simply exercise your right to turn your television off. Not just for Rachael, but for all the chefs on Food Network. And to have this much time to continue the "bashing", you must have a miserable life with no ambition to use your spare time to better it. My wife and I have had the pleasure of meeting Rachael during a visit in Sun Valley Idaho. She was friendly, intelligent, beautiful and during our 45 minute chat we had with her, we didn't witness any chain smoking or heavy drinking. She was kind enough to autograph my wifes cook book that we purchased at a gift store there, and posed for a friendly photo for our scrapbook of our trip. Some of you have a concrete anger image of her, and are willing to tell horrible lies to continue your hate journey. We understand that, some people are just meant to be mean and viscious and ignorant to the truth, and I'm sure they will have some crude responses to make to my comment, but not all people are. So maybe you could just stop, clear your anger, and let the "quirks" go and take another look. She is just a normal person who has goals and is working hard to reach them. She sounds like someone we should be proud of, for setting an example of success. So.....To Rachael Ray, with love

how can anyone NOT enjoy watching any of Rachael Ray's shows, ESPECIALLY 30-minute meals??? I barely like the Food Network at all and I cant stop watching and Tivo'ing her shows. She is the ultimate, cool fun chick/TV personality. Anyone, and i mean anyone, who has anything negative to say about her is a bitter, angry self-absorbed person. Get over it! Rachael is great. I just hope that I get the chance to email with her or talk to her one day and hear how she did what she did, because she is the american dream. Period.

I can't stand when she says EVOO all the time, just say extra virgin olive oil, (PLEASE) You are the only person in the world that says that. I try to watch your show but when you roll your eyes everytime you eat something and say EVOO it drives me crazy. I beg you to please stop saying EVOO. If you read this please stop!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hey Friend who posted 10/22. Don't waste your breath lecturing these people who share the same brain. We Rachel fans know talent when we see it. If we continue to entertain this kind of arrogance, it will never stop. It's turned into a pissing contest. All it is, is one trying to get it over on the other one. Like who's got the biggest penis type of thing.We continue to support Rachel and many of our other fav food celebs. Half of these fools probably don't even watch her, they just jump on the band wagon to blow smoke up each other's asses. If we keep bantering back and forth, we have now joined the fools game. I love Raachel, she is superior as far as i am concerned. I do watch the food network a lot, and she is #1 for me,followed by,Paula and then Mr. Hunky Man, Tyler Florence,YUMOO. If anybody notices, Rachel wears a tee-shirt that proudly displays, YUMOO, so see, whatever is said about her she obviously could give a rat's ass. I have even subscribed to her new mag, which i can't wait to get. Rock on Rachel, you are awesome.

Oh, I thought I'd give it a shot anyways. Try to make a difference I guess. We ordered 3 of her tee's also,my wife got her the one that says YUMMO. I too love Paula, she is great, and I like Tyler also. And Alton Brown, hes got alot of knowledge on the chemistry of foods. Paula is helping me with my cookbook, she gave me the name of her publisher, food network gave me one too. I hope that one day I can work with them too. But thats really great that you noticed the positive aspects of the chefs. They are great cooks and entertaining too, and because you do notice that, you will get the most out of their programs. Its good to here someone like that is out there. So as Paula would put it, Best dishes to the chefs, and keep on cooking.

OMG, how do i get Rachel's Tee's. I would love to get a few!! Ya, know, i think i could put a slogan on a Tee that says
FROM MY KITCHEN TO YERS (notice yers) how spectacular would that be!!! I could do without the BAMS though. I do like Emeril, but it seems like he slowly running out of material. What do you think? I'm also not to crazy about C.C. Carmichael, though i do watch her at times. Alton Brown is interesting as well, and oddly enough, i really like Jamie Oliver. I haven't yet formed an opinion on Dan&Steve. Ina Garten is in my top ten, along with Gale Gand. But Rachel and Paula are tops. Bobby Flay is somewhat on the arrogant side,but i do watch him once in a while. He does have some good Barbecue tips. Hey, don't forget about the Tee's, i would love it.

A poster stated that Rachael Ray is the only one to use EVOO, that isn't so. About 11 yrs. ago when I was attending the CIA, I had an instructor that used it as well. I have heard quiet a few people use it in 4 & 5 star kitchens around the world. Long before Rachael was on the scene, though she has made it more popular. My mom uses it now, after years of hearing me use it, she didn't start until she heard Rachael do it. LOL She is a huge Rachael & Paula fan. They are great.

So, no, she isn't the only one.

what brand name is rachael's cookstove?

Hey Dan,
Rachels stove is a Chambers. You can find this and more super stuff at, WWW.STOVEWORKS.NET. I drool with envy when i see that stove, i would love it, but is a little out of my $$$$ range. I watch the papers and estate sales, sometimes barn auctions. You never know what you can find.

Thought of something else. Search engines for CHAMBERS STOVES. A site will come up that shows you many different size stoves from apartment to full. They are gorgeous!


Hey, for all you morons that slam RR, get over it. You think their is a reason she has all these shows on FN?

And for all these so called "guys" that say RR is fat, ugly, should be kicked out of bed, give me a break, any of you punks would love to even have RR acknowledge your existence.

Rachel Ray is awesome. She is creative, and she helps people realize that cooking can be fun and easy. Leave her alone!

wow this thing is still going. i was watching Rachael the other day and thinking how can anyone "hate" her? i notice when the show comes to a close,(or throughout the show for that matter) she tries to squeeze in as many tips/ideas as she can. she's so sweet and beautiful,i'll never understand all this bashing.

ok...for all of you that cannot stand miss rachael ray saying "E-V-O-O" or "" any longer, must watch her show an aweful to know that she says these things an aweful lot. maybe you all cannot admit it....but maybe racheal ray is your guilty pleasure. so chill out "and let it do its thang" and she would say. here leaving another comment. i know rachael ray's gotta a new 'zine coming out called i believe "Everyday". the foodnetwork channel mentioned that you can subscribe to it by linking onto her personal website. does any racheal fans out there know about her website. im not talking about the foodnetwork site.....i mean her own site?

Her website is called Every Day With Rachel Ray. She puts out some good stuff. Her site offers shopping, you can order tee shirts, and you can even ask her questions, not guaranteed to get a response, but they try. There is a spot called Rachel-isms, they are all those quirky little things she says. i.e. Yummo, EVOO, etc. So see, the little things that a lot of people hate about her is making her $$$$. The mag is on sale right now in the stores, or you can order a sub, which is much cheaper, i think it's 18.00 for a subscription. And it's true, all these people who say that can't stand her, sure know an awful lot about her. I've read posts from some people that have some nasty comment about her, from the highlights in her hair to the way she holds her knife, so they must be interested, either that or they just need to be able to find things on her program so they can come to this site and slam her. In reality, the majority of Rachel haters would give their right arms to be in a position such as hers. And if she came knockin at their doors, they would stand there with their big moutha hanging to their knees. DUH!!!

you can find her tee's at you can also ask her questions, or just send her a friendly message. her magazine is there to subscribe to, and alot of other merchandise. i have purchased her knives, and i love them. finally, a nice set thats inexpensive too. so please go check it out, its a pretty cool site, love ya Rachael.

all you naysayers are just jealous you don't have your own show. but do get a life sometime soon!

Can we all come up with something different. This is so boring. If you don't like Rachel,thats fine,if you like her, thats fine to. We have seen every slam and dig possible on this site. Who cares. She is who she is, take her or leave her. I like her, and i can find so many nice things to talk about. Luv ya Rachel!!

If you follow the food channel, then you know about the Stuart Weitzman thing. If you go to the site,there you will find Rachel Ray's Shoe. And guess what? Her creation is bringing the most bids. And her shoe is the highest priced at over 3,000.00!! Followed by Giada and Sandra. Soooooo, it looks like Rachels got quite a folowing. What does that tell all you Rachel haters?

I think everyone should give her credit because she obviously has been able to create a very successful career. That takes some work. With this qualifier, I would like to add that I have have seen her in action here in Albany, NY when she used to work at Price Chopper (a local grocery store) doing cooking demonstrations. She was not a very nice person, which leads me to believe she is a phony on TV as well. She is entertaining, however, and I watch her because she does have good ideas, althought my husband is convinced she is on drugs because of her frenzied activity on "30 Minute Meals. She should also stop saying her meals are healthy. Anyone who knows how to cook light would know that much EVOO, no matter that it is olive oil, is not healthy (and butter too, when she throws it in). Fat is fat. She should also lay off on the cheese. I much prefer "Iron Chef America". Now that is cooking!

Assuming someone is on drugs because of their energy level is an awful thing to say.

I have a very high energy level too, but i don't take drugs, i just drink a lot of coffee. Cafeine is a drug, but it's legal. Rachel has a hugh zest for life. She seems like a very happy and complete person with a lot going for her all at once. Just because someone is lively, and upbeat, shouldn't be an automatic assumption that person is high.The drug comment was most likely made in a flip off the cuff moment, but someone seems to think that just because one is easily excited and happy that they are automatically on something. If i has as much going for me as Rachel does, i would be crazy happy, my feet would never touch the ground, does that mean i'm on drugs??

Rachael Rocks!

I bet all you pretentious commentators? I'm being nice) don't even cook!

Probably trust fund wussies who complain about everything and then go back to treehugging when you're done eating what you didn't shop for, cook, clean up afterward....

I found this site by accident. I liked Rachel Ray when she first came around, but now she is just an annoying fatty and I want to punch her in the throat. Why does she make a stupid face everytime she eats something? Her teeth are so huge, and he always pulls just one side of her mouth back when she "smiles". And those damn hand gestures - if she wasn't such a fatty fatso, I'd think she was on crack! EVOO? Just plain stupidity there. My Dad often falls asleep on the couch with the Food Network on, and the TV is in plain veiw from where the computer sits, I often have to sneak in the other room and try to change the station without him waking up and saying he was 'watching' that. I do like some of her recipes ... I can't believe that little hog spends $40 a day on food. Actually, yes, I can.

Her new site is

"fatty fatso" ? what are you, 8? having curves does not mean you are fat. not everyone has to be 50 pounds, get over it.

Rachel Ray is the best chef I have seen in a long. She explains alot, she cooks just like a normal person would. She isnt a fancy cook. She uses the same techniques that you would learn in a cooking school. I guess i dont know why anyone could possibly have anything bad to say a bout her. And if they do, they have them problem. She is very sweet and caring....

i am much older than 8. i am also a fat ass. you sound like you are as well, you freak. you could have picked a better figure than 50, you swollen hippo's ass. (rachel ray is also a cheap tipper.)

Hey, is the name calling needed?? Maybe "me" needs to go play some place else. And why are "me's nasty comments not deleted???

wow. you just spoke for yourself there honey. (i am talking about "me" of course)

Ouch, "honey" that was painful.... Grow up,don't go away mad, just go away.

Rachael Ray is a breath of fresh air. She is not another,.....ooohh dare I say "French" chef or other phony idiots who make tons of money because they have "salve waaa fair". Spare me! ! !

Enjoy her show which is down to earth and very entertaining and enlightening for a senior gentleman like myself who enjoys to cook, enjoys simple recipes and doesn't have a culinary arts degree.

All you arts and croussaints crowd, get a life.

Rachael is the real thing and easy to look at as well. Sweet, charming and a real person.

are you really one to ask others to grow up? you couldn't go one post without spewing such ridiculous bull with your little "name calling" and..."Grow up,don't go away mad, just go away" ...sure. anyways...

Got Rachel's mag!! It is super. Magazine stand price is 3.99. Subscription price is 18.00. Beautiful large color photos,easy to read material. There is alot of emphasis on spicy foods. Personally, my stomach can't handle all that. But others will like it, i'm sure. Looking forward to the next issue.

Rachael Ray - fat? Whatever. I would LOVE to see what some of you people look like. To those of you putting Rachael Ray down on the basis of her looks, I'm going to guess you are 1)fat 2)ugly 3)stupid.

Hopefully you find a job and some friends soon.

Excuse me, but i don't recall calling anyone names. (Swollen Hippo Ass @ Fatty Fatso) did not come from my end. I was defending another poster. How can someone show up out of the blue and start raggin on someone? Many of us are defensive of Rachel too, so if you can't take it, don't dish it out!!!

what? i am sorry (to the above poster) i wasnt talking to you. i was also talking to the one calling those names...not you. sorry,i didnt mean for you to think that. the poster i think i'm the one you were defending. anyways,sorry for the confusion,i was only trying to get after the rude one going by "me"

My apologies to you as well. I was defending you. This world is filled with many mean and nasty people. It's ok to banter back and forth on issues such as this, but when it gets mean,that's a different story. One tends to get brave when their hiding behind a free posting site such as this one. I can only think to ignore such hatefullness and get on to the subject at hand. I myself love Rachel.

What? No reconciliation! This is all about conflict here. Fight! Fight! Fight!

no need to apologize,thank you :) i agree wholeheartedly,i cannot stand such comments as that person has made,i also love Rachael,but that was not even the issue anymore after "me" began posting. and Barrett..didnt you start this blog? and you're trying to instigate a fight? lol ;)

Yes, this is about conflict. But, it's about conflicting feelings concerning something else. Who likes Rachel and who doesn't like Rachel. It's pretty much friendly fire. But then you get some yahoo on board, such as the poster who calls themselves "me" and starts name calling other posters. A good "fight" once in a while is good, but needs to be kept on track. Personnal attacks are not cool. Maybe "me" has figured out that he or she are not is not well accepted here.

We have 30 minute meals with Rachel, whom i really like, now we havw 15 minute meals with Robin?? That would be fine, except who wants to eat the same thing 3 days in a row?? Chicken stir fry, stuffed squash with chicken and chicken stew. Nobody can beat Rachel when it comes to quick fixes.

Rachel you are just different and the other cooks in foodnetwork have their different way of cooking. That's why we have a variety in foodnetwork. Rachel makes cooking easy for those with no time to cook- viewers and not "with nothing to do but bring others down." This is our culture, we are always happy to bring down successful people cause we cannot match them or are a treat to us. I won't be surprised that most of the writers are but Rachel's competitors or admirers.Let's leave Rachel alone her cooking is great--.Bingo Rachel.

about the new one with Robin,i tried to watch with an open mind,but when she threw garlic in the pan and didnt bother to stir it,it bugged me! when she started to add other things,it was all burnt.

I agree with that. Give everyone their due but, when Robin did the stir fry, she put so many ingrediets into that not so big pan. Thiere is no way that one can cook whole baby carrots in 15 minutes. I don't remember if she cut them up, but raw carrots take a while, even with a slight bite to them. Rachel always says, cut your ingredients small so they cook faster. I have taken many cues from Rachel, and I find myself mimicking her each nite i make dinner. On her early afternoon show she may be doing something interesting. I check my fridge and cupboards and find what she is making and thats dinner. Nine out of ten times it is a success, then we have the comments like, yuck, or what were you thinking, or the ever popular one from hubby, well, i wouldn't order this in a restaurant!! That means don't make it again. Or my daughter will say, she must have been watching her girl friend again, meaning Rachel. I have such fun with her menues.

Hello from middle-class America!
I really enjoy watching Rach cook. I think it's great when she giggles (makes me smile, too!) What's wrong with having a "nice" show? The recipes might not always turn out in exactly 30 min-it just means there a good quick dinner. They might not always taste great-maybe to me one does, but not for you, etc. Julia's were not ALL good! I would rather watch a cook with a little meat on her (Rachek is definitely NOT fat) than some "Boob job" with a 23" waist who you know NEVER eats anything but grass and alcohol! Give Rachel a break and go watch Desperate Housewives to endulge your fantasies or tune into "Semi Ho"!

when you all make as much as she does and goes where she goes then you will have the right to complain about her,untell then,shut up

I never saw Rachel's wedding band until just this past weekend on $40.00 a day. No wonder she doesn't wear it when she cooks, that sucker is hugh. It's white gold and it looks like it's at least 3 inches wide. It actually covers the whole part of of her finger below her knuckle. It is an attention getter for sure. Looks like she has gone back to her natural hair color too, with no highlights. I wouldn't care if she had no hair, Rachel is my fav food celeb. She has a contagious smile, and i'm sure everyone has a good time when they are in her company. Her brightness and her bubbly personna keeps me watching her show. I wish they would have a Rachel Ray marathon, all weekend of nothing but Rachel.

I think most of you have got it together. Rachael is a motivator. She got me into the Kitchen and cooking for my family. I may not like everything she cooks but who does - that is why she has more than one show, to give vartiety.

30 miniute meals is a great show for the family and she is a great role model for my children who love her. I don't know how anyone can say anything mean about her. All she has done is make a darn good career for herself by helping others cook for themselves and their familys.

Didn't your mother ever teach you "if you can't say something nice about someone - don't say it at all'.

I agree with the previous poster. But we live in a society where some people are not happy until they have said something off color about someone, anyone for that matter. These are the same folks who have a cup of coffee with their neighbor in the morning and by lunch they have found something"not so nice" to say about that same person.Just as i can assume that many of these negative posters really do sit and watch Rachels show, because they need to complain. The majority of people on board are genuinly sincere Rachel fan's while the minority are just blabber mouths who think they are "so cool" because they publically were able condem such a sweet person. But as we read these insane posts of these not so nice posters, we probably laugh, sometimes out loud. These are the people that hide behind their computer where no one can see. These are the people with such low, or no self esteem that they just have to voice to all other faceless posters, making it known to all just how big and bad they want to be, but aren't. They are like irritating flies that buzz around to annoy. But... Our Constitution says, Freedom of Speech, so, like it or not, we read the blattherings, we either skim over them or reply.If we ignore them, they won't go away. They keep us on our toes, and if we feel like bitching back, it's ok. People like them will always be entertaining. Remember, the world is filled with jack asses, and many of them hang around here.

well said. :o)

THANK YOU...................:o)

I have to say that I kind-of see both sides of the great online Rachael Ray debate. I’m not really a fan of hers per se but I really want to like her. It’s like this – I’m half Sicilian myself and even look a lot like her. I could be her older sister! In fact, I don’t think any TV or movie personality has reminded me more of myself in appearance than Rachael. Perhaps it’s because of that that I wince even more at her “cutesy” affectations and “Upstate NY/New England” accent (I’m from New York City myself). Her mannerisms and expressions often annoy me. I agree with those people who remember her the way she was at the beginning of her TV career. Perhaps the Food Network recently told her to beef up her “schtick” to get more ratings. On the other hand, perhaps this is the “real” Rachael and now that she has established herself she feels she can let her true personality come out. Who knows? All I know is that from my jaded perspective as a New Yorker, she looks and sounds somewhat annoying and “hick-ish”, LOL. And believe me, I live in New England now and not everyone up here strikes me that way.

Despite all this, I’m not all down on Rachael by a long shot. I’m pretty much mezza-mezza about her, as my Sicilian grandma would have said. I do think I have a unique perspective on her given that I identify with her so much. Despite our many similarities (including the fact that I was born EXACTLY ten years before her to the DAY) I think that the major difference between Rachael and I is that I am an intellectual, while she is “just folks” or at least wants to project that kind of public image. Also, I’m an introvert while Rachael is a definite extravert. I sometimes wonder to myself, “Would I be that cutesy and annoying if I weren’t from NYC and I was an extravert hosting a TV program”? Gee, I sure hope not. Then again, I remember my days doing teaching internships and don’t remember being any less annoying. In fact, I decided I was so annoying and unsuited for it that I was better off not doing any public speaking, LOL. It’s a weird experience in that the negative reaction to Rachael only serves to remind me of my own self-perceived faults!!! Through Rachael I get to learn more about myself, it seems. It’s like looking in a mirror sometimes….

Also, I have an undergraduate degree in Philosophy and a post-graduate degree in Psychology. If anything I have too much education and too much depth. Rachael strikes me as a very “here and now” type of person. Despite the fact that I am a great cook (I am convinced this is inevitable if you are a Sicilian), I am definitely planted strongly in the world of ideas while Rachael is an action-oriented person who works with her hands. I admire some of the qualities she has that I lack, but I do have to say that I think she could use some balance. I think back to the days of Julia Child – Now she was kind of kooky and eccentric, but at least she did have some depth (I am a great Julia fan myself). Rachael has just too much energy for me and doesn’t impress me with much depth. I feel that her show is hard to watch because of that. I'm not even upset that her recipes are more "common" than Julia's. There is a place for the simple easy meal in today's fast paced world. It's just that when you watched Julia you felt relaxed and good about yourself. Watching Rachael is too much of a workout. Perhaps her energy and lack of depth actually make her more popular because those are qualities that the average person out there admires these days. I'm just speculating.

That said, I think one of the reasons why the “Rachael Ray Sucks” board exists has to do with the average person who belongs to Live Journal. I’d venture to guess they’re typically under 30, intellectual, intuitive and introverted, which is diametrically opposed to Rachael’s TV persona, and incidentally also with the average American out there today. Online message boards are full of self-absorbed, self-superior intellectual posers and starving self styled “artistes” while the "average" Rachael types are too busy attending drill team practice and making cheeseburger salads to engage in online bashing of TV personalities. In other words, guys, grow up, move out of your parents’ basements and get a freaking life already, LOL.

As far as Rachael’s appearance goes, I think she is adorable and very sexually attractive to men, and frankly, I think that tends to threaten people. Believe me, I speak from experience. Attractive, confident and talented women are always bashed for attempting to be successful and are often ridiculed by others who secretly envy them (hello Martha). Perhaps all those online losers who bash Rachael should think about that before they create entire websites devoted to cutting her down….I don’t think her act is all cutesy and no substance. Obviously she has some real talent and has an appealing personality to the average person, hence her success.

As for Rachael’s constant hand gesturing, get over it people, she is half SICILIAN, that’s how we communicate. You ought to know that Italians “talk with their hands”. If you find it annoying, go back to your bland ethnically-challenged existence as I’m sure that you cannot possibly relate to this. Also, regarding her constant references to her family, what the hell is wrong with that? Sicilians are very family oriented and I can fully understand her being this way.

As far as Rachael’s body type goes, guys, once again, she is half Sicilian, and that’s the way we’re shaped – Smaller on top with a bigger bottom. If you don’t like it and would rather go for the string-bean, shapeless leggy blondes with broad shoulders and no butt, then fine, but don’t put us shapely pear-shaped brunette gals down. Actually I am sure that like myself, Rachael has never had any problem attracting men. Men love our body type and find Italian women very sexy. We look youthful and cute well into our 40’s and beyond and people rarely can tell how old we are. I still think a lot of this bashing is really just jealousy….Now I know how I would probably be received if I were a TV personality – YIKES. It’s scary….

OK, ‘nuff said!

AND ON AND ON AND ON AND ON..............

At least it was interesting!

I just read through all these postings and wanted to say that I met Rachael in NY last month. My friend was photographing her (promotional shots for her new show) at a rented studio so I just hung out, changed music for the photoshoot (she requested Foo Fighters and U2) and took in the scene. There was a crew of about 20 people there (including Entertainment Tonight). Lots of pressure on her part with producers from her new show talking to her, makeup and wardrobe changes every few minutes, a line of people waiting to get one minute with her. Throughout the entire day, she was kind, gracious and VERY humble. I was truly impressed and am now even a bigger fan!

And YES, I've made the mini-cheeseburger salad and LOVED IT.

Dozens of you have complained about Rachael, questioning why and how someone who uses slang and hyperactive hand gestures should be on national TV. Well, I have a question: WHY would people who mutilate the English language, and are incapable of typing 5 sentences without at least 20 typos, misspellings and grammar errors, feel the need to post ignorant comments on an Internet blog?

Rachael is a doll, and she's happy doing what she loves. Many people love watching her shows.

I just watched Rachels Thanksgiving in 60. Man, was i impressd!! She put a real nice spin on a traditional Thanksgiving dinner. This year i am cooking twice. Once for my side and then the inlaws. My husbands side of the family are very into tradition, where, on the other hand, my side is open to new ideas, hence, i am thinking about trying Rachels version of Thanksgiving.

I have read postings from people where they say she does not get it done in her 30 minutes because when they break for commercial, she chops and drops off air. Well, of course she does. If that didn;t happen, it would be called 20 minute meals.
She even says, have to take abreak, but while i'm gone, i'm gonna ..... whatever she has to do.

She has an amazing memory. I have to keep looking at a recipe card, or stopping to remember what i put in something, while she just rattles it off with ease. I think she is adorable, energetic, and she presents herself very well. She is not afraid of the camera, and if she makes a mistake, she laughs it off. If i screw up on a special meal, i act as if the world is coming to an end. But, honestly, i don't like some of the stuff she makes. That is just my taste. She can't please everyone all the time.

I honestly looked up online to see how many people dislike Rachael Ray, and it's A LOT! She is very annoying and I can't stand how in EVERY episode she ooooohs and ahhhhhhs tasting all the food. "OHHHHHHHHH THIS IS SOOOOO GOOOD!!"

She's also a cheap a$$ person. She goes on an on trying to get the best deal in a restaurant, ooohing and ahhing how she does that, when she can obviously afford more. And leaves the waiter like a 10 cent tip. If I waited on her and she left me a cheap a$$ tip, I would throw a plate of food in her joker face.
Man, that woman makes me want to gag. Most everyone I know, can't stand her. Her mouth looks like the joker mouth, and her grinning and smiling, and giggling, makes me seriously want to vomit.

I wish someone would seriously cancel that show. I can't even stand flipping through the stations and seeing her for half a second.

...some of you guys complaining about her really have issues. who cares if you don't care for the make it sound like you're going to jump off a cliff just because her show is on. how about..don't watch it? if a t.v. personality gets some people this mad, I'd hate to see how some of you deal with actual/serious matters.

Just a comment on Rachel's tipping.
First of all, she leaves the appropriate tip. 40.00 a day means that she has to split 40.00 between 3 meals and a snack or a cocktail at the end of the day.
When her breakfast may only cost her 6.00, why would she leave a hugh tip? So what if she is financially secure. Does that mean that she has to leave a tip that is larger than the bill itself?

And to the person who claims that they would throw the plate of food in her face, you need to grow up and stop being foolish. She probably does have a nice little bank account, jealous are we?

And so what if she ooo's and ahhhhs's over her food. Is that any different than Emeril's Bamming all over the place, or "i don't know where you get your's but mine doesn't come seasoned. Or what about Giada, ooooh, tastes soooo creamy, and how the camera zooms in on her mouth when she is tasting something, reminds of a porno flick.

What about Paula, her laugh is outrageous, and she shoves hugh spoons of food in her mouth, while half of it falls out anyway. I love Paula, but to me, she seems drunk all the time.

What about Sandra Lee? This is FEN, notice FEN tastic. Isn't it FAN tastic. She is a good one for saying, smells soooo good. And, I want you to come in here and...... Come in where?

What about Dan and Steve? Gosh, they are truly annoying. One has the constant shakes, and the other one continuosly bosses the other around like a husband and wife in the kitchen. We know who the boss is in that house.

Each and every Food Celeb has something quirky that we don't care for. But for some reason the focus is on Rachel. There isn't a single one of us on this site that would turn down a day in Rachels shoes. If you say different, your lying. But all of you nay sayers just have to get you little jabs in there. Must make you feel good. If Rachel was standing in your face you would all shit a brick. A little two faced are we? Her show won't be canceled, too many of us watch. The ratings tell the story.

Ya know, for someone who can't stand her, sure took the time to comb through different sites to see who has what to say.
And for you to make the absurd notion that she is cheap, must mean you take the time to watch $40.00 A Day.

You evidently watch every episode, thats what you said, "In EVERY episode, she oooos and ahhhhs" with your emphasis on EVERY. So we now have 2 of her shows that you made a back handed admission to watching.
Pa leeez, for the many of you folks that simply can't stand Rachel, you sure take the time to watch her show(s) Did you see the way she holds her knife, what's up with those highlights, she slaughters the English language, she's fat, her chest is small, her food looks like crap (i.e. slider salad) their called sandwiches, not sammy's, smells soooo gooood, the list is endless of complaints and jaw flapping. For those that say they don't watch, you sure know her mannerisms quite well.

What's wrong with Rachel? She's very entertaining and better looking than most of the aneroxic stars. Besides, if you're not an idiot, her recipe really can be done in half an hour. I never cook before in my life and I could do it.

Would I rather watch someone making something I can actually eat or duplicate, or watch a show about foreign chefs cooking something I wouldn't even go near? Can I change the channel whenever she is making something I don't care for, certainly, and I have done it many times. There are not that many cooking shows where the chef has a personality but at least Rachel does. Remember, anyone out there that doesn't care for her has a remote to change channels or shut the TV completely. She is a good personality and actually appears to genuinely enjoy what she is doing. As for the $40 a day, remember, it is a show that was meant to educate everyone that you don't have to go to 5 star restaurants to get a good meal and that local stores and restaurants can be found just by asking local residents.

I have prepared several of Rachael's recipes and have never, not once, experienced an orgasm the way she does every time she takes a bite of the meal she has prepared.

Like many, I too am tired of Rachael Ray. She is annoying at best, and many of her recipes are just way to ridiculous to be real. Personally, I doubt she prepares many of her TV meals at home.

She is in her mid-30's, way too old to be giggling over her own antics. By comparison, Giada Delaurentis is mind blowing, gorgeous, and her recipes really do taste good, even when I fix them. She is about the same age as Rachael but she is so much farther up the evolutionary scale than Rachael. My husband even says there is no comparison between the two; Giada has his vote as well. Class is class; what can I say.

for not liking rachel ray you guys sure do like to talk about her whats up with that? If you don't like her just leave her alone oh yeah and you obviously have never tried any of her recipes if you say she has no talent because I have tried quite a few of them and every single one is very very good.

"She is in her mid-30's, way too old to be giggling over her own antics." ... i didn't know you had to be in within a certain age range to laugh. and Giada is always passionate whenever taking a bite of her food as well..why can't Rachael? people will pick apart anything and everything to hate on someone i suppose..sad.

Ya... I'll say Giada is passionate about eating her food, reminds me of an X rated movie, music and all.

Rachel is passionate, but in a comical sort of way. What's wrong with her giggling, at least she's happy, that's more than i can say about SOME PEOPLE that visit this site.

For cryin out loud, lighten up on Rachel. She's not going any where as far as i can see. From everything she's got on the ball, it looks like she's going no where but up.

As a single father of 3 kids, I find her 30 minute meals great for me to prepare and serve my kids.

She is a normal person, just like you and I. She probably gets jealous of people just like some of you are getting jealous of her.

My teenager can even prepare meals for the younger kids from time to time. I watch her, my kids watch her, but for those of you out there that can't stand her, just don't watch her...or are you that jealous???

Successful, cute and with personality - I can see why some bitter people would not like Rachael.

I wouldn't use the term normal on this site to loosely.

Funny thing............My grandson is 5 years old, and i happened to have been watching the food channel a few days ago. Everyday Italian was on at the time. I was in the kitchen when i heard him giggle.
I went into the family room to see what was so funny. I asked him just that. He looked up at me from his spot on the floor directly in front of the tv and said, "Gram, i can see that lady's boobies. Sure enough, it was Giada. And yes, the blouse she had on was quite revealing.

I am not old fashioned by any means, and i am very in tune with the fashions of today as i have a 17 year old daughter still at home. But, i think sometimes Giada does expose to much cleavage. I remember watching one episode where she bent down to get something out of the oven and showed a lot of skin. I thought for sure she was gonna loose one.
My husband thinks she is quite hot. He can't stand Rachel. If he comes home before 6:00, i'll watch the television in the kitchen. It's funny, when he hears the music to Everyday Italian, he comes out of no where. i know why.

Rachael Ray is the worst thing that has ever happened to the restaurant industry. $40 a day teaches people that it is ok to short-change servers on their tip, regardless of the service. Does she realize that these people barely make $2.00 per hour? Even though I'm no longer in the business, it drives me absolutely insane to watch this yokel teaching people not to tip on service but instead on their budget. If that's the case, no one will ever make a living as a server again. I hate the premise of the show and RR should be embarassed if she ever worked in a restaurant and lived on tips.

She does not short change her servers. She tips accordingly.
I saw one day last week where her bill came to $7.00 and some change, she left 2.80 to cover tax and tip.$.56 cents covered the tax, the rest was the tip. 2.24 is fine on a 7.00 ticket.
When we go to dinner, my husband has a bad habit of over tipping, even when the service is lousy.
We sometimes get bad service, no water, no coffee refills, can't get her or his attention, waiting a long time to get our orders taken.
I don't under tip these people, they get just the exact amount.
I realize many of these people are existing on what they make in food service, but many of times i would have left pennies because of extremly poor service, but i don't. So the next time 40.00 a day comes on, figure it out. Rachel tips according to what the bill came to.

Rachel Ray is a 10. And she doesn't appeal to the culinary myrmidons- a plus in my book. She presents practical cooking methods. I watch her every chance I get, and drool over her and her food. She's not Julia Childs, but I don't care and Julia wouldn't either. If you don't care for her mannerisms, watch something else.

Watched RR last night as usual. She cut her bangs!!!! Maybe this was an older episode, but i don't think so.
I love her to death, but i think this is a fashion fopaux. Her features are all wrong for this style. It doesn't change her or the way i feel about her in general, but what was she thinking, yikes.
I like her and i am not picking, just commenting. But if this is a recent slip of the scissors, everybody and their brother who already don't care for her are going to run with this one.
It also seems to me that her latest shows are lacking something. She doesn't seem to be so bubbly and giddy like she used to be. Reminds me if Emeril Live, where he was loud and kind of irritating. Bamming all over the place, making stupid comments and at times somewhat insulting. The Essence of Emeril seems to be very low keyed. He doesn't talk loud, he has manners, and he never says the dreaded Bam any more. Although he seems wacked out in his toothpaste commercials.

You guys are just jealous! You don't know Rachael, neither do I! But saying all those bad things about a genuinely sweet person is just wrong! You guys suck! PERIOD!

That sums it up rather nicely:o)

I've tried to not respond to these comments, but I have to take issue with the lazy assertion that those people who don't like Rachael Ray are "just jealous". Yes, of course they are. That's why they hate Giada de Laurentiis and Martha Stewart and Jamie Oliver and Alton Brown and Paula Deen and Regis Philbin and David Letterman and John Cleese and Yuri Gagarin and anyone else who's ever been successful.

Oh wait, they don't. Perhaps it's just a strawman?

It seems that whenever one is unable to respond to criticisms of a celebrity, the "oh, you're just jealous" argument is trotted out. Sorry - but it's lazy and demonstrably false.

Ok you guys really need to give it a rest.... if you dont like here show dont watch it. its that simple. personally i am a fan of her, she has fun with what she loves to do, so give her a break.

Being "jealous" of some one, is in reality, a back handed compliment.
If you think about it, no one is ever "jealous" of an ugly person, a heavy person, a poor person, etc..............
All of these folks that damn RR or any successful, beautiful, talented, thin, busty,rich,.............. can only dream. Lots of people are just "not happy" period!! Many people get out of bed pissy, and go to bed feeling the same way.
There are those that just have a hard time finding the good in any one, possibly even them selves.

Raytard sucks. She is contrived. She is not a chef. She needs some thorazine bad! Watching her "cook" is funny and entertaining one must admit - it's like watching a bunch of retards in awe and wonder at a beetle. IT is just so bad you have to laugh (and feel slightly guilty about it). It is even more funny watching her kiss celebrity ass. I don't hate her at all. I also watch Suzanne Sommers on shopping network thingy for a couple minutes at a time for the same reason. IT'S FUNNY! Okay I must admit the E-V-O-O thing has grown tiresome. Why abreviate and then say the words? Makes no sense. - But alas it adds to the comedy. Bottom line -> she's cute, perky and it annoys people (including me), big deal, just be entertained. That is the point of her, that is why she is rich and has a high C list celebrity. Don't be jealous, LAUGH!

anyone thinks this blog is bad? nope. there's actually a RR sucks community. maybe i'm the only one who has not seen it until reccently,but everytime i type her name in google there's something new,usually negative about her. but after glancing at this one,for me,it truly takes the cake. tons of people signing up to be "members" in order to all hate on Rachael and complain about her day after day. i am still in awe of how pathetic and sad some people really are.

Hey Katherine,
What's up with the retard comment?
You sound like a real asshole!!!! It's morons like you that love to piss others off, then you sit and cry when someone throws a dig your way. I guess it's stupidity like yours that helps make the world go around.
Explain what you mean by retards being in awe over a beetle, i'm just curious.

i agree with the above poster...that whole comment by Katherine seemed incredibly shallow and ignorant. i'm starting to see a pattern in those who hate Rachael,or at least those who feel the need to be mean and obnoxious about it.

Hey, for those who commented on my posting. I do agree with what you said. I tried to retract after posting as it was completely un-pc. "Retard" is a generic word that I use for people of lower intelligence that annoy (she is not of lower intelligence btw). I am sure that you all have used it before as well. I am a product of 80's movies and it is a hard habit to break. Finger pointing was not unexpected. In fact the only reason I checked back on this was to see comments. I do apologize for offending anyone. I actually use the word "challenged." By the staring @ a beetle comment I was referring to myself. Slack-jawed and in awe of why I am truely entertained by such mundane acts.
I understand the comments, truely. - Raytard is a knickname from another site and I carried it too far.
I do feel bad.
Cheers to all,

hey Katherine ( i'm the second one who responded to your post) you're the first person i have actually seen apologize for saying something like that. not that you had to or anything, everyone's entitled to think what they will,but you came back with an explanation of what you meant,and didn't go off upon being attacked,which most people do. i just wanted to let you know i thought your last post showed class. :o)

I am the first poster to respond to Katherines comments.
I commend you for apologizing. You are one of the few who is big enough to do just that. Others would jump on it and run, hence, the fight begins.
I'm sorry for saying that you sound like an asshole,i do believe i took it out of context:o( Thanx

Holy Crap!! I never thought that in modern day America that this sort of language would be allowed to flow unchecked through television airwaves. Screw the homeless and the fight for disease cures. To hell with lower fuel prices and less crime. Where are Al and Jesse when we really need them? This is the perfect opportunity to bring troops back. We simply cannot have someone going around carelessly saying E.V.O.O.! We must fight this evil before it warps the mind of our youth. Heck, take a look at her. she is even over the prescribed cutoff of 87 pounds that determines thin from morbidly obese. Who does this demonic woman think she is? Going on T.V. trying to bring variety into dull and mundane lives. Activate the local militia and come to bear arms. Lock your doors and windows. The horror of it all! Someone should tell this evil threat that some people are happy being bored anti-social sociopaths. From looking at the postings some folks just don't want anyone fooling around with their "same ol', same ol'" Shoot, if it were up to me, there would not be any other flavor of ice cream other than vanilla, and anyone who tried to bring in one of them "foreign" flavors would just be opening themselves up for a good old-fashioned web bashing. What was Ray Ray and Food Network thinking?

See? Now THAT'S the way to write a comment. Get away from the tired "You're so jealous" comments and rip into it with gusto.

Nicely done, Tony. A little hysterical and frightening, but nicely done.

Alas, Sir,(or madam) Tony, has broken the mold. Perfection at its finest.

I suspect there is some kind of cultural debate revolving around RR. After looking at so many forums, I am fascinated by the cultural polarisation that RR evokes. Somehow it mirrors the "Would you drink a beer with X or Y candidate?" questions asked by presidential polls, as if we know anything about that person's life.

Since RR is an empty icon, we bring our own prejudices hopes and peeves to the table. She is a Rorschach test of cooking it seems.

i think people who have a problem with her dislike other vapid shallow media personalities already barnacled in other aspects of news, sports, and movies. there's lots of news reporters who don't report news, actors who can't act, singers who can't sing etc..

It's not really about hating RR, but what she represents, which is hype for hype's sake. It mirrors all the political and cultural nonsense we've experienced in the last 5 years, and I'd say we've all suffered dearly for it. It's not the money or the fame that they dislike, it's the blatant sell she's always doing. it may not be apparant to the RR lovers, because IMHO they don't know how they're being manipulated.

I'd imagine that RR "lovers" like hearty foods with little prep time and wrinkle thir noses at sushi and "fancy" foods, might be uncomfortable taking their kids out for a formal dining experience. No value judgment here. To paraphrase Popeye, It is what it is.

I'd also imagine that RR "haters" can match wines with dishes, and can appreciate their food in a way that emboldens their perception of themselves as individuals of discriminating taste, without commercialized trivialities and isms like Yum-o!

RR is being pushed too fast because everyone puts money into something that makes money, in RR's case with a shovel.
She's so commercialized it seems as if she's just riding on a wave of cash deals. RR wasn't always this way. Something's made her change. I think it's the burden of making big money, and maintaining a standard of living she is unaccustomed to.

I think that's a big assumption, Mr. "Nice". Not everyone who has gourmet tastes turns up their nose at simpler, easier fare. Julia Child herself was not a food snob by a long shot and if anyone could have been, it would have been her. You are making some assumptions about Rachael fans that are IMHO unfair. Some of us love sushi and know the difference between our bechamels and bearnaises and still appreciate Rachel for her simple, easy and tasty fare. I've cooked several of her dishes and all of them have been winners. Any hype that you think Rachael represents is a function of your own prejudice. She has talent and you're totally missing that.

I think some people's personalities just invite idiots passing all sorts of judgments on their behavior and character. How dare a smart, attractive, talented woman have the nerve to expect to be taken seriously and not found fault with for everything from her mannerisms to her figure type? Geez, she threatens you, it's not even jealousy. Smart, confident, assertive, talented and attractive women have been seen as a threat for centuries and getting nothing but crap as a result. Martha gets it too. They all must be bitches or witches or got where they are because they slept with the right producer, not because perhaps they have talent and worked hard for it. It's always the same old misogynistic garbage, and even women buy into it too!

No one ever says crap about Emeril and yet he is a total bore. His recipes are not even all that great and on his live show he does nothing but wow people with fancy showmanship and cutesy expressions, not teach you how to really cook anything. I personally get a lot more of real use out of Rachael's shows!

It's that time of the year again. Parties, social gatherings, time for all of those sweats and T-shirt people to polish their manners and remember to sit with their legs together... should they be wearing that little black dress, the dress that sits in the back of the closet and is pulled out on rare occasions.

AARGH.. Formal, black tie, christmas party.
Four star restaurant with valet parking. That means i have to clean the remnants of fast food bags from the back seat, empty the ash tray, and get rid of the coke cans that sit in the cup holder.
In order to attend this event, a donation of at least 150.00 is appreciated. Hell, that's two weeks worth of groceries. I will probably win a door prize again, which will be a hand made wreath that sat in the trunk of the car until May.

I shlep hubby along, complaining all the way. My hose itch, my heels kill, my control tops aren't doing their job. Had to wear that push up bra, and make sure that it's at least one size smaller to produce a cleavage that you can rest your chin on.
Mingle, smile, hob nob with the occasional swipe of the teeth to get the lipstick off them. Don't forget to hold the wine glass from the stem, and gently remind hubby to pour his beer into the glass instead if throwing back the bottle.
Dinner comes, and you grimace at the lack of food. $150 bucks, not even enough for a doggy bag. I have a hard time eating something that still has a head or the words, "tar tar" attached. Never mind those little squiggly things that look like boogers!!

The couple sitting next to you decides to show baby pictures, hubby can't resist. As you stare blankly at their photos, you search frantically for something nice to say about the little goomer in the photo. Oh yes, he looks just like your husband, mind you, husband looks like he got hit in the face with a tree. I proudly display my brood, not for nothing, but mine are all quite attractive.

I can hear my sweats calling. My couch is anxiously waiting my return. As we leave the affair, i praise my husband for a job well done. He controlled his need to scratch himself in odd places, and never once asked any one to "pull my finger." On the ride home we reflect, "did you see so an so flirt with so and so?" "Did you see Bob grab Mary's ass?" ( mary is not bob's wife) Or, Susie told hubby she had a boob job, and it cost her husband $5,000. For tonight, i look like i had a boob job as well, and it only cost me 20.00, with the help of Victoria's Secret!!

I see Rachel as a beer drinking person. She is homey, down to earth, sort of a "simple folk" (not simple minded" I think she can dress up fancy, put on the dog, but prefers jeans. She enjoys concerts, and i can see her being rowdy. One can dress her up and take her out, but at the end of the night, it's home to the couch, in front of the TV. Many of us relate to her and her style. So, to all the snobby, froo froo folks, keep your fancy life styles and your 5 star restaurants. I'll take a football game and a cold beer any day.

I think that's a big assumption, Mr. "Nice". Not everyone who has gourmet tastes turns up their nose at simpler, easier fare. Julia Child herself was not a food snob by a long shot and if anyone could have been, it would have been her. You are making some assumptions about Rachael fans that are IMHO unfair. Some of us love sushi and know the difference between our bechamels and bearnaises and still appreciate Rachel for her simple, easy and tasty fare. I've cooked several of her dishes and all of them have been winners. Any hype that you think Rachael represents is a function of your own prejudice. She has talent and you're totally missing that.

I think some people's personalities just invite idiots passing all sorts of judgments on their behavior and character. How dare a smart, attractive, talented woman have the nerve to expect to be taken seriously and not found fault with for everything from her mannerisms to her figure type? Geez, she threatens you, it's not even jealousy. Smart, confident, assertive, talented and attractive women have been seen as a threat for centuries and getting nothing but crap as a result. Martha gets it too. They all must be bitches or witches or got where they are because they slept with the right producer, not because perhaps they have talent and worked hard for it. It's always the same old misogynistic garbage, and even women buy into it too!

No one ever says crap about Emeril and yet he is a total bore. His recipes are not even all that great and on his live show he does nothing but wow people with fancy showmanship and cutesy expressions, not teach you how to really cook anything. I personally get a lot more of real use out of Rachael's shows!

Sorry for the double post, I didn't think it went through the first time!

I don't see any reason why people can't love 5 star restaurants and beer and pizza in front of a football game at the same time. Heck, I am just as comfortable at Jean Georges as I am eating Beefaroni out of the can. It's stereotyping to think that Rachael would have to be one way or the other. Her shows are aimed at the common person's tastes and abilities but that doesn't mean she doesn't know or appreciate fine cooking as well. I wouldn't underestimate her!!!

hey, where did my post go? I thought this was a forum to express your opinion on RR. And my opinion is I'd do her, quirky personality and all.

hey, where did my post go? I thought this was a forum to express your opinion on RR. And my opinion is I'd do her, quirky personality and all.

My comment was that she is able to go either way. She can dress up and go out on the town.
In her own words, elbows on the table in a laugh out loud setting. She always says she would prefer entertaining at home with family and friends. This is the same person that took only 25 minutes to pick out her wedding gown, which happened to have been a Vera Wang.
I am sure she appreciates the finer things in life, but prefers home life with her friends.

I, not in a million years, would ever underestimate her. I simply love her, and have made many of her recipies. She is fun to watch, and she makes things seem easy enough.

I am sure there are a ton of folks that are ok with fancy dining. Many of their life styles are just that. I have a very good friend who lives in New York that wouldn't be cought dead in a pair of jeans. There is no stereotyping going on here.

I watched Rachel for the first time this past Sunday, at my Mother's house, while waiting to eat "the best pasta in the world".
Where I come from, everybody's Mother makes "the best pasta", her Mom must be awsome!
I found Rachel to be a breath of fresh air, reminding me of most of the girls that I grew up with here in Rhode Island.
She'd fit right in here, especially on Federal Hill in Providence. (Heavy duty Italian community)
I say, good for her for developing her talents and building a business!
You go girl!



I mean awEsome, pardon the spelling.



I say get this no talent, horse tooth jack-a$$ off the airways. She couldn't cook her way out of a bag of wet noodles. If my wife cooked like she did, I wouldn't be married. The only thing going for her is that gadunkadunk booty. If she wore tight shorts and faced that rump towards the camera at all times, I'd hit the mute button and watch. Come on, what the hell is it with:

that goofy laugh (at her own not so funny jokes)

Not sure what Oprah sees in her. Oh wait, she discovered that other bald headed, no talent, hershey highway riding of a joke know-it-all (but I'll save that for the Dr. Phil hate site).

I enjoy watching cooking shows just as much as the next, but come on people, you can't be serious. Her new hubby must be patient, 'cause I can only image what she'd be like in bed. That quirky laugh screaming "YUMMO, YUMMO" at the top of her lungs.

Bottom line, I'll stick to watching the real chefs. I'll even watch that 110 year old hag on southern cooking before I watch another RR show.

"If my wife cooked like she did, I wouldn't be married." wow,that's nice. what does that mean? can't cook anything for yourself? Perhaps you should at least learn some basic cooking skills before ripping on others. People can hate on Rachael all they want..does not change the fact she is on the air,doing her thing,making a living. so keep being bitter, you only make yourselves more angry, and spewing nothing but negative/hateful/childish comments sound really foolish after a while. At least have a bit more substance or class if you're going to go off on someone.

Dixon, sounds like you couldn't make any woman scream anything from the top of their lungs. Lay off her. She's funny, entertaining and best of all, she can cook. My partner and I experiment all the time with her creations and most are very good. Sure, some may take a few minutes more thatn 30, but heck, 30-40 for a healthy meal?

People like you give blogs like this a bad name. Please stay off if you're going to use profanity like that.

Rachael is good for the network, good entertainment and I applaud her!

well said Mr. Bravo. and oh yeah, Dixon..your entire post was an insult to any decent human being. is there anyone you do not hate? learn some manners.

GUYS...GUYS...GUYS...!!!! Why do you embroil yourselves in a (Tom) cat fight??

There are millions of Dixon's out there.
If you scroll back, there are several of them here already.
They blow in, beating their chests, then their gone. It just sounds like Dixon has to much testosterone and doesn't know quite where to put it.
He probably drags his wife around by the hair, and when he allows her to walk, it's always behind him.

Rachael is a breath of fresh air.
She has an enormous energy level, which is life induced.
That "110 year old hag" as Dixon so ignorantly put it, is right up there with Rachael. Bet ya that "hag" would have a ball greasin him up and chasing him around, squeel like a piggy. Them thar Georgia folk like them squeelin little piggys. Somebody should stuff an apple in his mouth!!!

dont get me wrong, i love rachel, tape all her shows, even been to a few of the restauarnts shes gone to on $40 a day (the pancake bakery in amsterdam was great),, but come on rachel,, ,who goes into a restaurant.. orders a meal, ,and to drink says "oh I'll just have a tall glass of water with lemon" or to go into a fancy restaurant, sit down and just order desert by yourself no less!) and when she went to serendipity 3 in new york and bought one frozen drink with two straws to shere with her husband.. like the waiter is going to walk away smiling when u order onew thing for two people-- i dont think so,, especially in ny .I know the show is called 40.00 a day and she does it to stay under budget,but i bet you $40 if i go into a restauarnt and order 1/2 order of a brakfast special with water, ,the waitress isnot going to walk away with a big smile like she does with rachel

SO WHAT.....

I know several people, including myself, who always order water with lemon.
I"m not a huge soda drinker, can't drink coffee after a certain time of the day, and i'm not to fond of tea.

In my neck of the woods, if you order half of a regular priced menu item, you still have to pay as if it were a full order, unless you order off the kiddy menu, which i have done at times.

Just this past summer, i asked for a hot fudge sunday, sort of on the smaller side, i paid full price.

I have watched 40.00 enough to know that when Rachel orders just a desert, it's always at the end of the day. If she doesn't order sweets, she has a cocktail at the bar.

It's funny how folks can find such trivial little things and run with them.

[deleted by Barrett for the crude sexual references and Internet tough-guy stuff. Clean it up and try again]

To all Rachael Ray bashers, YOU ALL SUCK!

thank you Barrett for deleting whatever he said. what an insult that guy is in general.

I did not see the posting that was deleted.
Majority here are fans of Rachael and Paula, as well as many other food celebs.
If something is posted off color or simply nasty, the calvary is coming.

Many do not like the above mentioned. To each his own.
A foul comment will stir up a foul reply, hence, the fight is on.

Enter, Barrett.

If one can dish, one should be able take it without it getting to over the top.

Just to clarify - don't take my redacting that post as support or non-support of any particular postion about Rachael Ray.

I just want to keep it relatively clean here. Fight hard, but fight clean.

Barrett, i know that your post was not for or against Rachael..i was just glad you deleted it because i found him to be nasty and offensive. It didn't even seem to be about RR after a while, just the way in which he (Dixon) was talking.

I think Rachel Ray is cool! Not cause she's from NY, but her shows are fun and entertaining. Good for people like me, who have NO clue about recipes and are afraid of experimenting (not wanting to poison someone!LOL) For those who dont like her, well, u can always tune in to another channel or chef or just spend your time creating awesome recipes of your own. Even though that EVOO does get out of hand at times!

Bashing on Ms. Paula, how could you (Dixon) call Paula a 110 yr old hag. she is sweet, kind and most known for her hospitality and generosity. how could you call someone like that a hag, and as far as your age guess, you must only be 12 yrs old to make such an ignorant guess. and extremely low rent to think that language would have been appreciated. dont you have a building to jump off of. do your mouth the favor.

Do you folks ever talk about cooking, or just bashing celebrity chefs?
Rachel Ray is gorgeous, talented and humble and her ideas are hometown, uncomplicated and kitchen-friendly.
Emeril's recipes are complicated and ingredient-laden exhaustions. Who here has a deep-fryer built into their kitchen counter?
BTW -- cut up apples or pears and store them in your fridge with fresh herbs -- the fruit takes on the essence of the herbs and don't rot -- dynamic duos: apples and sage. Fabulous.

I actually liked Rachel a few years ago. She wasn't She didn't shout but she was ditzy. Now she shouts at the top of her lungs and acts like she has either mental problems or is a speed addict.
Her butchering of the english language makes me cringe. I cannot watch her show anymore and that's a shame because I really like a lot of shows on FN but even cannot stand even a PREVIEW of one of her shows. She makes my skin crawl. Why can't she just go away.
Why does she want to act/speak like a teenager?
Sex appeal? She looks and acts almost as bad as Rosie O'Donnell. Rachel is the most annoying thing on FN. I wish I had a dime for every time she said "run your knife through it". She repeats things like she's some kind of mentally disturbed parrot! I read somewhere that her father and mother both were on psych meds. Obviously the apple hasn't fallen far from the tree. Rachel is an insanity case waiting to happen. Let's hope her fifteen minutes will end somehow someway and we will never be subjected to the presence of this awful woman again. Bad luck to you in the new year, RachAel. What's with the extra "a" in your name, you phoney idiot.

I used to like Rachael before. I saw a write up of her "Tasty Travels' in TV Guide and they called said her success is going to her head and she was obnoxious.

I didnt think so, but now I do!

She is either in need of medication for a manic condition, or needs Oprah to sit her down and teach her to act like she didnt just crawl out from under a rock.

Sorry fans of Rachael, but she is nuts.

She giggles like a lunatic non stop now. She waves her hands around like a maniac.

On her 60 minute holiday meal, she was once again using the old thing where nutmeg is the thing that makes you go "mmmm", which she says every darn time she uses it, and the lunatic had was waving her arms so much that the nutmeg pieces fell out of the bottle.

When I see reruns of her old shows, I see why I did like her.

She USED TO be cute, bubbly and sweet. NOw she is just over the top.

I think she thinks that it's cool to overdo what everyone liked about her now.

She was on Leno the other night and I had to turn down the volume on her load obnoxious voice. She had to make a joke about using a battery operated vegetable peeler because she was on the road so much. BLECH!

She can not fit into a classy place, she yells out like a jerk when an opera is done at a restaurant in NYC.

She now is just a parady of herself.

I think she will annoy America after they get over how "real'' she is on her new talk show, just like Rosie did!

Is it just me or is RR obviously bipolar. She is so damned perky on TV, but what happens when the camery is off, or better yet what happens when she sees herself naked in the mirror? Manic depression has captured her soul.....

its just you

RM just read your post.

I say I make no value judgments, but you make them for me. Maybe you should read before you post.

Then you say she has talent, but you don't back it up with any specifics and then call me an idiot? That's why you like RR.
you don't think or read.

And what makes you think i'm a snob? Or threatened? Or jealous? Do you really think that I'm a misogynist because I think she's an overhyped bucket of blather? You probably do. And throwing in the casting couch remark on top of it is way out of line.

Clearly RM stands for Real Moron.

RR as attractive? I won't go near that one. Another hasty judgment that most RR fans have going for them.

You're the one making judgments, foremost among them that somehow RR is somehow providing a useful service in your life. Go buy Joy of Cooking for Godsakes, you'll make more "winners" there. Why can't you be honest and just say "I think she's a slovenly cook, but I like her personality/am attracted to her"? Because secretly deep down inside you know there's something wrong about adoring RR. So you defend her PR machine.

I challenge your assertion that she is "smart" "assertive" and whatever. What about her is so smart? What is so assertive? What is that sparkle of talent that shines like sunlight? You don't know. You just like her. But why?

Why does it matter when you want to feed the kids? You've been sucked in by the hype. Julia Child wasn't a snob, she'd go at it with a meat cleaver and mess that butcher block up with the pros. Julia Child would not serve a cheeseburger salad. Period. That's the kind of stuff she was trying to get American cuisine away from.

People used to make nasty food in the 50s Kerr and Child changed that. RR is hellbent on making you a worse cook. RR doesn't care what she's doing, she's working for the check.

I'm offended by your remarks because you can't see where I'm coming from. I love food. You don't. otherwise you wouldn't make such silly judgements about my commentary.

You're more obsessed about typecasting me as a chauvinistic man than talking about the issue: hype.

My point was that the food was the star of Julia Child's show, not some weirdo from upstate NY log cabin flailing in front of a camera. Maybe you can relate to that. I can't.

Look at the crappy quality of her new knife she uses, compare her old one to the one she uses now, the orange RR knife. Watch how it can't cut like her old blade. That's the hype.

Wolfgang Puck came out with some cookware on HSN, and it looks good. It's not personal, it's about how her image is handled.

And afternoon yak is way out of her league. She knows less about talking than she does about cooking. And notice her lifestyle talk show will have no cooking on it. that's the biggest slap in the face to RR's cooking "skills".

You can make simpler easier fare, and I'm sure we agree that it's a good thing. We all have to feed the kids, spouse whatev.

It's just that when I see her cook, she looks like she doesn't give a damn. She used to eat the stuff she cooked on the outro, now, she'll just eat the dessert. She just don't care. that's my beef. it's not about RR. It's about the hype.

Emeril is one of the worst offenders of boring fried cheesy food. I'd take a cleaver to him too, but he's an actual chef, and spent years making Delmonico's happen, so there's something real behind him. And he seems to enjoy what he's doing. that's why he feeds his audience. RR can't do that.

Please tell me what talent RR has. Lay it out for me like I was a 4 year old. You can't do it. Tell me what amazing dish or even use of an ingredient that changed your way of looking at food. You can't do it. Maybe Grampa Emanuel's legendary use of nutmeg?

She should do a show about buying food in a supermarket, that's what she did before her 30 min. meals in Albany. Cause after her talk show fails, she's going to need something to fallback on.

Your attacks were so stupid I shouldn't even be posting.

Oh yeah, all the restaurants she goes to in NYC aren't very fancy, they're just overpriced, touristy, and close to the Food Studios on 15th Street.

Geez Mr. Nice, you should change your name to Mr. Meany.

And to Diane,
Why must you drag her parents into this?
You are being slanderous. "You read some where that RR parents were on meds" how mean you are. Not only do you guys try to bury RR, but now you have to include her family? Isn't that reaching just a bit?

Yes, RR does sort of irritate me at times, but she is so refreshing. When she does something "quirky," i just laugh at it. She has her own style.

I can just imagine how many of you people are on some kind of "med." Judging from some of the outlandish posts, sounds like quite a lot. Either that, or your all just very mean spirited.

BtW, for her fans, Rachael is NOT a chef. She has no training in the culinary arts. See I dont think that is bad, and I think at first she was as some of you describe her.

She was cute, humble, funny and likable, even though I think her meals are far from healthy when she puts a pound of cheddar cheese on them or thinks putting burgers and hot dogs in a meal together is healthy! lol

I just thought she was fun to watch and nice, and liked seeing a "normal" person travel and she looked sweet.

Sorry, guys but now I think she is full of herself. She is overdoing everything that people found nice about her.

I totally enjoy reruns of her old show. She use to dress like a normal person.

Now she has tops on that are so small that it looks ridiculous. She isnt ugly IMO, she is normal looking. but when you breasts of a 12 year old girl, and a larger butt, you dont wear tops that are too tight, low cut and then tuck them in your jeans.

It's just not flattering.

Seeing her skip down the aisle of her wedding like a crazy lunatic, and giggle during vows made me realize this isnt just her tv persona, she seriously is not right, or is in need of lithium for a manic condition.

She is acting like the Tom Cruise of the Food Network, complete with treating us to her "sweetie" and feeding him on shows.

Not to mention on her so called budget in NYC she went to Serendipity and had her "sweetie" pay for the dessert and then said "if you dont have a sweetie it will cost you....".

Now if she wanted to treat us to the nauseating middle school behavior of eating a dessert with her hubby, she should have put it on her other stupid show without a budget.

She is ridiculous and out of control now, and IMO she will wear thin on the American public when she gets on the air on a daily basis. Look at how horrid inside dish was, and she wasnt even as nuts as she is now.

I can not imagine how loud and tacky she will be with the REAL chefs next week and with nice Paula Deen who isnt full of herself like Rachael.

They are doing a holiday gathering and Racheal is teaching Paula how to cook something in the preview w2th her shrill loud style and telling her to overdo it because it's the holidays.

Then she has to yell out when someone walks in the door.

I bet most of the celeb chefs on the Food Network are totally sick of her. And I bet she will be another Rosie when she is on day after day.

What's up with the over weight, semi balding, wanna be stand up comic, obnoxious, over bearing, double dipping, insulting, mine doesn't come seasoned, Bamming Bafoon, Emeril????

Can we discuss wanting to be noticed?

Who the hell jumps out of bed, hails a cab, takes a ride to the lake, paddles across the lake, climbs up a ravine, in his bathrobe no less, and yells....BAMMM into the wilderness? All for the sake of promoting Friggin toothpaste!!!!!!!!! That really makes me want to jump up and go buy Crest toothpaste, NOT.....

But....I still watch his show. I never really make anything that he does because, first off all, who wants to make 10 trips to the grocery store? The average person just doesn't have those ingredients in their pantry. I know when i make something from Rachael, i can be sure that i have the majority of ingredients in the kitchen.

I'll admit, (shamefully) :o(.....:o(
that RR sometimes makes me embarrassed for her. There are times when she takes it to the extreme. And yes, i agree, she is loud, and if she sat on her hands, she wouldn't be able to talk, (that's the Italian in her). My husband is Italian and at times i get dizzy with all the hand gestures.

She does seem more pumped up these days. But she has a lot to be pumped up for. She is very successful.

It really looks like people will just go to the extremes. Everything from her figure to the way she holds her knife. There was a comment made about her old style of kitchen knife cut much better than her knew one. Wow, for those who claim not to be interested in her, must have their little noses pressed up against the screen just to make a diagnosis about a kitchen knife. How petty can one be??

Comments about her tops being to tight. What about Giada? She's only around because of Dino... She reminds me of a wanna be porn star. Who wants to take tips from an anorexic any way?

How about Sandra? With her painted on eyebrows. Now that girl needs a wonder bra!!

I realize this site isn't about "them", but you folks are down right miserable. You all have even stooped so low as to drag her parents into the mix.

I have a "love/hate relationship with RR. I work at home so I have the luxury of watching the Food Network when I please. I have tried many of her recipes and have impressed my wife and friends with many of them. We just have to change some of her trite language and mannerisms.

I've watched 30mm, $40 and even tried some of her recipes. I don't want to comment on her personality, gestures, magazine, success etc. I only want to focus on the contents of her 30mm. Are they easy to prepare? No easier or more difficult than a thousand other recipes available on FN or in cookbooks. How do they taste? Somewhat on the bland side, even when I substituted fresh ingredients for prepared. The bottom line is that her recipes don't excite me. I can make quicker, healthier and tastier meals ( and in fact do) using fresh ingredients and making them much more flavorable than those of rr's that I've tried.

I'd really like to encourage those folks who find rr's stuff fits their needs to explore some other options to provide even easier, more flavorful and definitely more healthy meals for themselves and their families.

For anyone who hasn't seen it, check out Michael Smith's "Chef At Home" series on the Discovery channel. I think that you'll be pleasantly surprised at the easy and very tasty ways of preparing quick and nutritious food,

I have a "love/hate relationship with RR. I work at home so I have the luxury of watching the Food Network when I please. I have tried many of her recipes and have impressed my wife and friends with many of them. We just have to change some of her trite language and mannerisms.

Sorry but at least emeril and giada are real chefs and dont have some self-control. Rachael is obnoxious and has no skills of any real kind

Maybe if she really worked and learned to do something she wouldnt be such a freak.

She is a dip.

At least everyone else on the food network has some real qualifcations, or at least talks and acts over the mental age of 12 years old.

Giada can at least go in public without being embarrasing. I can not imagine RR out at the pre grammy party talkign to REAL chefs or even cooking with Emeril.

She knows nothing at all about real cooking.

Watching her flinging her arms around and seeing nutmeg flying on her holiday special was just hillarious.

That shrill loud tacky voice is beyond irritating.

RR couldnt do what anyone else does on the food network, she is an embarrasment.

If she had to go to a anything with class or real chefs she would be laughed out of the event. She looked like a moron in NYC so stupid yelling out while clapping after an opera performance. The only place she fit in is the bowling alley, and even then she was yelling like a jerk.

She is an overrated nothing. There is no excuse for her stupid behavior. She will fade away when people see her wonderful interview skills like on inside dish, and get tired of her lack of ability to do anything.

sorry but i must disagree with that. having the title of a being a chef does not mean everyone will like you, or that you are all that great. talk about immature,Emeril goes a bit far with his bam antics,a goofy audience that will oooh and ahhh over anything, and he does not seem all that sanitary, to me anyways. most of the other chef's have their food all layed out for them already, as well as have the dish they are showing already finsihed and waiting for them, where as Rachael is cooking in real time. i cannot get over the fact some people hate her so much and yet know her every move. keep watching to hate her,she will only stay on the air longer.

Your right Lean. Check your post, Emeril doesn't have self control. Oh ya, i know, your gonna say it's a typo, right?

He obviously sucks (to me) on the cooking network, so now he has to do stupid commercials.

To echo the poster ahead of me, keep watching to hate, and she will reign longer.

What puts me off about Rachel is she seems to try too hard. She doesn't seem natural anymore. Waaaay over the top. To those who love her now; just wait awhile, she'll get on your nerves soon. Trust me.
She used to, a few years ago, have good recipes. Like "Venetian Shrimp and Scallop" and it was great. Her recipes now seem like a homeless person created them or something. She used to be so sweet and unassuming. Now she's just trashy. SOrry, Rachel and her fans.

I would rather watch RR any day over Emeril. Yes, she is loud and annoying at times (evoo), but I would take that any day over BAM! and people oooohhhhing and Aaaahhhing over using 40 cloves of garlic RR is happy, and most people hate it when other people are happy. Who wouldn't giggle nervously in front of a tv camera? She's not an actor or a "chef" that being said I think she does a really good job and I will continue to watch despite her quirks.
If anything her goofiness makes me smile.

Rachael has the maturity if a 10 year old.

Did anyone catch Rachael's so called block party this summer? She acting like a stupid child. She actually go into the watermelon eating contest with little kids and won, and cheered for herself.

Talk about an inappropriate idiot!

Then she had some little boy on when she was supposed to be cooking with kids, and has him handling a huge knife while she does something like mixing ingredients! She had the kid prepping all of her food with a huge knife and he was like 7 years old. Then got annoyed when he wasnt working fast enough! lol

This woman is going to be worse than Rosie, at least Rosie knew how to act with little kids.

And for all of you who bash Emeril, when he did the kitchen makeover for kids in a harlem school, he showed a lot of good things about himself.

Rachael, is all about Rachael, and her behavior with kids is stupid, since she is immature.

I saw the episode where RR was cooking with the kids.
The kid was not using a HUGE knife, it was the size of a paring knife.
I also read an article about Emeril and Hurricane Katrina. To sum it up, he was not that interested in the goings on down there.
Rumor has it that he made only two trips to New Orleans, and recently just re-opened his bistro.

If you take a look at some of the food celebs, many of them do not have formal training at all.
For instance, Paula (luv her) never had formal training. She suffered from agoraphobia for the longest time. When she did open her restaurant, her boys had to do all the running for her. She learned how to cook in her own family kitchen "grama Paul" and her mom was her inspiration.

Sandra Lee, another example. Her training came from her grandmother as well. With the help of a rich husband.

CiCi Carmichael, she's on in the morning. She was spotted in a couple movies made for TV.
Giada, no formal training so to speak. She has had family members on her show several times. Thats how she learned, from her family. With the name Dilaurentas, which is grampa Dino, she has made her way into cooking.

Not to sure about Dan & Steve. All the folks who auditioned for that show and won a spot in the finals, were not formally trained.

NO, the kid was using a real knife and she was on his case because he wasnt chopping fast enough.

Dan and Steve are caterers.

Emeril like I said can grate on my nerves too, but the man is a real chef.

Unsanitary? What about RR's use of veggies like salad right out of the bag without washing it?

As I said, I saw her behavior with children acting like an idiot. She was ridiculous, competing with them as if she was 8 years old. The woman is pushing 40 and she cant let a child win? She not only won, she screamed like a jerk and was all "I won" and the kids looked disappointed, because they are children and it was THERE block party not RR's.

Like I said, I saw Emeril design a kitchen for a harlem school and he really was great and nice with the kids. Every show I see him with children he acts like an appropriate adult, not some dumb bimbo who never grew up with RR.

Sorry, she is so full of herself now she sucks. The only good thing is eventually people do see through people who dont really know what they are doing and are arrogant - look at politics, it happens! LOL

You need to look a little closer at others postings, Maryann. Your comment was "the kid was using a hugh knife"
My comment was, I saw the same show and it wasn't a hugh knife, it was the size of a paring knife"
I agreed, he WAS using a knife.

Pre washed veggies? Wonderful invention. My neck of the woods holds one of the largest and most profitable food chains in Upstate New York. This chain was named one of the top 10 places to be employed.
They sell tons of pre washed produce. Open the bag and cook with it, eat it straight out of the bag, what ever.

I have noticed many food celebs use pre washed produce. Some may not trust it, but on a whole, i do. For $3.00, I can get a full bag of stewing veggies or root veggies and they are clean and they taste good.

OK, Dan and Steve are caterers. But what formal training, that we know of, has the for mentioned had. NONE.(ex-cluding Emeril)??

But being that this is "All about Rachael" I suppose it would be unfair to compare everyone else with her, as there are sites out there pertaining to them. I don't know who could possibly hate Paula, and Giada,hmmm, whatever.

So people here who are RR lovers think that it's normal for a near 40 year old to compete with children at a block party and win a watermelon eating contest. Even if you like her tacky food, and cooking, her behavior is obnoxious and tacky. She was raised in the woods and really she seems to really act like she never got on in society and learned to not be a jerk.

Emeril may be a "real" chef but the way he conducts himself on camera is nothing less than disgraceful. That annoying high pitched humming, the can't chop anything without first tapping his knife on the cutting board, putting "essence" in EVERYTHING! People want to critisize RR for not speaking right, have you ever heard Emeril complete a competant sentance? Not me. RR at least makes things on her show that you would try at home(I'm not saying that some of her recipes aren't off the wall). I can honestly say that at times Emeril's recipes nauseate me!

Um, Maryann thats why she uses it straight out of a sack..its called triple washed,meaning its already clean and ready to go my dear, like another poster has said already. does she not say how she washes all things that need to be washed when she brings them home from the store? she also has seperate cutting boards for meats,and is always washing her hands. and so she acts like a kid..? and? i still don't see what is so wrong about it. i'd rather be around adults who like to have fun and have the personality of a fun going person than people who pick on and criticize every little detail in life. and i still think Emeril is quite only takes a few seconds flipping through channels,not even having to actually watch the show, to see him wipe his nose with his bare hand,only to touch food afterwards.

Okay this is what I think. You are all the biggest bunch of jealous haters I have ever seen in my life. Everyone wants to pick on RR for giggling and laughing?? Are you kidding me?? She clearly likes who she is and she likes what she does. It's not her fault all of you who are here hiding behind your computers hate your own lives. You don't have to take it out on the chick who likes to cook and laugh and gets paid a fortune for it! Admit it, THAT's why you all hate her so much! Although you all seem to know so much about her, it's obvious you all secretly love her, ha-ha. Some of you like Barrett I see have posted many many times, which to me indicates you cannot stay away from the subject of RR!! Obsessed much? And wtf is with this calling her fat?? She looks like a totally normal person--it's people like YOU calling HER fat who are what's wrong with this country!! Why do you all have to be so freakin hateful? BTW, RR has never claimed to be a professional chef once. And the reason her show is enjoyable is because it isn't intimidating. Emeril once had a show where he was cooking wild you can just walk into any grocery store at 5:30pm on your way home from a long day at work and pick up some wild boar! RR teaches you that with having some basic ingredients always stocked you can make dozens of meals. And her recipes are not bogus, as one secret RR lover said. They CAN be made in 30 minutes (I have made probably over 60 or 70 of her recipes and it took me almost exactly 30 mins.), you just have to be organized and have it planned. I never cooked in my life till I watched her show, and what was nice about it was that she wasn't complicated and didn't call for insane and expensive ingredients. Hello, I don't feel like spending $90 at the grocery store for one meal! Now I cook regulary, and some of the best compliments I've received from friends and family have been when I've made one of RR's recipes. If you all hate her so much, change the channel you freaks!!! What is wrong with all of you?!? Back away from the computers and go get some sunlight on your pasty-white miserable faces and a get a new hobby besides being nasty and angry...otherwise you'll get ulcers.

"Some of you like Barrett I see have posted many many times"

Katie, dearie. It's my blog. I get notified with every comment and you'll notice I tend to be pretty neutral beyond defending my posts except when people make exceptionally dumb or offensive statements.

And it seems to me that you've poured an awful lot of energy into one post to decry people pouring an awful lot of energy into posting.

Oh and by the way Barrett, in reference to your comment that all female RR fans are housewives with nothing to do in their spare time....Just for the record, I'm 27 years old, I enjoy running marathons, swimming, and reading, I have a full time career and a hot fiance who enjoys cooking with me! So put that in your pipe and smoke it! :P

Katie, you illustrate too perfectly the dangers of being irony impaired and context insensitive.

My comment about all Rachael Ray fans being housewives was a reply to Don's comment in which he overgeneralized.

In fact, let me re-post the reply to the AOL user who didn't get it either:

Read the post. I trashed a recipe, not Rachael Ray per se.
Read the comments: I defend her up the chain of comments
Read Don's post which stereotypes those who dislike Rachael Ray.
Read my response which holds a mirror up to the stereotyping. I thought "Or am I overgeneralizing and stereotyping? Why yes, I believe I am." was a big enough wink for anyone to get the point of that one - which, for the STILL irony impaired is that Don's post stereotyped people and it was just as unfair as the stereotypes I made in my post.

Now PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE read the posts in the correct context so you understand what they say rather than what you imagine they say.

Mr Nice,

Where'd ya go to talk skool? you taqu reel purdy like.
You actually spend time on this -> oh wait> ? -> what am I doing?
For me this is funny. For you this is pathetic. Mommy and Daddy paid for college i expect?
Me too.
Hey the RayRay is funny - no Python or Mr Show, but phunny, but your rant was mean and no hand in the air, but one finger -> well, even more entertaining.
man she does suck, but the hate gots ta go!


Yeah a runner would LOVE sausage for every meal. YuMMo! - Please do not forget to overload with EVOO! I think you are a bored fat guy that has nothing else to do. Lord knows that is what I am. Except not. - Yeah runner eating this stuff - please!
Bwa Ha Ha Ha
Happy Heart Attacks to all!

Yes Barret, I guess I have poured a lot of energy into this, but the difference between the two of us is that my energy comes from being positive and wanting to see the good in RR despite her jabber and abbreviations and hand gestures. My first post was not directed at ONLY you, but to everyone. God you're such a grouch. Be happy like me!! :D


One definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over expecting a different result. Thus, I'm not going to point you to the context of any of the previous statements I've made.

See Barrett I knew I could count on you to assume I'm lying about who I am and my age, etc. Could you be any grouchier? LOL

No I steer clear of the major fatty recipes. Not all her recipes call for sausage, lol. BTW, if I did want to cook sausage I could because I EXERCISE!! :P I like her soups personally. This past weekend I made her Papa al Pomodoro soup. It had tons of tomatos in it if you're a tomato lover like me. It was excellent!! :)

Well people, I'm going to wind down this lovely day I've had goofing off while my system is down at work. Enjoy your bashing you old grumps! I'm going to continue with my hate-free life and still be a RR fan. Yay!! Rachel you're awesome!!

hi. i am really surprised that people hate Rachael. She really isn't annoying.
I find offense people saying she is a dwarf and fat. Not everyone can be 5'10'' and 100 pounds. In fact that is really abnormal. I bet the people making fun of her size are not in good shape.
Many women are shorter. and many women have hips and butts. That is actually a very feminine trait. believe it or not. I think Rachael is sweet and happy person. I think she is very down to earth and not trying to be overly sexy. She dresses normal. Not flashy or trampy.
I saw her the other day at Borders in Chicago. She was with her friends and having fun. From what I saw, she is a very normal, down-to-earth person.

alright to clarify to those who think olive oil is so horrible for you. its not. its actually very good for you. and anything can be bad when you over do it. i would take it any day over pork fat and whatever else Emeril is so pleased to cook with. and to "blah" way to show your maturity. you're making the RR "haters" look even worse.

"See Barrett I knew I could count on you to assume I'm lying about who I am and my age, etc."

Katie, have you gone batshit insane? I never said anything about who you were or about your age. I have implied you have a reading comprehension problem, and I'm now pretty sure you have access to a large supply of LSD.


Her soups (or Stoups - eek) suck and I have used a recipe before - turned out poorly. I think you have 2 people that are relaying to you the message that the ray person is not a good cook or anything in general but a TV produced munchkin. I am positive that she does nothing but read off some cards and "runs her knife" through some stuff.
I bet she does shots of Beam and smokes reds off camera.
That would make her cool. In fact if that is true I would Love it.
'Tis true people can work out and eat high fat foods, but it is still not reccomended. Your previous post stated otherwise. Or is that just because you are happy and better than fat folk?
She has to be @ least 150 at like 5'2". HEY i'm 5'6" and weigh 120!Bi-tch needs to cut back on da poke fat!
Hey if I were a runner like you I would be called Bruce Cheddar!
Why defend, sweet jebus why?

who gives a **** what you weigh. shes not fat,get over it. not everyone is 5'6" and weighs 120,and not everyone wants to be a toothpick sweetie. get over yourself.

I agree she is not fat. I just do not agree with the foods she combines. She says it is a healthy meal, but if you do the math - most, probably 90% are high in fat and chol. I think she is totally cute. Lordy, perhaps you should get over your own weirdness. Criminy your response speaks volumes. - Also what was stated was not to you - it was to the HEALTHY individual that posted before you. Excuse me, I have to go roll some bacon over a hot dog and dip it in grease.

i apologize for getting so heated...if you don't care for what she cooks,cool. but why call her fat if you really don't think she is? everyone will have their opinion,but if she is fat,then who isint.

RR is totally fat. Any guy who is attracted to her is screwed up in the libido. If the looks don't turn you off, her blabbering will. God help that moron for marrying her b.o.a.a.-"big ol annoying ass".

Never said she was fat man. Just stated what I thought her physical stats prolly are. If they are true - 5'2" - 150 - she is "technically" fat. To me I look @ her and see a chubby girl - some people might like that, others may find it gross. If it were me I would not feel too good about myself - the money would make every bite that much tastier. Hey I would super-size for that paycheck!

oh..i guess i must have taken that "Bi-tch needs to cut back on da poke fat!" the wrong way. all im saying is there are people that really are overweight...shes curvey..women are supposed to be that way. but,god forbid in todays society.

Okay, so it seems you are a fat girl - why else would someone be offended? I weighed 275 @ one time - a decade ago - so whatever. Be fat forever, watch that non-chef moron 'til the end of times. Do the math - if you were a healthy human you would not eat it!
That is the only reason I write. I think RR is spunky and funny - but a chef and healthy person she is not. Go open your ice cream fatty!

lol. ok. that was just lame,and proves once again what people will say behind a screen. you're the one with the attitude. chill. you know nothing about me,nor anyone else you talk to over the internet. i was trying to have a decent convo about this,but i guess some people can't,so they mouth off instead. that's cool,whatever floats your boat dear. and if it's talking like a 10 year old,so be it.

In today's society, there is so much emphasis on weight control.
Some folks can eat and eat and the calories just vanish into thin air.

Unfortunatly for me, i have to watch each and every thing i put in my mouth.
Fortunatly for my kids, they don't have to be so careful.

I control my intake, i excercise, i truly try to be careful. I own my own cleaning business, so excercise is not a problem.

Before i quit smoking 2 years ago, i weighed in at 119 lbs, on a 5'4 frame, which is ok. As soon as i quit the smokes, on came the weight. My husbands uncle weighs a whopping 400 lbs, his brother, 370. They both have broken a piece of my furniture at one time or another.

They visit their Doc's on a regular basis, and have tossed around the idea of bypass surgery.

I have to laugh when i see several posts pertaining to Rachael being fat.
IMO, she looks good. The biggest thing on one of my girls is her fanny, she likes it!!
She compares her butt to Jennifer Lopez!!!

My husband doesn't particularly care for RR. He says if one could switch her chest size to her hips and her hip size to her chest, she would look great. I don't find him funny. Not every one can be thin with sizeable boobs, tiny waist with an apple butt. I just wonder how many posters here are heavy, but with made up screen names belonging to faces we will never see, every one is thin.

I've noticed that some posters reference the high cost of preparing certain types of meals as opposed to RR's more simple, people friendly recipes.

I really don't buy that argument. Anyone can buy and prepare flavorful, healthy and inexpensive meals using fresh, local produce and meat products. In our neck of the woods we do a lot of our shopping for these types of ingredients and have found them to be far less expensive and more wholesome than commerical or mass produced and packaged items.

RR sells convenience in using pre-packaged products, but how difficult is it to run water into a bowl and put your spinach in for a washing? You'll likely pay half the price of the pre-packaged product and add approximately three minutes to your prep time.

hey blah here are a few facts for you:

RR has NEVER claimed to be a "chef", she calls herself a cook.

She by no means is overweight or fat, I don't know a man out there who doesn't want a woman with a junk in the trunk. who wants some gangly bony ass chick? Look at Tyra Banks she is VERY curvy with some booty and hips and she's a freakin' supermodel!
You feel better about yourself by making fun of other people, but in reality your just a very ugly person on the inside and I suspect on the outside as well!!!!!

When RR uses pre washed produce, she tells the viewers that it is for conveinance purposes only.
She also tells us that pre washed stuff costs more.
I use the ready to go stuff myself, and not because she endorses the product. I have been using pre washed veggies since they came on the market.
There are times when i may want a quick bowl of salad just for myself. Open the bag, dump into your dish, dress it up a little, and away you go.
The produce section in our market has a complete line of triple washed produce, and it is very sanitary.
Do you the the FDA would allow such a thing if it weren't.

I think that the FDA would approve absolutely anything that corporate lobbyists could convince them to approve.

Any thing that could make one's life a little easier (including mine) is ok with me.

hey... if you never talked to many men before, and it seems you haven't, there are so many men out there that love not only women with butts, but also with women with meat on their bones. to say RR is fat is to show how insane our world has become and screwed up our image of body image is today. did you realize that back in Marilyn Monroe's day, women were much curvier, like Rachael. Marilyn monore wore a size of about 10 or 12. And she is still timeless as far as beauty goes.
I am offended by your comment. I am 5'3'' and 145 pounds. I don't feel fat. I love my body. I eat healthy and exercize. I am curvy, and i like my shape.
5'6'' and 120 pounds- is fine. But ppl differ so much. you got to realize. someday you may not be 120 pounds.
there are women who will always naturally have a butt. i know. even when i was a teen and 110 pounds, still had a butt. nothing can do about it.
but it's fine.
don't impose such stupid and arbitrary standards on everyone.
beauty should never be so strictly defined.
and a person's worth should never be determined upon pounds and inches.
Beauty can be based on a smile and on a quirky and cute personality.
You hurt all women, including yourself, when you are so judgemental.

hell yeah. i agree wholeheartedly with your comment JW..and its sad,speaking of MM,a lot of people today consider her fat. they're insane,her body was amazing,still is. ive got curves too,and if that makes me fat,then i'm fat,and it beats being skin and bones IMHO anyday.

I am curvy too, and I celebrate parts of myself.

I object to someone who is as ordinary as RR - especially someone so unattractive and crass - becoming such a celebrity when she did nothing to deserve it.

As I read in some forum (maybe here?), if she could switch her butt with her chest, she would look MUCH better.

Probably her most unattractive feature is her coarse mouth! Take it down a few notches!

Also, she does not dress well for her body shape. Take attention off that fat butt, don't draw attention to it! Her tight tops make her chest look smaller. Sweaters would help. Wear a Wonderbra!

She is not worth all the attention and celebrity she has.

BTW, both Paula Deen and Sandra Lee have their own magazines, so Raytard is not doing anything ground-breaking or profound with hers. She is copying them!

Please... Jennifer Lopez's rump is her signature, one could actually balance a coffee cup off that thing. She makes no attempt to play it down either.
Why should Rachael dress up in frumpy clothing just to satisfy the few who says "she should?"
She is obviously comfortable in her own skin.
And what's the big deal about her starting up a magazine?? Several food celebs are doing it. "She is copying them." That sounds so childish. Waah, she's a copy cat!! EEEsh.... Several of you need some serious growing up to do.

She makes me laugh and I love the way she keeps it interesting, plus, my boyfriend says I look like her

I'm basically trying to keep my own self esteem up, I think shes cute and I do kinda look like her, but I have way better boobs and a nicer ass

And your point is..................What?

Now everybody wants to look like her, or they think they might look like her?
Who has the best boobs?
Whose got the better ass?
I wouldn't mind looking like her, not all all.
I also think she's got a good ass.
I saw a pic of her while she was out on the town. She wore a low cut top, (push ups), and she had her hair up.
She also looked very nice in her wedding pic.
Though she is pushing the "big 40," I think she has the deer in the headlight look about her. Not a "duh" look, sort of an innocent kind of sex appeal. I also think she maintains her age very well.
If i didn't know different, i would see her as in her late 20's early 30's.
I find RR adorable. She is definetly the total package.

me too. my boyfriend thinks i look like her too. and i am also enthusiastic and a bit bubbly.
doesn't make you dumb.
she is smart. you try cooking and talking to camera all at the same time.

I didn't say that i Do look like her, i just said that i wouldn't mind it if i DID look like her.
She is very comfortable in front of the cameras, and when she does screw something up, she manages to get out of it with out getting to ruffled.
I watched an episode of 30MM where she was mincing garlic and she actually knicked her finger. It was obvious what she had done, but she just snatched her hand away quick like and just kept right on choppin and droppin., never missing a beat.
I did a number on my finger with a mandolin, and i thought it was the end of the world. Needless to say, we did not eat the scalloped potatoes that night as i wasn't quite sure where the tip of my finger went!!

lol! sorry to hear that..finally,some people who can appreciate the down to earth, humanly qualities Rachael has without picking on every single thing; down to what kind of clothes she should or should not be wearing.


I hope you didn't misunderstand my earlier post, I was defending rachael. I was saying that most men DO want a woman with a little meat on their bones. I'm almost 5'9" and weigh about 150lbs, I am no where near being overweight but I do have curves. I have two kids I've earned these curves!!!

By the way Marilyn Monroe was a size 14...

Rachel Ray is the reason that waiters get bad tips! There are amateur diners that watch her show and when they go out they tip 10% because Rachel does it and Rachel's cool! I think she's doing a terrible thing by stating that tipping on the bill is the thing to do! Standard tipping is 15%, and that's if the service was so-so. The point of tipping is to let the server know how much you appreciated their service! It's good karma, bitch!
Please you fucking Rachel followers do not follow the terrible example set by Miss Cheap Ass and tip shitty!

WOW!!! Is a 10% tip worth getting that worked up over? I think most people with common sense tip what they want, not what Rachael tips on her show. I think someone needs some anger management!

Oh goodie, another foul mouth decides to jump on the band wagon.
As i have said before, if you paid attention to her tab, you would see that she tips appropriatly.
If one chooses to over tip, thats up to them.
Some of the wait staff on $40 a day, barely even smiles anyway. Must be camera shy.
Those of you who have to drop the F bomb to get your points across, it doesn't work.
If you only knew how stupid and ignorant you appear.

Hey Patameo, You celebrate parts of yourself?
Yikes, one can only wonder what that could possibly mean!!

Hmmmm, i have a rather nice tush. Maybe i'll celebrate it. Ya, i'll pretend that today is celebrate my ass day.
And i think tomorrow will be "celebrate my boobs day."
Just be real careful where you put those candles.

Rachael is funny and charming and a great cook. A true treat to watch. And I, too, dream about her while watching her cook. Keep up the great work. I cant wait for the talk show, moreso just to show you LOSERS how much a success she is (she is the food network and they know it as well).

Sorry for the foul mouthed language. It was something we got worked up about. We are both waiters and where we work it's not uncommon for us to get tips of 20%-50%. Most of our diners are very appreciative because they know they will receive exceptional service. I just don't want the public to think that it's okay to give a so-so tip. You can always get your food to go if you know you won't be able to tip well enough. I know that this is an easy job but when you are in school it helps alot. Whenever someone leaves a tip like that it's taken personally even if you did nothing wrong. I just don't think that the public is educated on proper tipping.

All that means is that I have a nice chest and I know how to dress to draw attention to it and away from my hips. My husband certainly likes it!

Don't try to read into posts to find what isn't there.

People who think Raytard has a great body should compare her to someone like Halle Berry.

Um you spelled "APPROPRIATELY" wrong, excuse me I mean "appropriatly". Also " Some of the waitstaff on $40 a day, barely even "smiles" ? anyway. I mean someone who is not ignorant such as yourself would hopefully send out a message with no spelling errors. Go back to grammar school and tip BIG on your next time to dine out, ****!

I think everyone who cannot be nice and people who bad mouth others probably do not have much self esteem themselves. Is everyone still in High School or something...cause most of you are acting like that does anyone really care about all the mean things you are saying...Rachel is great, she is not overweight and take if from someone who is only 90 lbs and 4'9", most guys like someone like rachel who has some meat on their bones rather than some over skinny girl like me.

Halle Berry has a personal trainer and probably a personal chef to look that good. Get real Patameo, the average American woman is 5'4" and a size 14(definitely not Halle Berry!!). Rachael is a healthy average American woman. Save your sorry ass fashion tips, and go celebrate your tits some more!

Hey Patameo,
I wasn't reading into anything. You posted something that sounded "goofy," what do you expect?

RR does a cameo on the FN for Christmas. She is very serious. She speaks of her late Grandfather, and how she and her family celebrate his memory with food and stories of him back in the day. There are no flailing arms, no laughter, just a sincere comment. It almost looked like she could have cried at the end.

Rachael is sweet. She deserves everything that she has worked for.

Oh for Pete sakes people, come on. It's the holidays. Don't you have at least one nice comment for others. I'm sure you do, we all do. Let's at least share those with Rachael until after the New Year. It's not that hard to do. Merry Christmas to you Rachael, and a Happy New Year too. I sure have enjoyed your show. And best of luck to you and your new husband. See, it isn't hard to do, and for those who appreciated it, Merry Christmas to you and yours too! And pass it along.

So lets give credit where credit is due. Rachel didn't just fall into this, she did pay some dues along the way. When she was given the ball, she ran with it. From what I see, there are several types posting here: Those that took the ball and ran, those that were born with the ball, those that if given the ball would have no idea of what to do with it and those that will never get near the ball.
In my book Rachel is ok and much better than reality TV. At least she makes some go back to the kitchen and try to create something.
If you really want to rat on something, how about alot of the new music?, invading the air waves and contributing to society's moral decay. Now that's indigestion!

As for Rachel being fat, I think not! She is just thick and curvy. More women should be like her, instead of skinny. An MM body.... Delicous!

That was a wonderful Christmas sentiment. But........ Do you think that just because it's Christmas folks are going to like Rachael any better?
It would be nice if people could put their hates on hold for a while. December 25th is just another day to a lot of folks.
I have a son in law in Kuwait as we speak. I hate that idea. That's a good reason to hate. He will not be sitting at the table or opening gifts with the kids, that's hate. He is at risk every day so that we can celebrate, that's hate.
You hate RR because she's fat, or loud or childish, and the list goes on......... We should be ashamed of the trivial reasons, myself included.
When Christmas morning comes and everyone is hoopin and hollerin, reflect on what you have. Think briefly about what happened on 9/11, look at the empty chair at the dining table, comfort your daughter when she cries because she misses her husband. Or when she tells you that she hasn't heard from him in days. Now she waits for the knock on the door or THAT phone call from hell, that's hate.

I just want to thank everyone who came to Rachels defence. Perhaps together we can put a stop to all these jealous hate mongers in hopes that they will direct their efforts torwards issues that really matter.
Well, today I was able to get out of work early, so I came home and turned on the Food Channel. Happy I was to find Rachel doing a 60 minute holiday meal. Yes, I was thirsty and decided to have some fun, so I opened a beer and poured it into one of my favorite pilsner glasses and waited for EVOO. By the end of the show I finished my beer. Nice it was to drink to you Rachel as I don't like to drink alone.
Cheers Rachel
And A Merry Christmas to You

Rachel Ray was okay when she started, but I've never really liked her. She's too enthusiastic about recipes that I learned how to prepare when my mother first started teaching me to cook, which was when I was 10 or 11. I think what really made me start to dislike her is the whole EVOO thing ...

i think some people on here have the right idea...if you like RR or hate her,Merry X-mas to her,and everyone else..and a Happy New Year :o)

:o) :o) :o) :o) :o) :o) :o)


:o) :o) :o) :o) :o) :o) :o)

Thanks for all the Merry Xmas'. I am sure RR appreciates it, and its a very positive comment to help spread cheer. I am sorry I forgot to mention our loved ones in the military, I was only thinking of RR at the time because of all the mean and hateful comments being made to her, then about others, then to each other. I dont know, alot are probably thinking who is this person to ask us to do something nice for RR. Although I do enjoy RR very much, I guess I am just a person who likes to see the good in people, and especially during the holidays. I guess it doesnt matter who you are, or who the person on comment is. Everyone deserves a little happiness or cheer in some way. So thats what I was looking for, and for those who had a Merry Christmas for her and others, may blessings and more reasons to spread good cheers find its way to you, and the loved ones who you carry dear. Merry Christmas everyone!

I like to watch RR's show and listen for all the accidental sexual references she makes while cooking. A couple classics are:
"I love nuts!"
"I like to pound my meat to make it more tender."

After hearing things like that, and looking at her curvy butt and perky little chest, I usually finish myself off whilst fantasizing about rubbing her whole body down with EVOO and making hot love to her right on the kitchen counter.

Oh, and I have made several of her recipes, including the chicken mug pie, the chicken-chorizo stoup, and chicken-curry-in-a-hurry. I think they are tasty dishes that are inexpensive, filling, and fun to make.

I just got her magazine. It's better than I thought it would be.

It's nice to know that you like Rachael, and that you have made several of her dishes, but your gross.
Who the hell wants to hear about you playing with yourself. Eeeww!!! Save that for another site, creep. Merry Christmas.

GEEZE.... seems we have quieted the hate mongers and now have the carrot cuffers. Where do you all come from?

I cant stand Rachael Ray. Her voice is like nails on a chalkboard. My wife puts here on TV and then leaves the room to go do her hair.... leaving me alone with the annoying bag of stupid phrases, while I'm in the next room at my pc. Does she ever shut the hell up? Why cant she just cook .. and shut up while she's doing it? She might be more liked if she could master the whole "not-flapping-her-mouth-non-stop-while-supposedly-cooking" skill. I say "supposedly cooking" because i don't listen to her past the dumbass phrases, and wanna-be cute crap she tries to display. She maybe really cooking, but i dont know or care if she is or not.

I'm not sure who to strangle first.... Rachael Ray, or my wife... for leaving the room with her on TV.

She has got to be the most annoying person on TV since that damn Dell kid.

In conclusion ... someone please shoot me in the face several I dont have to hear her anymore.

...or you could get up and change the channel. i assure you,you won't die.

Some of you guys are such cry babies. We women are subjected to putting up with your "stuff" i.e. sports, which i don't mind football, westerns, car races, whatever it may be. In my instance, it's the Simpsons. Every nite at 6:00 their on. I just go find something else to do. Our daughter bought my husband a life size card board replica of Homer, which is on display in our bedroom. I can put up with it.
At times, my husband will sit through 30 MM, he doesn't comment, he just sits. Half way through it, he will leave the room and do something else.
When Paula comes on, he will watch it all. He also likes Giada, and Sandra Lee.
For those poor baby husbands who whine all the time, you have several choices. Go find something else to do, period. You seem to subject yourselves to this so you have something to whine about later.

Fame At Its Most Toxic
Please, Please, Please Make These Celebrities Go Away
December 27, 2005
By GREG MORAGO, Courant Staff Writer Make it stop!

If that's what you feel like shouting every time you see Lindsay Lohan, Paris Hilton or Jennifer Aniston, you're not alone. The celebrity machine worked overtime this past year, churning out thousands of media blurbs about every hiccup of the likes of Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey, Teri Hatcher, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie and the Olsen twins.


Enough is enough already. Here's our list of the most overexposed personalities of 2005, with a holiday wish that we see and hear less from these monstrously over-chronicled celebrities.

Rachael Ray: She's there, everywhere you turn. Those supermarket commercials. That magazine. Those cookbooks. And the four shows on Food Network. With her own cooking lexicon and that demented grin, Ray nearly equals Emeril Lagasse as the most irritating and annoying presence on cable television. (Ray should take a lesson on overexposure from Mr. Bam, whose network TV show was gone in a flash.) But no, more Ray is on the way; she's landed a deal for a daily talk show produced by Oprah Winfrey that will bow next fall. EVOO? Extra Vacuous Overexposed Oaf.

It's not going away, it will never go away. This is what makes the world go around. If it weren't for the tabloids, i would have nothing to read while standing at the check out. ( i don't buy).
I don't care about movie celebs, but i don't have to, who cares. There are many mongers who just can't get enough!
As far as people shouting at the likes of Paris, Lindsay or Jennifer, don't look. Now here comes, none other than, Anna Nicole. So what! This is what they do. They are in the media whether we agree or disagree. They make money by doing what they do. They are called actors.
I can't get why you would put RR in that class. She must be doing something right, she's there, your not.
Hey, if i was bringing in the bucks like these folks, i wouldn't give a crap what others thought of me.

Hope you had a Merry Christmas Rachael, and have a Happy New Year too, It looks to be an exciting one for you. All of us in our home are sure proud of you.

You sound like you know Rachael on a personnal level, being that everyone in your home is proud of her.

We have been a friend of Rachael's for quite some time, about 6 years now. My kids adore her, and she is fun to have around. I haven't seen her for a while now, but we still hear from her. So in case she sees the comments here, I just wanted to tell her that her Idaho family says hello.

i really hope she doesn't see the comments here. Though a person like her wouldn't waste their time on something like this.
She would just laugh anyway, and i'm sure she would have a few comments of her own!!

my dad loves Racheal Ray!

Rachael does sometimes look at posted comments on the internet and in magazines. She doesnt get mad or angry at them, sometimes shocked. But she isn't the type of person that would get mad about peoples opinions who dont even know her personally. Now if it were a friend or someone she loved and cared for like a friend or family member, then yes she would be hurt. But this, this is just meaningless gossip, and angry comments from points of views, not facts. Thats how she puts it. If we all took the mean "grade school" teases and nasty comments on very, very shallow low rent language levels. Noone would ever be able to look in the mirror and say " I'm very proud of who you are becoming " and maybe even a "you look great" so we can keep the smiles on our faces and feel good about us, through us. Rachaels a very happy go getter kinda girl, and shes very positive with who she is. It makes her pleasant to be around. Happy New Year Rachael, and to everyone!

well said! :o)

If you watch the earlier shows, she was bareable but NOW, she is way, way too much and annoying and I don't care how much she spends on $40 a day she is a cheap tipper!!! She uses way too much nutmeg, real Italians don't use as nutmeg, unless you are from the north. Most Italians don't consider Sicilians as real Italians either. She never talks about her father always her mother and her grandfather. Emeril live sucks, how come he doesn't feed the whole audience, I hear he feeds just the people in front who are friends of producers, ect. And all the shows that have friends over I don't want to see Ina Garten's or Michael Civerallo's friends or Gita's friends eating. I want to see the receipes and just them tasting the food. By the way Rachael puts too much food on her plate at the end of each episode.

Alton Brown is very informative but the camera angles are getting to me to fancy such as from inside the refridg or inside the oven. Just cook and show us how you do it. Don't be too funny or cute it is so annoying!!!!

Excuse me...My Mother in Law is right off the boat from Sicily. She is about as Italian as you could get. Many of my in laws can't even speak English. Where do you get off saying Sicilians are not considered to be Italian???
You apparantly don't watch the FN often either. It's Chiarello, not Civarello. And who is Gita, me thinks it's Giada.
Maybe you should get your story straight before you post.
"Gita," sheesh, your a FN fan, not!!!
And by the way, my Mother in Law uses a lot of nutmeg as well. And if you sprinkle some in your greens, it really adds something nice to the recipe.

my, you heifers on this blog can't stand to see someone make the practical popular, now can you? rachel ray doesn't show people how to make refined meals, she shows them how to make practical fast meals. i've been in the foodservice industry for over 20 years, and i have seen more arrogant, fat, stuck-on-themselves chefs come and go - and they all specialize(d) in the types of cuisines you cows seem to be so enamored with. did you pudgy twats ever stop to think that rachel ray shows people how to cook food that approx 90% of the home cooking demographic would RATHER cook?? she's econimical, true to her form - quick easy meals with a little creativity, and she's pretty cute, too. i'd like to see some of you Holstiens in fhm. !gasp! ~ look at those wrinkles!!

You dont wanna see people enjoying a meal together? Or see the chefs teach cooking skills on an entertaining level? It makes it even more enjoyable to watch, and it adds a personal " spice " to who they are. And I think the food amounts on the plates are for presentation instead of servings, more always looks better to the palate when its "Good Eats". Funny and cute......annoying? Come now, did someone take a tinkle in your stocking?

I'm sort of taking it off subject for a minute. It's regarding tips. There have been several occasions where i have wanted to leave no tip at all.
I have had the dis pleasure of over hearing servers make mean and nasty comments about customers. Comments regarding their body size, the way they eat, how much they eat, even remarks such as, i've been running my ass off here, i better get a good tip. Better get a good tip, or what? What are you going to do if you don't get a good tip?
Even when my service has been the worst, i manage to leave 15%. I hate the idea, but i do it anyway. Many times i have left 20% or a little more.
I have been served by wait staff with filthy aprons, hair flying all over their heads, thong underware straps poking out from their pants, wagging boobs under a braless T shirt, but my service was good for the most part. In turn, a decent tip was left, but i didn't go back.
I have been in wonderful fancy restaurants. Everything was immaculate, including the staff. But my service was lousy. No water refills, no coffee refills, wrong orders, no salad, and no smiles. Hence, 15%, against my better judgement.
On one occasion, the server was out side taking a smoke break, as i passed by her going into the restaurant, we both said hello to each other. 10 minutes later, she walked right past me and proceeded to take an order, her second stop was the salad bar to fill plates for her customers. This girl never washed her hands. I know that doesn;t dismiss a tip, but wouldn't one wash their hands after smoking.
Some, NOT ALL, notice, NOT ALL servers are rude and cranky. I have had miserable servers. If your having a bad day, oh well, don't bring it to work, then whine when you get a not so good tip.

I would much rather get dinner over with as soon as possible. Getting home after 6 pm is not the time to get "creative." Lots of times dinner goes in the microwave for hubby. It's bad enough he can't sit and enjoy dinner wih his family, it would be worse if i created a master piece and he had to eat it second hand, 2 hours later.
Weekends or days off from work, i might get in the kitchen and whip up something wonderful. I enjoy doing it, family enjoys eating it, and i wasn't exhausted.
I don't bother with table scapes or changing the curtains in my kitchen with every new invention. I don't embelish, nor do i make things look like they are growing extra parts.
If i ever went to the base ball field with my son, grill in tow, with glass pitchers making foo foo drinks for the team, my son would die. Who does that?? Sandra Lee has a table scape for every friggin occasion. That is way over the top. Rachael gets it done. She is quick, effective and there is no embelishing nothing. She is in the kitchen and at the table all in 30 minutes. Who wouldn't love that? And the best part is that there is very little cleanup.
Sandra, Emeril, Mario etc. are ok if you are fortunate enough not to have to work, then you have time to prepare and embelish and set a beautiful table. Don't get me wrong, it's a beautiful thing, if you have time. Rachaels shows are geared toward the folks who don't get home early enough to do the fancy stuff. She's a git r done gal, and that ok with me.

Why is it that everytime i have tried to post lately, it tells me that an error has occurred? Now watch it make a liar out of me and show up.

Clean up your nasty mouth Shannon, and grow up while you're at it.

Allow people to have a differing opinion. Did I insult you? NO, so you have no right to insult me.

I don't think she insulted you per say. She just commented on your comment.
If you post something that is "bait," expect feedback. Folks post stuff that makes no sense, or sounds plain stupid, and what may make sense to the poster, serves as fodder for the reader.
One can't really get upset with the replys, as it's a "you asked for it" situation. If you can't take it, don't dish it!!!

Grow up Shannon, and clean up your language. You're nasty, and not only to me. Get off my back.

Edit before you post: COMPETENT

Did I insult you? NO, so you have no right to insult me. Allow someone to have a different opinion. I can do so and be polite. Apparently you cannot.

Wait, maybe you're shaped like a pear, Like RR is and you don't want to hear the truth.

No one here can deny that there is a huge difference between how RR acted a couple of years ago compared to now. I recently saw part of an old 30MM, and was amazed at the difference. She chatted and cooked normally. She did not yell everything she said, flailed her arms far less, did not run around like a demon, and used less of her silly catch-phrases. She was much more low key, and watchable then.

I'm done with this board. Apparently I am not allowed to express my opinions without someone personally insulting me.

Why are you taking this "stuff" to heart? It is not like you know any of these folks. This is just a "debate," where sometimes it gets a little weird. If it's to bad, it will be deleted.
Each and every one of these folks have different opinions, some not so nice, but desensitize yourself and roll with the punches. You can give it right back if you want.
You don't like RR, thats fine.
Others, including myself, like RR, thats fine too.
I will say that sometimes this board can get a little "hairy," but, if you are to sensitive to the responses, maybe you can re think what you are going to post.
If you are up for the fight, say whats on your mind, and retaliate. Pouting and giving up shows your weakness. It's theraputic to give it back, sometimes...
There a many "not so nice" folks out there, some of the are right here. But who cares, it's a game of faceless people.
I don't care what comment board you go into, it's the same thing.
So "buck up" and go along with it.

I USED TO love Rachael, then she just got so annoying and loud, and her recipes seemed to get more dsgusting. She used to be calm but cute, and also cheerful, like your good friend. Now she yells instead of speaking, she has to gesture for every syllable, and has that weird crooked smile and giggle every time she says something. Not to mention her clothing is not at all flattering.

IMO her fame has made her overdo what everyone liked about her. And she seems to really think that this choice of tops that are too small which accentuate her very non-existent breasts and larger hips are somehow attractive.

Hey, I don't think she is heavy, but really, she has put on about 20lbs at least if you look at her older shows. This is kind of funny because she always is giving diet advice and claiming to cook "healthy" 30min meals! lol

This week is particularly hillarious because they must be showing a lot of shows which focus on light and healthy meals. Rachael is shown in older shows cooking some pretty good simple meals, and then we get the manic, over the top loud Rachael from last year in the next episode, and she has put on a lot of weight, and seems to throw in every bit of crap in to her recipes. You need a mylanta and a cholesteral pill just to watch her!

Sorry Rachael lovers, I used to be one of you. I defended her for many months, then she just got embarrasing to watch in public in her 40DD or Tasty Travel fiascos.

Now many times I hate to admit it, but I watch her just to see how odd she will be.

Maybe Oprah will train her and send her to a good doctor who can get her the meds she needs. Honestly, she looks like a person who is having a manic episode with her insane giggling, hand gesturing and loud voice. She also makes a fool of herself in public (like yelling and cheering after an opera performance. Maybe the tabloid article about her "daddy" is right, and he is bipolar, and Rachael inherited his gene for manic chemical imbalances.

Part of me actually felt sorry for her watching how foolish and manic she behaved in her Holiday in 60 episode. Her voice was so loud you needed to turn down the volume. She was giggling non stop. She waved her arms so much to tell us the same old nutmeg story about the spice that makes you go "hmm", that pieces of nutmeg went flying out of the jar.

She needs to go back to her old self, or IMO she will be a joke when she gets her own talk show. She is like a Saturday Night Live parody of herself now.

Sorry if this pisses anyone off, but I used to like her, now she is like something I watch to see how odd she will be.

I have been a RR fan for a long, long time, but.........
Though i am beginning to see some changes here. I do notice a hugh difference between "then" & "now."
She is loud, she has put on some weight, she does use her hands a lot. And though i did not hear about her screaming out at the Opera, i can see her doing that. I also did not hear about her running down the aisle at her wedding, but, sorry to say, i can see her doing that too.
As far as her smile, thats part of her, you can't change that.
I really don't think it's fair to drag her father into the mix either. Whether he had problems or not, it is not up to any one of us to make that determination. No one is perfect.
I have to agree about her size. She is packing on the pounds. Birth control causes weight gain, maybe that the problem. I'm just guessing here.
I find that i don't watch her as often as i used to, i am hoping it's because i don't have tons of time, not because i'm not interested!!
I still like her. I have tried to cast doubt on her, even just a little bit, and i feel bad for saying what i said. But, oh well. When the truth is right in front of you..........
Sorry Rachael fans, i am still one of you, for now.
It is 11:00 a.m. EST, 30 MM comes on at noon here. I am going to watch it.

Sadly, I did witness her wedding video, I felt like I was watching an old friend lose it on tv! She was giggling and skipped down the aisle. It was a beautiful setting, and she just came off so off the wall! Then she did giggle during her vows. On her NYC tasty travels, she yells out and cheers like she is at a baseball game for an opera performance at a restauraunt.

I am not trying to drag her dad or her past into this to pick on her, just saying her drastic, manic, loud and spastic personality is alarming. She almost acts like it's something she can not control lately, and when you look at her old shows, it's like she has truly become unglued. Sometimes bipolar or manic behavior is inherited, and I am just saying her drastic change could be attributed to that. Not making fun of her, just truly wondering if the woman has had a chemical imbalance issues lately.

I know some of you love her, but please look at her old shows, she literally trasformed into a manic person, and really it's kind of sad in a way.

I dont blame her for her smile or how it looks, just that she has a weird version of her smile on all the time and giggles non stop. It makes her look like she is really losing it!

I used to truly enjoy her shows, I must say that I did have a problem and wonder about her this summer when she really got into competing with 8 year olds for a watermelon eating contest, and bragged and cheered like a child when she one.

If all of the stories about her past are at all true, I think this woman is losing it, and is in need of some advice and mentoring.

I hear ya, and i hate to admit it, but i do agree!! Now i feel bad.
She was much easier to take back in the day. She really puts out a ton of energy, and i have noticed, on occasion, where she seems like she's out of breath.
Maybe she is just super happy, just being married and all. She has many irons in the fire, i'm hoping that is whats adding to her silly state.
Some people just get real super happy when good things come to them.
I hate the fact that she is making so many people loose faith in her. Seems like i have been following her forever, but i find myself changing the channel when she is on.
There is someone on this blog that claims they have known her for six years, maybe they could clue her in. Maybe she does need to be medicated, maybe the producers are telling her to act that way, who knows.
I suggest that if she doesn't take it down (a lot) she stands to loose many fans.

Chesse burger salad?! SACRELIGE!SACRELIGE! iN THE NAME OF CULINARY ARTS WHY???!!!!!!! and about her being the hottest woman on food network, I DON' TINK SOOO!!!!!! if any thing it would be that smokin' former playmate looka like Sandra Lee! YEOWZUS!

Sandra Lee!!! YUCK.....
She has a serious droopy boob problem, her fanny is as flat as Rachael's chest, and she has no hips at all.
And whats up with those painted on eyebrows?
She is friggin ugly, IMO of course.
I would take RR over her any ol day.

ew,sorry Sandra Lee..forget the fact her boobs are droopy..are they even real? she should really stop with that fake tan too.

Maybe this explains her change from a cute, fun and entertaining cook, into a over the top, giggling. hand gesturing manic'. It's a blind item, but gee it sure sounds like it could be rachael. And it would explain her behavior that she doesn't seem to be able to control lately!

blind vices

One Chatty, Snorty Blind Vice

Ugh. At midnight, your pooch threw up on the desinger sofa. Then your man says those crabcakes didn't sit well with him. And you're in the medicine cabinet looking for the damn Alka-Seltzer. All the while, you know the Lincoln Town Car's gonna be waiting for you tomorrow. Oy. And you gotta be camera-ready on top of it! And perky! Really perky!

Yes, the life of a sickeningly popular boob-tube personality is demanding. How does one do it?

With cocaine, you twit. Every dummy knows that, nowadays. It's like any idiot who's halfway rich 'n' famous is back at Studio 54 again--only with less hairspray and jobs to go to in the ayem.

And the above tired-ass, drugged out, fake-smiled act certainly applies to Babe Dimple-Doo. In fact, this scenario fits Ms. D.-Doo so damn well, I'd say it's a miracle some tawdry story about the deceivingly demure dame hasn't surfaced in the tabs already. Gosh, wonder why that is?

Smarty Babe cut a deal, that's why.

Sundry supermarket rags enjoy regular access to BMs. Dimple-Doo's meatloaf recipes, bathroom designs and parlor-room thoughts whenever they so please. But hands off the powder trail! No surprise there. G.P. is all about the trčs-accessible image, see.

Like I always say, home is where the speeding heartbeat is, right?

and it ain't: Kathy Lee Gifford, Judge Judy, Nancy O'Dell

source: E!Online

Ya, i think their real. Do fake ones sag? All the boob jobs i know about sit on ones chest like rocks. Either that, or it's a boob job gone bad. End result, silicone implants that fell into her nips.
If she pulled them up to where they are supposed to be, she wouldn't be able to see her feet.

Maybe Rachaels real personality is just coming out since she is confident and comfortable. Sad to think this freaky spaz is what she really is! I think she is ridiculous too.

Sandra Lee at least can go in public without behaving like she was raised in a barn. I don't care for her much, but Rachael - or Raytard as someone appropriately called her is just a spasitic idiot.

Oh and today she is cooking "healthy" meals with Panceta cooked in olive Oil (evoo!), Panceta is italian bacon (sorry if I spelled it wrong). yeah that's healthy! lol

Oh and also she has a onion and tomato salad drenched in evoo!

No wonder she looks like she has put on a ton of weight.

Oh and BTW her highlighting on her hair is nasty!

OMG just finishing watching her "diet"recipe. She truly is stupid. She cooked bacon in oil - yummo! Then she puts escarole in it and puts butter on it! Oh and handfuls of parmasean on the spaghetti in her low carb meal!

Oh and to top it off she says a doctor would love this mess of fat, cholesteral and white flour carbs!

Even if you dont care about gaining weight, her recipes look like something that would cause a diarhea attack or heartburn.

She truly has snapped!

Rachel is hot. her show is worth watching just to get a view of that juicy butt.

Her ass is smokin. I would like to pour some evoo in her crack and have a meal.

If any one knows anything about low carbs, you would know that the meal RR prepared was well within the limits.
One can eat cheese, bacon and small amounts of pasta. Olive oil is very heart friendly as well.
Greens are very good for you, as is tomatoes and onions, and yes, you are allowed to use EVOO in your salad.
There are times when RR gets on my last nerve, but i move to something else. There are days when i am really interested in what she is doing, so i watch.
I have found myself making her recipes, and to my amazement, they have come out really good. A few i've tried, flopped. IMO, she has got a very pretty face, and the highlights just accent her skin tone.
She could probably stand to loose a little around the middle though.
She could really tone down her child like behavior as well.

yeah, her recipes are so good and healthy she looks like she has packed on about 30lbs in about 2 years! I would love to see her cholesteral reading! lol

I used to think her recipes looked good, and in her old shows they do. Simple, not overdone. Now her recipes are as over the top and sickening as she is.

I cant wait for this lunatic to get her own show. She will be the best joke to hit TV, and comedians and Saturday Night Live won't even have to exaggerate to make her look silly1

OK OK...
I"m trying to defend her here. Maybe, just maybe, she is on birth control. That makes some women gain weight.
I can't believe she eats everything she puts on her plate at the end of each episode of 30MM. That is a lot of food, and many times, desert is included.
Unlike Giada, who takes courtesy portions, Rachael heaps up her plate. I hope that is just for show.

Why does it matter how much she puts on the plate? ( which is usually just for presentation reasons. ) And why does it matter how much she weighs? Jeez people grow up and see it for what the show is for, the opportunity to learn to be a creative cook. Thats it. Petty comments on weight and giggles only make you look shallow on yourselves, like you didnt understand the purpose of the show. Cause it aint a Jenny Craig show.

amen to the above comment.

It doesn't matter to me. I am a fan of hers.
I wouldn't care how much she weighs. I am defending her.
There are other reasons why a person is heavy, not necessarily due to over eating.
I don't think it would hurt her if she lost 20 pounds, seeing that she weighed less a year ago.
As far as the amount of food she puts on her plate, i was hoping for presentation purposes only.
I have been defending RR all along. But i am getting a little tired of her childish antics. When she starts going over the top, i find something else to do. She does get very silly at times, and it annoys me to think that a grown women could stand in front of millions of people and act like an ass. She just needs to bring the "duh" act down a notch. I say "act" because i am sure she is a very smart business women, look how far she has gotten?
I do understand the concept of the show, as i incorporate RR into my kitchen many times.

I really care what she weighs, but when she is giving advice for weight loss and is growing on the screen it's funny. Also I dare say that most people love her perky personality, more than her cooking

What?! "Smokin' booty"?! PULEZZZ! Jus because its big doesnt alway make it nice! And who ever said the thing about pouring some evoo in her crack and having a meal, SICK! SICK! like you would even have to pour it on, she eats so much of it it probably spills out on its own like she has a bad cause of the runs!!!!!

The only thing that RUNS around here are BIG MOUTHS.
Just a big case of diarreah from the pie hole. So, she has a big ass, so what, i'm sure she is well aware of that.
I'm rather well endowed in the back end, and i like it.
Closer to the bone, the sweeter the meat, no way. Ill take thick over a stick any day.

Hey ray-ray sucks. She is however not fat. I cannot believe I am even writing this. So what she is super spunky, annoying and famous. It seems that some of ya'll are just jealous. It blows that out of the prgramming day @ FTV that she is predominant (TEVO). It is a monopoly - but, point blank the b-tch sells. I can admit that I am slightly jealous. I am a formally trained chef that works @ least 10 hours a day 6 days a week. She sucks and is hopefully ephemeral. She is not fat unless everything I have seen in print has been dr'd. Petty petty people. I bet she is a nice person. Annoying, but nice.

We don't use the word "jealous" anymore.

PEOPLE!!!!! Damn!!!! especially you moronic critics, Her ass is phenomenal, and she's cute as hell. I suspect that most of you are a bunch of frustrated unsuccesful chefs or whatever , you pricks did not invent food , it's like songwriting ya know? comes from within mixed with whatever influences you, culinary arts? please! it's friggin' food!
Ya'll quit your hatin! Also Don't watch you Dumb ass!

Yeah, I'd like to cook my sausage in her Chambers...

True, there is war and people dying and some choose to use their energy to "hate" Rachel Ray. After taking some time to see why and watching her show...I see why. I could walk into a Villiage of starving people with her Cheese Burger Salad and they would just kill me, eat me, and leave the Cheeseburger salad for the vultures. I know the haters need a life here, but honestly if you defend this obnoxious twat, I guarantee you are the one at the office that everyone makes fun when youre not there....loser.

By the way, Rachel looks like a Mutant Dora the Explorer, to many Cheeseburger Salads I guess...shed be better off giving tossed salads ;)

yawn to the above poster. um...your own comment kind of backfires on're the one getting yourself worked up and angry over someone you apparently do not care for. and if you have to refer to anyone as a "twat" , that pretty much screams loser. try cleaning up your mouth,and maybe it will sound more interesting next time,buddy.

I find it hard to believe that people are comparing the war and people dying to that of a simple, meaningless, for entertainment purposes only, blog concerning food!!!!
You guys are weird, and many of you talk out of your ass!!! If you re read what you wrote, you would know just how simple minded you sound. Sounds like many of you share the same brain at best.
I am sure there are many educated professional folks that visit here, but by the looks of a lot of it, you would never know it.

Posted a comment earlier. Info came up regarding checking for spammers. What happened to my comment??

I find it totally inconsiderate for folks to compare war and dying to a comment page used for entertainment purposes only.
A lot of you sound like your talking out of your asses!
If some of you re read your posts, you would see that you sound like morons.
I can only assume that many of you are educated professionals that apparantly share the same brain. What a shame to invest so much money into an extended education only to produce jackasses. To bad college loans are non refundable, as several of you wasted your money.
If some of you idiots are college age, i can't even comprehend that you are our future.

Entertainment and world hunger are two distinct subjects.
So if you want to comment on Ms. Ray, go for it. If not, then why are you here? If you want to feed the world, i suggest trying Americas Second Harvest or something!!!

By the way, I stopped watching $40 a day and any show with Ms. Ray. I am not jealous. I am a fantastic cook and have cooked special dinners for groups of up to 150 people. I just cannot stand her ridiculous chatter when she cooks. She has gotten worse. And the other shows, well, she ruins it for me. Its a personality thing. I enjoy humor and smiling, but she just irks me. So I stopped watching.

I think she is overexposed on Food tv and it is starting to get annoying.

And yes, I have two college degrees!

Have a great day and share a meal with a friend.

Exactly, world hunger and entertainment are two distinct subjects. I don't think they should be used in comparison to each other. I do comment on RR, thats why i'm here. I do not use my comments about RR and world hunger together, as they are two seperate entities.

I agree with you. 30 minutes of non stop chatter is very annoying. I used to like her back when she was almost normal. She's out of control.

Her "chatter" is no different than another chatter box, Paula Deen. I am a fan of Paula's but, she has a few irritating habits as well.
Instead of a spoon, she should use a shovel to sample her creations. She shoves so much food into her mouth and then tries to talk. I am waiting for her to lay that egg with her cackling laughter. She has more faults but, who doesn't?
You pick out RR faults because you don't like her. If you liked her, you would find fault, but in a gentle way.
I love Rachael and Paula, but no one is perfect. I agree, RR can be most annoying at times, i just change the channel or leave the room.

Maybe Rachael can loan Paula a Spoonula.

Duly Noted!!!!

I just don't understand why people who hate Rachael Ray even watch the show. I mean you haters know all of her stories and her lingo... seems like there is something that is making you watch her! She is beautiful and I love her recipes!!!

Just checked out another food blog. Seems Rachael is appearing on Iron Chef with Mario. February 26. She is getting bad reviews already and the show hasn't even aired yet!! The secret ingredient????
Also, came across something that is hysterical. Check out tvgasims. There is a spoof about Giada and her cranberry pudding.
I find it funny that people claim they just can't stand RR, but they seem to go out on a limb to watch. One poster (not here), spewed the fact that he or she, just simply hates her, but...........they were looking very close as to see that Rachael has dirty fingernails!!!!!!!!! You have got to be kidding.

i was on the site that said get a free rachael ray cookbook, and i donot think that having to sign up for a bunch of crap is free. who even wants half of the stuff they present for us to choose from. rachael, keep your darn cookbook.

Ooops, i spelled it wrong, it's tvgasms.

Giada has the best show, it's fun to watch and learn from while we're all able to stare at her magnificent breasts!

Lay off Paula Dean, she's as sweet and loving as they come. And with all the hard times that she has gone through to get where she has arrived. I applaud her and her sons. Keep on cookin' and sharing your stories Paula cause you sure deserved it.

I don't think any one is speaking bad of Paula. There was just a comparison being made. A remark was made about Rachael's chatter. I, in turn, stated that I AM A FAN OF PAULA'S AND RACHAEL'S. But Paula is a chatter box too. Bad habits of RR were being exampled, so i picked out a few of Paula's. Many hate RR, so they rip into her with gusto, finding nasty things to say about her little quirks.
I love them both, i was gentle when it came to Paula. She even said on one of her shows that Michael tells her to take princess bites!!!
I agree, Paula has had a hard time of it. She deserves what she has and then some.
I am sorry that you misunderstood my comment.

I used to watch Rachel Ray all the time. She had great ideas and i loved her recipes. But now i find that i can't even sit through one show. She'll start out ok, but then something happens. It's one thing to be bubbly and excited about what you do, but she takes it to a bad place. Does she ever watch her shows? And if so how can she go back and do it over and over again?

Man, how did a simple love/hate RR blog turn into a blood bath? Who cares if she is/ is not fat. Has training/ no training. Has nothing to do about how she cooks, which I thought was the point of this blog. I admit, she is becoming more over the top with her vocab and hand movements. And some of her meals have come into question lately(RR- what gives with you trying to pass stale bread off as a bowl of gnocci? Shame on you!). But bottom line, she makes normal meals with normal ingrediants for normal folks. She's good entertainment. I do think, however, her talk show will not do as well and may hurt instead of help her career.

I really like her, not some of her ideas. There have been a few things that she has made that looked like someone puked in the pan.
And some of her combinations are kinda weird.
I must say, i do use the muffin tin stuffing idea, stuffin muffins, as she calls them. And the kids like the eggs, cheese and ham in the muffin tins as well.
Some of those burger ideas, yuckky.......

I am a RR fan, as a matter of fact I'm about to whip up a batch of meatloaf muffins right now! (my kids love them!!)

That being said,what the hell is a mopine(sic)? Why not say kitchen towel or dish towel? What bugs me about this is that her whole "gimmick" is that she is low maitenance ,down to earth girl (which is obvious in her cooking sometimes)so why use the fancy schmancy french(I'm guessing)term. IT'S A FRIGGING TOWEL!!!!!!

Oh, and to the person who posted something about RR cooking with her rings on........almost everyone on FN wears rings when they cook! Have you ever seen the rocks on Paula Deen's hands? Don't fault RR for doing something that most people do just because you don't like her.

Yer right. But the other nite when RR was mixing some kind of burger thing, she did stop to take her rings off.
I make meat loaf muffins too, though my baby is 16, he thinks their "cool." Have ya tried the egg and cheese and ham in the muffin tins? They are easy and tasty, but above all they are "cool" too!!! The fam approves, it's all good.
I tried the meatloaf patties in the fry pan on top of the stove. They were ok, they just tasted like a glorified hamburger.
My kids asked me for buns. So instead of trying to explain what they were supposed to be eating, i gave them buns. No big deal.
I salute Rachael for her quick fixes, as she has come to my rescue many times.

I have not tried the egg,ham and cheese muffins, but sounds good and easy for a weekend breakfast. I also tried the individual meatloafs with the pan gravy, it was good but I agree it was just hamburger with gravy.My family's favorite recipe is the quick ckicken soup and "fancy" grilled cheese sandwiches (sammies,gag!)

I find it senseless to bash Rachel Ray's personal appearance and habits when there are legitimate reasons to be angry with her.
She promotes abhorrent tipping practices on her show $40 a day. If anyone doesn't know, servers make $2.18/hr. So, 15% BEFORE tax is a little stingy for good service. The industry standard is 20%, and usually doesn't exclude tax. How cheap can you get, and the popularity of the show is perpetuating the ignorance of restaurant patrons.

If servers in your neck of the woods makes only $2.18 an hour, they need to talk to their boss.
My daughter is a server as well. When minimum wage was bumped up to $6.75 for NON servers, servers wages increased to $3.55.
She started out as a hostess @ $6.50, then got the increase when the laws changed. She got her .25 cent raise then moved to server. The hourly was less but the tips make up for it, obviously. In reality, it wasn't a raise, it was mandated.
I know a lot of restaurant folk, and no one i know makes $2.18 plus tips.We never add the tip to the bill, even when we put it on our charge card.
We always give the tip directly to the server. Some have to split tips with other waitresses and bussers, others keep the whole thing.
I was a cook at a Country Club and i had to split my tips with the other cook, even though he just stood there.

I love watching Rachel Ray on the food network. Most of all her $40 a day show.
I am a senior in high school and i am writing an essay on female chef's. If anyone knows how to get in contact with her i would love to know.. It would help me in my career choice as a Pastery Chef


As much as i love Rachael, she is NOT a chef. She also hates preparing desserts, as she has said more than once she is not good at baking. Her sister is the sweets person in her fam.
I suggest Gail Gand. She is a pastry chef, just the person your lookin for.
If you want to contact Rachael, there is a spot on Everyday with Rachael Ray where she answers fans questions. I don't know, maybe you could start there, it's just a suggestion.!!!!

What's a Pastery Chef?

A Pastry Chef is someone who has been educated in a Culinary setting. One earns the name, "chef" only after they have been formally trained and educated for that particular field.
RR is not a "chef" she is a "cook" as is Sandra Lee and Paula Dean.
Emeril and Bobby Flay are considered chefs.
Jacque Torres is a Pastry Chef as is Gail Gand. They specialize in sweets and desserts only.

That's a Pastry Chef. Pastery Chef. Forget it.

Hellooooo, what's the problem????

Has anyone ever noticed the fake labels on all of her store bought items? I realize that FN would probably have to pay a hefty sum if they used say like Kraft items, but I've seen Sandra Lee use name brand items on her show. On many occasions I've seen the labels fly off the frozen food and it even looks like they rebag everything for example the shredded cheese looks like it's in a sandwich bag! Or is that a sammie bag? Don't get me wrong I'm a fan of RR and I know she probably has no control over this, but FN has a butt load of money they could make her food labels look better, hell I could probably do better on my old Commadore 64 from the eighties!!!!

Just a thought......any comments?

Editor's Note: We encourage the use of the Shift key. Otherwise, no matter what you say, you come off as some Jeffrey-Dahmeresque loon. This would be a prime example of the phenomenon.

hey shannon..reason why they replace the labels on everything is because if they keep the labels on..that would be free advertising for each product they if kraft or birdseye or whoever isnt going to pay a price for the network to pull their food out of the cabinet and *endorse* it, they will use no frill learned that from pdiddy himself

Ina Garten's husbands name is Jeffrey, Your getting her mixed up with Paula Dean, her hubby's name is Michael.
Yer right though, Ina Garten is sloppy, she laughs at nothing all the time, and she breaths heavy, either due to weight, or maybe she smokes(i doubt it).

For some that are a tad slow on the upswing. please explain editors note.

For those of us who are a little slow on the upswing. Please explain "Editor's note"

What I don't understand is why does Rachael have to look like a movie star when she's only a TV Chef? This tall, thin, blonde conformity that has been popularized by the entertainment industry has totally warped people's minds about what real people actually look like. Nobody ever got all over Julia Child because she was 6 feet tall and not built like a model. Nobody even cared. Why do we expect female TV chefs to look like models today? I'd say more power to the Food Network for not hiring fake looking models for their female chefs. Meanwhile Emeril can let himself get fat and paunchy and no one says one thing about his appearance. What the hell is wrong with our society??? It's sexist !!!

About Rachael's weight, I have to say this: As a woman who is half Sicilian like Rachael is, I know that all the female family members on my Sicilian side had a "metabolism change" in their mid 30's. It happened to me too, and there isn't a whole lot one can do about it unless one has at least 2 hours a day for strenuous exercise. I am ten years Rachael's senior and I have trouble keeping my weight at 150 (I am 5'2" tall) even on a 1200 calorie a day diet with exercise. I doubt that Rachael is anywhere near my weight so the claims that she is fat are ridiculous, because I am not fat and I have a very handsome and sexy boyfriend who loves my ample butt area. So please, all you who bash her weight, get with reality and stop buying the myth that a little extra weight is a sign of weakness of character or something else equally as awful. Just wait until you hit the magic age when your metabolisms change and the the world looks down on you for it!

Rachael's show is average cooking for average people. For the purpose it is intended, it works. Why people insist she has to be a culinary master to serve that purpose is beyond me. The Food Network knows what it's doing in putting her on the air because she appeals to the masses of people in American society today that know absolutely nothing about cooking and need someone to prepare things that are more on their skill level. She also appeals to busy working people who don't have time to spend on ornate and fancy recipes. You can thank our fast-food culture for this, but bashing Rachael for it is ridiculous.

right on, Foodie!

One doesn't say much about Barefoot's weight, or her nervous laughter.
What about Emerils big paunchy belly?
Or the fact that he wipes his sweaty brow and keeps on cookin.
Mario, sweats like a pig over his soup pot, and he is a big, sloppy man.
Though i like Paula, she often appears like she may have has one to many. She is loud and shovels food into her face as though it may be her last meal.
IMO, Dan and Steve are totally gross, as is Robin Miller, who looks like she has had way to many botox injections, with Sandra coming in close seconds with her painted on eyebrows, sprayed on tan and a boob job
that took a turn for the worst. Then we have Giada, with a head the size of a watermelon,
and has more teeth than a comb factory. A lot of her popularity is partially due to her sex appeal, and don't forget who her grandfather was.
And the weight issue. Back in the day, i had a very nice figure, but with the big 50 looming in the background, nature has decided to send many parts of my frame, south. I have put on 10 pounds in the last year and no matter what i do, it won't go away. It's called "aging" and i'm sure we would all love to turn back that clock. (what is Sandra's excuse?) A lot of it depends on one's gene pool. Whether one is a Chef, a cook, a caterer, whatever, it depends on who we like, or not.
Rachael is adorable. She has a pretty face, nice hair, and a spunky personality. What is wrong with that? It's because she is where she is, and your not! See how petty it sounded when i was picking at others? That's how you sound. I wonder how many of you are perfect in face, body, mind and heart, i venture to say, not a single one, including myself.

Personal pride never comes from prejudice, envy, or criticism. If you have empty time, why not preoccupate yourself with building up (not tearing down the human spirit).
You might just get a new perspective.
We are all here doing what we can the best that we can.

Tearing and ripping people apart is doing what we can the best we can? Hello, what planet are you from? People here destroying Rachael from the top of her head to her feet. Everything from the way she holds a knife to (someone on another site saying) her finger nails are dirty.
I found certain things wrong with certain people and just let you all know how stupid you sounded. I love Rachael and Paula, i can tolerate Emeril and Mario, i just can't stand Giada, Sandra or Mr. & Mrs. Dan and Steve. Many on this site are doing the best thay can to tear RR apart.

Hey Jennie, I hope you don't think your gonna save this site with your preaching. Everyone has their point of view, some good, some not. That's what it's all about. Offer your point, but don't be so goody goody about it. Attack it, give it back. The cutsy approach just doesn't work. For me, your comment is just blah, blah, blah. IMO, OF COURSE.

blah blah blah What happened this site use to be fun! now its all "lets contemplate the universe" blah blah.... and to who ever called RR spunky, there's a fine line betwn spunk and annoying. when she 1st came out she was spunky, but now the true monster has come out, and it sure ain't spunky!

OMG she is so stupid and proud of it! She actually was on the insider taking about a 'typical italian breakfast" and said she eats melon, Prosciutto, a pot of coffee and champagne.

Typical Italian breakfast is a pastry and expresso.

My God she doesn't even try to sound intelligent! She is always advertizing her italian background but can't get what they eat right? Even somene who never was in Italy has heard of the continental breakfast!

And the pot of coffee? Well maybe that explains her manic behavior.

I used to love the fact she was "normal" but in a recent interview she brags about being what she calls "grossy underqualified" for every job she has ever had. And she says she can not help the fact she is annoying, and can't be bothered measuring or doing things correctly by culinary standards.

She is so full of it, she used to be tolerable and norma acting. Now she is a cartoon version of herself.

Its almost like she found out people liked the fact she isn't perfect and now is proud of being less than competent and irritating.

I used to enjoy her, now it's like she thinks it's cute to be a hyper idiot.

Racheal is correct when she described her I talian Breakfast. My in laws are from Sicily, and i have photographs of the big fams seated at the dinner table. They do eat prosciutto, and melon, they have espresso and regular coffee as well. I don't know about the champagne though. Every meal is bigger than the one before. They don't differentiate between breakfast, lunch and dinner, any thing goes. Like Americans eating cold pizza for breakfast. Many of them drink wine for breakfast. My husbands grandfather would drink a cup of espresso with a glass of wine on the side, early in the morning. There is always a mountain of fruit on the a.m. table, and meat and sometimes fish.
The French are pastry lovers in the morning.

Umm well not really. That is sicily, which is different from Italy in many ways. My mom is from Italy I spend a lot of time there, and NO ONE I see in Italy itself who has a TRADITIONAL breakfast eats like that. They have a continental pastry or bisquit and then expresso. American coffee is NOT tradition. Individual families my do different things but traditional Italian meals are little pastry for breakfast with expresso, bit meal at midday and a late dinner.

Then again, Rachael is so proud of being an incompetent loser and being grossy underqualified for everything, that she will be proud to just say anything and be totally off base. What a dip.

Thats correct. Her roots are from Sicily. She was describing what her end of the spectrun eats. They all have different degrees in what they do and how they do it. I know American coffee is not tradition, but if i went again, i sure could not drink espresso.
My husband can not drink that either, and knowing it is not traditional, his fam always manages to have our coffee on hand for us.
The inlaws are all about food, food, food, the more we stuff our faces the happier they are.
Each extension if Italy is so different. Like i said earlier, Rachael is expressing what her traditions are.

If you don't like her, don't watch her!
It's pure jealousy.
Now look, she's going to have her own talk show. I can't wait!
Quit whining and move on!!!

Rachel, you rock!!!!

I am FROM Sicily and it is NOT traditional to have american coffee, meet and melons for breakfast for heaven's sake! How ridiculous. Champagne? NOT ITALIAN! Here meal would be one eating more as something after the big lunch meal. Melons or fruit and prociutto are things AFTER a meal, and NOT traditional breakfast.

People in Italy, and Sicily like all over the world are picking up other ideas and modifying traditions, but traditional is NOT what Rachael describes.

Continental breakfast is NOT just French, it is Italian/Sicilian too.

Honestly, she is just so incompetent. I used to enjoy her shows also, but her behavior and manerisms and her stupid comments have made her annoying and stupid.

I did read the article with her bragging about being underqualified and about being too hyper to even make coffee correctly. Does she think it's cute to be stupid?

I think real is different from stupid, which lately Rachael is.

She needs to be back to the person she was BEFORE this fame went to her head and she thought everything she did was cute and needed to be exaggerated and overdone.

Giada really is more accurate to the european and italian cuisine.

It's frustrating seeing Rachael say stupid things and have people believe them, when as a person from Europe, I know she is just so dumb and knows not much about the food most of the time, and gives out stupid information.

I don't say she needs to be perfect, but she could at least make an effort to not be totally annoying and inaccurate. She also should learn how to act in public. I also used to enjoy $40 a day until she got weird and loud and inappropriate. Yelling out after an opera?

The absolute worst was when she competed with little children as if she were 8 years old herself in a corn eating contest this summer. She was so immature and stupid. She actually started bragging and yelling and waving her arms around because she won, while the REAL children were upset they lost.

I don't find her stupidity or immaturity cute or endearing.

I think Oprah is nuts to give this jerk a show. A year ago I would have thought it was a good idea, now she is just stupid and annoying, and proud of it!

You Rock Lina!

I was looking at a few pics from Rachael's wedding earlier today. And with all the hype about her being fat couldn't be farther from the truth. Not only was her wedding gown beautiful and flattering, but the dress she wore for her party told the story.
The dress was tight, low cut, and very form fitting. Her figure is beautiful. She was tanned and her hair fell straight over her shoulders. I always thought she was attractive, but after seeing those pics, she is gorgeous.
I think the "fat" comments should be re thought. Her mom and her husband planned the whole wedding, how sweet and romantic is that?
Her face told the story of just how happy she is with her life and her body, and her personality and everything that makes us who we are. I don't think that all the insults and nasty remarks could even phase her.
I'll have to admit that i feel a little envious of her, ok, a lot envious. A handsome husband, popular food celeb, a talk show in the air, a beautiful face and body, and the list goes on.
I will never remark on her again regarding her weight, or anything for that matter. She absolutly rocks, and the proof is in the pics. I would love to be able to wear her shoes for just a little while, but there is no one like Rachael Ray. IMO OF COURSE!!!!

I am so so sick of the lazy response of "you are jealous" when anyone dares express criticism of Rachael. I don't think she is fat, or stupid. But she seems to think it 's cute to come off stupid and incompetent and just says anything that comes to her mind without thinking.

As far as her wedding goes, I had started to become annoyed with Rachael, when I once truly enjoyed her. When I saw the wedding video, I just decided she really needed to get a grip fast! She was giggling like a manic person who needs a good dose of lithium. She was at a beautiful castle in italy, but she acted without any tact or class - as usual for her lately.

She went skipping down the aisle and giggled like a child through her vows.

It was embarrasing to watch her, since at that point I did still like watching her to a point.

She also just looked disheveled, like someone could have done her hair a bit better and like she didn't really take the time to dress well. Now IMO that is her choice, maybe that isn't that important to her. But I think it's sad, she looks like she is almost coming unraveled.

She once used to be informative, cute, funny and very real. I loved all of her shows. Maybe the fact she struggled so much has made her totally giddy and silly since she was not expecting to be so successful. But whatever has happened, is really sad.

I don't need someone to be perfect, but to act manic, wave your arms around and just try way way to hard to be too cute, is totally sickening.

She does act like someone who has a bipolar disorder and is on the manic side now. When she talks about not sleeping all the time, and her recipes are turning into a mess with tons of sickening ingredients, I wonder about her mental state.

During her holiday special she was embarrasing. Her arms waved so much she had spice falling out of a jar she was holding.

She looks crazed now. She acts ridiculous. Yelling after an opera in a restaurant is NOT cute or real, it's stupid and tacky.

Competing with children who are 8 years old, when you are 37 and acting like a big bragging child when you win is NOT real or cute, it's stupid and immature.

Now, I don't hate her, I just find it too bad that I used to enjoy her and realy related to her real personality and real recipes, and she did give good info.

Now it seems something is wrong. Saying she has "snapped" is right on to how I think of her.

I do believe after day to day shows the public will be mocking her, and that's too bad.

She also acts as though she can't help being so over the top, and says "what am I supposed to do?" in an article.

I want to say to her "Look at your old shows, and go back to being that woman!".

Lina, I have to say that despite the fact that I have defended Rachael on this site before, I watched a show of hers the other day and couldn't believe how manic and over-the-top she has gotten. It was too hard for me to watch her so I shut it off after a few minutes. I have to admit that I didn't realize how bad she has gotten very recently. I agree that she used to be a lot different, and in a good way. As time goes on she just becomes more and more exaggerated in her mania. I hope the stress of her success isn't taking its toll on her. Instead of bashing her, I am feeling sorry for her right now. She seems to have it all but if she acts like this something is definitely not right!

IT'S ABSOLUTELY HILARIOUS!!! Rachael has you BASHERS right where she wants you! TAlKING ABOUT HER!! Good or BAD. Guess what? Higher ratings too, because you are obviously watching EVERYTHING she does and says! You say you don't like her but WATCH HER, and in turn you make her RICHER and MORE FAMOUS!!!
Guess what else? SHE'S OUTSMARTING YOU!!

Right Jennie! 'Cause I'm so sure RR contemplated, and put to work such a plan. Yeah I bet she strategically thought out all her annoying mannerisms. Yup, I bet she’s eating a 30 minute meal right now, and thinking up more ways to get us all to talk crap about her. That GENSIS! Gosh, I'm sooo jealous of her right now! I'm just gonna have to turn on the TV right now, and watch her since that’s what I do. Oh wait, I stopped watching her months ago, when she got annoying. Nice theory anyway jennie,(seriously).

Well, I hope you two weren't talking about me, because I am not a "Rachael basher". I like Rachael but I am concerned about her based upon what I see. I agree with you that the bashers are ridiculous, though!

You guys are so fake, and talk about two faced!!! I hate her, she is so ugly, she so fat, she acts like a child, she is crazed, she is manic, she needs drugs or she's on drugs. BUT YOU CONTINUE TO TUNE IN!!!!
The list is endless....................
It's amazing how many of you simply can't stand her, but yet you all get enough info to be able to run to your computers and do what you do. She is just someone you love to hate.
I find her adorable, but there have been a few times when i have changed the channel, partially due to her chatter, but mostly because i basically had no interest in what she was making at that particular time.
We all have issues, lighten up on her a bit. She is doing something right or she wouldn't be where she is.


I love Rach. I think she's a lot of fun and I enjoy watching. While the recipe above is a little odd, I've actually had very good luck with her recipes. I have made many many recipes from the Food Network database and hers always turn out well. Believe me, some of the other chefs that you are NOT complaining about have recipes on there that don't turn out nearly as well or at all. So what if she's chatty?

Next thing you are going to say is that you hate Paula Dean because she has a a habit on taking bites of food on air then talking with her mouth full. WHO CARES? If you don't like the shows, don't watch! For the record, I love Paula as well.

Give Rachel a break. She's obviously working very hard. If you find her annoying, change the channel. :)

O.k......can we please stop with the "if you don't like her don't watch her"! we've all seen it posted here soooooooo many times, jeez I swear if I read that again I'm gonna puke! Which brings me to my next comment.....did anyone see RR on the insider last night? WTF? She said she doesn't like to be fussed over but "God bless hair and make-up people!!" What about her sniffing out the camera men? GAG!! Oh and my favorite was when she said she LOVES to feel the champagagne bubbles go all the way down????? It's like watching a trainwreck!!!

BTW did anyone see 30 min. meals "Cooking with Cami:Date night"?OMG!!!! Could she have been any ruder to that poor girl? She of course had her arms full of crap and tells the girl to "Move it!", then she yelled at her for not pouring the EVOO fast enough! Did you see Cami's face when she tasted that vile looking salad dressing!! I think I saw a tear.

The reason I keep watching is because it is great comic relief for me and my friends!

And remember.........A disgusting, UNhealthy meal is only 30 minutes away!!

All you Rachael Ray defenders need to get a life.

You think you're so original with your "love it or leave it" "if you don't like it, change the channel" sentiments.

Rachael Ray sucks, and I don't say it because I'm "jealous." I say it because the Raytard is loud, hung-over, and thinks a "cheeseburger salad" is a healthy meal. (OMG, the "cheeseburger salad" episode is on RIGHT NOW. Must be a rerun!)

I personally watch because I like making fun of her. I'd suspect that's why most of the Raytard haters in this discussion watch too.

It really does not matter what Rachael looks like or how much she gestures or how much energy she has. What she does have is personality and common sense. And what I do like is..her recipes are NOT gourmet! They are not tasteless! They are not complicated! I have prepared many of her recipes and they were outstanding! (by the way..if a recipes requires deep frying, I don't make it and I always switch the cheeses, mayo, meat, milk, etc to a low fat version) ....I suggest before you bash her...cook a few of her recipes. They are simple and tasty..even my very picky kids like them.

I myself suffer from severe depression and it is quite difficult for me to get the energy up to cook daily...and this has been a good solution for me- simple, delicious meals.

And back aways, someone commented about Rachael's parent's being on psyche meds. and calling her the manic side of bipolar...That is just mean. Mental illness is serious. Would these same people make fun of others with cancer? No one chooses mental illness. And life is not fun.
But her mental health is not my business, nor yours. I just know she is a lovely lady who whips up fabulous meals in a snap.

and the comment about bring the table out to the yard...reminds me of my own the table does not get larger, but you can fit more chairs around it outside

whether you think Rachael is overweight or not...let her be...there is plenty of room in this world for all kinds of people, all shapes of people, all colors of people, all sizes of people...why single her out?

It is not my job to judge people and I am sure glad it isn't!

I watch Rachael Ray and I do enjoy the shows..if I don't, I excercise my freedom to change the channel.

Ummmm, T, I think you need a reality check.....People who watch a TV show just to have more vile, hateful comments to spew about someone are the people who need to get a life, not the people who defend someone and watch their show because they find value in them!!!!

What are u talking about poster 'Have a life, thank you'? I think T made it clear that s/he finds value in RR, i mean they did say they watch cause RR's funny.

garbage in, garbage out....blah, blah,blah

Lighten up folks.

RR's 30 minute meals are aimed at real people working real jobs, and coming home to a hungry family, with truly "limited time" to cook up something quick, and preferably "cheap" that is reasonably easy to do, and will be willingly eaten by said "families"...

And RR does in fact"do" this, especially those that are still stuck in the "Hamburger Helper" aisle of the local groceteria...

And its a bit more challenging, at the groceteria if you come from "West Armpit" Kentucky (not picking on Kentuckians!) as opposed metropolitan NY, Chicago, LA, etc etc...where the offerings are a good deal more "profound" and, of course, cheaper...

Use of "EVOO" (an acronymn that I personally find quite acceptable) is quite incorrect, but again, RR is probably aiming this at lower income families that can only have one type of olive oil on hardly need use "EVOO" to panfry onions and garlic, but who needs to pay $6 for a bottle of the cheap stuff and not use the $8 bottle reserved for salads, dips etc?

I will never meet RR, or Bobby Flay or any Iron "claim to fame" is that I ate at K Pauls in New Orleans when Emeril was cooking (and it was a damn fine meal!), so what they "look like", their "weight problems", their "personalities" don't really matter a heck of a lot...I don't judge a person by appearance, and I suggest that such detractors take a good hard look at themselves in the mirror!

As for the $40 a Day thing, its fun to watch, its a great thought for travellers such as myself (I don't claim to get to travel quite so widely!) for finding some really decent meals in some out of the way places.

Maybe RR is not the perfect program for the aspiring home chef or semi-pro chef, but she is aimed at and helping so of those "culinary challenged" types...

Our visit to Italy in 2004 showed me that different regions cook very differently, and that North American "Italian cooking" is very VERY different from what I experienced over there.

On the other hand, most North Americans do not have access to genuine Italian ingredients or cooking means (ugh! Steak cooked in a pizza oven!)(lack of direct access to "real" Italian tomato, grown in that volcanic soil down by Naples...well, you might sense my point!

That's hardly RR's fault! Do you want some expensive "import" from Italy to come in with all the ingredients that you cannot buy on a bet, and "create" some recipe that can only fail in a home kitchen?

Give your heads a shake!

Is "French" cooking in Quebec different from "French" cooking in Paris, or Rheims?

You have to give a bit of "elastic" here...

RR is a pretty credible cook, like her or don't...if her "American/Italian" habits and traditions do not quite measure up to your "home grown" "Sicilianisms", where you don'y get the "Asti" "Champagnes", well, too bad, so sad...maybe you should have explored the whole of Italy a bit more before you left it...

My thoughts only!

No, "Haven't a Life thanks anyway," I don't watch just to have more vile comments to spew, I watch because I like to laugh at her. Posting vile comments is just an added bonus.

I think we need some new material. It's the same thing over and over and over again, just worded different.
She's fat, no she's not
She's stupid, no she's not
She's ugly, no she's not
She's crazy, no she's not
Her father's crazy, no he's not.
Her quisine isn't healthy, yes it is.
And on and on and on and on and on.......... The next thing ya know, you'll all be disagreeing about what position she prefers, top or bottom!!!! The bed or the floor, inside or outside, upside down or rightside up.

Grocerteria? Wow I don't think even RR the queen of stupid made up words would use that lame ass word!

I agree there needs to be some better variety of conversation here, it's getting very boring rereading the same shit every day!

Here's a new topic:
Dan and Steve, oh I'm sorry the "Hearty boys". WTF kind of a name is that?
Their show is more of a debacle (sp?) than 30 min. meals!!


About Dan and Steve, I don't which one is which but the little one with the horse teeth has the shakes so bad it's distracting, also he always wears that stupid towel from his pants he looks like he's moonlighting at the Regal Beagle. I cannot believe that these two jokers were picked from thousands to have their own show. Unbelievable!!

I bet she does prefer bottom, on the floor, outside, upside down, with custom joygel made of EVOO and nutmeg.

Haven't seen the "Hearty Boys" yet, so can't contribute there.

Sorry my age, writing skills, or country of origin would include a word so "lame" as "groceteria", but that would be my own observation of a "neighborhood grocery store" in the city of Rome, current as of 2004, when last I went through one...

I guess its up to the complaining, lazy assed slack jawed idiots with all the problems with RR to come up with, say, as many as half a dozen better "30 minute meals", much less "your"supposed knowledge of such diverse and different cities...(and I really must question if you'd be as good as RR?)

hard to carry on with a conversation with a clod kicking hillbilly that apparantly needs "eye candy"...If we can ignore the comments of "T" until he/she/it can meet that basic parameter of producing "better" 30 minute meals (they don't have to be Italian, "T"!)(they do have to be "doable" and taste good), and then we can decide if you are fat or thin, your sexual proclivities can come under debate, and your "weirdness" of being an individual can be debated as you strive to become a "celebrity" in absence of your attempts to kill off RR with your superior intellect and skills (thus far undemonstrated, but here's your chance!)

Okay...this Forum is awaiting your six shows worth of menus (and none of your crabing and complaints!) Belly up to the bar my asshole friend, show us your stuff, and why we should respect or endure your whining and crabbing...

Just do it...Lardass!

Dan and Steve........I'm guessing it's to please the masses. They snap at each other like they are married, maybe they are. I don't even watch them that often, maybe just a glance as i walk past the tv. To those sexual preferances, enter The Hearty Boys.
Hey, whatever floats your boat i guess. I myself, "strickly dickly." Tyler, you can cook in my kitchen any time, and i would gladly pay you $40 a day!!! YUMMMM O :)

Looks like Sifron wants to challenge T to a dual. So much for changeing the subject.

Go T!


How can you stand on your soap box and preach how wrong it is to make fun of someone because of their size or personality but yet you in more than one post have insulted people from the south?

Here are a few of your idiotic statements:

"Clod kicking hillbilly"
"if you come from "West Armpit" Kentucky"

Get off your high horse you hypocrite!

OMG her crab and corn chowder mac! ewww! She actually fries hot dogs in butter! That is "healthful"?

Oh and I love how she acts like her Howard Johnson's job is culinary training, since at that greasy spoon they fry their hot dog buns in butter!

No wonder raytard had to run out of NYC back to the woods of the adirondacks. How on earth could she teach anyone what to do with gourmet food when she things Ho Jo is some kind of restaurant to emlulate.

Can i change the subject for one second? Many of you say your chefs or that you know a lot about cooking. Please answer this. I have been cooking for many years myself but, i have yet to be able to peel a hard boiled egg with out taking half the egg with me. I boil them properly, shock them in cold water, roll them to start the peeling process, and more often than not, the membrane seems to be so thick that i peel away all the egg. Someone told me to put a teaspoon in the pot with the eggs as they boil. Any suggestions?

put some white vinegar into the water while you boil the eggs. I don't know what the scientific reason is but it works! As for how much to put depends on the size of the pot and how many eggs your boiling. For example, if I'm just boiling up a few eggs to put in a salad or something I would use a TBS., if I were doing a whole dozen in a large pot I would use probably 3 TBS. Try it and good luck!

I had the misfortune of eating in the same place as her in Granville, NY. That's where mommy lives. She's a mean, self centered, worthless person.

I actually explain the awful thing she said on a podcast (anyone can stream or download don't need an iPod).

It's listed on the listen page as episode number 4.

Wow Darwin! I always knew she was obnoxious and stupid in public places from her big mouth on her shows, but I never knew she was so nasty. Then again, she is always putting down the alcohol, so her real self is probably coming out.

I have a feeling Oprah will be having to do major damage control with raytard.

Oprah is slipping, first the author with the lying memoir and she calls up Larry Kind defending the liar, then tells him off when the public turns on him.

Now oprah pics a jerk to promote who is not only without any real skills or talent, but is a major jerk of a person.

I hope you and your friend told drunk Rayard where to stuff it!

Thanks Shannon for your suggestion. Egg salad for lunch today, i'll try it.

For some reason i was not able to listen to what you had to say about Rachael,but I just happened to scroll down a bit to January 2006. I almost puked when i saw a reference made to Natalie Halloway as being a slut!!!
You are a sick, meanspirited individual. Although i could not listen, the opening line was enough. There is a place for people like you. Shame on you, and shame on your clientel that flock to this site. Making a mockery out of a family's pain is not cool.

You people and your "if you don't like it, change the channel": who said those of us who snark on RR don't like it? Personally, I love watching to see whatever monstrous, ill-matched, ill-conceived concoction she come sup with next, just so I can be thankful I don't have to eat it (and that I don't know anyone who would try to foist hot dogs with slaw and nasty "chow-duh" on a group of dinner invitees).

She used to be better. I watched with actual interest when she first came on, because she wasn't as spastic and made decent, non vomit-inducing meals that were much healthier than the crap she makes these days. But somewhere along the line - and every one of you knows this to be true - she changed into a speed freak with ever more expansive and wild gesticulations who is sliding into trailer trash cooking at its finest. And that's a sad thing.

So, let me give you a tip, and turn your advice right around to you: don't like reading snarky comments about your speed-addled heroine? Don't read them. Those of us who do comment on her actions are not jealous, are not food snobs, are not any one thing of any one category. We are simply people with opinions that differ from yours. And as in most cases where defenders of something rise like Pavlov's zombies to defend something they hold precious, you don't seem to understand that.

Everyone defending her will find out she is a pathetic wanna be. Whatever you want to say about that DJ, if Rachael really did do this, she is a jerk, not just an untalented wanna be.

I think she is so freaking full of herself now, she thinks her stupid behavior is cute.

I doubt somene would say what he said she did in public, and her gay bashing of his friend, if it didn't happen. He could have her on him for lying if it wasn't true.

So whatever you think of him, she is a jerk, not just a loser in the kitchen and a hyper weirdo.

I do believe Oprah will be regreting backing her. Once Rahael feels comfy, she will be an embarrasment to Oprah, since she seems to have a very shallow and nasty personality, to do that in public.

I've been cooking for a long time before I ever saw the Raytard on TV, and she does not impress me one bit.

I never expressed a need for "eye candy," Raytard's more-than-ample features are quite entertaining. I'm not whining or "crabbing", I enjoy RR very much, she's a blast to make fun of. Looks to me, Sifron, that I'm not alone in this pastime.

I don't want to kill her off, with words or deeds. I enjoy her show immensely. I suppose I could have been more clear on that matter.

As for your challenge and the accompanying babble, you haven't met the "basic parameter" of coming up with 6 meals before posting yourself.

But I admit it: you really showed me by calling me out like that. I've seen the error of my ways. Raytard is on TV amusing the hell out of me with her loud mouth and her EVOO- laced hotdog/cheeseburgers (with nutmeg) because I haven't posted 6 recipies to this forum proving I, too, can be a nitwit on the Food Network! It's almost like she's taking the hit for me. I didn't even realize I wanted to be a "celebrity" but I trust the word of a savvy world traveller like you. I hope you and Raytard can forgive me, it's hard being a clod kicking hillbilly sometimes.

Not to mention a 5'11" 130lb. "lardass."

I saw an older show last night where she made skirt steak, roasted asparagus, and a cherry tomato dish. This is a meal I would make. I would not make any of the newer meals that all seem to include mac and cheese, hot dogs, and hamburgers or a combination of all 3. They're almost as gross as that chicken and egg sandwich she made recently. I mean Sammie. Not. She has totally gone over the edge. She's become so annoying to me and so embarrassing to herself.

You do know that all of her recipies are kitchen tested. She apparently gets the "go ahead" from the brass.
She designs them, they approve them. So who takes on the burden here, Rachael or the test heads?
Granted, a lot of her stuff resembles "puke in a pot," but it obviously met the standards of the Gods in the back. Hey, if Dan and Steve made it, any thing is possible. But through all this, i still like Rachael, until i see or hear some thing vile and nasty from her, she still Rocks in my book.

Umm sifron, for being that you talk about how we should all stop judging RR based on behavior and stuff, you sure sit on your ass and judge the rest of us a lot. Not to mention you judging southern people as "hillbillies" and what not. For being soo non judgmental and more cultured then the rest of us that sure was an asshole and stereotypical thing to say. At lest our comments our based on watching RR and not some stereotype based on where someone lives. You talk about respect; well I don't find you too respectable yourself. Maybe you should got your nose out of the are and shut your mouth while your at it! Assuming that you can do 2 things at once since you’re so damn smart.


Thanks for the tip. Adding vinegar to my pot of eggs really worked!!! I was about to give up hard boiling forever...........!! :-)

Hey Get Over...

Right on! Totally with you.
My husband and I watch 30MM a few times a week for the comedy. RayRay is so amusing and freaky! I wish I were still into the mind numbing intoxicants of my college days sometimes when I sit, jaw agape and pointing at the screen at her nutty, xanax needing antics.
I too, in the genesis of the RR beast, watched and even tried some "time savers" and a few dishes, but...then the monster came out.
My husband says without fail, everytime I turn it on or he see's her that, "her husband must be a very tolerant and half deaf man or more than likely a gold digger."
She reminds me of the character on The Kids in The Hall named Gavin - the really annoying little boy played by Bruce McCollaugh (sp?) - anyone agree?

I'm glad I could help. Think of me everytime you boil eggs!! :P

I disagree. Her husband is a freakin Attorney for cryin out loud. If your tried but failed ventures let you down, it's gotta be you. Her ideas work wonders for me. In fact, i am making stuffin muffins for supper tonight. Due to the fact i don't feel like making a hugh supper. Takes five minutes to put together, 20 minutes in the oven with a couple baked potatoes and a salad, done. What could be easier, and very few dishes to boot.

To the last poster in refence to my previous comment. I never said they failed. So it is not me. I am a trained chef and I gave her a chance. Nothing more, nothing less, was completely open minded. It is totally cool by me if you would like to feed your family "stuffin muffins" - high in fat and carbs avec a baked potato (high in carbs and no doubt doused with sour cream or butter or both) and a salad (dressing light even?)...healthy huh?
Hey her husband is a lawyer/"musician" -> hey fellow haters check out the WAV's on his bands website - total crap! haha -> not all lawyers are rich and he more than likely would have to be a public defender to marry that freak. -And I like your closing with a classic RayRayism of "to boot" - I definately know where my boot would go if I ever met her. - Lord knows it would be very hard to miss!
Stuffin muffins:
2 tablespoons extra-virgin olive oil, 2 turns of the pan
1 stick butter, softened
1 fresh bay leaf, available in produce department
4 ribs celery and greens, from the heart, chopped (save time and purchase celery already washed, trimmed and cut into sticks, this makes chopping fast work)
1 medium to large yellow skinned onion, chopped
3 McIntosh apples, quartered and chopped
Salt and pepper
2 tablespoons poultry seasoning
1/4 cup chopped fresh parsley leaves
8 cups cubed stuffing mix (recommended: Pepperidge Farm)
2 to 3 cups chicken stock, available in paper containers on the soup aisle

I LOVE this site! Wonder what is next on the Raytard ruined recipe repretiore? Hmmm, maybe deep fried butter boats with mayo dipin dream sauce?! YUMMMMMMMMM-O!

I don't understand why people have to be so mean, life is too short, and if you don't like her (although you all must really be a bunch of snobs if you don't) don't watch her. She's cute, and I've seen her on different shows, and why can't someone be happy go lucky instead of grumpy like you guys sound. If she's such a problem to listen to, change the channel. Rachael, we love you here in South Jersey, keep up the good work, and congratulations on your marriage to your "Sweetie". Best of Luck, with your new show too. Sarah from Deptford


You missed the point m'dear. We watch, I guess I should only speak for myself, for the amusement. It is too funny to change the channel. She is completely entertaining and I agree she is cute. Kinda like a muppet. I am no where near being a grump. I love to laugh and I love to cook and eat. RR is for the comedy and other recipes from other shows on FN are for cooking and consumption. I wish her luck with her new show too. That is one hour on one network and hopefully Harpo will give her a contract that limits her time and air time elsewhere so FN can go back to real chefs with classy, edible recipes. Bring back Jamie dammit!

To Kate,
Lucky for me, i can afford to eat ANYTHING! I can eat butter dipped in butter. And as far as my "to boot", now that you brought it to my attention, it is a Rachael-ism! I never thought of that when i wrote it.
As far as you knowing where you would put your boot, you may wanna take it out of your mouth first!!!

Everybody is a chef around here, or so you claim. Rachael never claimed to be a chef. She just runs on high octaine, which is not a bad thing. It's better than pissin and moanin about everything all the time. As far as her marraige, there is someone for everyone, and they found each other a long time ago. She obviously doesn't give a crap what anybody says about her either. So while you all are stabbin and being mean, she's rackin in the bucks. With an apartment in Manhatten and a home in the country, who cares. It's her real following that keeps her on top. And there are more of us that support her than those that don't. Keep being nasty, you guys are a joke, and quite entertaining. There are so many cranky, uppity, miserable, holyer than thou jerks out there. Just be happy for the girl, she's a success.

Good for you Ray-luva! I hope you spread your EVOO around the world.
Your response was lack luster @ best... I do not know why I care...
I do wish the Raytard the best. Hopefully she will get so main stream that she will run out of more wonderful recipes like ...cheese burger salad!
Hope your abdominal surgery was a success. I can afford anything I want as well, it includes a gym and trainer.

Not looking for a pissing contest. But i do like that Ray-luva thing.

Most of her recipes now are gross. She has definitely run out of ideas. There is more to cooking and eating than having every dish be mac and cheese, hot dogs, and hamburgers or a combination of them!

I enjoyed her old shows and some of the recipes and ideas weren't bad.

Kate....This blows your baked potatoe theory out of the water. Being considered a power food due to their great source pf complex carbs. And they are FAT FREE!! Also,a good source of potassium and fiber, hence maintaining healthy blood pressure. Also may reduce the risk of developing kidney stones, and could possibly decrease bone loss with age. One medium baked potatoe (skin on) gives 3 grams of fiber and only 100 calories. This accompanied with a good size dolop of light sour cream, generates less than 130 calories, with less than 7 gs. of carbs.
You honestly had me thinking that baked potatoes were on the, not so good side. I couldn't resist the temptation to, look it up. Sorry!!!!!!!!

Ha the last poster. Never said a nice BP was on the dark side. Love them myself and ofcourse they are fat free. I stated that with stuffin muffins it would be too much and on the unhealthful side. BP's are healthy and not taboo - moderation and food combinations are the way to go. Please people, read before you write and then re-read. I am glad that you checked the nutrition stats. More people should! Lordy. - If you would like to get down to it, you would have to weigh the potato to deem it medium and measure a "dolop" of sour cream to get the health factor your were speaking of. Or perhaps just "eyeball" it like Raytard and most of the public do. Sheesh, get it straight.

Wow. Do not know what is up here with some of these posters. I read from time to time and it seems like this is getting personal with some people. I think that Kate is very opinionated, but after reading this thread it seems that some folks are really taking things out of context and are trying to harpoon her for stating what she thinks. Still do not know why people say that RR is fat, she is not. I understand people thinking she is annoying, because she is. Lighten up, including you Kate.

I don't think she's fat and I do think she's cute. Now if only she would shut up and stop cooking this unhealthful, unappetizing slop.............

Uh, gross guys. A funny way to change from such a boring tit-for tat (no pun intended). Giada is lovely and seems to be quite talented. I guess I get where the risque factor came from. Her background music while she is cooking is quite pornesque, just lacks the "kick" violins. Definately bowng-chicka-bow-wow sounding. ;*P

At least there's background music. No music on RR's shows because SHE TALKS NONSTOP.

Ok how's this. Natalie Holloway was a rich spoiled slut.

HA HA....hmmm, thats adult. I think Kate and Sifron would make a lovely couple.

Sifron seemed to be a biggot asshat. Kate just seems kind of holyer than thou. Don't think they should be grouped together. Whatever...glad to be home from work and read this silly stuff.
The Holloway comment was pretty f-cked.
Rayray and Flay are going to "perform" at the Kennedy center. I sh-t you not.
Is there no end to this madness? I almost want to go to heckle them, but that is some spendy heckling!

You don't have children. Out of every single post on this site you win the Asshole Award. You are a pitiful peace of shit.
So how's that, jerk wad????

You don't have children. Out of every single post on this site you win the Asshole Award. You are a pitiful piece of shit.
So how's that, jerk wad????

Has anyone noticed that sifron hasn't posted since he took some heat? What a jackass! Speaking of such Jeremy you are an ignorant piece of shit! I bet your parents are really proud of you!(NOT!)

I think Sifron was just a passer by. Actually, he sounded like an over educated moron.

For any one who is interested.
I made the tenderloin steaks with the diver scallops/aspargus. Though it isn't rocket science, it was actually quite delicious.
Rachael refers to it as her version of surf and turf.
Very little prep time. If you sear the scallops in the same pan that you cooked the steaks in, they have more taste. Quite a $$$$ meal though. Since Katrina, our produce has sky rocketed. $3.99/lb. for aspargus, costing me nearly $8 bucks, and scallops don't come cheap either. Checking out at $30.00, and i hadn't yet hit the liquor store!!
All in all, the meal was very good. This round was just practice, but i will make it again.

Speaking of Giada. Have you ever noticed how she looks like she is deep throating whatever she puts into her mouth? The camera goes straight in for a closeup. Then she bounces around like she has a bee in her panties. Or when she is adding a rub to a piece of meat, again a close up shot of her hands with suggestive music playing in the back ground.
IMO, of course, she has a head the size of a basketball, and she must have been born with extra teeth. I don't think her boobs were that big a while back either. Maybe Grampa Dino's estate paid for them new ones.

Why am I being blasted for my opinion? I thought this was a site for those to state their opinion. If you have a problem with something, please read what I have stated before extrapolating some weirdness that was never even touched upon.

Jeremy, that was some complete crap! If that were your daughter or sister, imagine how you would feel? That was plain sick!

Hey steak, scallops and asparagus is a wonderful meal. I am glad you tried it. It is an occasional meal in our home because it is kinda pricey.

Happy valentines day

As far as Jeremy's comment goes, he seems satanic to me. He sounds like a punky, snotty nosed brat that just wanted to arouse some serious feedback. People like him are, IMO..slightly touched in the head.
And Kate, you are correct. I don't think you are being weirded out on, i just think that some opinions really arouse a passion in some readers. There are many Rachael fans here, thats all that is. I don't think it's at all personnal, it's a debate. I wouldn't get offended :o)
Ya, the steak/scallops/asparagus was awesome. I wanted to say YUMMMMM O!!!
But it is very expensive. I am making it again tonight being that it's Valentines Day.
We won't be seeing that again for a while, that does some serious cutting into my grocery budget. We'll be eating hot dogs and mac/cheese tomorrow, not mixed together!!!

Wow, Rachael Ray used to be hot, but I'm enjoying watching her get fat.

And to those of you that think she's "healthy" and not overweight, let me just say this...

At this point, she's over-healthy.

Last night they had Giada in Italy and then $40 a day with Rachael Ray in Italy. When rachael first came on, I barely recognized her. It was an old show, she had darker hair, she in control of herself. She wasn't loud or tacky, her voice was not loud and raspy. It didnt' look or sound like the rachael I see now. In contrast, now she acts like a woman with a drug problem or in need of medication for a manic state. I am sorry if that sounds mean, but she does! She used to sound intelligent, but cute and funny. Now it's hard to watch her with those annoying overdone gestures, loud voice and tacky outfits. Too bad, I think her fame has ruined her.

I totally agree with you lina. She is a different person.

I read stuff here complaining of Rachael's loud and obnoxious personality. Today on Everyday Italian, Giada had an Aunt on the show with her. Together, they were making some kind of lamb crap along with some weird looking stuffed tomatoe baked in the oven. Talk about obnoxious, Giada acted like a complete ass!! She was loud and giddy, she makes these funny faces to the camera, and she would always question her Aunt's cooking teqniques.
One thing that i can say in Rachael's defense, is that she just about always comes complete with her outlandish self, her silliness is an all the time thing. It seemed Giada was really showing off for the cameras today, she was fake and silly, which made her big toothy smile look worse.

Rachael Ray is an idiot. A goofy, giggly, doesn't-know-how-to-cook idiot

giada is never obnoxious or rude or tacky like Raytard.! The comparison is ridiculous She was kidding around. She can go in public and act like a normal intelligent, and classy person. raytard is loud and tacky. NO comparison!

Raytard will be a joke on her daily show. She is an untalented loud weirdo.

I liked seeing Giada relaxing and having fun. She acted like a NORMAL person with a relative, not some hyper over done, tacky raspy voiced insane person like Rachael. There is no way you can compare Giada goofing around with an "expert" aunt to Rachael who doesn't know enough not to compete with 8 year olds for a watermelon eating contest, yells out in restaurants after an opera, waves her arms around, makes stupid goofy smiles, giggles like a crazy person and just is tacky as can be in public.

Rachael could NEVER be in a classy setting like Behind the Bash, they would tell her to leave with her yelping voice, stupid comments and tacky behavior.

Too bad though, she really did used to know how to act.

I think fame went to her head, and now she is a cartoon.

She is only fun to watch to mock!

As far as the Opera thing goes. Every one was applauding the performance. Rachael sat in the front row, clapped excitedly, and yelled out "Bravo" So whats the big deal? You find that idiotic because you don't like her.
If basket ball head Giada did it, i suppose it would be ok.(oh wait, she wouldn't do that because it would be beneath her)
"She was just kidding around"
Giada jokes on cue, where Rachael is always bubbly. She doesn't have to "ham" it up in front of the camera. It doesn't bother the producers or the many camera men that follow RR around. She is obviously scripted to act this way. Whether it be in front or behind the camera, Rachael is always her happy, go lucky self.

Did anyone see the episode where Giada had her husband on? He was helping her frost cupcakes. Everything he did was wrong for her. Your not putting enough frosting on them!! Here, your doing it wrong!! Put more frosting on!! I wonder who wears the pants there.
When they finally eat, which is generally outside. They pan the table. Her husband, Todd, looks like he wouldn't say shit if he had a mouthful and her mom looks like a hooker.
Rachaels fam look like real people. No limp wristed husbands or moms that look like a 70's street walker. Rachaels mom looks real sweet as does her sister. And so what if there are skeltons in that closet. What family doesn't have a few of them things hanging around?

Umm yelling out in a public nice restaurant is tacky tacky! I have been to that place and Racheal was not behaving appropriately, then again what else is new? She has turned into a jerk. She used to be great and intelligent in public.

Rachael would NEVER be welcomed behind big bashes, she acts like a stupid tacky out of control loud mouth. Giada is at least appropriate.

Rachael sits at a table and claps like a two year old when eating. She scrunches her nose and yells.

Not to mention, her childish behavior with children when they were upset she won and she kept cheering for herself! What a moron !

Sorry, but all of the cooks have quirks, but none are as loud, tacky, untalented and stupid as Rachael.

She acts like a person in need of meds.

She also has the most stupid expressions lately. She never used to do that stupid over gesturing. Now she waves her hands so much she had nutmeg flying on an episode.

She is pathetic, and will flop when america is sick of her.

You go Lina! She has turned into such an annoying person. I used to like her when her shows were good and her recipes wre likeable. That has all changed.

Looks sweet? What a lame ass comment. Rachael is cute but she's an annoying ass who cooks gross food.

The nutmeg wasn't "flying".
She had both hands on the jar, she just dropped one as she was getting it out. It's amazing how much spin one can put on something. I never saw the watermelon eating episode, so i can't comment on that one.
She has 30 minutes to prepare her dishes. She gets the whole thing done in that time. When you are trying to cook and talk and look into the camera, it's easy to drop things. I can't walk and chew gum at the same time much less try to do what she does.
And yes, i will stand by my "lame ass comment" her fam looks sweet. IMO of course!

Rayray is uber tacky, vacant and shrill. I cannot wait until her new show fails and she hopefully overdoses on whatever speed she is on.
Giada is classy and lovely (albeit the mouth is scary, but not like raytards joker grin). She does not laugh on cue, she does not appear to be that contrived.
Rayray is completely contrived and has a cookie cutter show. I watch it every once in a while to laugh at her crack head antics and see what nasty slop she concocts and serves as "healthy."
The E! show The Soup is going to have a hey day with her new talk show. I can't wait. I actually am quite suprised they haven't been roasting her since they started. Weird.
- And to the person that commented about raytard clapping loudly and screaming "Bravo!" - uh, only a true opera afficianado has the right to do that and knows when it would be appropriate. I go quite often and very rarely have I heard that - a standing ovation is par for the course. Only at the 3 tenors many moons ago and a few other choice shows have I seen the Bravo's. Come to think of it even in Europe it is not the norm - done more so, but whatever...
She is a tacky country bumpkin. I hope she chokes on one of the "perfect" huge bites she shoves in her piehole and speaks whilst masticating. Ew!

Go Abby. She will have he own E show called Stoup. How gross is that?!

Go Abby. She will have her own E show called Stoup. How gross is that?!

I don't recall saying the yelling out of "Bravo" was appropriate, i just said that it didn't seem like that big of a deal. But seeing that i am not, nor care to be, a true opera afficiando such as yourself, i guess i should not have an opinion.
And why would you say that you can't wait until she over doses or chokes on her food?
There are some severly mean spirited people here. Are you that miserable with yourself? Shame on you, and the same goes for the folks that find moronic remarks, such as yours, entertaining.

OOPS, "Afficianado". If i didn't catch it, i'm sure someone out there would.

Shame on you for being as annoying as Raytard.

Umm I saw the show with the flying nutmeg. She was so over the top and manic in that holiday episode my husband ( who used to adore her), said "turn it off, she is annoying!""

She had the jar in her hand and said was moving her hands, since suddenly she has to move them to every single syllable! the nutmeg flew out of the jar when she was doing her overdone arm waving.

Suddenly she is an overdone version of herself.

When I watch her old shows, she somehow is able to talk, and behave in a cheerful, but appropriate adult way. She has a voice that isn't raspy loud and annoying, she is pleasant but not saying annoying thinks and making stupid looking eye and mouth expressions.

Now since she got popular and queen oprah offered her a show, I am afraid she is just overdoing what she thinks is "cute" and it makes her look insane.

Sorry Rachael defenders, but the title of this article is so so true, and not just because of her gross recipe, it's about her weird behavior

Please tell me how competing with 8 year old children like a child and cheering and rubbing in your victory over a stupid watermelon eating contest is somehow appropriate.

IMO she slowly got weird when she got popular and over exposed.

I get why people liked her, I did, and found her refreshing.

Now I wonder if underneath that normal, bubbly person, there was this lunatic waiting to come out.

She really is over the top now and making a fool of herself.

Like it or not, people are getting annoyed with her.

I bet oprah will get over the "be yourself"with rachael and tell her to tone it down and fast.

To the idiot(s) who said if you Google Rachel Ray this site won't show up, I got here by Googling "Rachel Ray." Never heard of this site before, but have heard of Rachel Ray.

To the raytard fans. I am not miserable. In fact I find your presence here quite amusing. I chuckle as I type. I apologize if I am more educated and worldy than you and the rayray. She is embarrasing and annoying. She makes me ashamed of what other countries think of the States and the chefs that reside here (both in the real world and on the TV or both). So please, go build your "perfect bite" and choke.

i think abby is right on. raylovers should sod off. she sucks, go spread your evoo somewhere else. you obviously have no idea of what good food is. or how to tip. oh yeah, almost forgot, she's a cheap annoying fat excuse for a human. there, i said it. and if you like her, one would assume you are the same.

Did anyone see Rayray in the commercial for the next food network star? She looks bloated, and sounds raspy and weird. I wonder if she is finally coming down from a manic state. Her hair looks like Oprah needs to get her to a hairdresser and fast! it's tacky highlights and grown out, she is wearing a pink top and looks bloated and weird. And her voice sounds like she has finally burned it out from yelling! Either that or she was hung over !

Not to mention her stupid comments were just as dumb as she always is lately!

I just watched two very recent "30 Minute Meals" and Rachael seemed more toned-down in them than she had for a while - More like her old self. She also seems to have lost a bit of weight. I could actually tolerate watching them. Perhaps she is getting wind of the fan reaction to her recent behavior and adjusting herself. One can only hope!

I figure she had quite a stressful year, what with getting married, the magazine and the fame-related excitement that she may have needed time to adjust to all of it. Rachael is relatively new to being in the spotlight, while someone like Giada is more familiar with fame and all that's associated with it.

Speaking of Giada, what's with her tremendous head and fake "Dixie Whetsworth" smile? Look at her, she's disproportionate! I can't believe that people would bash Rachael's appearance when Giada looks like a freak, LOL. Rachael needs a visit from TLC's "What not to Wear on TV" crew. Then she would look much better and not attract so much criticism about her appearance. IMO, she does not wear clothing that is appropriate for TV. Once again, not to blame her, but the Food Network for allowing that.

Also, I think The Food Network's acceptance of recipes is getting too lax as well, which is also not her fault. It seems that they will allow anything on the air these days. If there were stricter standards at the Food Network, Rachael would not be getting so much flak from the food snobs.

I personally think we should be bashing the Food Network, not Rachael. To be very frank about it, we need another food channel that caters to food snobs and chefs. We need a "Master Chef" channel, IMO. Either that or the Food Network should stop catering to the Hamburger Helper crowd and bring back some shows aimed at those at a higher level. Just my not-so-humble opinion!

found her burger salad to be really gross and gross looking,and that's just looking at the what imagination,man looking at this blog this poor chick is really hated,and I looked her up on the net,pretty ditzy I'd say,so anybody can get a job on the food network it looks like,anybody want a shit sandwich??

Boy, what happened here? Did they shut this site down? Haven't seen any posts for a while!

Maybe it was a holiday or an appreciation week, like the "Hey Bashers, if you cant find the positives in life then shut the heck up!" Week. I can't believe what a bunch of horrible, rude, immature and just plain elementary-school-yard bashing. How about, "Way to go Rach," or "Keep up the good work." If she has faults, its cause she is still learning. Noone is perfect. I know everyone is entitled to their own opinion, it's a God given right, but when airing out your opinion. Remember, shes one of us still. She eats, beathes, sleeps and feels. And can make a mistake, lots of them, shes allowed. We all are. And then when we fall on the mistakes, all we can do is learn from it. So it doesn't hurt to be encouraging does it, try it, when you send your post, I am willing to bet it will make you feel better.

I am very proud of you Rachael, and I wish you the best, and not just Rach, but all the chefs. Talented and entertaining in their own way, they have taught us something. Hard work and determination still pays off. And, goals and dreams, are not just for some people, everyone can have them. But they are reached and granted only for the driven and believers. Rachael is one of those, and thats what I am proud of her for. Not giving up, and then bashing those that did, so she could feel better.

Also, to Foodie's comment. I couldn't agree with you more. It has been rough for her, with everything going on for her. She has a right to be perky and happy, and if she feels like it LOUD! She's got a bright future in the sights too, heck I'd be just as happy as she. I wish I could send her a big "Way To Go!" that she would receive. I think I will look for a link on her Foodnetwork site. But it was great to see a comment like Foodie's. Hope to see more.

She doesn't make mistakes. She IS a mistake.

FN makes mistakes. Oprah makes mistakes.

Well "Bashers Week" must be over.

OMG stress makes you sound like a raspy wackjob and makes you wave your arms, scream, make stupid faces and act like a moron with little c hildren? Sorry, but I think Raytard's real personality coming out. She got confident and her real, not very bright, loud and tacky self came right through! lol

I don't think stress changes a pesonality totally!

I never competed with little kids like I was 10 years old in my late 30's and cheered when I beat them, like raytard did at her summer block party.

She is not very smart, she is tacky, loud and now she is full of herself. Yeah she has fans, but she is so disliked now and annoying, and she will be a joke when she has her own show.

OH ok, so the Food Network is the reason Ray Ray is a jerk? Ok so, they tell her to make stupid expressions, yell, move her arms around and cook crap? LOL

I love how Ray Ray's fans first defend her and say there is nothing wrong with her annoying personality, then they suddenly say well she is "better" now and was under stress and well anyway her weird behavior is not her fault! lol

If there was nothing wrong with her over the top wacko antics and tacky personality, and bad recipes, why are you blaming someone for them, and why is it you see her as better now? LOL

I think the FN saw she was popular and gave her more shows, and then her head which has not much in it, grew to big for her pea brain, and we get this over the top moron.

She said herself that she is not qualified for her job, and she is right. But worse than that, she is tacky and a dope.

You are both correct. Her transformation is unbelievable. Sometimes I almost feel embarrassed for her for what she has become.

LOL BTW raytard admitted her mommy and hubby plannerd her whole wedding, so what was so much more stressful for her? She didnt start tasty travels until this fall She used to actually sound semi intelligent and not be so darn full of herself. Sorry but it looks like raytard thinks her moquito bite breasts are sexy,.She wears those too tight tops, has that tacky dye job in her hair, and she is so loud and thinks it's all so cute. I use to think people were wrong when they said it went to her head, but now I agree. She just overdoes everything everyone liked, and it's irritating, but kind of entertaining to watch the untalented lunatic and laugh! lol So the stress excuse makes no sense, Raytard didn't even plan her own wedding.

I love this! I've never seen such a long thread about Rachel Ray. I guess I'm a hater, too...mostly because I don't like being talked to like I'm an idiot. But also because her "healthful" meals are anything but. Newslflash, Rachel - you can't eat a low-carb meal that's full of fat just once or twice a week and call it good for you. Eating a bacon cheeseburger wrapped in a lettuce leaf will only make those thighs bigger.

She's like a train wreck...I can't look away. Sometimes I watch just to get mad at her...

I like how some of you call her Raytard or a trainwreck or a freak...etc... but then you say that you watched her show, and she's annoying.? Some even know personal things like who's planned her wedding. It sounds to me like you must find her fascinating in some way, or you wouldn't be able to make these comments, or like the comment, I've watched her show since it's started, and she always drives me nuts? Why are you watching? Why are you searching her on the internet to read and make comments. I think if you found her that uninteresting, or that untalented, you'd forget about it all together. Maybe there is something you like about her, but the "jealousy" nerve inside you won't allow you to see it, or show it. Or maybe it's too hard for some to say something nice, and it's just plain easier for some to be a ....... well, I'm sure you see what I mean. And I am not saying this to everyone here, alot are here to support Rachael, but I guess if it hits home with a few, they'll let us all know by their comments to this.

Oh God, the "jealousy" accusation again! If you notice most people USED TO like her and notice she is now ridiculous. And it's hard to not know details of her wedding or whatever, when her face with that raspy hoarse voice is invading other shows like Oprah or the Today show and every entertainment show, which Oprah tries to sell her.

I admit, I used to enjoy her shows a lot then she got irritating. I also admit I watch her like a train wreck, it's so bad it's interesting to see, or it's kind of fun to just laugh at what a wack job she is! lol

So save the jealousy stuff. I don't care about her life really, I just c omment on her because she is everywhere and weird as can be.

Whats with the Oh God, jealousy again. If you can make a comment, so can I. It's not like I wigged out on yours. I just made a comment. It's almost like you got all wound up about it. I'm sorry for that. I also said I wasnt attcking anyones comment, I was just making an observation based on my point of view. So No, I wont save the jealousy stuff, I will say as I wish also. And yes, Rachael is everywhere, shes cool, entertaining and talented. And what's "I watch her like a train wreck?" Personally, I find watching others suffer or if I witness a disaster, I don't find it so bad? that it's interesting to see. Or, find it kinda fun to laugh at by any means. That was like "Wow" did you really mean to say that, or was the anger or jealousy nerve just biting again? And by the way, your comment, sorry it hit so close to home for you, like I said in the above post. I wasn't attacking anyone here personally. And sorry if they took it that way. Have a nice and safe St. Patrick's Day on Friday everyone.

Oh Brother. Please give me a break. It's just that Ray Ray's fans never can hear anything about her without saying people are jealous. It gets old, that is why I reacted that way . If I was jealous, I would not have watched her and been happy for her success at first. It's her BEHAVIOR that made me start getting annoyed with her, not my jealousy. I actually defended her to others at first, until she was like watching a train wreck.

The analogy of a train wreck is not because we like to see suffering, it's that it's something you don't want to see, but you can't help watching for whatever reason. I don't see her "suffering" if anything she is just a joke to watch. She has a choice to not act like a fool, and from her old shows, it's obvious she can c ome across and nice, kind of intelligent and interesting. She chooses to act like a spaz now, and I don't have to feel bad about laughing at someone who chooses to make an azz of themselves.

So this is where all the ugly thinking people say whatever they want about others. I could care less about Rachel, but obviously there are alot of other people who care very much. Give it a break and please don't teach children to be so ugly when they are critical of others.

she sucks bottom line.

she sucks bottom line.

+ smoking
+ talking too much
= Raytread's Raspy Voice.

I have not been able to watch her since she morphed into the lunatic joke she is now.

I DO NOT watch any of her shows, I cannot stand to.

However, reading here is fun.

I agree RR was good in the begining but look at her progression on her video covers. This may offend people but she is so Upstate New York tryinh to hard to be cool in NYC. She is trying to hard and can't seem to draw the line. I loved her first book but I haven't gotten the following ones cause they aren't really that different and frankly the food doesn;t sound good.
I a have always though that she had some , how you say , instability. She is so over the top sometimes and it annoyed me enough to stop watching.
Anyway my question is, does she have an eating disorder cause she seems to pack it away and not seem to gain the weight and her voice is kinda getting hoarser and hoarser...
I am callig it now, on her talk show at some point she's gonna admit to Bulemia. Anyone else think the same?
BTW, Giada rocks and she is SOOOOOOOOO frackin Hot.
BTW her food ain;t that hard to prepare and taste really good too.

Rachael Ray is GREAT! It is impossible to be that pretty and that cool -- in one person. Go get em Rachael --you ROCK!!

Raytard sucks! Bottom line. She is manic, shrill, obnoxious and cannot make a "healthy" meal to save her life. She is not unattractive (little chubby, but thats ok) - but cool - NO WAY! She is in no way shape or form cool by any definition and for you Stevo to support her you are obviously lame as well. So sod off and go praise her at a site that likes her. Go rub off with some evoo and watch raytard.

You go Kate! She may be cute but not cool and an absolute embarrassment who cooks unhealthy meals!

Don, I'm not offended, I'm a native of New York City and I agree that Rachael is an upstate hick trying to act like a cool City chick! As to the eating disorder I've always imagined that she must exercise a lot to burn it off. I never considered that it could be an eating disorder. That's an interesting idea, who knows? I'm just waiting for her biological clock to catch up with her when she starts approaching menopause. If she's still as thin then I might agree with you!

Bullemic? LOL She looks like she has packed on about 20 lbs from her first shows. I dont think she is fat,but her butt has grown and her teeny boobs look even teenier with her tight tops and jeans.

Count me in to the group of people who used to really love her. Now she is a manic freak. I think she is going to have to have Oprah tell her to calm it down, or she is going to be a joke on tv 5 days a week.

And Rachael is going to give advice on style and fashion and other lifestyle issues? LOL Sorry the woman is a social disaster, needs a makeover and lessons on how to behave socially herself!

BTW did you notice Oprah is putting on weight lately? I wonder if she is eating Rachaels "healthy meals", which are oil, fat and cheese vehicles? LOL

RR is a little quirky but you try and take some ideas and apply them to your own recipes. I prefer to watch Giada, her recipes are better and she's Freakin' HOT as nuts!

RARay really needs an augmentation. And a little bit of time spent in front of the mirror learning how to smile properly would be great. Also...stop talking with food in your mouth(Flay does this too). It is disgusting!!!!!

As for Giada....very cute, but her voice! and that cheesey smile! jeesh. I couldnt overlook those two things, no matter how nice her breasts are

I love everything about her,the way she looks,the way she talks,the way she walks Even if she couldnt boil water Id still love her

I definitely think RR needs a makeover. She needs to learn to dress for her shape. She has to balance out her pear shape with larger tops. I think a lot of the reason she gets crap from people on sites like this is because she needs to learn to dress for TV. I have a shape like hers but I know how to dress. She wears too-tight tops and thinks that black bottoms will minimize the bottom and even out her shape. Well, yes, but she also has to wear looser fitting tops of more substantial fabric. Also, I understand that she wants to feel comfortable, but if Stacy London ever got ahold of her and made her over you would all be saying she is the most gorgeous thing going.

To be Bulemic she doesn't have to be in thin. In fact most bulemics are normal in weight or a little bit over. I think RR pounds the food then goes to the Powder room , aka the vomitorium, and gets rid of the majority of what she ate. I swear that on $40 a day she really eats those huge portions, yet she magically looks about the same week in and week out. Besides, bulemics ironically hang out around food and what would be more ironic than an eating disordered Chef.

P.S. No matter what Giada's mouth looks like she's still HOT!!!!!! Butter my canoli baby!!

I just watched an episode of 30 Minute Meals from 2003 and I could not believe how much different she was. She was more low-key and genuine, and MUCH easier to watch. I actually felt that I would like her a lot as a person after seeing that show. Too bad she's changed so much. I had not seen an older episode in a while but now that I have, the transformation is even more apparent. I had really forgotten how much nicer she used to be!! I don't know, maybe it's the stress of all the hard work and fame that's made her change. Fame does strange things to people.....It's made her manic and shrill....I hate to say it, but almost like someone on speed. :(

Ever notice how she takes the teeniest bites when she tries a dish? She never makes food look the least bit appetizing...that's why she doesn't gain weight!

I can no longer watch or listen to the program. Her voice is so raspy - she sounds like she smokes a pack of cigaretts before she tapes each show.

She certianly doesn't portray the image of health to me...

"She has little boobs", "Her highlights are ugly", "She has a huge mouth", "her butt is big" - sheesh! I feel like I'm reading the comments on the bathroom walls back in Junior High.

I watch 30MM a lot and for the most part, Rachael seems to use TONS of fresh veggies and lean meats. Her weakness (mine too by the way!) seems to be cheese! But isn't that something that you can cut back on in your own recipe versions or opt for low fat varieties?

Love the show and love her perkiness. I also think she's really cute. She's not nearly as manic as some of the board critics make her out to be.

Carly, you just be watching her old shows, She is now into cooking gross food and thinks a creative dessert is crunching up granola bars on ice cream.

RR's success has gone to her head. She used to be on $40 dd, and be nice and informative. Now on that stupid tasty travels she is embarrasing. People look like they are avoiding eye contact with a crazy person! lol

She is totally obnoxious and full of herself and overdoing her supposedly "cute " behaviors.

It's bad when she is in a baseball stadium and the vendors are looking like they wish she would go away because she is so loud and tacky!

Too bad, she used to be a pleasure to watch. now she is so full of herself it's like watching a manic freak, and she is not likable at all.

It's funny to watch people being polite while avoding the lunatic.

I think more and more people will avoid RR in the future, and she will be like Rosie was - people loved her but she got so obnoxious you wanted her to disappear!

i think racheal ray is great. she definitely earned her right to be on the food network. To all you haters out there, GET A LIFE.

i got a life , its racheal. shes sexy and has great hair. so leave her alone banana head.

You're confused with the Rachel on the show Friends.

im talking about racheal ray. she the hottest babe in the world. her ears are addorable. im watching her tonight at 6 o clock.


You need to learn how to pronounce wife is from Germany and laughs at you every time you pronounce Spaetzle on your show.

We cannot believe that you had not learned the proper pronunciation before going on air.

i made this salad and got very ill immediately. I was sick for 2 days and bedridden. I am still recovering, eat this recipeat your OWN RISK!!!

Raytard sucks. I hope she drowns in a vat of EVOO. Seriously, she sucks, bad. I hope her talk show with Oprah fails horribly and she commits suicide. 8*P

I'm with you wtf!

I know RR can be weird at times, but it's not nice to wish death on her.
She has gotten freaky, and i find that i don't watch as often as i used to. A lot of her stuff looks really bad and i can only imagine how it would taste, YUCK.
However, back in the day when she was sane, i did make some of her 30 MM and they came out good. I am not in to spices and hot stuff that she likes to make. I also notice in her mag that a lot of her stuff is geared towards hot, hot, hot stuff.

racheal ray is a great actress. she kicks major ass!! everybody is just jealuos of her.shes extremly hot. and has great cheeks. I love the way she gigglles.


Leave Rachael Ray alone you pricks!

RR is not only annoying to listen to but yucky to look at. Furthermore, if you think she's hot, you are seriously disturbed and spend WAY too much time at home with your mom.


Did anyone see the episode of 30MM meals the other day where Rachael did a tribute to her dog (passed away) Boo?
I have to say that she was very sweet and somewhat sad. She is annoying to me the majority of time, but this episode was easy for me to watch. Rachael seems to be very sensitive, and one can see that she really loved her dog. She has since gotten another dog and lovingly named her Isaboo. Rachael is not that bad.

Did anyone see the episode of "No Reservations" in which Anthony Bourdain makes a snide comment about Rachael while in Uzbekistan? He was getting a painful massage and said he was willing to say anything to make it stop, including that Rachael Ray is a terrific chef. I was LOL for several minutes over this! I notice more and more chefs are acknowledging and poking fun at her "amateur" status. Sad for her....

Ya know, if your anybody in the acting field, movies, talk show hosts, even the President, you have to expect some form of ridicule. Whether it be in the form of a joke or some one just being mean. That is the chance that any celeb must take. I don't think it bothers them. They are used to it. Even Oprah gets taunted and teased. Being famous just goes with the territory. Take it or leave it.


OMG no wonder they gave this dope a show with no budget after $40 a day. She is so stupid it's scary! She would go to a place like San Diego and end up wanting Ice cream at the end of the day at some very expensive resort. But does ehe get like on scoop, NO she gets a freaking platter of like 4 scoops of this expensive ice cream and goes over her budget! What a tard. I mean no one can eat all of that, and if she just actually had a brain and reasoned, she would get a taste or a small portion and stay in her budget, which BTW is a LOT for one person.

No wonder her face looks like a flat frying pan and huge and so does her big butt !

She is not only annoying she is a dope..

She has earned the name 'raytard'.


I have been watching the next food network star every Sunday nite. These food execs are looking for all the qualities in these new chefs that Rachael Ray has.
They want them to talk about their family, they want to hear about their childhood, they want them use family recipies. And they want their personality to shine. Folks get tired hearing about Grampa Emanual, or about mom, but that is what she is supposed to do. Giada talk about her family all the time, and Emeril always mentions Hilda, as does Paula, she brings her boys on to cook with her, along with her new daughter in law, Brooke. This is how the viewing audience gets to know these people on a personnal level. Rachael did a segment about her dog. Sandra always, always, always talks abour her nieces and her friends. Rachael is very comfortable in front of the camera.
As far as her appearance, IMO of course, Rachael Ray is quite attractive. She has a beautiful smile and very beautiful eyes. Her skin looks flawless, and she knows how to apply her makeup just right.
Her body is fine too. She is not fat at all. She is just well rounded. You wouldn't say Jennifer Lopez is fat, she just has a well rounded rear. So she is small chested, if she had big boobs they wouldn't like right on her small frame. I can only imagine what half of the folks look like that post here, some 250 pounder saying that Rachael Ray is fat.
As far as large portions as stated earlier, that is typically for the camera. She is supposed to be enjoying what she is eating.
You would know a lot more about her and other foodies if you watched their bios which is now on the Food Network.

Dunno who it was and if its been corrected, but a RR apologist made a statement to the effect of "Giada doesn't have any formal training and no one complains that it was her family connections that got her on the FN"

I'm not going to dispute that being related to the producer of the Conans or Terminators 1 and 2 doesn't help you break into food showbiz, but she has more training than RR does. From the FN website:

"Giada’s passion for cooking flourished through professional training at Le Cordon Bleu in Paris, where she specialized in both cuisine and pastry. Later, she moved to Los Angeles, where her experience included positions at the prestigious Ritz Carlton Fine Dining Room and Wolfgang Puck’s Spago in Beverly Hills."

I am not a RR apologist but, being as humble as i am, i am not beneath the admission that i spoke out of turn regarding Giada's educational background. Thank you for correcting my mistake.
I am a RR fan and whatever Rachael lacks in the chest department, Giada makes up for it through that enormous toothy grin of hers. And although some say that RR's behind is large, look at the size of the melon that poor Giada has to carry aound on her shoulders!!

If you are regular FN watchers have you noticed lately that every show is copying off of Barefoot Contessa and Ina. They are all using her phrases from Tyler to Giada. Especially the one where she says that smells/looks good a'ready. Sandra is breaking eggs like she does, on the counter (this girl doesn't have an original idea or presentation on her show, except to change the color of the window curtains and applicances every show. What is semi homemade? Also her show's entry now looks like Ina's who is the queen in my book. Giada's production people have tried to make her show look as much like Ina's as possible. Does anyone remember her from the beginning...always in black not smiling. Everything Ina does is Ina....I would like for these other people to develope their own personalities and be original. Now, for RR...I cannot take her's like a jack hammer, and she doesn't shut up for one second. It feels like you have been at the Indie 500 when the shows over. For the most part I can take all of them a little. I do like Paula, but again for me Ina's show is the tops.

What's wrong with you people? do you guys hate your lives so much you have to bag other people? Ray RULES!!!!! Maybe if you guys or girls would actually try cooking her meals, your significant others would really enjoy it and lay tour laim uptight asses! GET A LIFE!!!!!!!!!!

Each time i try to post something, it kicks back saying that i need to fix my comments for questionable content. My comments are clean, no profanity, no name calling, no threats, nor am i trying to sell or advertise. Just an opinion that a nun could read. I have read some pretty risky posts on this blog. What gives??

I don't hate RR and am not jealous of her. I am disappointed because I started watching her several years ago and enjoyed 30 MM. I thought she was entertaining, I learned a few things, and some of her meals were ok. Then she morphed into this loud hyper person and her voice became like nails on a chalkboard. Like cut back to 2 packs a day already. Before, she seemed to enjoy what she was doing. Now, she looks like she is just going through the motions. She is running around 100 miles an hour , talking really fast, huffing and puffing like she just ran 2 miles. What happened? She had 30 minutes then and 30 minutes now, why the rush? Why is she always shouting. Did she forget she was wearing a mic? I have seen her on talk shows and she talks over the host and never shuts up. If she does that on her new talk show, I don't see it being successful long term. I think her cooking show appeals to a lot of people because she cooks the same stuff over and over and basically uses the same ingredients all the time so her dishes are easy to make. Also, even though she makes millions of dollars she talks about going grocery shopping, saving a dollar here and there and people relate to that.
Friends in NY said they heard she has a bad rep with servers because she can be nasty and is a bad tipper. I know several chefs and they said that most of her stuff is bad because as a chef it's kind of like an artist. You want to experiment, learn new stuff and invent new recipes and her stuff is just same old same old. A lot of people have commented on her appearance. She isn't a bad looking woman but she never wears anything in style on any of her shows. The flood pants and too tight tops should go. JMHO

I am sorry you thought my comment was inappropriate. Unfortunatly, i deleted it as i thought there was no issue. There was no complaint at all in the post. There was no direct "hit" on anyone or anything. If you deleted my post, you should probably think about getting rid of many more that are already here.
This is not entertaining anymore. It was fun when one was allowed to say "just about" anything. Looking back through these posts, there is a lot of profanity, sexual inuendos, folks wishing death on Rachael, even an idiot who polks fun at Natalie Holloway. Folks calling each other names and on and on and on. I guess i don't want to play anymore. Good luck with your borish little blog.

ok. I've read alot of the posts and I even saw this article back when it was originally made. Here are a few things you should think about:

1. Ray is not classically trained, so there are plenty of chefs and restauratuers who aren;t. If your gonna call her a hack because of her humble beginings, then how about you cook her under the table and get her time slot on FN. IF you cant then shut your face. You don't have to watch her show or listen to her talk.

2. I will admit, some of the things she does on the show does annoy me a little. The EVOO thing is one of them. Her voice goes a mile a minute. And some of the recipe's look but ugly. Her overall range of cooking is pretty small even if she does only have thirty minutes.

3. But, for all of those things against her, she has the right attitude while cooking. She enjoys doing it. And not just for her own pleasure, but also for the viewer. She does the best with what she has, and she is very practical. She is more or less doing a meal that can be done if your coming in from work and your tired. For this Ray gets my props. She doesn't have any of her food pre-prepped, I know this because I've done at least 20 of her recipes with her at the same time.

As a cooks go, she's an excellent cook (7 of 10) and as looks go, (I've seen herin real life) she gets a 7 of ten. Some trunk junk and a pretty face.

Rachel isn't a chef at the end of the day. Shes a cook and a foodie. She personifies this really well and you should keepin mind that she is a COOK. She may not be the best looking lady cooking up food on FN but I only know of one that tops her. (Starts with G ends with a Iada). iThe question to ask yourself in the end is"is reason I should love/hate Ray is whether or not shes all about the food, or something else?"

I am a 40yr old male who enjoys cooking and happen to love Rachel Ray. what a breath of fresh air. She's also pleasing to the eyes. Go Rachel!

I liked watching her show a few years ago. She made it look fun to cook and try different recipes. I know she isn't a chef, just a plain old cook, but I did learn a few things. Then she started changing. She started getting all hyper and running around 100 miles an hour. She doesn't even look like she is having fun anymore, just doing her job. She sounds out of breath and what happened to her voice? She didn't sound like that a few years ago. All of her recipes seem the same now, boring, and when they do close ups of her chopping she always has black stuff under her fingernails. Gross! I think she was way overexposed with too many shows and now she is adding another with her new talk show? I couldn't listen to her voice for a whole hour so I won't be watching. Too bad because I use to like her.

I'm not a huge fan of any particular FN cook, I just like to learn what I can from everything I watch. There's always something to pick up in every show. If RR is too "simple" for some of you, maybe you just need a little imagination to adapt a recipe to eliminate the ingredient that offends you and add something you like better.

Nobody's really fooled by all this ranting about Rachel Ray -- it's pretty much common knowledge that people who "bash" other people do so because they are self-conscious about their own inadequacies. There's an old adage that basically says -- don't bash others until you're pretty perfect yourself.... :) The wisdom behind that statement is, if you've got glaring problems of your own, you really look silly bashing someone else. Everyone just looks at you and hides their grin behind their hand. On a forum like this, bashing is easy because it's easy to believe no one can see you, or know your inadequacies. But the bashing itself is very revealing. People who are totally comfortable with themselves show respect for other people because they don't feel the need to compare others to themselves -- they allow for a lot of diversity and idiosyncrasy in other personalities. People who aren't comfortable with themselves, want to bring everyone else down to their level by pointing out every annoying idiosyncrasy in others to make theirs seem less crazy to themselves (and we ALL have annoying idiosyncrasies, let's face it). But by posting venomous rants about others, you tell us who you are inside. And it isn't an attractive picture....

I have one thing to say and one thing only: Anyone who bashes on Rachael Ray is a jealous piece of sh**, that has nothing to do in life but search the internet in an attempt to display their hatred for someone successful.


Do any of you lazy-assed boneheads ever get off of your couch? Anyone who carries four regular shows on a network the size of Food Network has to be doing something right!

I guess the fact that this woman recently signed over 800,000 subscribers to her new magazine proves that though you all have an opinion, no-one is listening...

Losers... Get out there and sell your own magazine! HA!!

L, you are so right about what the Food Network is looking for. I had the exact same thought myself. They are looking for a warm personality that connects with the audience. Unfortunately they are doing it at the expense of finding someone with real culinary training. I don't doubt that Guy, the winner of the FN Star competition has talent, but I definitely think that the woman that lost out to him in the final four was a more gifted cook, and had real culinary school training, whereas he did not. She just didn't have the personality they were looking for. It's too bad they can't find people with both. Julia Child had both. Emeril, for all his annoyances has both too. I don't think it's impossible to find, I just think that the management of FN thinks it has to sacirifce one for the other.

I have a problem........A while ago i posted a question in reference to how to peel a hard boiled egg. A friendly poster suggested i put vinegar in the water along with the boiling eggs. That idea worked once. Another suggestion was to put a silver tea spoon in the pot with the boiling eggs, that didn't work at all. I do everything i am supposed to do, but i always manage to peel half of the egg away!! The membranes seem very thick. I cook them, introduce them to the cold water, tap them on the side of the pan, then roll them a little to get the shell cracked, and i still loose half of my eggs. I get so frustrated that there have been a time or two where i have flung the egg into the patience for this. Is there anyone out there who can give me the perfect solution for peeling a hard boiled egg???

I just turned sixty. Both of my parents immigrants from Ireland. Growing up there were no supermarkets down the street. The local store in winter offered potatoes and turnip. If you wanted vegatables you canned them.

You've come along way baby.
The variety and choices today are unbleivealbe. You think there is something wrong with Rachael Ray - Maybe you should take a good look at yourself and get that silver spoon out of your yuppie mouth

I used to like Rachael Ray. I thought she's cute and some of her recipes look interesting and I can appreciate the use of canned stock -- I don't wanna make my own.

Lately, though, she looks and acts like a speed freak. She NEVER shuts up, stops flailing her arms, or making those ugly, goofy faces, and the same shit comes out of her mouth. After the 100th time, I don't need to hear that E-V-O-O is short for extra virgin olive oil. Why shorten it if you're gonna explain it each time?.

I never really had a problem watching RR until..........she had her mom on 30MM. I don't know where RR gets her outrageous personality from as her mom is as quiet as a church mouse. She never really spoke until spoken to. The thing that kinda threw me was when RR calls her mom, mommy!!!
Mommy this and mommy that. What happened to mom or ma? Me and mommy, or mommy does this and mommy does that. Maybe it's me, but i thought it sounded really stupid and infantile. I stopped calling my mom mommy when i was 10. I know in some cultures, kids call their mom's mommy forever. My friends husband is 40 years old, he is Spanish and he says it. Another friend of mine is Cuban, and he does the same thing.
It just sounded really odd coming from her.

Raylard is a loser, granted a millionaire loser, but none the less, the same. She has as much class as some crackwhore who still (at the moment) maintains her home and job..But soon, everyone will see, including Oprah, what a messed up, washed up hag she is...and TOMBOY will end up like Howard, secluded in her own demented head...and miserable...oh happy day!!!!!!

I enjoy watching Rachel sometimes, I just feel disappointed because I miss the "Old" R.R. it seems now that she has become a cariacture of her old self. She took the hyperactivness and silliness and threw it into overdrive. Of course, none of us are perfect, and there are those that will write things like "yuppie mouth" - I mean who says yuppie anymore? - and take the time to belittle those of us that have a differing opinion. I say to you, if you think I am a "jealous piece of sh**" and "never get off my couch" , you're wrong. I do get up and make meals every day, no I don't have my own show, I wouldn't be good at it. I'm just saying I miss the qualities that made me like her in the first place. Oh, one more thing...I was torn between liking and disliking the photo spread she did for FHM magazine. She looked good, but how can she be taken seriously by posing half-naked for that kind of thing? Tony Bourdain wouldn't do it, and he is the best thing to happen to foodie T.V. since Julia Child.

Rachael Ray is a nice person, I'm sure, but lets face it she a heffer!

Last nite (Friday), Oprah had Rachael on for a short segment pertaining to 5 minute finger foods. Honestly, i thought she was great.
One can tell she likes to have a good time. She really gets along quite well with Oprah, it seemed so anyway.
Oprah showed Rachael how to make her famous "lemon drops" cocktail.
Lemon drops, even made Oprah's way was not signature. Three years ago on Christmas Eve, I celebrated way to much, my arch enemy is now lemon drops.
I couldn't even watch, maybe it was in my head but i thought i was gonna be sick!! Nothing against the drink, but i have awful flash backs!!!
Any way, Rachael has such a shining personality. She is so friendly to the camera, and the applause from the audience was thunderous.
I truly believe there are more lovers than haters out there. She actually had to stand there for a few moments until the clapping subsided. She is now dubbed "super cook"...
I enjoy her at times, but as with anything else, there are times when i don't. I think we all just have to face it, Rachael Ray is here to stay.

Hi Everyone. I've been watching FN since 1995 -- when Emeril was himself and Two Hot Tamales were happening. I was a R. Ray fan, but recently, she's become so "animated", flippy and plain loud. I don't get it -- is she strung out on something??? Seriously. This is sad -- she such a joke now...

I saw part of Oprah and she was slamming her drink like it was happy hour. I don't think she's here to stay because she is overexposed and people tend to get tired of someone like that faster. Becomes same old same old. I don't understand that if you post you don't care for her or her recipes, other posters tell you to get a life, while they are on the same website posting how much they love someone they don't even know.

As far as folks posting stuff about people they don't know, is no different than any one of us having a favorite actor or actress, or musical group or comedian, we like them, so we speak well of them, we don't personally know them, but we just love them. It's like we know them, but not really. RR was not slamming her drink, she took 2 sips, 3 at best. To me it looked like Ms. Oprah was really enjoying hers. RR looks like she enjoys having a good time, who doesn't? Hell, if i had what she had, you know i would be having a freakin ball. She has looks, fame, $$$$$, a semi handsome husband, TV shows up the yang, 2 residences, a dog, and so on....... She has every reason in the world to party and be happy. Even if she bombed out at this point in her life, she would still be set. I say, good for her, eat, drink and be merry!!

PATHETIC-Arousing or capable of arousing scornful pity.

This is the word I use to scorn and insult those who feel they need to complain about something they cant understand. Seriously If you hate her so much get off your dang couch and try using the metal filled room in your house, its called a kitchen, you use it to cook in and make food. I prefer making fun of you people whom use these blogs because of the definition pathetic. YOU! Are pathetic.

Well I have to say, you people who decide to rag on rachael are kind of pathetic. Also,I'm sorta freakin on the fact that the people who love rachael find this site- considering its not listed when googling "rachael ray is a great chef" or something like that..- and come in and rag on others about how great she is. And please, she is'nt fat, you people think she needs to be some perfect little cooking show host, your wrong heck, I know fat people, and she aint fat.

Oh, I almost forgot, uhhh, the freaks that want to have sex with

Gad how I love the Rachinator, she is a slap hottie and that's all there is to it. And she's real, like the kind of broad in school you would get a chub over and have to stay in your seat even after the bell rang. But Giada, man oh man that's the kind of chick you think of when you are pulling your poll. The Rach is the kind of girl you know you could get, but Giada is what wet dreams are made of

eeeeeewwww, one in every crowd!!!
I thing Mr. La Fong should keep his mitts off his schlong. Don't you know you can go blind???

chocoqueen, I am sad to say that Mr. La Fong's comment is actually RESTRAINED in comparison with some of the ones we've blocked. Scary, no?

Anyway, it's something to bear in mind for those who send us abusive emails about our "censorship"! In the heat of getting rid of spam and porn, occasionally the odd bit of innocuous text slips into our blacklist.

And btw - I haven't done extensive research but what I've read (and my experience supports) is that the key to easily peeled eggs is using very fresh ones. Hope that helps...

I see Ray's show, but not all the time. Some things she says needs help, and some recipes also, but she laughs at her mistakes while others try to cover. Each person has his or her own style how to speak, walk, talk and look. No one if perfect only God. Emeril's "kick it up a notch" is BORING. Rachael repeats EVOO because maybe some person whom still doesn't understand abreviations has to be reminded. But each person is different from the day they are born and no one can change that. Each person is unique.

FYI.....To any folks out there who may or may not like Sandra Lee, anyway.
I tried her "so called" cheesecake flan!!!!
Yuck Yuck Yuck.
It called for cream cheese, sweetened milk,can pet milk, or better known as evaporated milk., vanilla and 5 eggs. Baked in the oven inseperate custard cups immeresed in a hot water bath.
One could choose, caramel sauce, which is no more than water and sugar boiled, or butterscotch ice cream topping or even strawberry sauce, this is to be layed on the bottom of the custard cups and then the mixture poured over and baked for 45 min.
It bakes up to the texture of a baked mousse. It is thick, and has a lot of texture in your mouth. It is not smooth like custard. Actually, it sucks!!!! It is extremely sweet, sweet, sweet, almost sickening sweet.
It had a bad smell too. It may work work for those that have really bad sweet tooths. I tried one taste and the whole lot went in the garbage. What a waste of time and money. Luckily i had all the ingredients in my cupboards but i had planned to use that stuff for something else. In case one saw this on food tv and wanted to give it a go, don't, it is bad. But to each his own.

BTW Raytard was here in Denver Colorado and really acted like the snot she is. So if anyone is doubting that post about her being a snot, here is something right out of the Denver post. Seems like her little bit of fame has gone to her empty head:

Rachael, Rachael

Food Network diva Rachael Ray was in Denver in February to shoot her program "Tasty Travels." She reportedly was unpleasant to just about everyone she met - but turned on the charm when the cameras started rolling.

Her Denver adventures will be on the Food Network 7:30 and 10:30 p.m. Friday. You'll see her climbing the wall at REI, eating gnocchi at Ristorante Amore, shopping at Decade Home, trying the masa fried oysters

at Deluxe and ending up at Vesta Dipping Grill for seafood, meats - and dips.

I think we are going to see Rachael self-destruct when she gets a little more famous this was in the Denver Post:

"Food Network diva Rachael Ray was in Denver in February to shoot her program "Tasty Travels." She reportedly was unpleasant to just about everyone she met - but turned on the charm when the cameras started rolling.

Her Denver adventures will be on the Food Network 7:30 and 10:30 p.m. Friday. You'll see her climbing the wall at REI, eating gnocchi at Ristorante Amore, shopping at Decade Home, trying the masa fried oysters at Deluxe and ending up at Vesta Dipping Grill for seafood, meats - and dips."

RR is a complete fool. I hope she fails with her new Oprah show. Perhaps we sould be lucky enough for it never to air...she does seem to have fallen out of major glory these last few months. At least she does not claim to be a chef. - Because, bottom line, these meals should only be made by bad cook house wives/husbands or lunch lady Doris from the Simpsons. Fatty, cheesy, sausagey (not always bad), hot doggy and ice cream desserts. She actually gives the recipes on the FTV site for her "desserts"! HA! Soylent Green is people Raytard, try that next time instead of ruining good chorizo!

You are so right Charlotte! She even has a recipe for microwave bacon and fresh cut pineapple! (Along with all her gross recipes of course). How did we mangage without her.

this is a comment towards all the Rachael haters. i think it's disgusting that to satisfy your pathetic lives you have to sit around and bash an amazing chef like Rachael. get a life, maybe take some cooking lessons. the point is obviously she is great at what she does or she wouldn't be so popular. Oh yeah and whoever thinks she is fat needs to give their head a shake. that is what real women look like!

I have been a FN fan for sometime and in the beginning I wasn't annoyed by Rachael Ray. However I have to turn off the TV when she comes on. I thought I was the only one who went crazy because of her constant talking, arm and hand gestures (thank goodness her hands are busy cooking at times) her baby talk (sammys and yumoo) and repetitiveness....If you only have 30 minutes stop repeating yourself we heard it the first time. I agree with the EVOO thing, and the having to carry 20 items in one 2 foot trip to the counter. It may not be her, it could be her Director, but I have to leave the room and turn off the TV because even when I am not watching, her constant talking becomes a repetitive background annoyance. We could probably end the war by just sending her to Iraq and she could just talk, talk, talk and arm and hand gesture the enemy into giving in.

She is not a CHEF.
Can any one say COOK???

Rachael Ray is not a CHEF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
She is a COOK............................

One thing for sure -- this broad ain't no math major. Food on $40.00 per day? Like that is some king of Freakin' miracle?

Half the freakin' planet lives on less than that in a week. This idiot always asks the question: "Will I bust my budget and go over $40.00?" Hey, moron --- buy a freakin' calculator if adding the cost of THREE meals melts your idiot brain!!!

A typical Raytard line-item meal cost breakdown: Lunch = $10.00, Beer $5.00 -- with tax and TIP that's $16.00!!! Yeah, the tax was close to a buck, and the rest went to the poor food server to split between the cooks and bus boys.

LEARN HOW TO TIP, you cheap bitch!!

I used to love Rachael when she was first on early in '01. I started to get extremely annoyed when that show "Inside Dish" came on and I was embarassed for her the way she was kissing ass on celebrities she interviewed. Laughing TOO HARD and too OFTEN for me. Then on 30MM she started acting like a freak on speed. Her recipes are not even appealing anymore. She imploded and I can't stand to watch her longer than 10 seconds. She's obnoxious and way over the top with her hand gestures and loud talking.

I love Rachael anyone who thinks its annoying to smile and be happy is an idiot and needs a life. And another thing for the idiot who said does bringing the kitchen table outside make it bigger Uh duh there is probably more room outside than inside you know an open area not everyone has a huge house ya know! Leave her alone she is wonderful and an inspiration to good people also why the hell do you watch her if you hate her? Sounds like idiots wanting to bitch about anything and everything to me.

She has definitely inspired me NOT TO COOK THOSE GROSS UNHEALTHLY MEALS!

Me thinks KAKA is on the wrong site!!!
WWW.DR.PHIL.COM is the place to be.
Maybe KAKA should watch Food TV, that should make he/she feel better. Try directing some of that "blah" into cooking, it works for me!!! You can take some of your frustrations out by pounding a breast into a cutlet. :-)................... Then cook it, obviously using one of RR recipies. YUMMMO.

L - Kaka is a spammer. We've deleted literally hundreds of comments from some variation on the name always with the same negative message. It got through on this post because we are so used to regular comments that we don't look as carefully as with other old posts!

They just showed a repeat of Raytard's block party. Not only were all of the recipes fat, salt and suger laden. And she has no idea of how to spice without going way overboard. she acted like a complete jerk. She was in a watermelon eating contest with a bunch of little kids and she goes nuts and wins, and then cheers while disappointed kids are looking on.

What a moron. She has earned the name raytard.

I mean how can she not win with the frog mouth that goes from ear to ear? LOL

Not to mention she is hitting forty competing with kids.

She is a jerk.

The repetitive recipes just keep getting worse and worse. They are all gross and unhealthy to boot!

yay, tom. finally someone speaks out about $40/day. rachel ray's a rotten tipper and i can't believe food network hasn't figured it out yet. she gives women travelers a bad name!

i no longer watch any of her shows, she's too over the top and i don't understand what she's saying half the time. i think she's come up with her own language called rayphonics.

If you all read earlier posts, you would see there are plenty of complainers regarding Rachael's tipping. This latest post is not a revelation. I personally have very little patience for RR any more. I used to think she was a riot and really enjoyed watching her. Her giddy child like behavior is not attractive, and i must say some of the crap she builds lately is just that, CRAP.
I know she must have a different personality in the real world. How on earth can some one act like that 24/7??? She claims she hardly sleeps, and coffee is her friend. I believe her speed freaky behavior can be attributed to something else other than coffee!!!
I sure hope her husband matches personalitys with her. She is "out there" where, i'm not sure. Someone should bring her back before she hurts herself.

I watched a rerun of one of RR's shows where she was at home with Mariel Hemmingway and her two daughters. Mariel was showing RR how to make some salad dressing. They had to put all the ingredients in a blender. Mariel's kid took the spoon and stuck it in the blender, took a taste of the dressing, then stuck the spoon back in took another spoonful to lick. All the while, RR is blab blab blabbing. IT WAS GROSS!

One has to remember, the key word there is "kid"
Kids don't think about hygiene. I did not see said episode.
Must not have been a big deal as these episodes are all done in front of the camera
which means parts can be edited out. It obviously wasn't a big deal. This is something that the producers wanted us to see, along with a lot of other RR annoyances. Edit....edit...edit...

It's such a sad world we live in today when people can't keep their venomous remarks to themselves and find the only satisfaction they get is being cruel to someone else. Is it because you can't handle her lust for life or the success she now enjoys after many years of hard work? It's probably just jealousy. Rachel is loved by millions and she doesn't have to worry about you insignificant few. Keep smiling Rachel.

The TVFN has gone downfill since its inception when they used to show classics such as Julia Child and the Galloping Gourmet. Without a doubt, the network execs care more about entertainment (a la Emeril) and entertaining than about education and variety (which is why we have to wait to see Emeril do a "special episode" on thai food rather than a show devoted to anything other than american or italian) It's become very disappointing. At the same time, I blame the food network execs, not Rachel. It has become part of American culture to read things like the Nationl Enquirer only to cheer when someone famous has become miserable. Logic says that there is something very wrong with this. Should celebrities be paid as much as they do? Of course not! I am a teacher and know this firsthand. However, Rachel at least makes cooking simple enough for the everyday cook without resorting (usually) to bags of processed junk (a la Sandra Lee)- while she has some hideous concoctions like the Slider Salad, most of her food looks fresh and decent if not as she says "yummy". She is not the antichrist for crying out loud. And an earlier post put things in perspective. Americans and others are dying- DYING in Iraq and around the world. These are things that we should be caring about, not how many times RR says EVOO. Get some perspective and go kick yourself for being a jerk. Yes, little things annoy me too- it's only human. But I would be a jerk as well if I focused too much attention on things that really don't matter in the long run.

I've just been staying at home not getting anything done. I guess it doesn't bother me. Shrug. I haven't been up to anything. I haven't gotten much done today.

It's called the Dumbing Down of America! And so many people have fallen into the trap. Anthony Bourdain left FN because he would not subject himself to this crap like most of the other "celebrity chefs" have done.

Anthony Bordain is a total ASS!!!!!!
He is hated by so many. Check out

SORRY...I don't know how that happened.
Talk about repeating yourself, lol.

Anthony Bourdain hot??? You gotta be kidding!!! I googled some of his pics just for grins, blah, no way.
Hot to me is Gordon Ramsey. This season of Hells Kitchen is a little over the top. Chef really gets upset, more so than normal. But when he shows up in jeans and a T, he is fine. He has a beautiful smile, and his accent is killer, IMO of course. We all know he is married, (lucky women). He has to stop screwing up his face so much in anger, he's really showing some serious wrinkles. But who cares, he is still, HOT,HOT,HOT

HEY!!!! I thought all postings were monitored!!!! I know, this one has somehow magically slipped by!!! It's funny, when i post something just a tad rash, my post disappears, then we get this Tom idiot who gets gets his post through.
There are several other RR sites where you can say anything, and i mean anything you want.
And where did Barrett go?? He would allow a little diceyness here and there, and when he reprimanded someone it was hysterical to read. Someone like Tom should be BLACKLISTED from this particular site. When i want to let one rip, i go elsewhere and post, hence the squabbeling begins. I am sure there ahve been a ton of nasty posts, and i agree it's hard to head one off at the pass, but why are some posts deleted that are basically innocent with just a touch of flair???

I haven't been up to much lately. I've basically been doing nothing , but it's not important. I can't be bothered with anything recently. I've just been letting everything happen without me lately.

Newsflash: If you love, or even like, Rachel Ray, this is NOT the website for you. It's for people who DON'T like her. And while you're wondering why we're not focusing on the Iraq war, starving children or other world affairs, I must ask, what are YOU doing here? Start your own I Love Rachel Ray site. We won't visit. We promise.

Newsflash: If you love, or even like, Rachel Ray, this is NOT the website for you. It's for people who DON'T like her. And while you're wondering why we're not focusing on the Iraq war, starving children or other world affairs, I must ask, what are YOU doing here? Start your own I Love Rachel Ray site. We won't visit. We promise.

If all i did was concentrate on what is going on in Iraq, i would be classified as a nut case. As a matter of fact, i can't understand how this site gets tied in to what is going on in our world, i.e. hunger, death, war, hmmmmm..... Rachael Ray vs. War in Iraq!!!!
I know, if we didn't come here to have a little friendly bantering, we would be all consumed in hunger, death and war. I don't think so.

Cruel people. Cruel comments.

I am not a fan of Rachel Ray, but I do admire anyone who (clearly) enjoys what they do, successful at doing it... and not spreading hate while they do it. Ok, she's extremely perky... which is, I suppose annoying. Well, she was a cheerleader when she was young.

While I wouldn't eat a salad with cheeseburgers (I'm a vegetarian), I don't see how it's that much different from those salads with slices of grilled beef/chicken on it and cubes of cheese that lots of people scarf down... or those salads at fast-food joints McDonald's, Wendy's...

She may be super perky and at times, a bit out there, but she has got more talent and more personality that the majority of posts i have read here. Many of you sound like Romper Room babies.
I am not a huge fan of Rachael's either, but if i could have just a touch of what she has accomplished i'd be fine.
While many of you are sneering and making really cruel and hurtful comments towards her, she is shoveling up her money and laughing all the way to the bank. She has a ton of fans and a huge following to boot. Like i said, i am not a big fan, i don't care for a lot of the food she creates, and i don't think i would try to get to a book signing, even if it was in my own neighborhood. Two of my friends saw her in person not to long ago, they both said she had an arrogance about her. Very friendly towards the men, not so much towards women. But i suppose i could make many bad remarks about her. There is a lot to comment on!!! But we are all human beings and supposed to be equal, and to treat one another with a sence of decency. Oh brother, not here!!!
Any way, Rock on Rachael Ray. Keep up your success. I can't resist, SLIDER SALAD!!!! What the hell were you smoking when you dreamed that one up? YUCK...
Sorry, i couldn't help it.

She isn't perky she is manic and totall full of herself. And I wouldn't tell an arrogant person to "rock on".

She has no talent, she literally makes up crap and ruins italian recipes ove and over.

She is just a loud mouth, who used to at appear as a kind of nice normal person, and now she is so full of herself and over the top it's annoying.

HOpra will have her hands full with this one!

Rock on Mandii

it's all about advertising sales, book sales and FN product sales. FN doesn't care what the heck they're running on air anymore. it's all about the buck. the backlash to this is that they have created a monster--or should i say montser(s)? bobby flay won't make an all-expenses-paid-appearance for less than $50,000. not-for-profits need not apply!

as far as RR's magazine is concerned, i'm very famiiar with the publishing industry and can pretty much guess that's she's just giving the publishers the right to use her name. for a price. she's also probably signed a contract stating that she agrees to "contribute" a certain number of recipes, approve "a letter from the editor" which will be written by someone else, and show up (hopefully fully clothed) for a certain number a photo shoots per issue. i doubt very much that she will be cooking the food that is photographed--that's what food stylist are for dahling. hopefully the recipes will be tested a number of times before being published.

in other words, like her other 11 cookbooks, she's not sitting in her kitchen coming up with these recipes on her own. other people are doing the work for her. she's sold her name and is now making herself as well as television execs and oprah a lot of money.

Hey listen up all you fat cottage cheese slobs! ya'll are just jealous that Rachael Ray and that CHick on everyday Italian can cook the way they do and stay thin! QUIT COMPLAINING AND GET OFF YOUR FAT ASSES AND DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT YOU FAT GREASY SLOBS!!!!

Here's my email if ya like to talk it up you fat ho's

Hey listen up all you fat cottage cheese slobs! ya'll are just jealous that Rachael Ray and that CHick on everyday Italian can cook the way they do and stay thin! QUIT COMPLAINING AND GET OFF YOUR FAT ASSES AND DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT YOU FAT GREASY SLOBS!!!!

Here's my email if ya like to talk it up you fat ho's

No problems at all with Giada (that's her name). She's professional, intelligent, honest, etc. I could go on and on. She also has great recipes.

Chill out.

Why would you post your e-mail address publically??? There are a LOT of weirdo's out there, and possibly here for that matter.
I think this is being taken way to seriously. You will probably be flooded with mail. Not such a good idea.

Anyway, today, for the first time on TV, it was announced that the Rachael Ray's talk show makes its debut on Septermer 16. I am looking forward to this. I bet just about everyone of these folks on this site will have their little eyes glued to the set that
day. Half of us will be watching because we are fans, and the other half will watch so they can come here and rant. OMG, this site will be so bogged down with feedback. All the old boring stuff will now be forgotten and the talk show will provide fodder for some new bashings. Can't wait.
Also, we here in our neck of the woods get a little magazine from our local grocery store. This market offers cooking lessons thru the month of July and August. Guess who is featured in one of the classes?? Yup, yup, yup, none other that Rachael Ray. Not her personally, but some of her recipies!! They will also feature Emeril and The Iron Chef. If she can stand together with Emeril and Iron Chef, you know she's got to be doing something right. These featured foodies were picked by the community. Obviously they are popular enough to be selected, and folks want to know how to cook the way they do. I don't care for Emeril, his concepts are way to deep and expensive for me. I don't know many people who have "wild bore" in their freezer.

So, get your big bowl of popcorn and settle back for the Rachael Ray show, 9 A.M. You guys really need some new material anyway.

It appears we have a weirdo right here in our midst! "Jana" probably gave out a bogus webmail account so don't worry, she won't be flooded with stalker mail or anything.

As far as Rachael's new show goes, I can't imagine it causing anything but a ruckus on these "bash Rachael" sites. And given her penchant for putting her feet in her mouth, I have to wonder how well she'll do.

Until recently I've lived a no-TV lifestyle so had never heard of RR before a few weeks ago.
But I was sick and homebound and started watching Oprah, which was full of advertisements for this RR woman's new show. I thought it was a joke at first. She's got something about her mouth that was grotesquely repulsive, like she was spitting as she spoke. The commercials were rambling narcissistic crap, squeals, absolutely immature blather of no-class low-class nosy nonsense. If the commercials are this annoying, I hope I never see the show.
In health terms, though, she has the frantic, somewhat drugged look of someone approaching adrenal fatigue. The teenage behavior seems so ridiculous and inappropriate in a middle aged woman, and her maniacly grinning spitmouth. Sorry to be so harsh, but I was appalled enough to google RR sucks and found your site. Glad you are out there.

Until recently I've lived a no-TV lifestyle so had never heard of RR before a few weeks ago.
But I was sick and homebound and started watching Oprah, which was full of advertisements for this RR woman's new show. I thought it was a joke at first. She's got something about her mouth that was grotesquely repulsive, like she was spitting as she spoke. The commercials were rambling narcissistic crap, squeals, absolutely immature blather of no-class low-class nosy nonsense. If the commercials are this annoying, I hope I never see the show.
In health terms, though, she has the frantic, somewhat drugged look of someone approaching adrenal fatigue. The teenage behavior seems so ridiculous and inappropriate in a middle aged woman, and her maniacly grinning spitmouth. Sorry to be so harsh, but I was appalled enough to google RR sucks and found your site. Glad you are out there.

Ya know, i can only wish i had THAT much energy. She readily admits that she lives on coffee and doesn't sleep much. A 2 hour grocery shopping trip for me is enough. There is nothing grotesque about her, and she is giving the viewing public EXACTLY what they want. I am not a hugh fan, but i do watch her, and i have made a few of her dishes. Although some of her stuff does look gross. She deals a lot with hot and spicey, i don't like either. But that is me.
I am looking forward to her talk show, if not for anything else but to come here and read all the "new stuff" that folks have discovered about her. I find it quite entertaining to read stuff from grown, supposedly mature people. I'll admit, i have had my 15 minutes of fame regarding RR, but some of you guys are just down right ridiculous.

Hey all the folks that have freaked their way to the R.R. too many chefs blog.... wow I like to cook and my wife calls R.R. her girl when she is going to watch the program.... She is cute... her energy is a bit obnoxious along with the banter... so what.... my wife watches the show with religion and has never prepared anything R.R. had on her program.... but she is still entertained and interested I really don't care... she probably will be a great talk show host as long as she waits for the guests to answer the questions..... hahaha I stumbled onto this blog and thought that I should write because there is so much diversity in here... guess what I wrote a comment and really don't care what R.R. is cooking today because I can cook too

My wife also watches Rachael Ray religiously, and I have to admit I enjoyed watching her too. Her "charm" did wear off rather quickly, and now I find her to be more like nails on a chalkboard. I mean really how many times can we say Yumm-O in an episode. Im a little aggrivated at her "chef" status as well... to the best of my knowledge she has never been to culinary school. She's about as much of a chef as Sandra Lee is. Giada is a different story... she atleast attended culinary school. I think if Rachael wants to be anything more than a "flash in the pan" so to speak, she should really tone down the quarkiness. Like I said... It was cute at first.... now its just plain annoying.

She is gross, have you ever seen her dirty finger nails on close ups? She is an attention seeking, low class big mouth.

Even in her older shows where she isn't as annoying, she is loud and tacky and she just loves being the center of attention on her 40DD.

I think she is going to wear thin on the public and Oprah will regret giving this zero a show.

I agree with the poster who said she has the frantic look of someone who is approaching adrenal fatigue. I think stardom and her heavy schedule has made her react that way. She is in a constant "fight or flight" state or adrenaline rush. I think her life now is exciting her to the point of overload on her nerves and her glands. I hope she slows down and learns to relax a little because her manic behavior is turning off her fans.

I also agree that the behavior is somewhat immature for her age. She probably thinks that because she looks young for her age she can get away with that, but it does't become her at all.

Chef my ass! Anyone who can call this woman a chef must have the I.Q. of a 4 yr. old, the palate of a for yr. old and the attention span of one to call this show entertaining, interesting, and educational. A chef creates dishes one savors and endulges in. Anyone can throw something into some hot oil and have something warm to eat in no time. This is why we have B.K. and Mc. D's. And who in the hell cooks bacon in more hot oil/grease? Bacon cooks very well in it's own fat. And the fact that she credits her mother to all this so called talent, sheesh poor lady. She doesn't even have the integrity to blaze her own trail, good or bad. And don't we have enough ovulating on the rag who's my kids father you screwed my husband bitch ass crap shows. No way in hell is this woman close or will she ever be close to cooking like a Proffesional Chef not unless she takes some cullinary college then maybe we can talk, oh and the fact that she titles herself a chef IMAO!! show me your credentials hag. At best you can be a short order cook or fry cook thats why your meals take 30 min. OMG and whats this crap bout's cook your family a Thanksgiving meal in an hour LOL that is totaly obsurd. Are we to believe that water boils faster into a grit in her kitchen than any other kichen on the face of the earth. Perhaps the laws of physics cease to exist on her kitchen LOL. We all know how long it takes for a turkey to thaw and we all know how long it takes to prep everything else and we all know to have a juicy suculant turkey it takes good time. She must be talking about those frozen turkey dinners you find in the frozen section. G she really loves her family. But hey I gotta give credit where credit is due, this is why I shalln't. I'll give her credit though in that she's a lush yet in self denial. And one last thing RR I hate it how when you taste your finished product at the end of your show and you roll your eyes in ecstacy as if that was a taste of heaven and more. I have a feeling once the camera cuts you shove your garbage away spit out your morsel in disgust and tell your tweekers to toss that crap. I spoke my piece and counted to three LOL!!

Rachael DOES NOT, i repeat, DOES NOT, even consider herself a chef. She is a cook.
Ovulating rag, who is my kids father?? What does that mean? I have never, in all the time i have been watching Food TV, ever heard Rachael consider herself a chef. She is not. She is a "Super Cook" the title she has deemed the day she guest starred on the Oprah show.
And if you watched the episode where she DID prepare Thanksgiving dinner in 30 minutes, you will have noted that she prepared turkey breasts, along with her "stuffin muffins".... It can be done, because i did it. It wasn't spot on, but it worked, and it was very good.
Where do these kindergarten ramblings come from? on sentences with extremely poor grammar. And by the way, the word is "shant" meaning shall not. What is shalln't?
I think if one wants to blather on, one should, at the very least, be able to blather good grammar. Just in case the challanged don't know what blather means, it means to
foolishly chatter on......

I stand corrected! She prepared Thanksgiving dinner in 60 minutes.

I am 60 years old. I am a Catholic Brother in the Oblates of Mary Immacula. I been in the religious order for 30 years. I have cooked many meals for myself and others..and have watched Rachael Ray sow many tiinmes, i believe she is suffering from a bipolar disoder,explaining the change in personality from the older shows.
I specialized in Subsatnce Abuse, Family and Individual Counseling, and i think she is in need of medical help.

Very interesting, Cap'n Qwaylood - I have a master's in counseling psych. and I think you might be right that she's suffering from bipolar disorder or something along those lines. She might be stuck in a perpetual manic phase, who knows?

By the way, they just re-ran the cheeseburger salad episode and I caught it for the first time. Interestingly, it was from 2 years ago already and she was not half as manic as she is now. Also, while I agree that the idea of a cheeseburger salad is not too appetizing in either theory or practice, it looked like it would have been a lot better if the salad was served separately from the cheeseburgers.

This is RR trying to be witty. Question: Are you Pro-GoGurt or Anti-GoGurt? RR: If this is that fruity yogurt stuff that you suck out of a plastic tube I really don't need to see that sort of thing in public, what you suck on at your home is your business. First of all you freakin idiot Go-Gurt is a snack that goes in your childrens lunch box. And second what the question infers to, as the cook you claim to be is that if you think they are a healthy treat since they come on a stick. You know you stupid slut we use to see you sucking on popcycles when you were a child and we didn't think otherwise, it was all innocense to us. Get your head out of the gutter you pervert. You got a lotta nerve bitch thinking that way about children. But one thing for sure we know now what you love to suck on in the privacy of your home and hey thats all good, hey RR do you swallow? What kind of question is that? we all know you do, now. Keep sticking your big foot in your mouth and see what else you unwittingly divulge of yourself. Your wittyness is about as tickelish as bamboo being rammed up in your fingernails. If I were you, ( and thank God I'm not ) I don't care how rich you are. I'd consider all questions from all angles answer them seriously and considerately not like a freakin juvenile delinquent, you're suppose to be setting a positive example. Grow up! your freakin 40yrs old.

I just want the lady to show some good old USA manners. When you use your left hand with the upside down fork to pick up your food from your plate you should turn the fork rightside up before placing the food in your mouth. Another thing our Moms always taught us is to swallow your food before talking. Yuck. And please quit wearing tight fitting tops that cling to your tummy until you have dropped a few pounds and that tummy is somewhat flatter.
She is cute, she has good bones but her, she needs some refining before we can really enjoy her on TV.

So I was an absolute fan of Rachel Ray untill i watched her under $40 a day, the edpisode about oahu. Now i have lived in Hawaii sice i was little, but no way a haole is going to get that kind of information or that kind of deal. Bentos for $5? please the only bento that is under $5 is the one you made at home before you went to the north shore. After the episode about my home town i hate that show. It is all a lie, I don't have any thing against Rachel Ray as a person, but i absolutely hate the fact that she has been lying to all of us the entire time that that show has been on. She isn't who i thought she was, someone that was helping us to save money and find interesting places in new cities. But really she is just another pretty face on TV using her looks and charisma to push a product that is nothing but lies.

Everyone notices RR bad habits, but does anyone EVER notice Paula Dean, Sandra Lee, Mario, who by the way, literally sweats in his food! Paula actually spits food out of her mouth while she talks. Lee constantly licks her fingers then continues to cook. And Emeril, OMG, he is the KING of unsanitary. Bobby and Jamie Dean, now there are 2 guys that break all the hygiene rules. I have noticed so many hygiene blunders in the time i have been a Food TV fan, which has been for years. Mopping of brows, stuffing mouths, spitting out food, licking fingers. And this new one, Guy Fierie, come on, he is gross, fat, and wears more jewelry than any one chef or cook i have seen. Giada is one of neatest cooks. Her hair is usually tied up or pulled back, she wears no jewelry, and she is always washing or wiping something, and she tastes her food with a spoon, not her fingers. So any one thing that Rachael may have done, think back to the others, they are no different.

I agree with Rob. RR is amazing and anyone who says otherwise is dumb. I don't see any of you haters on T.V. pulling off the things that she does, so CLEARLY, NONE of you people are good enough to do it. I would like to see you people come up with new recipies for years and years and not become somewhat mundane. She's doing her best. Give her a break. Ye who have never had one bad recipie ever cast the first stone!

Nothing like seeing a gathering of other anti-Rachael Ray people!

I remember when I first started watching her show a few years ago. This was before the bad blonde highlights, before she gained 20 pounds, before she had that obvious face lift (she didn't have the Joker smile in the past). She was kinda-sorta tolerable. I got some solid basic ideas for quick meals back in those days.

Then the more I watched, I began noticing that she was saying, "YUM" an awful lot. After a while, she began punctuating her sentences with, "Yum."

Then, "Yum," became, "Yum-O," and soon her language was punctuated with even more silly catchphrases. "Some of that action," "AWESOME," and "EVOO" along with the endless stories of her family. SHUT UP AND COOK.

Her voice got raspier and harder to listen to. She claims she doesn't smoke, but I suspect otherwise. If she admitted to smoking, or smoked in public, her squeaky-clean image would tank. I suspect when the cameras are off, she puts away a pack or two in record time.

She began gesticulating wildly. It was very distracting.

Worst of all, the food got bad, repetetive, and dull. How many ways can you prepare meatloaf? How many ice cream sundaes can you make? There is never anything new on that show.

It annoyed me to no end the other day when she made stromboli and kept referring to them as strombolis. She is constantly talking about her Italian family and yet she doesn't know that the word stromboli is ALREADY PLURAL. Any Italian knows the letter i in Italian functions like like the letter s in English- it an indication of a plural (think spaghetti, ravioli, or any other food you eat more than one of - they all end in i). She needs to take some Italian lessons from Mario Batali or Giada DeLaurentis, who both know their Italian pronounciations.

What's really pathetic is that she openly admits that she won't bake. Now I know not all chefs are pastry chefs, but most FN chefs can put a decent baked dessert together. How bad in the kitchen can you be if you can't bake a batch or cookies or brownies or make a simple pound cake? How about a pie or tart with a pre-made crust? Are you that big of an idiot?

At least she knows the difference between healthy and healthful. Grammar is a lost art in today's society. If we could only teach Alton Brown the difference between lie and lay, I'd have a much easier time watching him.

Mo, I don't need a T.V. show to do what RR does. And I'm better than good enough! I 'm from El Pao, TX. and I've cooked for my family every other day since I was 17. Sometimes I have all four burners going sometimes I whip up somthing simple, like some frijoles de la hoya, thats Tex-Mex ranch style beans with some steak or fish ( whiting por favor ) no secrets given here. I can cook you a great lasagna, or a full Mexican dinner, what have you there's alway's variety in our home. My reward is the smile and satifaction that comes after my family has filled themselves and we alway's give thank's to The Lord for our meals. I didn't start off a good cook, like with everything else when you do something alot day after day you get better like playing a guitar and yes I play guitar too and very well I may add :) I'm pretty sure there's alot of people out there who do the same every day too. People with cooking talent yet not recognized just because they are not on T.V. So don't come off with your crap about RR being all that and more. Cause the real talent lies in our American family homes who still carrie the tradition of cooking family dinners for their loved ones. Not 30 min. crap. Back in the old day's when I was a child if my old man came home after a hard days work to a thirty minute meal he'd slap my mother silly. So go on kissing your RR's ass your never going to meet her anyways lol. And hopefuly you'll never have to taste her cooking. Over and out.

Back in the day, folks weren't on the go like they are now. Kids, soccer, baseball, dance, swimming, PTA, working moms, absent dad's......the list is endless. My gram raised us and she had the time to prepare real nice meals, (three a day). I loved getting up in the morning to eggs or waffles and sausage or bacon. Lunch was the same, always something prepared from scratch, then came supper, and always something fresh from the oven for desert. Her weekends were spent in the kitchen as well, big pots of sauce would get going, along with a tone of homemade bread that she would freeze for later.
Aside from that, the house was immaculate. She was always immaculate and so were we. She even ironed bedsheets!! The kicker came when i came home from school one day and found her ironing our underwear!!! She had the time to re-arrange the living room furniture at least twice a month, i never knew where the couch was gonna be from one day to the next. Even the canned goods in the cupboard were in order and stacked perfectly, and she rotated everything. She didn't drive, but she would take us on the bus to go shopping, movies, ice skating etc..... She always made the time for us.
There was 4 at home, including her. She didn't work, she had the time. Her family was her full time job, which she performed perfectly.
The point here is that today we are sooooo busy with everyday stuff. We look at ourselves as UBER moms and dad's who are trying not to burn ourselves out. With the help of Zoloft or Prozac, we manage to muddle through our days, with our weekends spent just hoping gramma or grandpa will offer to take the kids, any where!!!! If we have the time or the energy to prepare a glorious meal, that takes several hours of our time, time that we could be on the computer or checking our raspberries for a deal that needs to be done by Monday, it just never happens. Hamburger Helper or McDonalds will suffice.
Rachael Ray, to many of us, is truly an inspiration. I will admit, some of her ideas are not appealing at all, to me any way, but maybe to the next person. I have successfully pulled off supper time in 30 minutes with her help. Kitchen got cleaned up on time, baths completed, homework checked, and still had time to soak in the tub myself.
Rachael is loud, she is somewhat tacky, her gestures make me dizzy, but she is a help to me. Giada's recipies are not kid friendly, Sandra's stuff means changing your whole kitchen around, and trying to match your cloths to the recipe, Emerils stuff is WAY over my head, (i don't have a wild bore in my freezer) Alton is ok, but i really don't have the time to look into formulas and protons and ions and gluten and whatever else he does. Robin Miller, she is just weird. I can't feed my family chicken three days a week, no matter how easy she makes it look. Mario, he is just a sweat hog that drips sweat into his food, and I'm not big on fish anyway, which is pretty much all he seems to do.
RR makes everything so easy to make. Many may not like her, we think she is strange, and she is. But......she has been my salvation st times. It takes just as much time to make one of her meals as it does to throw together a box of something.


I think they ought to have a thirty minute show on how she can teach us how to find everything she needs for a recipe in less than one minute. I mean really. I bought some ground cumin for something I was cooking from a Julia Child cookbook back in 1998 and it took me at least fifteen minutes to find it in my cabinet among my clutter of spices. And having all those cans right there at her finger tip. Come on guys...that does take some skill. Let's give her some credit. And by the way, has anyone told her about the FDA warning to wash those fresh greens even if they have been triple washed?

She finds everything she needs quick like because, it's TV!! You know she just doesn't stroll into the set and start cooking. Thirty Minute Meals tapes up to 6 shows a day!! Everything she needs is set up for her each time. And she doesn't have swap outs like most shows have. Because it's done in real time, there is nothing pre made.
Most all of your TV cooks & chefs are now using pre washed produce. Sandra Lee, Paula, Robin, even the newbies like Guy Fieri. If triple washed greens need to be washed for the fourth time, i'm sure the execs would make sure of it.
It's funny how people blame the "star" for something that may look stupid, or something really dumb is said but, the brass behind the scenes is in charge of what goes on. These shows are pre taped and edited. So if you have to blame any one, blame the execs that have the final word.

Does this woman even know what a hair net is? Nothing like enjoying your RR meal then you have to pull a long stringy wirey RR hair out of you mouth all covered in slobber and food juices. This surely is not good kithen etiquet/practice. You "must" wear a hair net when prep-ing and or cooking especially when cooking. And the fact that her hair looks like she just fell outta bed or touched one of those static balls and hey lets go cook! And any of you RR lovers who claim otherwise is just plain stupid. All I need to hear is she's cute and perky she doesn't need to wear a hair net. Bullshit!

She IS cute. She IS perky. She DOESN'T need to wear a hair net.

There is not one single foodie that wears a hair net!!!
You have got to be kidding.

It's television for crap sake.
If thats the case, then Mrs. fake herself, (Sandra Lee) should wear one too. If anything, Lee should figure out a way to keep her boobs out of the pot. A cross your heart with extreme under wires would help.
Next you'll be bitchin that RR should be wearing gloves while cooking.
Get real man.

That's right it is T.V. and she's relating to the masses, that means anyone and everyone that cooks.
Instead of blabbing away about her family, who gives a flying %#&^ that she de-balled her freakin dog, she should focus on things at hand. She should have the sense to say sumtin' like, I know some of you out there are training to become chefs so it's important that you wear a hat or a hair net when cooking. Like I said if she had any real knowledge or maybe even a little sense of what she's learned throughout the years of her trajectory she'd apply it to her monologue in a helpful mannor. And she should at least have the courtesy to comb/brush or put that hair up in a bun when she comes out on national T.V. to do her show. this just proves that she's a follower, not a blazer/leader. She does as all other FN stars do, not what she knows better to do if at all. And another thing is, why cooks/chefs created measuring utenciles, to prepare good tasty eating food. If you're eye-balling your ingredients your making shit, this is why all of you RR lovers say after trying to cook one of her meals, it came out pretty good or to qoute L above, " It wasn't spot on, but it worked ." This is why she hates to bake. She's a SLOB.

You are absolutly correct when you state that she is cooking for and entertaing the masses. The "masses" love to hear about ones family, their childhood, a special kind of comfort food that mom would always make to make them feel better. That is stuff we, as the "masses" love to relate to.
Giada always speaks of her family and her childhood. Paula as well. And Rachaels dog is a female, which would make it impossible to "de-ball HER, as you stated!!! And she has made comments towards up and coming chefs/cooks. She gives very good advice. She always has, like you say, "SUMPTIN' good to contribute.
I say if RR must wear a hair net, so should every single cook/chef out there in food tv land. And so she can't bake, big freakin deal. At least she admits it, and she can laugh about it too.

Look choco-whatever, if you find that cooking these 30min.craps is healthy and sufficient and good enough as a day-to-day-basis (dinner ? ) for your family then by all means go for it! It's your funeral! But by all means don't try to justify and push this crap on innocent people just beacause you find yourself in the unique way to defend a fraud. Do you know what a paradox is? That is what you are commiting. And please go cook and cook your RR meals for you and yours, please keep yourself busy busy busy without relent untill maybe at least one of you RR fans can get one of her meals right! comprende!!!

cooking for the masses? i would call it cooking for lemmings. what's wrong with wanting something a little better than the crap your sister-in-law throws on the table at a family gathering? just because she's on television means she knows what the hell she's doing and that what she making is going to take 30 minutes and taste good. you can learn how to make loose meat sandwiches watching roseanne reruns which is much more enjoyable. don't believe the hype!

and quit whining about people complaining about RR's show. that's what this site is about, you bunch of babies. if you have a weak stomach for rachel haters i advise you to not log onto you're sure to pull your hair out.

oh, and for those of you who think we're jealous--grow up! this isn't the 7th grade and your not running for student council. for those who are jealous, you might want to set your sights a little higher.

don't believe the hype!!!

This is why the internet sucks and needs to die. It lets people with no spines be big mouths, big tough keyboard warriors. I hate Rachel Ray, Rachel Ray sucks, Rachel Ray cooks dog food, Blah Blah Blah, Yadda Yadda Yadda. GIVE ME A F_CKING BREAK!! Get a life people!! How can you you get so uptight over a cooking show? A F_CKING COOKING SHOW!!!

OH SHIT.....Lighten up for Christ sake. Everyone here is freakin harmless already.
So what, let people voice their opinions, that what this blog is for anyway.
I'm sure you have your bitches and gripes on other blogs. Lighten up, thats entertainment! Some days i like RR, other days i don't, it just depends on her mood, (and probably mine) I have to admit, she is funny, whats wrong with funny?
By the looks of this blog, there are A LOT of miserable people out there, all just venting i'm sure. Friendly bantering is cool, just no need for ASSHOLES to jump on the wagon!!!

Point well taken (You are all idiots ) you're a prime example of a spineless keyboard warrior I nearly pissed my pants just reading your opinion and I don't know what a lemming is but it must be all you true RR haters who brave to watch all or any of her re-runs just to find something to indignate your poor superstar. Think about it? You all are the majority that makes up for her good ratings. And will be the %ege that will make her new show succeed. And I have visited the RRsucks community it rocks! As for me I'll be watcing The Megan Mullaly show I love her creamy skin, her gorgeous legs, her natural boobs and just because of that : )~ plus she's an emmy winner and a winner a winner bottom line. Peace Out : )

She is not a cook. She is talentless, annoying as hell and please someone get real and cancel her stupid show. Everyone knows she had money and connections and that is how she got on t.v.

She did have connections and hence her MORONIC show with her really bizarre gestures like someone on meds. Will the media do her in? Hope so....boycott I say.

A lemming is a rodent, one who rushes into the sea and drowns themselves at migration time.

I love how on $40 dollars a day she is such a great tipper. It can't be a $2.00 tip, but it can be a $1.82. That's why she always has a enough money for $40 dollars a day. I also love how she takes a little piece of food and eats it. When I say little, it is not even bigger than your pinky nail. I love when she says YUMMALICIOUS. I'm so excited for her new product called YUMMMO. It's her version of EVOO. Yay!!

Well, i will open by saying that i don't like the taste of CROW. I couldn't wait to see RR first show this morning. 9:am my time. Did i mention i don't like the taste of Crow. Ummm...yes i did mention that!!
My opinion only. I could not believe my ears. Can we talk about LOUD!!! She is way worse with this talk show than on her FTV shows. Very, very loud, brash, upstaging her guests, which happened to have been the Great Diane Sawyer, which by the way, tomorrows guest is non other that the BIG O herself. (oprah) Some of the stuff she comes up with if so far from funny that it's not funny. OMG, a few times i sort of put my head down, i think i was embarrased for her. Diane gave her a few little gifts which were a comfy pair of socks and a collar for her dog, with her name on it, Isaboo. RR acted like an ass. I had it, i couldn't watch anymore. I switched over to Megan's talk show. Now she is funny, period. I guess this new show really took the zippity out of my dooo daaa. Her voice was sooo raspy, and it kept breaking, which could be attributed to nerves, or a lot of smoking, who knows. Her facial expressions were way to much, i didn't think she could stretch her mouth open that wide. Anyway, i'm done. I'm sorry Rachael, you really bursted my bubble. I am very disappointed with the show, and now with you.
So now as i join the cavalcade of haters, still feeling a little sentimental, because i once enjoyed her. I musn't use the word hate, that is a strong word. How about really do not like, alot. But it's back to work tomorrow for me, so i won't be able to watch. Maybe i'll tape it, just so i can laugh.

OMG her show was a mess! She was loud, tacky and annoying.. I can not believe Martha is threatened by this no talent loud mouth.

If anyone can watch that trainwreck of a talk show and say this is not an out of control loser who btw can not cook ,they are lying!

She cooks chicken in less than 4 minutes? yeah what a mess!

Three days into it's conception, that being RR's morning show, shits flyin, but of all places, the blogs corresponding to her show. (Rachael ray show .com) I have dislikes as well, but i couldn't go to her show blog and be nasty. So far, it's her posture (gawd) and her ever popular, joker smile, whatever!!! Ya know, there are many sites out there in internet land where we all can go and bash, bash, bash until are hearts are content. Reminds me of a bunch of buzzards that swoop in for the attack. Imature, child like adults that circle and wait for the right moment. RR is not that bad. I watched her show myself. Honestly, she is way over the top in some spots, but actually interesting in others. We can pick apart everylittle thing about her, from top to bottom, which has been done many times. But contain the crap where it belongs, not on her show site.

It's amazing how much internet space is spent maligning RR. If people can't stand her why do they watch her? Amusedly I've read about RR details provided by people claiming to disdain her yet clearly they continue to watch her shows.

Someone in the series of comments wrote she's the most obnoxious personality on the Food Network since Bobby Flay. Have you people failed to notice there is a man named Emeril?

There is a lot of blogging about how annoying RR is because she is EVERYWHERE and overexposed! She is being pushed down our throats by the Oprah machine. She has annoying spots on ET, she is also so in your face she asks to be bashed!

She can not act like an our of control, stupid moron on national TV and not expect people to notice. She in fact looks like someone who just lives to be noticed. Her show is all about HER! She has no point to it, but to blab non stop for an hour. She is an expert on shoes?

Normally a host of a show brings on experts, has celebrities on, and knows how to stand back and be a host, she is just an overrated big mouth who wants everyone to notice her, so we are!

I haven't watched RR's talk show yet, mostly because it's on in the morning when I'm at work, so I can't comment on that. I do imagine that she is just as brassy and annoying if not worse than on her other shows.

What amazes me is that the people who hate her must be watching her because her talk show grabbed a 2.9 rating while Megan Mullaley (who is she anyway?) grabbed only a 1 in their first week. Rachael had the most viewers for a new talk show since Dr. Phil. So someone must like her, or at least they're watching her even if they hate her!

Someone needs to tell manic raytard that the microphone is there so she doesn't have to YELL and SCREAM. What a freaking nutcase dope! That screaming is annoying and stupid as she is!

And the moron fans who write into her are as dumb and odd looking as she is! What a freak show!

Its so funny how many people can get such a high off of trashing someone. Damn, one wouldn't know better that all of the "HATERS" have such low self-esteem. Most of these, non-talented, bed-wettN, Lazy and obviously unsuccessful twisted personalities have nothin better to do than vent their inadequate ass mouths off!

Geez you'd think you could find a REAL MODE of positive activity. You NEGATIVES are tellN on URselves as to how really sad your own lives are. Probably, no man or woman, defiant kids IF ANY, spouses who cheat or are non-satisfactory intimately, jobs or BOSSES you hate....OH REAL INCOME that keeps your financial accountant or your turn over cash flow busy!....GET A LIFE PEOPLE!!!!!!!

If you think the cheeseburger salad was bad, what do you think of the cut up hot dogs in the hamburger meat? I swear to you it looked like fake barf. No exaggeration, either. I almost puked even HEARING about that. Yucko!!

It's obvious Raytard has run out of recipes.

Go away, Rachael Ray!

If you think the cheeseburger salad was bad, what do you think of the cut up hot dogs in the hamburger meat? I swear to you it looked like fake barf. No exaggeration, either. I almost puked even HEARING about that. Yucko!!

It's obvious Raytard has run out of recipes.

Go away, Rachael Ray!

Yaaa. yuck, yuck, yuck... I saw that one with the dogs in the burger. No good.
By the way, i know these are rag mags, but has anyone seen the latest issue of Enquire mag at the checkouts?
According to the Enquire, Rachael was attacked twice back in 95. She apparently lived alone in an apartment in NY. The guy supposedly attacked her once, then again later. She wasn't hurt or raped, just shook up and scared. Thats when she got her first pit, Boo. She and her mom lived together in the Adirondaks, her dog died, then she married John and got another pit, Isaboo. I don't know how true this is. It's prolly just brain candy. I amaze myself as i never invest my money in trash mags. The article that got my attention was the headline that said, Steve Irwins body to be exumed. RR story just came along for the ride.

Rachael Ray is a douche.

Casey needs to get a Life. Wow.......

O.K. I TVod the show just to see....

The LOAD hoarse voice... the waving of the arms and the pointing of the hands.... the audience squirming..... she is out of control... I am sorry..... but now I feel sorry for her.... would someone take her out of her misery and take this show out to pasture and shoot it!

Michael Bolton was on .... and he even gave her looks like..... what am I doing here?.....

You know... I can't feel sorry for her... she is making millions and she is a big joke with the laugh and smile to boot!....

Say what you want. but you must have watched her show to make a comment. So who's the idiot ? I like her. She's cool

I love on the $40/day show how RR always acts shocked at the portion size and exclaims "i couldn't possibly finish that"... as if she doesn't get a second helping! I bet the camera crew are instructed not to get too close to her mouth during feeding time, for fear they may lose an appendage or piece of equipment. She's a cow-- and for the record I don't hate all fat people. I just hate those that are celebrities and paid enough to do something about their appearance. You're in the public eye for chrissakes! Rachael- Lose 40 lbs, develop some table manners, and stop pretending you like everything you shove in your fat face (we're not buying it)! You're nasty and classless. Stop assaulting the general public with your empire dedicated to being fat, untalented, and homely!

No wonder why Europeans have low opinions of American tastes-- any culture where RR can become famous has got to have its standards questioned. Support your country- send hate mail to the Food Network until they stop polluting our cultural identity!

I just think it is amazing that she inspires such a reaction from people. "Best Chef Ever" - come on, put down that wonderbread and baloney sandwich and get a clue.

I have a friend that is absolutely obsessed with her.

Give me Giada anyday.

You know, I don’t profess to love Rachael Ray, but the amount of heat she is under for really no reason I can see, is utterly ridiculous. Here is some advice to all you Rachael haters: IF YOU HATE HER, DON’T WATCH HER DAMN SHOWS. You have the option not to watch her. Obviously you have to give her credit if you “cant look away.” Something is keeping your attention, and in my opinion, it is sheer jealousy in the fact that she is a normal, average girl like any of us, but she is getting paid millions because of it. So back off, she is not that different from you I bet.

I am so tired of people saying “Giada is so much better!” That bobble-head is ten times more annoying. She has no less than 8 million teeth in her mouth and feels it necessary to flash them every goddamn second of her show while crooning “OHHH YOU CAN TASTE THE MUUUUUUZ-A-RELLLLLAAAA”

PLEASE. I am 100% Italian and I even hate her goddamn pronunciations. I rather hear yum-o, than see a shark mouth sounding like Luigi from Mario Brothers.


Many of you people need to get a life, Rachael is just a nice lady with some good tv shows, she looks fine to me and sounds nice too, leave her alone.

The haters are clearly jealous, what a sad bunch they are too, just keep watching, I know you will.

Rachael keep doing your thing, youre a star at my house, very pretty, smart and entertaining...

Im sure the haters would all Love to be your best friends, they are very transparent and shallow.

I don't make it a practice to get cought up in the "rag mags" at the local grocery store, but this particular headline got my attention, so i bought the damn paper!!

And we're off.... Come on idiots. Now that Rachael has become quite famous, this is what is happening. It's ridiculous. The head cheese from the Enquirer has appeared on Court TV several times, the same person who ran this insane article.

This tard has folks interested in the fact that John has been having an affair with this goofy looking crossed eyed (lesbian) as they met at a gay bar, according to Enquirer. But....they are not really having sex, as SHE has not taken her cloths off, but He has. According to sources, He likes to be spat on!!! Paying $20.00 per spit!!
At one point, inlisting several of this girls homies to take part in this strange behavior, hence HE being covered in sputum, retreating to a room by himself (naked) and more than likely, jerkin the gerkin to complete the act.
This has been going on for some years now, and according to sources, this chick was in the picture before the wedding.
She has now slithered back to Florida, but when she comes to NY, she calls on Johnnie Boy. They meet at a bar, take it to a hotel, and the spit fest begins. At one point MR.RAY (i know his last name) made a request that this crossed eyed freak of nature perform something, (paper said it was to profane to print) on him, to him, for him, whatever, and she claims she refused. Oh no, not enough $$$$$ in the world would get me to do that. Wonder what it was, or if it even was.
In contrast with the Headlines, RACHAELS SECRET PAIN, seems to me it's no longer a secret. How sad. The extremes that one would go to just to make a buck.
How many times has Enquirer been sued?? Several times, i'm sure. But it's fools like myself that keep this smut in circulation. Of course the tabs are placed at the check outs, something to gander at while your waiting for the customer ahead of you. But there is a sign placed above the magazine rack, PLEASE DO NOT HANDLE THE BOOKS AND MAGAZINES. In other words, the shit on the front cover grabs your attention, so we buy it. Perfect, thats exactly what we're supposed to do. Directly opposite the mag rack in the aisle is the candy rack. Even better, now we can stuff a candy bar into our fat faces while we read this garbage brain candy. We thrive a rumor and ridicule, that is why this blog is here.
It has been quite a while since i have visited here, it's still the same, creepy jerks out there who love to bash and trash. It's nice to know some things haven't changed.

I don't make it a practice to get cought up in the "rag mags" at the local grocery store, but this particular headline got my attention, so i bought the damn paper!!

And we're off.... Come on idiots. Now that Rachael has become quite famous, this is what is happening. It's ridiculous. The head cheese from the Enquirer has appeared on Court TV several times, the same person who ran this insane article.

This tard has folks interested in the fact that John has been having an affair with this goofy looking crossed eyed (lesbian) as they met at a gay bar, according to Enquirer. But....they are not really having sex, as SHE has not taken her cloths off, but He has. According to sources, He likes to be spat on!!! Paying $20.00 per spit!!
At one point, inlisting several of this girls homies to take part in this strange behavior, hence HE being covered in sputum, retreating to a room by himself (naked) and more than likely, jerkin the gerkin to complete the act.
This has been going on for some years now, and according to sources, this chick was in the picture before the wedding.
She has now slithered back to Florida, but when she comes to NY, she calls on Johnnie Boy. They meet at a bar, take it to a hotel, and the spit fest begins. At one point MR.RAY (i know his last name) made a request that this crossed eyed freak of nature perform something, (paper said it was to profane to print) on him, to him, for him, whatever, and she claims she refused. Oh no, not enough $$$$$ in the world would get me to do that. Wonder what it was, or if it even was.
In contrast with the Headlines, RACHAELS SECRET PAIN, seems to me it's no longer a secret. How sad. The extremes that one would go to just to make a buck.
How many times has Enquirer been sued?? Several times, i'm sure. But it's fools like myself that keep this smut in circulation. Of course the tabs are placed at the check outs, something to gander at while your waiting for the customer ahead of you. But there is a sign placed above the magazine rack, PLEASE DO NOT HANDLE THE BOOKS AND MAGAZINES. In other words, the shit on the front cover grabs your attention, so we buy it. Perfect, thats exactly what we're supposed to do. Directly opposite the mag rack in the aisle is the candy rack. Even better, now we can stuff a candy bar into our fat faces while we read this garbage brain candy. We thrive a rumor and ridicule, that is why this blog is here.
It has been quite a while since i have visited here, it's still the same, creepy jerks out there who love to bash and trash. It's nice to know some things haven't changed.

I don't make it a practice to get cought up in the "rag mags" at the local grocery store, but this particular headline got my attention, so i bought the damn paper!!

And we're off.... Come on idiots. Now that Rachael has become quite famous, this is what is happening. It's ridiculous. The head cheese from the Enquirer has appeared on Court TV several times, the same person who ran this insane article.

This tard has folks interested in the fact that John has been having an affair with this goofy looking crossed eyed (lesbian) as they met at a gay bar, according to Enquirer. But....they are not really having sex, as SHE has not taken her cloths off, but He has. According to sources, He likes to be spat on!!! Paying $20.00 per spit!!
At one point, inlisting several of this girls homies to take part in this strange behavior, hence HE being covered in sputum, retreating to a room by himself (naked) and more than likely, jerkin the gerkin to complete the act.
This has been going on for some years now, and according to sources, this chick was in the picture before the wedding.
She has now slithered back to Florida, but when she comes to NY, she calls on Johnnie Boy. They meet at a bar, take it to a hotel, and the spit fest begins. At one point MR.RAY (i know his last name) made a request that this crossed eyed freak of nature perform something, (paper said it was to profane to print) on him, to him, for him, whatever, and she claims she refused. Oh no, not enough $$$$$ in the world would get me to do that. Wonder what it was, or if it even was.
In contrast with the Headlines, RACHAELS SECRET PAIN, seems to me it's no longer a secret. How sad. The extremes that one would go to just to make a buck.
How many times has Enquirer been sued?? Several times, i'm sure. But it's fools like myself that keep this smut in circulation. Of course the tabs are placed at the check outs, something to gander at while your waiting for the customer ahead of you. But there is a sign placed above the magazine rack, PLEASE DO NOT HANDLE THE BOOKS AND MAGAZINES. In other words, the shit on the front cover grabs your attention, so we buy it. Perfect, thats exactly what we're supposed to do. Directly opposite the mag rack in the aisle is the candy rack. Even better, now we can stuff a candy bar into our fat faces while we read this garbage brain candy. We thrive a rumor and ridicule, that is why this blog is here.
It has been quite a while since i have visited here, it's still the same, creepy jerks out there who love to bash and trash. It's nice to know some things haven't changed.


1. Her stupid giggle sounds fake
2. Because yum-oooo, stup, evoo, and sammies are not words
3. Because she has no idea what clothes flatter her body type
4. because it's not hard to make a sandwhich and a salad in 30 minutes
5. because it's not hard to only spend $40 on food a day for one person,
especially when you tip as badly as she does (at least for the calculation
purposes she does)
6. because not only can i not smell how 'great' your food is, it doesn't
even look good.
7.The way she tries to stack 50 items up and carry them two feet to the
counter and always makes a big deal about how talented she is for getting
there or how hard it was to do it
8. A tasty and healthy meal is never more then 30 minutes away.... except
her food is rarely "healthy"
9. Scooping store bought icecream into a bowl and putting crunched up store
bought cookies on it is not cooking, baking, or anything more then assembly
10. She isn't a chef, she was a grocery store manager has no practical or
even technical experience

1. Her stupid giggle sounds fake
2. Because yum-oooo, stup, evoo, and sammies are not words
3. Because she has no idea what clothes flatter her body type
4. because it's not hard to make a sandwhich and a salad in 30 minutes
5. because it's not hard to only spend $40 on food a day for one person,
especially when you tip as badly as she does (at least for the calculation
purposes she does)
6. because not only can i not smell how 'great' your food is, it doesn't
even look good.
7.The way she tries to stack 50 items up and carry them two feet to the
counter and always makes a big deal about how talented she is for getting
there or how hard it was to do it
8. A tasty and healthy meal is never more then 30 minutes away.... except
her food is rarely "healthy"
9. Scooping store bought icecream into a bowl and putting crunched up store
bought cookies on it is not cooking, baking, or anything more then assembly
10. She isn't a chef, she was a grocery store manager has no practical or
even technical experience

if anyone of you actually thinks Rachael Ray can cook, then you must be fresh out of solitary confinement where your meals were bread and water. I wonder how long it takes her or her helpers to line up everything in the cabinets and refrigertor, so she can grab them when the show comes on. And her sanitary habits leave a lot to be desired. She takes her meat and poultry right out of the store package without washing them, after they've soaked in their own blood for who knows how many days. If people actually did all of the things she does when cooking, they would be running to the emergency room at the hospital. I really can't understand why the food network allows her to get by with so much as far as her sanitary habits go. Aren't they afraid of being sued for allowing some of this stuff to go on on their network? And then to beat everything, they give her 3 more shows, as if we don't get enough of her! I might be able to tolerate her for a few minute, but for 2 hours? Then she goes and gets a daytime talk show giving advice? Also, she is the queen of abbreviations, which I also hate. Especially when she has to give an explanation everytime she says evoo, or the good old gb, garbage bowl. I can't fault her for wanting to be rich and famous, but I CAN and Do fault the food network for constantly pushing her in our faces. Can't they come up with anything new and original?

if anyone of you actually thinks Rachael Ray can cook, then you must be fresh out of solitary confinement where your meals were bread and water. I wonder how long it takes her or her helpers to line up everything in the cabinets and refrigertor, so she can grab them when the show comes on. And her sanitary habits leave a lot to be desired. She takes her meat and poultry right out of the store package without washing them, after they've soaked in their own blood for who knows how many days. If people actually did all of the things she does when cooking, they would be running to the emergency room at the hospital. I really can't understand why the food network allows her to get by with so much as far as her sanitary habits go. Aren't they afraid of being sued for allowing some of this stuff to go on on their network? And then to beat everything, they give her 3 more shows, as if we don't get enough of her! I might be able to tolerate her for a few minute, but for 2 hours? Then she goes and gets a daytime talk show giving advice? Also, she is the queen of abbreviations, which I also hate. Especially when she has to give an explanation everytime she says evoo, or the good old gb, garbage bowl. I can't fault her for wanting to be rich and famous, but I CAN and Do fault the food network for constantly pushing her in our faces. Can't they come up with anything new and original?

I'm waiting for her next big idea on $40 a day will be to include running into a restaurant with free happy hour food, grab some and run out....Then go to a cute bar with great atmosphere and buy yourself big expensive drink. I'm surprised she hasn't thought of this yet. I see it happen at one plce I like with free happy hour food. There really are people who come in and do that, and it just seems like a good RR tactic.
Soon, when she runs short she'll be giving shoplifting tips...then there's more money left for those nice, big drinks

I'm waiting for her next big idea on $40 a day will be to include running into a restaurant with free happy hour food, grab some and run out....Then go to a cute bar with great atmosphere and buy yourself big expensive drink. I'm surprised she hasn't thought of this yet. I see it happen at one plce I like with free happy hour food. There really are people who come in and do that, and it just seems like a good RR tactic.
Soon, when she runs short she'll be giving shoplifting tips...then there's more money left for those nice, big drinks

RR ROCKS!! I would like to see she and Giada go three rounds in a boxing ring and THEN cook their dinners right after the fight, RR would woop her but then choke Giada with her cheap wig, RR is the bomb she is the girl next door that wants to cook you dinner, Giada is a fake bobble head that is a little to upbeat to be a real person, RR just wants to feed her man, thats why she is the bomb. Giada needs go gain about twenty pounds to look even close to a health person. RR is the sexy girl at the bowling alley running the pizza counter thats why America loves her so much she is a real american girl next door, on a lighter note giadas knockers would look some good on RR lol!! Go RR!!!!!!!! RR is the dream girl cooking dinner for me in the double wide while I am out in the driveway changing the transmisison on the Chevy!!!!

opps tripple post !!! my server kept locking up so I kept on posting lol RR still rocks!!!

Okay, for all of the IDIOTS out there, Rachael Ray admits she is a "Cook" not a "Chef"! There is a big difference there. She doesn't claim to be the best, and she says in all of her shows that.... some people like this and some people don't, feel free to substitute this with .... or whatever. Second, all of you who want to talk bad about her really have nothing better to do, it all seems so childish. Like many of the other posts have said, if you don't like her then...DON'T WATCH HER!!
That is not a difficult concept it? Okay maybe there are a few jealous people out there and they have to revert to kindergarten and call names and sit in the corner and curl up in the fetal position and suck thier thumbs as they turn to one of her shows. If you ARE in fact jealous, then do something about it learn to cook ( not go to culinary school ) and try out for one of the many cooking challenges on TV. Other than that. If you are just one of the many completes mindless idiots who feel they need to degrade her because they simply don't like her and feel they need to take the time to bash her openly on a website.... then there is absolutely no hope for you and you can all go to .....well! That's it from me, Oh, and by the way one more little thing. Rachael must be doing something that the people love, she has more TV and public appearences, oh and not to mention the books and the money than I am sure most of you HATERS will ever have. Bye now!

I am an avid watcher of anything Rachael Ray, and i usually incorporate a recipe of hers at least once a week in my meal planning.
With the New Year, my husband decided to go on a diet, again! He has been really sticking to it this time around. I was watching an episode of 30MM the other day and RR did, what looked to be, a heathy and tasty dish made with portobella mushrooms and kale, steamed with red wine. She had to saute the mushrooms and shallots, add the red wine, then let the mixture reduce before adding the kale. The show was already well into the first 10 minutes.
The greens were already washed, but she had to chop them up a little. 15 minutes into the show, she added the kale to the mushroom mixture, 1 batch at a time, salted them, tossed it around, then put a lid on the pot, as she continued to make the rest of the meal.
Within the next 10 minutes, dinner was about to be put on the table, which she happily gobbled up with a smile for the camera.
I thought it looked good, and with my husband being on his diet, what better food to give him? Greens, very healthy. I followed her directions to the letter. Getting ready to serve dinner, i tasted the kale. It was like trying to chew on a wet newspaper. There is NO WAY kale can be prepared in 15 minutes. It was tough, leathery, and bitter. I had to water pick after i ate. My husband said it tasted like crap. IMO, there is a lot of food that one can NOT prepare in such a short time, i am not saying all. Greens are naturally tough, some are bitter. I understand that cooking them a while cooks out the vitamins and takes away the bright green color, but this was bad. $1.89 lb. for the kale, i had a lb.and a 1/2, plus the mushrooms, 2.50 for 4 small caps, meant over 5.00 for the old GB. I tried to bring it back to life, but the more i simmered, the crappier it looked. I was not happy with that one.

My favorite was when RR had a coupon for a FREE ice cream cone, and she goes into this ice cream shop and asks for a FREE sample of some flavor, and then decides she wants a different flavor for her FREE con. SHE PURCHASED NOTHING....However, to be fair, she did put ONE DOLLAR in the tip jar. OMG. This was too much.


Rachael Ray is NOT A CHEF. She is a cook. There's a huge difference. Not impressive to say the least, and yes...quite annoying to say it mildly. Butchering the English language is her trademark. Now THAT is sad. Desperately trying to be sexy is just that. Desperate. And since when is FAKE marketable? That says a lot for the food network! Has the woman no pride? Class? Guess not, but those are pretty common types anyway. Nothing about her appeals to me, but obviously she appeals to enough people to be "marketable" and that's just a reflection on the American people as a whole.

Just food for thought ( excuse the pun )...and extremely SCAREY if you ask me! But who's askin'? LOL

No time for hating...I have dinner to cook! A life to live! Love to give! On that note...LOVE people, and peace out!

For someone who claims they have no time to hate, you sure made the time to do just that!!!!! Peace out.

Rachael is a bitch because she didn't give cookies to the kids in the front row when she made fresh cookies in her show..!

Can some people deal with alcohol and other drugs better than others? WBR LeoP

I thought everyone was petty about her recipe weird mixtures, but then I saw her just before Christmas with holiday meal suggestions. She actually paired Strawberry or cherry icecream with creme de menthe as a topping just because IT WAS RED AND GREEN. I thought that sounded so repulsive...why not mix toothpast with your fruit flavored ice cream and save a trip to the booze store. Who would pair anythong, just because it's the right holiday colr combo?

if you dont like her dont watch her, get over it. you do not need to talk garbage about her. sometimes her stuff is great sometimes not, its all personal preference. But those of you attacking her are way out of line. there are ways to be tasteful in critism.

Hey Dan, You must know by now the classy approach doesn't work here, it's like farting into the wind. I don't visit here much these days. It doesn't matter how long between visits for me, the crap is always the same. Nameless faces clacking away at their keyboard with nothing to say. I wonder who would be brave enough to come face to face with RR and spew directly at her.... If that ever happened these shit slingers would pee themselves.
I myself can either take her ot leave her. She is a bit over the top, but look at the fame that childisness has brought her. If you have noticed, even the rag mags are on the attack.
I read a article where RR says that she has heard and read a lot of negatives concerning her, but she says she doesn't really care, as the positives out weigh it all.
I say, rock on girl. You are a success, and thats all that matters!!

I'm not into gourmet cooking and I have a 9 year old grand daughter that is learning lots from watching RR. I think RR is refreshing after the stuffy guts that you usually see. We are just everyday people and the stuff she puts on the table is more like what we eat than most of the food shows. Give the girl a break.

To the folks who thinks RR has poor hygiene habits because she doesn't wash her triple washed produce(Produce in sacks) I cought an episode of GMA, which is Good Mrning America, a morning show in my home town. Sara Moulton was the guest chef. She says you DO NOT have to re wash your already washed produce. You do have to wash fruit, obviously, and also fruit with skins on them that have to be peeled, i.e. bananas, pineapple, melon, etc. Bacteria could be on the skin and when you peel it, the bacteria could slide onto the fruit that you will eat. You also DO NOT have to was meat, beef, chicken, whatever. Cook it to temps where the heat will kill all the bacteria. I have always washed my meat, especially chicken. I pick all the crap out of the chicken as well like the fat and the vein things and the goop that goes along with it. I don't know if i can get past washing my chicken, they eat their own shit. Hmmph, that makes me not want to eat it at all. Any how, when RR washes her hands after handling chicken, she dries them with a dish towel, not supposed to. Dry them with a paper towel and toss it right away. Don't soak your greens in the sink either. Soak in a bowl of semi luke warm water. The warm water will help kill any bacteria. Change the water in the bowl a few times before cooking your greens or eating that lettuce. A salad spinner works well for getting rid of the excess water, and prevents a salad that is so wet that the dressing won't stick.
So, RR techniques are ok.

Ah... Rachael, Sandra, Giada... a king-sized bed... E.V.O.O... how good is that? Yumm-o!

Ah... Rachael, Sandra, Giada... a king-sized bed... E.V.O.O... how good is that? Yumm-o!

Ah... Rachael, Sandra, Giada... a king-sized bed... E.V.O.O... how good is that? Yumm-o!

Ah... Rachael, Sandra, Giada... a king-sized bed... E.V.O.O... how good is that? Yumm-o!

Ah... Rachael, Sandra, Giada... a king-sized bed... E.V.O.O... how good is that? Yumm-o!

I personally am ok with Rachel Ray. I like how she makes cooking fun and possible for busy people, and i like how she is very down to earth and humanitarian.

Yes, she does talk with her hands alot, she does destroy professional cooking language, and yes, she does speak exceptionally loud, but it's all part of who she is.
I wouldn't be able to watch her show over again and again, every day, i would get tired of her perkyness after a while. But she is a great entertainer, fun person, and just the person to put a smile on your face when your feeling down(that is if you aren't spending all your time critising her ).

Rachel is one of those people you either love or hate, and even if you don't like her antics, you have to give her credit for being a great entertainer, and for just being herself. being yourself... this is something a lot of people can't do these days, why? because they spend too much time worrying about what other people think. Here Rachel is, getting bashed by these web sights, but she never changes. You know why?
because she is comfortable with being herself, and is no phoney.
- Columbia L. age 15

i agree with the last comment. Rachle Ray is awesome because on her show she acts like herself, and not how the network tells her to act. and... lets face it, who's more entertaining, Rachel Ray, or Martha Stewart? my money's on Rachel.

i say, if you like rachel, great, she's an awesome person. if you don't like rachel, change the channel, nobody's forcing you to watch her, you want to. and a person like rachel shouldn't be bashed just because she's happy.

yeah, lol. who ever heard of someone being trashed because they're happy?

we should all go to martha's website and bash her, she's the one who went to jail! lol, jk jk

First of all, it's RACHAEL, if you are going to defend the pug, learn to spell her name at least. Her food is frightenly bade, fattening, white trash slop and she is an obnoxious wench with zero class. I cannot believe people still watch her or cook her horrid food. Turn on a real chef, learn soem real cooking skills, something relevant, not her canned processed junk.

Hey Chefgirl, maybe you should get that spell checker up and running. You can't spell either!!!

As i was doing my weekly grocery shopping this past weekend, i spotted something that made me say, "you gotta be kidding" There in the aisle with the bottles of cooking oil and Olive oil were bottles of Rachael Ray Italian Olive Oil. Clear glass bottle with orange lettering and an orange top with her picture on the label.
She is on cracker boxes, cereal boxes now oil bottles. She has her own line of cookware, an extensive cookbook line, several tv shows, her success story continues on and on. She is truly a picture of success. I know she is hard to watch for some, and more irritating to listen to, but she is amazing with her accomplishments.
I choose not to watch her morning talk show, and i don't tevo it either. I seldom watch her on the cooking channel anymore, she seems to have lost my interest. Nothing personnel. She has captured many a fan. As for me, i am a part time fan. Whatever she is doing, she is doing it right.

Okay, first of all I just wanted to correct those that keeps referring to Rachel Ray as a "Chef", she is not a chef, she had no formal training therefore she is not a chef, she managed a restaurant in Upstate New York...that doesn't make her a chef.

Okay, first of all I just wanted to correct those that keeps referring to Rachel Ray as a "Chef", she is not a chef, she had no formal training therefore she is not a chef, she managed a restaurant in Upstate New York...that doesn't make her a chef.

I don't even know how I got to this site, I think I clicked on something wrong, oh well since I'm here, I'm put in my 2 cents!
I L-O-V-E Rachel Ray! Make her 30 minute meals all the time. Well at my house their more like 45 minute meals but HEY! I'm new at this cooking thing!!! Yeah, she's alittle out there, but who isn't? We all have our little "isms" that we say, that's her thing! I can't believe that people actually sit and talk bad about someone the way they do about Rachel. There are so many other things to watch on TV, if you don't like her, don't watch ABC at three or the food network...well, ever because she's on it alot....for a reason, PEOPLE LIKE HER!!!

She should leave that perverted husband of hers. He is basically destroying her reputation. Who the hell gets off by being spat on??? WEIRDO. Hey different strokes for different folks, but this is now in the media, well if you call the Enquirer the media. RR supposedly has a new (sort of) man in her life which she has brought into her talk show, kind of as a regular. He is from Survivor 2. He is cute too. RR is a sweet, wholesome kind a girl. She needs a normal lifestyle. Not with a freak show who pays to get a phlegm bath. eeewww. Creepy Creep John. Your band name The Cringe is perfect, as i am sure thats how your wife feels like doing. PIG boy jerk.

Hey there!!Well my comment isnt about food,but i just had too tell you ,I am a waitress in my hometown of st.petersburg fl and i have people at work callin me rachel ray and even random customers say "has anyone ever told you that you remind me of rachel ray" lol thats hilarious.I am only 20 yrs old.But i am mexican and italian but i have that italian type accent people ask me if im from New York or Jersey but its cause i was raised in an italian house hold.It would be awesome too meet you and maybe let the guest's decide if i am a mini rachal ray.LOL keep in touch love ya Dana

Hey there!!Well my comment isnt about food,but i just had too tell you ,I am a waitress in my hometown of st.petersburg fl and i have people at work callin me rachel ray and even random customers say "has anyone ever told you that you remind me of rachel ray" lol thats hilarious.I am only 20 yrs old.But i am mexican and italian but i have that italian type accent people ask me if im from New York or Jersey but its cause i was raised in an italian house hold.It would be awesome too meet you and maybe let the guest's decide if i am a mini rachal ray.LOL keep in touch love ya Dana

Hey there!!Well my comment isnt about food,but i just had too tell you ,I am a waitress in my hometown of st.petersburg fl and i have people at work callin me rachel ray and even random customers say "has anyone ever told you that you remind me of rachel ray" lol thats hilarious.I am only 20 yrs old.But i am mexican and italian but i have that italian type accent people ask me if im from New York or Jersey but its cause i was raised in an italian house hold.It would be awesome too meet you and maybe let the guest's decide if i am a mini rachal ray.LOL keep in touch love ya Dana

I have your double! Ny 12 year old granddaughter not only looks like you, she cooks like you! My finances are very limited so I try to do unusual things for my granddughters. Hers was a cookbook with this on the front: WHO NEEDS RACHEL RAY nd it had your picture. Inside it says WHEN YOU HAVE LYNLEIGH BULL! Insside the book are various recipes handed down through my family and ones we have cooked together as well as some of yours and pictures of you and also pictures of Lynleigh Bull, My wonderful granddaughter. She would be a great guest on your show and It would be good for her as well.

Why are ya'll being so mean to Rachel Ray? Ya'll don't even know her. And to those of you who do then why are you posting up here? I mean what has she ever done to ya'll that made ya'll not like her? Just because shes on T.V doesn't mean ya'll have to watch her T.V show. Just change the channel and move on. And come on, so she says EVOO and those other thingys, who cares. Its not hurting ya'll so don't worry about it. And it doesn't matter if shes a chef or a cook, she makes food. You people need to get a life. And to those of you who aren't being mean to Rachel Ray, ya'll are nice people.

rachel ray is loud and obnoxious smiles WAY TOO much and really needs to get a life!

I love rachel ray but i think she can get annoying.i understand both sides but i don't think and one has the right to totally trash her. she isn't a horrible party animal who has to go to rehab like other celebs or anything, so i think we all just need to except that some people are just optomistic.

rachel ray is nice.she is acasionaly anoying but everyone says how she is is so anoying or smiles to much. you know there are prabaly so many more things everyone could say about you if you had a show of your own than rachel. i hate when everyone groups up on someone for there talent that there jelous for. shes not perfect, but who is. she is happy doing something that she loves, and so does everyone. so everyone should stop critising someone for who they are.

I was a huge fan until I went to her show last week. Her personality turns off as soon as the camera does. She was rude and impersonal. I waited 3 freakin' hours to see her and it was a huge letdown. Don't let her fool you.

That's funny, a friend of mine went to a RR taping and had a wonderful time. She got to ask RR a question and RR gave out samples of the food she made.

I watch 30-minute meals, but I only watch her talk show when a celebrity I like is on.

I recently bought a couple of RR cookbooks, I've made many recipes, so far my favorite is her Curry in a Hurry. I also like her Blue cheese spaghetti, It's great as a side dish with steak.

I'm not a RR lover or hater, but I like her and her recipes.....Ok I won't be trying her cheeseburger salad anytime soon, but her recipes have been good,so far.

Anyway, this site really made my day. I had kind of a pukey day,but reading the comments from the lovers and haters, I've been LMAO. Thanks for making me laugh.

It takes a special person to be so beloved and so hated at the same time. Keep up the good work Rachael!

I think Rachael is terriffic. My daughter cooks alot of her meals and usally makes it within the 30 mins. some take 45, which is pretty quick also. Her and her husband cook and they come up with great meals on thier own experimenting with the original ingrediants of one of Rachael's recipe.
No matter what anybody thinks of her she has a very successful career for someone who never had a cooking lessons.

DUDEZ! ama put it like this Rachel Ray is FAMOUS yes FAMOUS and if she is on TV famous and getting more money then all of you critizing her its obviouslyyyyyyy because shes doing something right! STOP HATING and APPRECIATE! your all just mad your not on TV some people are blessed others are not big deal live with it shes perky shes fun shes italian WHAT MORE and shes HOT! and for the FAT BITCH starting a website RACHELRAYSUCKS.COM seriously needs to get on some JENNY CRAIG lose some weight find a boyfriend and get some SERIOUSLY NO LIFE rachel keep DOING YOU THING and screw everything else! i love her food and i love her SCREW EVERYTHING ELSE!


What talent honestly? Her tips are like the "quick tips" (but suck) on the food network commericals

I just want to start out by saying that I have enjoyed many recipes from RR. My 6 year old daughter adores her. Many a times we are food shopping and my daughter will yell out..'Momma, Momma, we need to but this because Rachael Ray is on the box'. Or 'Look Momma, RR drinks Dunkin Donuts coffee just like you do'. Since I had been watching the Disney channel for sooo many years (really, how much Hannah Montana can one take?), we have compromised on watching RR and her many shows. I have never had a problem with my daughter looking up to her until a recent story over Thanksgiving dinner. I was informed that behind the scenes of one of her shows, in a backstage room, she was seen using cocaine. Now the secrest is out on how her '30 Minute Meals' happen in 30 minutes. My gripe..I thought I found a common ground for a 6 y/o and myself, only to be disappointed AGAIN with celebrities and their actions. Who else can my daughter idolize, besides me of course!

R.R. is a joke. She is a no talent twit. The only way she got to where she is was by playing the skin flute.

Couldn't care less what Rachael Ray looks like or if she is thin or not. But I find her recipes to be unhealthy to the max. When she does include vegetables, she covers them up in extremely fattening sauces. Way too much fat & carbs and not enough healthy food.
Come on, blue-cheese spaghetti as a side dish for a steak ? sheesh might as well schedule your heart attack now.

I used to enjoy her first few years on foodTV, but now she is just to shrill for me. And I can't handle the fake perkiness. The over saturation of Rachael Ray on foodTV turned me off, and now I don't watch that channel anymore.

You lazy tards need to get up off your fat asses and make a good home cooked meal and sit down at the dinner table as a family. Don't eat dinner in front of the TV watching reality shows!

Stop stuffing your kids faces with Kentucky Fried Chicken and Pizza Hut. Stop suing McDonald's it's your own fault your kids are cows!
Take their junk food and video games away,give them a tennis racket or soccer ball, sign them up for little league.

I'm sick of walking down the street and everywhere I turn there's a fat kid waddling around. Enough already! start being parents! Take the twinkies and hohos away!

I applaud Rachel Ray for trying to get people in the kitchen and away from fast food. But some parents are just plain lazy, they can't even take time to cook a simple 30 minute meal and prefer shoveling 5,000 calorie fast food crap into their pieholes. You lazy-ass parents make me sick!

I do like RR but she has nothing on Giada. RR is cute and perhaps a little annoying but still lots of fun to watch. Giada is just plain sexy. But the best is Ingrid Hoffmann of Simply Delicioso!! She is 40 according to her bio but puts any 25 yr old woman to shame and I LOVE her accent. Oh yes, and she can cook. So gals, do any of you wonder why so many of us guys watch TFN???

Rachael is a hack, and worthless.

Rachel Ray has more brains, common sense, and money making power in her than all you sorry naysayers put together. The gal talks my language with the cheeseburger salad. Damn the torpedoes and straight ahead.

I think everyone is entitled to there own opinion. The fat bitch i saw on t.v today made me laugh because she is so insecure. She had to make a web sight about Rachel because she didnt like the way Rachel talked and moved her arms. Get a life .It's simple dont watch her if she bothers you.

hi rachel u are so pretty and i love watching u me and my three sister carolina and sorayma watch ur show everyday but well i just love u and ur shows and fuck all ur haters there just hatting on u just keep doing what ur doing

Yikes...... I have not been here in months. Totally forgot all about this site. It is so funny to see all the same lame ass junk. To the last poster who sounds like a wee liitle girl, drops the F bomb. Now i know why i forgot about this site. People, people try something different. What a joke!!

Has anyone ever noticed that most of the people who say they love Rachael can't spell? I wonder what that means?

Okay people just a couple reminders as things get out of hand again:

1) We can tolerate the occasional f-word, especially as we don't actually check this post that often to see what's new. But when we get a flaming rant, we delete. As I just did on the most recent "comment".

2) Please, please, please do not judge our site on the basis of this one relatively short (and apparently contentious) post. Too many chefs is a FOOD BLOG. I flatter myself we post a lot of interesting stuff and some pretty darned good recipes. Take a break from the Rachel defending/Rachel bashing and come look at what we have to offer. Real food cooked for real families and it's free.

So lighten up, please!

you all are haters! yall just mad because yall aint her. I bet yall cant even cook like her. I CANT STAND HATERS. SHE LIKES 20 TIMES BETTER THAN YALL. SO SHUT THE **** UP YOU DUMB ******.

I used to be a hugh RR fan, but success has gone straight to her head. She is louder than ever. I catch her talk show in the morning, but have to really look away when she over talks all of her guests. Some of her recipes are not looking all that good anymore either. I understand she is having some serious marraige problems as well. I still like her, but i can only watch and listen so much, then i get a headache.

HA HAHA HA HAAAA!!!!! The Rachael Ray show has been cancelled!!!! Life is good!!!

Where did you hear that?

Rachel is a very good cook. I know every one is entitled to their own opinion ................. YOU ARE CRAZY .... SHE IS A VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD COOk!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I wans't feeling well the other day, I had some kind flu bug so I stayed in bed for most of the day and flipped channels....
I got stuck on the Food Channel and saw RR cooking.

I upchucked my breakfast and the dog got a fast nutritious meal in under 30 seconds.

It also came in under 40 dollars. Bob Tushman, where is my TV show?

guy fierie is a nasty looking fat slob, he is so disgusting to look at on tv, . All I can say is gate his ugly fat, gross ass off the air waves

guy fierie is a fat pig

She could cook for me all day.


Rachel is a wonderful cook compared to Giada Lourentis. But both of them do have about the skill of a squirrel. Well actually, I would enjoy Rachel if it weren't for her annoying sayings and voice. It's in her genes though, right!

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