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BTW, the bread I usually use for these sandwiches is Catherine Clark's Health Nut bread, which you can get at just about any American grocery. Also, make sure you put the mayonnaise on BOTH slices of bread!

I might try that mushroom sandwich with a bit of garlic thrown in the butter. Everything's better with garlic, right?

You're right on about the mayonnaise. We had the Fakin' Lettuce and Tomato sandwiches again last night (I didn't feel like really cooking) and the mayo is crucial to prevent the bread from getting soaked by the tomato.

We used bread from Red Hen, my favorite bread bakery in the city, right now.

Maybe the next IMBB should be cheese sammiches. I can think of about fifteen variations right now.

where is Red Hen? I was planning to buy some baguettes at Fox & Obel, but thinking I could probably do better. Although... I hear Julia Child has a pretty damn good baguette recipe in her second Mastering French Cooking.

I heard the same about the baguettes in MFC. I think we probably read the same article. I was going to try to find a used copy this weekend.

Red Hen is in Bucktown primarily, but opened a location on Diversey east of Clark kind of across the street and down a bit from the Market Place.

I'd heard Nancy Carey isn't with them anymore (I can't confirm that), but they still make some great bread. They also show up at the farmer's markets.

Is that an octopus eye hiding stealthily in the red pepper in your marquee graphic? Right there. The bluish-grey thing to the left. See that? What the hell is that thing? It looks like a hidden camera or something...

You've caught us. That's the rare red cephalopepper, a genetically modified organism that's half- bell pepper, half-giant octopus. It longs to return to life in the ocean for which it is no longer suited. It watches you. It plots. Oh yes, it plots...

Actually, I took that picture at a Mexican-owned grocery on Broadway in Andersonville. I'm pretty sure that's a sticker with the brand info.

I've made this sandwich, or a reasonable variation thereof, for years, though I've never like mayonnaise. I just slather enough butter on it, and use a fork to eat it. Mmmm, I think I'm making one now!

"liked mayo", never have made my own either, this could be why I don't like it.

Seth - I've never had homemade mayo either, but I'm looking to remedy that this wknd. Hope you enjoyed your sandwich!

You know, actually I had a delicious steak, purchased from the Chicago Green Market, on a bed of romaine and cucumbers instead. However, back in March , I wrote about the joys of cheese and mushroom sandwiches (complete with bad grammer and spelling, yeesh).

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