Comments: Slumming it with rhubarb


never done quite that with rhubarb, but it sounds fabulous, i'll have to try it soon. what is it with rhubarb being so much discussed these days? it seems like most of my life nobody even knows what the stuff is, and then all of a sudden...

(for me, btw, it's all about pie filling)

It does seem like certain foods become trendy all of a sudden. I rmember many moons ago when raspberries were the rage, which gave way to peaches and eventually to mangos.

I'm sure it's a vast media conspiracy (or just good PR work on behalf of the Rhubarb Growers Association).

OK I know you're not talking about tarts, but I have to tell you that I bought the best slice of Rhubarb tart in that bakery on the avenue de Versailles market, and I really did hesitate first because I have memories of my mother's rhubarb tarts being so, well, tart when I was a ankle-biter myself... but this one was delishious! I don't know if it's just luck, or France, but boy they know how to cook here.

And thus ends my ramble on a boring August Monday afternoon...

Owen, that seems to be a common experience: the Critic thinks he doesn't like rhubarb because his mother never put in much sugar and the few times I've managed to persuade him to eat a bite of the stuff as I prepare it he's admitted it's pretty good. I haven't permanently converted him though, mind you! (More for me!!)

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