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Nice photos!

OK, who really took the pictures? The food looks appetizing and there's not a thumb on the lens.

Great photos. I think I'll be going to Seattle for the first time next May. It's for business, but hopefully I'll get a chance to stop by the market.

If you're staying in downtown Seattle, the market is just a short walk away. It opens early, and there's plenty of good breakfast-y eats.

I particularly recommend the Crumpet Shop very near the market, which serves perfect crumpets - crispy on the outside, light, moist, and fluffy on the inside. One special for breakfast gets you a crumpet with jam and a big bowl of oat groats steamed in milk with a head of milk foam on the bowl like a perfect pint of Guinness.

Wow that sounds good! These are steel cut oats, right?

Those are splendid photos! Maybe I should go visit my cousin in Seattle, that place looks like a lot of fun.

lg- I'm certain Seattle would be very goat-friendly. It's a great city and region. Don't miss the area around the city. If you drive a short ways from Seattle, you can hit oceans, rivers, bays, mountains, valleys, you name it.

Barrettt, it puts a big smile on my face to read about your visit to my beloved city. As a downtown Seattle resident that lives but a few blocks from this gorgeous market I must say Pike Place is not even the tip of proverbial the iceberg. This city is foodie central and the beauty of the region has no equal. We are just so lucky to live here.

SBV - Well I certainly loved the two trips I've made there so far. I don't know if I'll ever be able to make it my home, but my wife and I both loved it.

Just looked at your site and if we ever do relocate to the Pacific Nrothwest we will certainy use it as a guide. Very nicely done!

I love pike place market it is a great place plus the food there is to die for just thinking about it makes ne drool... thanx pikes you the bomb!!!! luv ya!!

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