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Of course Mrs. Smith is Jada Pinkett, last seen in the Matrix movies as Niobe and according to IMDB, soon appearing in Collateral with Tom Cruise.

My big brush with fame was sitting a table away from Matt Dillon and one of the Lakers at a tiny Italian restaurant in Beverley Hills just after Dillon had broken up with Cameron Diaz.

Percy asked about her and Will said she was in Australia for some reason. He had a few kids with him though, who were pretty cute. And a big bouncer type who paid the bill...

I think the Critic would be more impressed if you could say you sat next to Cameron Diaz the day after she broke up with him. Now THAT would be an opportunity...!

How fun! Will Smith and cheesecake too. :)

OK, I admit it -- I've been in love with Will Smith since "The Fresh Prince of Bel Air" was on... I am so jealous! But fried chicken in Paris? Yikes. Disappointing.

Two years ago, my boyfriend and I saw Rachael Ray at the Raspail Market taping an episode of "$40 a Day." The show, BTW, was not very good.

Well, in his defense he was travelling with a couple of kids and it's not easy to feed US kids in typical French restaurants. Also, the restaurant was not your basic KFC - it was much more of a gourmet fried chicken!

Yeah, yeah... blame the kids! =) Good point, though. I wouldn't have appreciated Paris and all its great food when I was a kid, either. I'm glad I never went there 'til I was an adult!

Yeah, I have a fair amount of experience with English and American kids finding French food too weird (nieces and stepdaughter). When my niece Haley came over at the age of eight about halfway through the trip she complained, "Grandma and Aunt Meg, can I PLEASE have one meal with nothing NEW in it today??" Oops.

Well seeing as I'm lucky enough to STILL live in the 16th, I'll certainly give Percy's a try. I just wanted to mention though, that "Les Philosophes" in the Marais (28 rue Vielle de Temple, Paris 4) does a fabulous cheesecake which makes it worth a visit! To be frank the food is otherwise only so-so, but the cheesecake really makes up for it! Now I need to compare... damn, and I'm on a diet!

I will have to try les Philosophes the next time I visit BHV - thanks for the tip, Owen!

Percy's cheesecake is truly amazing. I

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i like will smtih im doing a biograpghy on himm!!!!

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