Comments: Is My Blog Burning? Round-up of the 6th Edition


Hi Meg!
I tried emailing you my entry but the emails are returned as undeliverable, and I've left it in the comments for the previous IMBB posts on this site, but it doesn't look like you received it, so here it is:

Steak Fajitas

Thank you for hosting!

I do believe in your delightful summary of the event, you forgot to actually link my oyster entry (but thanks for the mention!)

For those curious:

Great job, Meg! Thanks so much; you were a wonderful hostess for this grilling party -- I'm stuffed!

g'donya cobbers ; )

Hi there! Thanks to all of you for participating and my apologies to those whose links had to be added/corrected by Barrett a few hours late. It really was a pleasure going through all your entries and the only difficulty was in finding new ways to say "great idea! sounds delicious!" (I could have saved myself some time with the old copy and paste buttons, but I'm not sure it would have made interesting reading...)

Hi guys

Thanks so much for all your hard work & for the great theme. There are now loads of new recipes I want to try!

Keep up the great work!

MMMMmmmm, delicious! A nice variety. I was impressed at the versatility of the "city chefs" and the vegetarian-or-nearly so.

Actually in my entry, "Lamb on a Stick" is the nickname for the lamb and coriander yogurt thing. There is a bonus recipe link for bread salad (panzanella) which is excellent if I do say so myself.

Thank you for hosting this. It was fun!

Thanks for letting me participate this go round! It looks great and I have lots of reading to catch up on!

Oops! I didn't realize I had to e-mail you to get my entry listed... I posted photos on Sunday:

And recipes on Tuesday:

=) Kelli

I can't type today... recipes are actually HERE:

Hi, my good friend jo told me about your site. On july 4th weekend this year, we did a pig roast...
is the location of the entry outlining the pig roast information and the overall trip.

also, i posted a photo journal of the event, outside of the journal entry itself, and that is located at
scroll down to "preparing the pig" for the pictures in that section of the weekend.

I hope I'm not too late to get the info in. i was up in maine again. missed the deadline, but still think people might like to learn of the party. it was a great experience.

just checking in after recovering my computer from the pc hospital... and WOW!!! What an event. Awesome job... each is fabuous and inspirational! Great grilling! Great event.

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