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Looks great you guys! Our building is hosting a catered grill & jazz party later today but I'll be schleping my own piece of Yukon King Salmon to be cooked during the festivites just for IMMB. Will email soon after its over. Thanks again for hosting this month's installment.

Grilling was a great idea for a summer edition of IMBB and your entry looks delicous!

I did two things for the first time tonight:
1- Finally participating to IMBB (yeah!)
2- Writing my recipe directly in English (the "suburblicious" side of my site is usually a translation from recipes I've written in French first).

Can't wait to read everyone's entries :) Here's the link:

Looks delicious! When's the next IMBB and what's the theme? Would love to join in next time!

Oishiiii, made me very happy. I wouldn't worry too much about authenticity, a chef in Yokohama told me his secret sauce ingredient was cognac. Cheese and beef might raise some eyebrows though ; )

Confusion comes because "yaki""tori" just means "grilled" "chicken". A yakitoriya menu would be the definitive guide. All the bits of the chicken get their own sticks and they'll go by their names - liver, heart, wings etc.

Anyway, very far from the busy streets of Japan...
IMBB6 Dam and Lambnation - Yabbies and Chops over Mallee Roots

Martine, welcome to the crowd! And congratulations on drafting in English. My French is pretty good, but I'm hopeless at cooking terms and would have to hit the dictionary every fourth word to translate!

Linda, "father" of the IMBB concept, Alberto, can probably tell you when the next event will be. He is the organiser of the event and usually lets us know a week or so in advance of each event who is hosting and what the theme is. His site, Il Forno, is listed in the sidebar on our main page. You can also keep checking back on the TooManyChefs site as we will surely put up an announcement as soon as we hear what the next event will be!

Anthony, thanks for the clarification! I had a feeling the beef/cheese combination was distinctly un-Japanese. It's really good, though! Next time I'll try the different chicken parts, though I'll have to give them exotic names so that my Critic doesn't turn his nose up at them...

All: I'm busy collating all your posts and putting them in some kind of order for commentating. So far we have 28 participants, cooking fish, vegetables, fruits, any and all kinds of meat and intruducing me to words I never knew...a mouthwatering educative experience!

Hi there!

I posted a comment on Barrett's smoky post last night to say that I had lost my entire post before saving it and so my entry would be a little late...

Well, here is the RETYPED post - at last!!

The link is

Thanks so much for all your hard work hosting this time round!

I wanted to mention that I contributed to IMBB for the first time. I have one menu in French and a cool picture commented in English. Feel free to visit "Le hamburger et le croissant" !

The chicken is my husband and I's absolute favorite! I loved the recipe that you posted on here, it is divine..
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