Comments: Food Torture


Hi there,
I'm a somewhat longtime lurker here, never posted before. But I just had to say that the link you posted was fantastic, and the link within the link on how to cut cheese should be required reading! Thanks for that great website tip. Hang in there, unpasteurized-cheese-less you!

Hey, thanks for the nice comment! It's great to know there are people out there "lurking"!!

That is a great cheese site. I'll have to bookmark that one.

I remember eating with a French family who reacted in horror when I cut the tip off a wedge cheese.

I once went to a nightmare of a dinner party when I first arrived in France where cheese and salad were the only food served. As the honorary American guests, my friends and I were presented with the cheeses first and we got it wrong every time in the cutting. I have never seen such a snooty stuck-up group of people as we did at that dinner. I was younger and less assertive then and wanted to sink through the floor. What horrible people!

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