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A heroic efffot indeed Barrett. Way to finish the meal!

Hey Barrett!

Nice dish there. Looks very yummy! I'll be making my dish and forwarding the link over to you! Hope you enjoy it.

Hi Barrett. I'm glad noone was hurt and that you were able to enjoy the meal after all that excitement! The grilled tarragon anf tyhme bread looks very tasty.

I wanted to let you know that I posted my contribution to todays IMBB? and the permanlink for it is here:


G'day Barrett, the photo reminds me of the kitchen in our previous house. The smoke alarm is installed too near the kitchen. Whenever we use the griller, we know when the food is cooked (the alarm will set off!)..

BTW, here's my contribution to this month's IMBB...

that was an eventful as well as tasty dinner! : )

here's the link to my entry....

thanks so much for hosting IMBB this time around : )

methinks your wife and your air filter both deserve a medal each for saving your lungs!! :)

anyway here's my entry for IMBB. hope it qualifies ...

One of the first things I did when I moved into my apartment was disconnect the smoke detectors :)

Here's my IMBB.6 entry: Barbecue Shrimp Toast.

I feel your pain! Not only do I have lousy ventilation (read:window) in my apartment kitchen but there is no door to the kitchen so if things get smoky in there the whole apartment gets smoky too. Still the meal lookks like it turned out great.

Oh, that looks amazing. Albacore is $2.99/lb around here (whole fish), and I might have to pick one up just to try that. By the way, my entry of grilled oysters is up and posted now:

What a heroic effort, Barrett. I seared salmon once in my kitchen (with ventilation and an opening window, although the vent is not good and it was winter) and smelled it for four days. Never again, although I really should try tuna because I like it.

I think I'll stick to roasting my asparagus in the oven, though (grin).

My entry, with beaucoup recipes (Central Coast Tri-tip, Vinaigrette, Bread Salad, and Lamb on a Stick) and some pictures, is at (link may wrap):

Rats, for some reason the link did not display.

let's try it without the brackets:

Hi guys

My computer has just crashed and I have lost over an hour's work on my IMBB post - and I actually cannot face doing it over again right now - it's after midnight and I am absolutely exhausted. Aaaaarrrrrgh!!!

So please please, can I submit it tomorrow?

this may seem as a bit of a dug-out, but it is 47 minutes past midnight here in london and i have only just realised that it is IMBB day! way too late to bring out the bbq, so i hope you'll accept a recent post on my site as a valid entry. there are actually two: featuring a brilliant vegetarian option for a bbq and for a bit of fish and ethnicity...
i also want to say that i feel with you on the smoke issue, until recently we lived in a house with an open plan kitchen/dining/living room and the smoke detector would go off every time i as much as tried to heat up the wok, wouldn't have dreamt to attempt grilling under those circumstances...

We, too, used to have smoke. Then we installed a real vent hood with a real vent right out the roof and everything. Now no more constantly ringing smoke alarms when all I'm doing is frying an egg!

My IMBB entry is all about burgers

Hi Barrett,

I was going to post my entry and forward the link, however, I believe that typepad is down...again. I just lost my entire post and have to start over. ARGH! They don't really warn us about these sorts of things. In any case, if I have a chance, I'll be posting my entry up tomorrow...if not, it'll be posted on sorry for the delay!

All - thanks for the links and the comments. I'll be adding those links that are posted to our summary today. For those of you who are runnning a little late, you have my deepest sympathy as that is also my natural state. Just send a quick message to and we'll update our summary accordingly when you are ready!

Barrett --- Great photos! Great meal! We had much the same event at my parents' house this weekend, when my mother grilled sausages in her stovetop grill pan. Dinner was delicious, though --- and all that excitement is good for the appetite.

Hey! Thanks everyone for the great feedback. I'm glad to know I'm not the only one trying to turn my apartment into fine southern barbecue.

My wife's still mad at me for posting her feet on the Internet...

Thanks also to everyone for the entries. These are all creative and delicious ideas I'll be leaning on at every barbecue I go to for the next year.

Mother-in law would appreciate her name used; it will google more.

You have only to ask and it is done. Added your name and Susan's.

Still liked that desert a lot...

I would love to sit down for a meal.

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