Comments: Meatless fajitas


Don't forge the sour cream and the sliced tomatoes. My favorite parts of the fajita.

Did your darling doctor take that picture? It looks appetizing.

Oddly, no. Somehow, I tripped over a cat on the way to the table, causing the camera to fly thorugh the air, and somehow taking this remarkably appetizing photo.

Who knew?

Well that explains some of your earlier photographic attemps...

So by analogy is seitan the less desirable type of meat substitute?

Fajitas only really got big in the 80s with the move to feed lot fattened beef. The fajita cut became much more desirably then.

Robb Walsh, who just wrote a book on Tex-Mex, is participating in a forum at eGullet this week.

Depends on what part of the wheatloaf you cut the strips from, I guess.

Only trained gluten-wranglers, or wheatboys, should approach a downed gluten-blob. They're most dangerous when they're injured.

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