Comments: Food Section Digestion - July 8, 2004


When are you actually going to cook something again? I thought with a new kitchen you'd be the garrulous gourmet. Or is it the gluttonous gourmet?

I've been cooking quite a few things, actually, but they either aren't quite right yet or are part of a review I'm writing of a cookbook hopefully for publication.

Besides, don't you have a TMC'er in your household who you could harrangue to post recipes instead of me?

I suppose Dr. Meg should be posting more, but that's tough since I've been doing the cooking.

Frozen Pizza doesn't show up real well on the website. Even though it looks great in a convection oven. Grilled burgers and sausage also taste good, but I didn't add any cute touches. It's a dull food world after all.

You could always post something about what it's like getting a meal ready with a tired wife and two lively kids. I think that might be entertaining, especially if you wrote it with your customary flair.

Re: registration - if you don't want to go to the trouble of setting up another email account, check out People create login accounts for various registration-required sites, then post the info on BugMeNot. Much harder for the privacy invaders to get any useful information about an individual if they're pulling info from an account that multiple people use.

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