Comments: Another Special Announcement


Wow what news, congratulaitons! Is this the very good reason you missed the flexipan extavaganza? And still you are contemplating shopping the sales on saturday morning. I am now even more impressed.

After years of being the perfect aunt, you're going to become the perfect mother. I'm extremely happy for you guys!

Congratulations MEG! WOOHOO!

Brilliant news! The world awaits a future World Snooker Champion, I bet, male or female.......

Thanks to you all! We are pretty excited ourselves! Julian, we had better hope that the new arrival inherits his or her snooker skills from the Critic and not ME!

Alisa, you are right - I was too sick and tired to come to the flexipan party and I regretted it especially after reading Clotilde's report!


Congratulations, that's wonderful news! I wish you and the Hubby the best of luck!

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