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I feel like a nap just READING about this potato salad. Sounds hearty and delicious.

Thanks. I've been meaning to make this and wondered what a good batch would be. Excellent to have someone's opinion I trust. Although, if Barrett makes it and likes it with his Fakin' product, I'll have to wonder.

Barrett - yes the mayo and bacon grease combination do tend to make it a little...caloric...but then you don't have to eat the entire bowl in one sitting! In fact it keeps well in the fridge for a week.

Bryan - let me know how it turns out! I think Barrett would say anything is better with that fake Bacon of his; it's just a sign of how much he is missing the real thing. I have to say it's one of the major obstacles to MY ever becoming a vegetarian!

Oh, I feel homesick just reading this! Potato salad is an absolute cornerstone of the South African BBQ so I am well-acquainted with its temptations. My mom also taught me to boil the potatoes skin-on, whereas my husband's family peel them first - what a waste of time!! Our traditional family salad was very simple - potatoes, onion, Hellman's mayo, black pepper and Aromat (a Knorr seasoning, full of MSG I'm sad to say...). My mom would make and serve it almost immediately so that it was still warm - and if she had accidentally allowed it to cool before serving, by brother would actually microwave his to get that just-made warmth back...

My Italian sister-in-law does another version where she boils the potatoes, slices them and tosses them (still warm) in liberal quantities of olive oil, lemon juice and fresh garlic. She also sprinkles with salt, pepper & rosemary before serving. A different creature, to be sure, but also delish!


My mother is Irish/Austrian (or German, depending on where the border was at any given time) and she makes a potato salad nearly identical to that one! She uses sweet relish rather than pickles and omits the celery salt and vinegar. The bacon grease is the 'secret' ingredient. :^D

I'll bring it to pot luck dinners and everyone always raves about it, it's neat to see the heritage confirmed with another account of the best potato salad ever.

So I guess it's not just a Midwestern thing to be nostalgic about potato salad!

Jeanne - the olive oil one sounds simple and very elegant. I'll have to give it a try at the next barbecue, especially since I am negotiating with a colleague to buy some really nice olive oil (produced by her brother)!

Kris - that's very funny that your grandma has the same combination! It's a very beneficial mix of cooking styles I think!

Just before the recipe, you say that red potatoes work better for potato salads. Then why does the recipe call for russets?


My mistake! I assumed from the name that russets were red. It goes to show I have been out of the US too long and have gotten used to the French names of potatoes instead. Thanks for pointing it out - I have corrected the recipe!


You didn't get the hunks of onion from me because, as you recall, I always grated the onions as I liked having the onion juice in it.

Greataunt Irene would always ask if there were onions in the potato salad "because Onions don't agree with me." I would always reply "You won't SEE any onions in it" She would then comment that I made the BEST potato salad.


I am looking for "potato salad" like we were served in the inn where we lived in Salzburg. It was very simple, but no bacon. This sounds good, and I'll try it. It's just not what I was looking for.

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