Comments: IMBB? 6 - Grillers (and Barbecuers) Delight


Sounds like great fun! Do you mean July 18?

Yes, yes I did. Just goes to show you one shouldn't post late at night... Thanks for catching that.

Coool! Count me in!!

Sounds like fun. Melissa is murmuring things about grilled shrimp now that she's heard your idea.


Great idea! I can't wait!

Now this is a theme Foodgoat won't be able to pass up! :)

FINALLY an IMBB that I'll not only be able to participate in...but one that is perfect for my grilling self! I'm in!

I'll be wearing my antipodean beanie and ugg boots for this one.

Whoops, should be here. Hello to Jeanne though.

If I don't have a barbie and don't own a grill pan (we are renting and moving around minimalist apartments right now) and don't fancy barbeque sauce, what would qualify? Say if I baked something that was prepared for a BBQ, would that do?
Thanks muchos!

Derrick (and Melissa), Irene, ladygoat, LT, and Anthony we are looking forward to seeing your entries!

Theresa - I think we could strrrretch the theme a little. You could always paint little grill marks on the final dish.

I'll try this time !! IMBB is such a gorgeous idea!!!

Just to add my two cents to Theresa's question: I would think that you could prepare something to accompany a barbecue (salads, drinks, sauces, side dish, etc.) and that would be fine! Good luck with the move!

Count me in, please. This will be my first IMBB -- I'm so nervous! I'm not really much of a griller -- my boyfriend is the charcoal king of our house -- but maybe this "challenge" will abate some of my grilling fears. =)

How appropos! I just finished a grilling course and what could be better??? A grilling graduation party!!! Absent from blogging for far too long, but not from cooking.... these blog burning events keep me connected and sane!!! But, happily, my new biz is about to be launched....
p.s. grilled phenom tuna burgers the other night and last night... duck breast.... Mmmmmm. You gotta love a course that REQUIRES cooking!

Backyard Grub is all about grilling! Count me in! Woo-hoo!

p.s. - "about" as in loves. Not as in content of the weblog...!

Kelli, don't worry about "not much of a griller" - I'm not. I also tend to do much simpler things than many of the amazingly talented and energetic cooks ;-). But it's fun to see what everyone does.

I will have an entry ready - will not be able to grill that weekend, and forgot to take a pic of the tri-tip I did last night, but I will have recipes.

Thanks Barrett and Meg - be it whacking up some accompaniment or painting stripes on meat, I'll be least in spirit! ;)

ARRRGGGHHH the weather is so miserable and rainy , seems there is no way --even to dare-- to think about a BBQ ^____^

Comidademama - If you don't have a partner grab a wooden chair. Or rather, if you don't have sunshine "grill" indoors. I think my own entry may end up being a grill pan treat . We'd love to have you post an entry!

Kelli - every King needs a Queen, right? This is your chance to be the Queen of the 'Q.

Donna in Harrisburg - very exciting! I hope you have great success with the business.

Shaun - We're all about grilling this week. Also, not as in the subject matter, but the enthusiasm for it.

Charlotte - Pics are nice, but it's all about the recipes in the end, right? We're looking forward to the entry!

I'm so in - bbq oysters, here I come!

Yaaay! A chance to show of the great South African art of braaing (aka barbecuing!) - I can't wait. It is allegedly summer over here, so in theory we should have a lovely day for the 18th, but this is England... so rain is about a 50/50 chance!! But we will persevere...
See you Sunday!

Excellent! I'm in and will be posting my recipe at this Sunday (I'm heading out camping this weekend, hopefully I'll be home in time to send you an email that it's up.)

Well, it looks as though has finally found IMBB in time to actually participate. We've been up now for 14 months and never been able to hit the mark.
As near as I can tell, we'll be smoking a 2 lb pork loin that's been brined, some crepinettes (duck meat pillows of LOVE) and whatever else I can get in there.
It will be a day of Meat Smokey Love!
Xo Xo

Hi Theresa,
to get 'grill' marks, heat a skewer over the stove, then 'mark' on the meat using the heated skewer..:)

I've posted my entry! Thanks for doing this - I'll enjoy seeing everyone's entries.

I have also posted my entry

Thanks for hosting!

Hi!and again, many thanks for hosting! You can see my entry of grilled salmon and Wasabi Mayonnaise on Foccacia at

Hello all! My entry is up, and I even hooked the camera up and got pictures.

I have all sorts of recipes:

Tri-tip Central Coast style
A very good vinaigrette (sp)
Link to my bread salad recipe (great side)
and extra bonus Lamb on a Stick.

Not organized enough to get my dad's butterflied marinated leg of lamb recipe in time, but when I do, I will update the entry.

link may wrap:

Hi chefs!

I actually went out and bought a pan for the occassion. Mine is a very simple, but quite yummy version of the classic American hamburger:

Cheers, elise

hello all,
just wanted to send in my entry:

thanks so much! i love these joint cooking activities.


Here is my entry (sorry for posting a day late, but it *was* up yesterday! I hope you still accept it.)

I'm looking forward to the summary!

I want like Wolfgang Puck's Pulled pork and sauce recipe

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