Comments: Fishy Fish


Onions and anchovies go together like peanut butter and jelly or pretzels and beer. This sounds quite tasty to me.

I forgot to mention that the anchovies kind of melt into the sauce, which gives the whole thing a lovely flavour and no little salt-bombs. I think that is why anchovy-haters don't like them, so it probably would even go down well with them.

Me, on the other hand, I love salt-bombs. And anchovies...

One would also have to hide the sauce-making process from the individual in question since she doesn't even like the idea of anchovies.

I suppose with luck I've got forty or fifty years to work on her disdain of anchovies and pickled foods.

Anchovies divide people like Marmite: you either adore them or loath them. I'm in the former category. In fact, forget the filet of fish and onions and just serve me the anchovies. Bliss!

P.S. Was Shrek 2 any good?

Barrett, have you considered making the sauce without the anchovies, removing half for your beloved and adding the little fishies to the remaining sauce? I'll bet if she does a taste test she'll prefer yours!

Julian, Shrek 2 was GREAT. We loved it. Almost as much as we love anchovies...!

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