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Meg, You may not know that your Grandpa Kehoe spent several years at an Illinois sanitorium for TB in about 1928. That is why he and Grandma didn't get married until 1934.

Hi Mom, yeah I was aware of that. Thanks for the comment!

I had this little cookie once, and boy did it bring back memories!

- Abridged version, Rememberance of Things Past, Marcel Proust, Reader's Digest.

When I was a kid my sister and would ask my mom what was for dinner and she would say: Tea,toast, and duck eggs, Where did that originate?

As to reading Mann, I'm fairly fluent and it's a struggle. The written language is somehow not like spoken, and Mann is notorious for run-on sentences with more clauses than Holiday On Ice.

As to the meals at the Berghof, the intimation is that the fever burns off the food (wasting is a symptom of tuberculosis) so supposedly they eat like wolves to stave off the effects of the fever, which artificially elevates the metabolism. for all my fictional food cravings.

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