Comments: Pesto Pasta Salad


Did I complain about the lack of visuals the last time? Have I made fun of your photography? I don't think so.

I'm the victim here! Can you hear me? I'm the victim!! Send me a check!


As for the recipe - I'd eat boot scrapings if it had anchovies, corn, garlic, capers, and basil. Looks good. When I first looked at the photo, I thought it was a potato based salad. It might be interesting to try it with spuds instead of spaghetti.

Oh, and just a reminder - I'm the victim!!

It passed the "overnight in the fridge" test, too - it was still very good for lunch today. I wasn't sure about the corn and pesto combination but it was good. Next time I might add some barely cooked peas and asparagus. (I was hoping to add some grilled asparagus left over from the other side dish last night but it was too good and there was too little...)

that is a very good recipe i like it can you tell me anyother recipes to do with pasta please katie

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