Comments: Szechwan Garden - Good Food, Bad Marketing


How's the kitchen coming along?

/hands Barrett another PopTart

To plagarize a note I just wrote to Meg in Paris on the same topic:

I have cabinets, but no countertops. I have a tile floor, but no grout. I have spaces for appliances, but no dishwasher, range, or new refrigerator. Our front bedroom has all its walls again, but is unpainted.

In other words, we're going into Week 2 as I expected

I'm hopeful they will finish early this week. I've got a backlog of recipes waiting to be cooked.

Guess what? Get over it. This is the best Chinese restaurant in Chicago, bar none. Who cares what they call the food?

Thanks for the observations about menu language. It has long been a pet peeve of mine. Even those whose primary language is English are deficient, when it comes to menu creation. It must have something to do with food people. You're either into food making, or you're into language and spelling, but just never both.
I enjoy picking at the errors, with my favorite waiters and waitresses. Can I substitute the ranch eggs from the No. 7 for the farm eggs on No. 3? May I have just regular virgin olive oil, not extra virgin? What is the difference between the vegetables that come with the blackened salmon, and the vegatibles on the Sides menu?
Asians are the worst, of course. Special ingredients that you don't find "around houses"? Tiger Cry? Drunken Chicken? Ah, how I miss my Lumpinee.

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