Comments: Summertime!


I do wish we could use our porch for grilling, but as you've seen, the pigeons have taken it over and are using it as a bathroom.

Don't we all agree that this needless complaining and obstacle placing is far beneath a TooManyChef?

In other news, that recipe sounds like a winner, Meg. Is yours a gas grill or a charcoal one? I would wonder about the gas grill and the kebobs.

It's a gas grill with volcanic rocks. Why does this make you worry about the kebabs - the taste or blowing ourselves up? (Trust me, when we first put the grill up the latter was a concern...) We don't notice any gas taste on the food, but then it's been a long while since I had the luxury to use a strictly charcoal grill.

On a similar note, I no longer notice that popcorn popped with sunflower seed oil does not have the same delicious corn taste as it does when popped in corn oil. Obviously long absence from the US has corrupted my tastebuds!

Oh, and in reply to Barrett's negative comments, I have a positive response: isn't guano a fuel substitute??

I'm easily discouraged when droppings are involved. It's one ingredient I have no intention of mastering.

I was going to suggest you use your cast-iron grill pan and short skewers when I realized the issue is academic as you are supposed to be a VEGETARIAN. I'm not sure it would work as well without the lamb...

Grilled tempeh would take the place of the lamb, I think.

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