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Is it the wrong time to mention my new product?

I think you need to get this on the main page under a heading. I'd like to think you could persecute someone quite effectively.

We're open to any and all advertisers who comply with our policy and rate structure. Any funds recovered will be used to cover hosting costs, given in part to non-profit organizations that fight against spam and the destruction of a healthy Internet environment, and split among the otherwise unpaid Too Many Chefs staff.

Too funny. Do you mind if I borrow this (in concept, not necessarily verbatim)?

Seth - I don't mind at all. I think every site needs an Advertising Policy. However, I Am not A Lawyer so you may want to confirm the language with a legal professional.

Thank you. However, I consider (most) lawyers only one step higher on the ethical food chain than comment spammers. I also doubt if you would be able to collect anything from comment spammers. If you do, please, please post details.

I have the universal perspective on attorneys - MY attorney is a fine upstanding human being who looks out for my interests and helps to ensure justice is done. YOUR attorney is a sleazebag just interested in a fast buck.

I think we'll be able to enforce it on any spammers living and operating in the U.S. A similar technique was used with telemarketers successfully. Unlike traditional advertising spammers shift the costs of hosting their ads onto me without my prior consent, so I ought to be able to recoup those costs plus enough to make a profit from them by giving my prior consent with appropriate restrictions.

We'll see. I'm looking forward to testing it out.

bryan said: " could persecute someone quite effectively."

persecute? prosecute? those pesky verbs!

RE: "persecute" vs. "prosecute" - I might enjoy doing either or both if the advertiser didn't pay...

Persecute was intentional. You may not be able to prosecute effectively, but persecution is always an option.

Despite the old admonition, Giada is the only skinny chef I trust. She seems to enjoy every bite of her own cooking. She should thank God for her metabolism.
I have tried countless recipes of hers, and they are all simple, direct, and do not rely on elaborate techniques. I am not scared of Mssrs. Batalli's or Pucks techiques, but I do like simplicity when cooking at home.
On top of that my wife hates me watching her show even more than if I watched football. Guess I shouldn't have told her that I would marry her if she asked me..
Don't anyone tell my spouse that Ms. De Laurentis is already married, I coulr make this worl for years!

I am English working as a chef in the Caribbean. An excellent ingredient I used a lot in the UK was ceamed coconut - in a block. I cannot find any supplier of this either in the Caribbean or the US. Any ideas?

Do you know of a kitchen like this in Phoenix Arizona, or in Arizona at all?
I found this one on a search, I am trying to launch a hot sauce line and can't very well do it from my small home kitchen.
Any information you can give me would be greatly appreciated.
By the way, whoever thought of this idea is brilliant! Now all I need to do is find one near me so I can get cookin'!
Thanks in advance for your help and time -

okay i read it. can I ask a question now? :))

Well done!

Persecution is always preferable to prosecution.

Thankyou so much for this recipe. I had been hunting for a Turkey Vlevet soup!

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