Comments: Goat Cheese Enchiladas with Corn and Red Mole


The chain of TMC causality goes further back with Deb Madison's book. I got it from Dr. Meg and we gave it to Paul's fiance last year.

Deborah Madison, the duct tape holding together the TMC'ers. Guess we need to get Todd a copy.

It's a great book, and everyone - meat-eater or vegan - should have it.

We have duct tape?

How do you prepare duct tape - grilled in strips?

A l'Orange?

Properly prepared duct tape goes as follows - for meat eaters only*.

Duct tape some lettuce and herbs around a bunch of pre-seasoned pork chops. Bake the pork chops in a 425 degree oven for 20 minutes or until done to medium. Remove and discard the lettuce, duct tape and herbs. Salt and pepper the pork chops.

I do a duct-tape fish, too. It starts - "Duct tape some lettuce and herbs around a fish..."
*Disclaimer - I have no idea if this recipe will kill you so don't try it. Or if you do, you do it against my advice so don't blame me when you end up in the ER. (We probably should put that disclaimer on all our recipes...)

I think your photos are warning enough...
; )

I think I'll stick to duct soup.....

I had a snarky reply to Meg, but I think Jules just ended this thread of comments. That's an AWFUL pun. Well done.

Yes, well done - I've been trying to silence Barrett for years without luck!

Meg, for the enchiladas part of the recipe, the ingredient list has no onion. I just put "some" in, but what does it call for? This by the way was great and the left over homemade mole went great on a fried egg sandwich.

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