Comments: Wrightwood Squid


You've outdone yourself photographically...

I was going to wish you a "happy" birthday, but now I'll just wish you a "relatively uneventful" one.

Whatever. It tastes great and is plenty nutritious.

What? What did I say??

Oh and a suggestion for the other bag of veggies: pico de gallo and tortilla chips in front of the TV.

Interesting you suggest that - I've been debating whether to make pico de gallo, guacamole (again), or gazpacho. The one problem with gazpacho is R doesn't like the taste of cucumber, but it sounds healthier to me than tortilla chips and anything.

And you know what you said, Mrs. Birthday Girl.

Happy Birthday to Meg!

Another stunning visual from the Geek on a tastily written dish. And I mean stunned in the worst sense, of course.

What pesticide did you use for the veggies?

Clearly not one that gets rid of at least one type of pest.

What? I don't get it. You mind if I just sit here and talk? What? Hey! Hey! Cut that out!

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